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Why would you include a photo of officer Todd at a demostration more than two yrs.ago.The sad sad article is about a wonderful young man who lost his life and how his organs will be donated.

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Funny how it is always the drivers fault, never the deputy.

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Great reply to Wayne Wayne. I would like to know who pens his articles. Anyway whenever I hear Murphys name my mind reverts back to shell driveways.
Just like whenever I see or hear OLD People I will think of Teri.

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I didn't know there was anything free on MI for us poor lowly taxpayers.

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Is there any proof of a connection between Ms DiSciullo and Mills Gilbane Construction Co from Rhode Island?
If not let it go away enough inuendos.

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For one of the first times in her life, Palin will leave our continent in pursuit of spreading her insane and violent rhetoric to another part of the world. What impression will the most vane and vile political figure of our time leave on the people of other countries? You can see my portrait and commentary on the effects of her absurd ranting on my artist’s blog at

For someone who has a blog you should really learn to spell. Vane is not vain and I hope she runs so she can make us proud to be AMERICANS.

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Do you people really think the city would make money renting out the building, for what? Bryan you better come up with something better than that. No one goes to it now and it is free. You people destroyed a nice little park that a lot of residents enjoyed to build a museum.
The only activity there is when they bring out the museum is open sign maybe once a week. What happened to{ build it and they will come}?

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Do you think maybe the boat got in the dolphins way?

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Terri Barone DiSciullo March 3 at 1:10pm
Dear Friends,
As most of you know, we just partnered with the Island Country Club Charitable Foundation in their golf tournament. We will be getting approximately $22,000. This money will be restricted to the new specialty kitchen at the new community center. Approx. $1,000 will be used to purchase a new professional water cooler machine that Hector requested for the kids participating in the Optimist sports so that parents don't have to lug ice and pay for water. We will purchase it, and donate it to the park. The P & R Dept. will have a procedure for checking it out and being responsible for it.
We will not donate the money to the City until the City Council approves the building of the community center. It will stay in a restricted fund.
I would like to be frank with all of you now. I have sacrificed 12 years of my life, since Victoria was 3 years old to fight for families on Marco Island. There was NO Parks and Recs department, virtually no programming, no Kids Cove, no Spray Park, no Dog Park, no football field before I got onto City Council. I pushed the councilors at the time to set a budget for a P & R Dept. and to hire a park director - thank God for Dana Souza! How far has the City come since 2002. Carrie Canfield was right along side me serving on the P & R Advisory committee and fighting people every step of the way to get what the families on Marco deserved.
Now we have a building that is within our reach - now the same ole' same ole' negative anti-family anti-kid groups are shouting for a referendum to get this building built. We have no idea if a referendum will pass, but why is it needed now? So many city projects have gone through without referendum. Why now? Because it's for kids and families? It's for EVERYONE!!
The Island and families need your help. Larry Magel called me today to say that the new "homeowners group" is screaming for a referendum and are circulating a petition that it needs to go to referendum. He said I need to get in front of it - NO, I do not need to get in front of it. Other people like yourselves need to get out in front of it. I can no longer fight for families. I am the President of the Foundation. I want to help parks and recs to provide great services, and our Board has committed to help fundraise for the new community center. But, we cannot be in the lobbying business.
Larry said that he would love it if people got up to the podium Monday night and stated the following "I am Kim Burke, Chair of the Optimist Soccer, and I represent 100 families. We all support a new community center without referendum". It's as simple as that. The Council sent Bryan's proposal to the budget process. Bryan is going to 5 community centers from here to Sarasota to get their budgets and business plan. People aren't even giving him a chance to get his ducks in a row when this goes to budget in a couple of months.

Bryan will never get his ducks in a row,he killed them all.

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"What do we have now but a feww bocce and shuffleboard courts"

The new facility will be a $6,000,000 indoor basketball court. A few people will run around on the track. I've seen this type of facility in other towns across the country, and I don't expect the Marco version to be much different, if not worse.

The "multi-use" purposes they're promoting are just a bunch of BS, and will never be used enough to justify this project.

The "technology room" and "specialty/teaching kitchen" seem totally unnecessary. Doesn't Marco already have existing buildings that can be used for community programs and adult education?

Does Marco need a place like this for banquets and wedding receptions? It would never make a profit from them. It will likely lose money.

How many people on Marco are really going to use this thing? This project better not just be for the high school.

The biggest fans of this project are the people in charge of it. They have their own interest in mind, or want to seem important/busy.

If this project passes, it will probably be a huge flop. Marco residents will complain about having to pay this bill for years to come.

Similar to the museum that sits empty most of the time.

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Dogs and ducks got along fine. They were murdered because they were not pretty enough for our little island paradise.

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

The guy with the do nothing job picking up papers on the grass in the am does more than Brian.The only thing Brian can do is buy trees and murder ducks.

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This is why I voted for you Gov. Scott. Stay on track and fight the good fight.

Written on Letter to the Editor: From my bulging Marco Island City Council ‘you can’t make this up!’ file:

Does anyone know of the meeting tomorrow at 2:30 about the new plans for a 6 $million makeover at Mackle Park?
Don't we have enough debt and did we not just get finished renovating the park?
What is wrong with you people?

Written on Cuban-born speaker to warn GOOOH of socialist danger looming:

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More gloom and doom predictions. Mr. Sanchez must not know how our Constitution works if he thinks what happened in Cuba could happen here. And who says our young people are not well educated? Where does that come from? And our old people are apathetic? Tell that to the Senior Lobby.

There was no gloom and doom when the good Dr. took on the EPA all by himself with no help from ANYONE and WON.
I hope you run for council next time Dr. Sanchez we could use someone who know's what they are talking about.

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islandeye: You need go no further then the very minutes and video tapes of city counsel meetings to view and listen to their own words. Data and personal opinion presented by scoundrals stating the bridge had a low rating and had to be replaced. That rating was raised when many of us questioned the source of it. It was then discovered that the Goodland bridge had a higher priority for replacement and we again questioned the data for the Minozzi's inititve of a perfectly good bridge. Mike wouldn't give up, he kept at it until finally his justification was reduced to the inevitable eventual need to replace it. He conned Collier County out of a million dollars to support his quest. He even had surveys given to strp workers departing Marco Island after work to gain support for it's removal. What a salesman Mike was. He could have sold the city anything he wanted to and he was willing to talk and talk and talk. It was the same tactic John Arceri used to sell the city the STRP.

Don't forget Ronny Joels part in this scare tactic.

Written on Marco City Council: Nine organizations receive cash from city:

Why should we the taxpayers fund these organizations. Let them have fundraisers like the Canine Cove animal lovers did with no help from the City. And they have a forever park.

Written on Marco Island crime numbers increase, police chief warns about prevention:

Why don't we start something new. How about foot patrol officers? Then they can observe more and get some exercise.

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Written on Local installation of fire hydrants is money-saving prospect:

Where is Issler? He disappeared same time klabautman did. Ya think?

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I agree, one has nothing to do with the other.he's a good Dr. I don't know anyone who stopped being his patient.
As for Waldak that's another story,

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i imagine that most would have no problem planting some "low maintenance" plants in their cul-de-sacs....IF the city would supply the water lines to water same.
and a better idea would be for waste mgmt to pay for the cul-de-sacs they run over with their trucks on mondays and thursdays.
and by the come the police can't give tickets for bike riders in the middle of the street..we have a million miles of bike paths....and no fishing pier....come on Chuck and the rest.

Never mind the middle of the street, ticket them for being on the sidewalk and interrupting my morning walk.

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We are getting away from the original story. I don't care about klab or island woman. I know waldak is a joke and s----- but he is on our council. Will he be allowed to stay or be forced to resign?
I think he should be gone, he serves no purpose, has not a thought of his own.

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And how will you all respond when the City (that's you) gets sued for A FEW MILLION DOLLARS? Just curious.

So far, we have been lucky, but now that the problem has been exposed and the perpetrator remains in office and undisciplined, we have set ourselves up for a killing.

Why did it take so long for this to surface? Any remark that waldak made to these two women is not a compliment it's an insult.

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DC... I thought it was me that Bristol was gaining weight. I've seen better dancing at Marco's dancing with the stars. The morons of this world gave them (The Palins) a free meal ticket. I guess it's easier going to restaurants now than catching your diner in your backyard. I agree with Barbara Bush, "I hope the Palins stay in Alaska". If this is what some Americas admire, God help us all.

Actually I meant Keith.Bristol look's fine not as fine as her mother but/////.

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How much does this whale weigh. Please post answer.

Written on Resignation requested: Council to discuss board’s future at Monday’s meeting:

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It was Carol Glassman who was taking notes at the very first public meeting at the church where Ed Foster explained how bad a deal the STRP was for Marco.

She then presented the notes to her "bosses" Bill Moss and Rony Joel. Both denied having sent her on that spy mission.....and we all know what happened next.

I have often wondered who the snake was at that meeting.Do you know this for sure? If so get rid of her.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Goodbye city services, goodbye Rony Joel:

You will pay even more dearly if he stay's.

Written on UPDATE: Man charged with killing bear in Estates neighborhood:

He's nothing but a piece of s--t.Big tough guy.

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Well, I sure do see the Happy Hanukkah signs along Collier Blvd but I don't see ANY Christmas signs. Why is THAT ok?

Because the aclu would be very upset if we said MERRY CHRISTMAS. Something about the word CHRIST makes them crazy and we don't want to do that right council?

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Does anyone really care?

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Dr. Biles was at the meeting offering her valuable input. So I guess you were not there because you know not of what you speak.

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So you would rather council members such as Trotter,Wayne Wayne and Gibson looking out for your best interest? I think not

Written on NBC suspends Keith Olbermann for political donations:

Love it love it. Bathtub boy got caught.

Written on Under heat from restaurants, Marco Island moves to consider impact fee moratorium:

How come they listen to the restaurant owner's looking for a solution but for the single family home owner nothing,nil nada.
How about for once looking out for us.

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Wonderful article in the Sun Times about Dr Fay Biles. How lucky we are to have such a famous, educated woman residing in our paradise, looking out for our best interest.
Keep up the good work that you do Dr Biles

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Another mouth heard from.

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Mr. Biles: Your basic premise is flawed and you are not willing to expose it. The Utility Advisory Board was led by representatives of MITA, a very, very minority portion of the citizens of Marco Island.
The goal and direction taken by the UAB was to come up with conclusions that were specifically SLANTED in order to anger a large portion of our voting population. The main goal of Mr. Pettriccia, as a tool of MITA, was not to look at cost of service, and cost of delivery, but rather how do we get a larger portion of voters angry so that our candidates can be victorious in the next election.
What all homeowners should be made aware of is that the conclusions of the UAB were manipulated and that Council did the correct thing by looking at more objective analyses in order to arrive at conclusions.
Ed Issler

Still shooting off your mouth with garbage. Have you apologized to Ed Foster yet over the asbestos fiasco you said was planted?
Mario Sanchez thank you again.

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I was there for Wilma LCEC took very good care of Marco. Imagine if your mmm owned the electric then.

Written on Marco cuts $500,000 from budget, sets 10 percent tax rate increase:

How many fire's that were not controlled because of lack of hydrant's. Chief Murphy name them. How many fireman have put out a real serious fire on Marco? How many serious fires on Marco?

Written on Marco resident takes on federal government, wins records lawsuit:

Thank you Dr Sanchez. No one else would have persevered as you did. There are many of us on the Island who appreciate how much you care.
Keep up the good work and never give up.

Written on 3 new firefighters, more hydrants and a tanker will solve Island’s problem, says fire chief:

The fire and police dept's are the biggest jokes in collier and lee county.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I am a proud dues paying member and thank god for the Biles.

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Now the conspiracy begin's to unfold. Nice going brisla.

Written on Galiana named City recreation supervisor:

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how much does this job pay?...

Who cares we are a very affluent city.

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

So Issler,
How much of a landslide did Tucker win over Janet C? Was it 6,8 or maybe 14 votes. I can't remember. That is the Issler meaning of a landslide.I'm waiting for your answer or anyone else who knows.

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

in response to lauralbi1:

JW: I very often like to "spar" verbally with you over issues. But your comment above is very cold, callous and misplaced. Mike Minozzi, along with Glenn Tucker, will be remembered for his work and efforts to make Marco Island a better place and a City.
On statements like the one above that you posted, you really must look at your comment as a self serving, selfish, very minority opinion. While normally irrelevant to what you say, in this case I would close by saying that Mr. Minozzi (and Mr. Tucker) would win by a landslide if they ran for Council in today's Marco Island. The next election will prove that and more. It really is about time that you realize that your vision for this Island is not the vision of the majority. Your opinion on issues is always welcome, but when you lower yourself to question a leader of the majority and his impact, you have crossed the line.
Ed Issler

Tucker didn't win by a landslide last time. As I remember they had to count the votes it was that close.

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

Where is Issler on this? Oh I forgot he is still trying to out fossil.