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Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

gingerblue writes:
Just for your information, *this* liberal owns several cats, which all stay INDOORS and away from kids

Wish the repubs would stay inside away from kids.
Or at least stay out of airport bathrooms looking for little boys.

Written on SEC freezes assets of Naples man accused of Ponzi scheme:

My guts hurt I need to go take a big ol hairy nasty William and wipe my stinkin Ruthann.
Then cover that pile of crap of with stinkin Huber.

Written on Jail health services seek judge's OK to force Damas to take meds:

Place the pills (medication) on his lips and then ball up a fist and help him swollow his meds, and repeat several times. Also let other
prisoners help him swollow his medication.
Repeating the process several times.
Hopefully Dumass will die painfully.

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