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Mackle Park is deed restricted so it can forever be a public park. The school needs to go somewhere else.

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I love the look of the new Mercedes too. Very sleek, artsy even. Great warranty with a few years of no maintenance cost.

Alas, all things considered, I just can not afford it. I could increase my debt some morr, but that really would be too much. Guess I could visit all the dealers in SW Florida and MO to see who would give me the best deal. But the bottom line will still be the same.

I've come to realize I don't really NEED the Mercedes. Instead, after weighing all my options, I'm going to have my Toyota repaired. It will be less expensive for me. and once repaired, will give me several more years of a comfortable and affordable ride... Maybe I'll even get an artsy paint job and still be ahead of the game!

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"TBE and T.Y. Lin are the two firms suggested by Joel and staff. TBE’s bridge costs about $8.4 million and T.Y. Lin’s costs $7.5 million. TBE’s design was residents’ second choice and T.Y Lin’s was residents’ third favorite. T.Y. Lin’s design includes steel arches and has higher clearance under the bridge than TBE’s design."

The above is copied from the article.

Are all of the bridges higher off the water than out current bridge? If so, that would mean a longer or steeper ramp up and down the bridge will be needed. How much of the newly completed road work and bridge park will be demolished for the bridge options? Is that part of the cost difference? Has that even been accounted for? One would have to determine the loss of recently completed improvements to get a true cost since the life of those improvements has not yet expired.

How much will it cost just to repair the existing bridge?

I just read an article from March 2005 when Joel recommended a drawbridge. Is the goal to have a bridge that is safe or, to raise the span for larger boats to get under the bridge?

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“Staff has concluded that the two bridge structures are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life and they will be required to be replaced in the 2013 to 2014 time frame to ensure the safety and continued well-being of the boating and traveling public,” Joel advised Council in an Oct. 6 memo."

Who on staff concluded this? Who on staff is a structural engineer? When was the inspection completed?

What about this exchange from the September 21, 2009 Council meeting...?? Where is the follow-up about the rating?

"Despite Joel's and FDOT Debbie Tower's statements that bridge ratings would not be released to the public due to Homeland Security regulations, McMullan was able to obtain them and the public may do so as well, he said.

He said DOT's rating was about 80 percent, which is in the range for maintenance not necessarily replacement. McMullan said that some call the extras "fluff."

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Mr. Issler...where in this article do you find Facts that support your claims?

" claims that 10,000 or 100,000 gallons a day I do not rememeber the exact number but ewither is ridiculous) are leaking from this system are totally fiction and based on faulty assumptions and are ludicrous. "

The article doesn't provide any estimate on how much sewerage is leaking from these pipes. I hope Kelly ignores your request for another article on septic tanks and sticks to this story. It would be far more interesting and revealing to hear how much sewerage the authors of this article believe is leaking from the pipes. I'm sure there has been a measurement or professional assumptions made during this study.

More too, needs to be revealed about the deteriration of manholes caused by hydrogen sulfide this from the dewatering process?

Let's hope the Eagle does some good investigation and writing around these questions so we can get the facts. It is, afterall, the newspapers role to investigate studies of this nature and report the facts.

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Liberalism may be contagious, but is certainly isn't a disease. If it was, I would much prefer it over Limbaughitis, which I hear is like having the crabs... Creates a rash, followed by an itch which the unfortunate infected scratch until it becomes a bloody mess (much like "W" made of our economy, retirement funds and international reputation). Lucid and thoughtful people are known to become irrational and hateful. Glad I got my shot early

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Obama richly deserves Nobel Peace Prize

By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

Barack Obama has inspired. He has elevated. He has brought hope to people around the world. He has reinvigorated dialogues that seemed long dead, or hidden on back burners.

For that, on Friday, he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama’s work for peace is still promise. Critics, even some supporters, suggest it’s too early to hand this young president the world’s most prestigious award. After all, it’s a frighteningly exclusive club; it doesn’t, for instance, include Gandhi.

But Obama does share something with many who have accepted this award before him including Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lech Walesa: The ability to lift eyes upward, to prompt dreams of a better future.

The prize is only sometimes given out for accomplishments. As commonly, it is awarded to give strength to a position, to provide gravitas for a noble individual struggling for peace against a corrupt system.

Obama was chosen as a way to welcome the United States back into the global community after years of unilateral policy. This award is therefore not just to the man, but his nation. And it’s focused as much on what we can do, and what with Obama as president we seem to have the will to do, as on what he’s already accomplished in the short time he’s been in office.

He humbly acknowledged that in his acceptance announcement on Friday.

Already, his administration has reopened discussions with Iran, addressed nuclear disarmament and confronted the Western-Islamic divide, the source of so much that is wrong with the world today.

So, maybe, Obama, to date, hasn’t earned a Peace Prize for sealed deals. But he brings hope.

And, sometimes, hope is worth rewarding.

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The City of Marco Island will be happy to read we are all off topic of this article. Proud of the Peace Priza, or not. McCain or Obama supporter, don't forget this blog should focus on Mr. Sanchez's law suit, which we support. Now, we are back on topic.

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Again, all Americans should be proud. You have shown you hold your conservative arrogance above national pride. I and many others are very proud of the progress the president has made domestically and internationally. He is our president and we should all be proud.

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"The American President just won the Nobel Peace Prize. By any reasonable measure, all Americans should be proud"
... Rachel Maddow

I feel sad for all of you who can not see the need for strong and fair leadership to be recognized regardless of the period of infancy or longevity. Thankfully, we as a nation, are moving away from gunboat diplomacy and violating the terms of the Geneva Convention.

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Now, Mr. Issler. "There you go again". Not long ago, you wrote in an Eagle blog that you don't make negative personal comments about people. In fact, you have and you do, as evident in your comment about Mr. Sanchez above. If he wants to file a suit to get the records, you should be supportive. After all, he only wants the facts. The same thing you claim to seek when you openly challenge others to "get the facts". Open the records, let's see the facts. There should be no fears about embarrassing anyone. People act and speak as they do and can only embarrass themselves. Open the records. They will either confirm claims of no wrong doing, embarrass someone for mis-speaking or reveal criminal conduct.

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...woof !

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The interesting "fact" is, Council was told they should pull out of the case and they continued to spend money foolishly defending the ordinance. The "fact" is, they wasted money again and antagonized residents along the way. Kelly did a good job on the article and I'm sure an editor wrote the headline.

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I know several people who paid the franchise fee who no longer live on the island. They opposed this fee. Will they get a fair share of the rebate or will new LCEC customers who never paid the fee benefit?

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Public Art has a place in our community. It is unfortunate that the Art Foundation, the City and the Art League couldn't work together to support all public art efforts through the Art League. Perhaps if that had happened, we wouldn't have that blue piece of junk in front of city hall and the Art League would be thriving (instead of hurting as is the Art Foundation).

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I don't think Mr. Joel should prevent anyone from seeing the cost estimates. Those documents must be public information and he should present them to Mr. Petricca or anyone else who asks to see them. I think Mr. Petricca has proven that his review of City financial information is very beneficial to the City and would be useful to City Councilors when they discuss this matter. Mr. Joel foolsihly displays his arrogance again.

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After the recent article, reporting that Guidry was arrested for prostitution and soliciting a former "young" patient, why would anyone let him examine their child?

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Glad Carter has been caught. The likes of him doesnt help the real estate market on this island. If GinaToro's comment is correct, the investigators need to check out the person who called her.