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Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA:

As a fairly new resident on Marco, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the putt putt course/City Council/MICA legal proceedings. I only know what I have read in the various publications. Seems to me this will determine the fate/current power of MICA.

Written on Hideaway Beach renourishment uncertain as county reconsiders funding :

in response to 1Paradiselost:

We all remember it was this group of homeowners that cut down the trees on Coconut Island. Once the trees were cut, Coconut was gone within 3 years.

That island protected your private beach. Now you have hat in hand looking for money. Time to pass the hat to all the residents of Hideaway Beach...

Your really did not expect your conservative neighbors who have their first dime to bail you out, did yea?

We can only support your beach problem when the gates come down and we all can swim on your beach & play golf on your private course.

EXACTLY!!!!!! 1Paradiselost has the FACTS IN ORDER. I do not expect to pay for Hideaways PRIVATE beach no more than I expect Hideaway residents to pay for my seawall repairs. You control it----You pay for it.

Written on Bike committee strives for two-wheeler safety :

Can someone please tell me the rules for riding a bike on a bike path vs the sidewalk? I walk on the sidewalk on San Marco and just about get run over with bicycles when 20 feet away is a bike lane on the edge of the road. Thx

Written on Traveling Vietnam Wall of Honor will be on Marco Island in December:

Current soldiers in all branches of the US military owe a deep sense of gratitude to all Vietnam veterans. Because of the way they were treated upon returning to the US, Americans in general now feel VERY guilty for how they acted. These soldiers were just doing their job. It is because of these Vietnam veterans that I was treated with so much respect after returning from a combat tour in Iraq. These Vietnam veterans are the Hero's----not us.

'I stood up, I showed up, I stepped forward.

I raised my right hand, I stood in the gap, I walked in the fire.

I did not run, I did not hide, I did not dodge, I did not evade.'


I have nothing to prove, no one to convince, those who matter, already know.

Those who don't, never will.

Freddie Zink,DVM
Marco Island, FL
US Army [Ret]

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