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Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott’s ‘expansion’:

you people amaze me. You complain about the Marriott exercising their rights to utilize their property rights while most of you live in houses or apartments that were built after the Marco Beach Hotel (now Marriott) was built. what if they objected to anyone else moving to the island or building your house?
There are over 70 houses being built on the island right now and most are 4 bedroom. That is approximately 280 new bedrooms this year and no one says anything about that! The construction dirt, the trucks, the noise, the traffic, the added people! And the Marriott wants to add 84 bedrooms and you think the way of life on marco is coming to an end!
Get over it. Quit thinking you are a victim and someone needs to "do something" to make you feel better.

Written on Two days out of detox, Marco woman charged with DUI:

last time I checked, vodka was legal to possess if over 21, but weed is not legal for anyone of any age in Florida.
she needs to be punished and reformed before she kills someone.

Written on Wind turbines may kill hurricanes, researchers suggest:

as an energy engineer, I only laugh when I see ideas like this. windmills are not capable of changing lower or upper atmosphere energy levels regardless of what some calif professor says. no utility sized windmills will ever be built onshore or in the water in areas where hurricanes are likely as no one will insure them.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Refrain from fireworks, for bald eagles’ sake:

This isn't about the eagles as much as it is to preserve a park near homes instead of a school as designated by island developers.
If the eagles leave, there goes the local homeowners claim it is an eagle sanctuary and not ready for development.

Written on Obama: Income inequality a defining challenge :

Employers pay what people are worth. If the employee thinks it is too low and they have skills that are worth more, they will change jobs and get one that pays more. The problem with low wage earners now is they aren't worth more as they lack anything other than basic skills. Legislating employers to pay more will only raise all costs of goods made or serviced here. What employers will do is use cheaper labor outside of our borders where possible and where not possible, they will seek alternatives to reduce the number of jobs by automating or reengineering jobs so less labor is needed. if you want to have more employment, reduce wages. If you want higher wages, the number of employees will be reduced. it is simple economics but so many people think that just paying people more to do the same amount of work will solve all our problems. They are short sighted at best.

Written on Marco Island City Council votes to start manager search over with new consultant:

Chief Murphy is always looking for ways to justify increasing his staff number. He is only looking out for our best interests....

Written on Budget hawk: Fay Biles keeps a close eye on Marco Island's purse strings:

God bless her and her husband for their service.

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

Magel was the last councilor who was part of Marco Mafia that succeeded in getting home owners to pay for sewer plant replacement and repave roads on Marco. The damage was done. Good riddance.

Written on Local fishing icon Red Stier dies at 77:

God speed Red. One fine fisherman and an even better man.

Written on Marco Island City Council undoes rejection of Smokehouse Bay Bridge bids:

If the Marriott is going to build onto the hotel and a new parking structure, just think of the damage that will occur hauling all that concrete and steel over these old bridges! Maybe get them to avoid collier blvd or fork over money to reinforce the existing bridges!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Our island is going to sink!:

It is not economically feasible to put an underground parking lot across from the Marriott for the same reason Marco's waterfront homes don't have basements!
Ground water is too close to the surface there and during a storm, it would flood.
Of course the owners of the Marriott are searching for what suits their needs best but they are also part of this community and are influenced by public comment and suggestions.
Council is there to serve the needs of ALL of Marco and not just the needs of a few homeowners bordering a commercial area.
Maybe you can transplant an eagle there and claim it as a sanctuary!LOL

Written on Letter to the Editor: A promise in writing is a promise:

This relates to past promise by Marriotts owners not to build on east side of collier blvd. those living close to Marriott parking lot don't want a multi story building in their backyard. Maybe they need to plant a tree and put an eagles nest in it?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Parking in Paradise:

The MICA parking lot doesn't hold very many people. So where else should the rest of the Marco 90% park Mr. Ciolino?

Written on East Naples mobile home park owners, like many, feel pinch from Citizens insurance :

This is adjusting risk vs costs. wind insurance has long subsidized substandard dwellings. Flood insurance has subsidized people living in low lying areas. When the govt is the only source of insurance, the free market is telling you that the premiums are not high enough to cover the risk of loss. Get over it and get real. Days of subsidies are ending.

Written on Marco City Manager Riviere: Time is right to step down, but island remains home:

Dr Rivière has turned the city around from the grandiose spending and citizen polarization resulting from the two previous city managers. We need to continue to cut back on capital expenditures but we need to thank Jim for his accomplishments and wish him well in future retirement.

Written on Letter: What a bargain:

It is not the pay, it is the outrageous lifelong benefits paid for by taxpayers. Then there is the unbelievably poor quality of their end product. 20th to 30th in world ranking math and science is disgusting. Educators just don't care about anything but their end jobs.

Written on Marco Island City Council fleshes out community center capital project for Mackle Park:

Why is it that the city is loaning unsecured money to private home owners? Oh, I forgot councilor Magel lives there..

Written on Marco Island number 3 on Trip Advisor's Top 10 islands list:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Klaus, It is apparent that you flunked geography more than once.
San Juan Island, #4 on 10 best in the World, is in the USA state of Washington.
I also see US virgin Islands in top 10.
I didn't see any from your beloved Europe!
Do yourself and all the rest of us a favor, move back there! And take your beloved OBAMA with you!

Written on Marco Island City Council: Firefighters' contract approved, seawall date extended, utility rate changes put on hold :

Why should the city pay to repave a tennis court where a few play for "
free", that is owned by the county, when it is losing money at the city owned racket club where you have to pay to use it? Just so a few "special" people can play for free during school hours???
I agree with Larry Magel who wanted to look deeper into the Firefigher's contract. The HUUUUGE pay increases are buried in the incentive part of the contract. The 2%, 2%, 1% base pay increases are just the tip of the iceberg. The fire station was renovated after 2005 and they want another 1.5 million to do further upgrades? Nothing is too good for the Fire Dept.

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board strategizes on how to get beach built up :

I continue to find it ironic that they won't let the public in to use the beach but expect the public to pay for the beach repairs and can't come up with more than $8500, which none of it actually went to moving any sand.

Written on Seawalls coming down? Marco Planning Board wrestles with marine construction issues :

With all due respect to Mr Thomas, he has been preaching for the past 5 years that half of Marco's seawalls will need to be replaced in next 5 years. He seems too self serving on his predictions. As far as precast or cast onsite, cast offsite is predicted to be less costly for lots that don't have an adjacent empty lot. If empty lots are not available for one reason or another, all the work at an existing lot with a house, will need to be done from the waterside anyways and new panels need to be replaced by barge. That adds a LOT to the overall cost, as compared to using ground based equipment. Sheet piling on outside and use of riprap is still the least costly way to extend life of an existing seawall.

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board considers stopgap solutions to curb beach erosion :

Getting the City of Marco to declare the Hideaway beach erosion as an "emergency" seems a conflict of interest as Council Chairman Magel's home is there. His job is solely to help out the multifamily units on the island at the expense of everyone else. They put him in office to do just that.

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board considers stopgap solutions to curb beach erosion :

Sheet piling is not allowed on beaches. the only allowe remediation allowed by Federal Permits is to use Sand. Due to currents washing passed Hideaway, the replacement of sand in bags or on the beach should only be considered to be temporary.

Written on Diver's dream: USS Mohawk sinking today will give enthusiasts new adventure :

I think it should have been sunk someplace that has clearer and warmer water, like the keys.

Written on Letter to the Edito: Parking – Another Fort Myers Beach?:

no one wanted a toll on bridge. That would have deferred a lot of visitors and cruisers.
marco residents don't want visitors but the business community thinks the opposite. It is "their" island too.

Written on Party planned to remember life of Stan Gober, creator of ‘Buzzard Lope’ :

Stan, you were a gifted and loving man to all who knew you. God Bless you on your next gig.
We will carry on somehow without you, but it won't be easy.

Written on Transit of Venus viewing tonight :

Cloudy tonight. I will catch it next time.

Written on Boat found adrift in Marco Island turns out to be stolen :

I saw boat tues morning while I was on a passing boat. Theory is that perps took boat at night and got stuck on sandbar. they then abandoned boat and swam to shore or got picked up by someone in another boat. Once tide came up, boat floated free and drifted up against seawall where boat was found.Perps escaped. I wonder who gets to keep fuel? my guess is home service workers give tips on boats easy to steal. drwown the perps...

Written on Vanishing beachfront: County’s Coastal Advisory Committee denies emergency funds for Hideaway Beach:

Coconut island has nothing to do with the present erosion. That sand has been moving since the beginning of time and no small trees are going to stop forces of nature. The islands are gone for same reason the beaches are now eroding. For HWB to blame the present erosion for acts of some others, is rediculous. The beaches have been eroding way before HWB was built and they have no one to blame but themselves for not having enough money set aside to fund the lost cause of moving sand. All the dredging and beach restoration done down by Key Marco after Wilma is almost reversed itself. Constant funding will be needed to slow the progress of nature. Belize and Cozumel buildings put up their own seawalls and rocks to slow the erosion but it is almost being tested as the sand is almost all eroded away. Sand is too easy to erode. Rock is needed and way more expensive than pumped sand.

Written on Vanishing beachfront: County’s Coastal Advisory Committee denies emergency funds for Hideaway Beach:

I predict Larry Magel will get council to authorize taxing single family homeowners to fund this too.

Written on Too tough? State ed board may lower passing grade after fewer students pass FCAT writing part:

Bad move. Improve teaching skills. World doesn't need more illiterate Walmart trailer trash babies.

Written on Esplanade sold to Maryland firm: Continental Realty Corp. new owner of signature Marco Island property:

Klaus, you crack me up.
GM, aka Government Motors, is alive only because OB wanted to keep those overpaid union voters. They will never pay back the money OB gave them. Bin Laden was old and crusty. He had 4 wives to deal with. He promised to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan two years ago but we are still in both countries, spending money and lives.

Written on In Recovery? Local, national experts say Collier real estate market on the rebound :

Ray, what are you smokin? You need to give up water level rise. As level rises, it gets more surface area and the evaporation rises, there by increasing rainfall on land.
Tell you what, if it is over in 25 years, why not sell me your house now. I will give bottom dollar for it since you say i only have 25 yrs max to enjoy it!

Written on Esplanade sold to Maryland firm: Continental Realty Corp. new owner of signature Marco Island property:

Yes, even guys as experienced as Jack Antaramian, are having cash flow problems. He made the money on the condo sales and lost it all by not selling whole project out at same peak price time.

Written on In Recovery? Local, national experts say Collier real estate market on the rebound :

who are these "national" as noted in title, experts? The article only referenced self serving local "experts"! Just hype.When low interest rates rise, as they have to, where will market go then?

Written on In Recovery? Local, national experts say Collier real estate market on the rebound :

this is all self serving hype. a house is worth what someone will give you for it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Waterways need speed cameras:

teach the manatees to avoid being out of the no wake zones.

Written on Marco man accused of attacking wife after request to quit smoking :

and they say smoking doesn't hurt anyone but the one doing it..

Written on Marco mythbuster: Chairman Magel on the facts, plans for the future:

Sparky, you have got to be kidding on asking Magel to lower homeowner water and sewer rates.
Magel represents only one group, the condo owners. All others have increases in rates while condo's were lowered and condo and hotel reuse water was held constant.

Written on Biden in Everglades, touting restoration projects :

Liberals are America's biggest enemy to future growth. Kick the invasive "species" out.

Written on Biden in Everglades, touting restoration projects :

should have dropped him off and see if the gators like old dead liberal meat.

Written on Marco mythbuster: Chairman Magel on the facts, plans for the future:

once Arceri graduates from Ave Maria law school, he will be back...

Written on Biden to visit Everglades on Monday :

Sloooow Joe vs. not as slow Burmese Python??

Written on Marco Island City Council approves policy decisions that will shape water rate ordinance:

in response to marcofriend:

The problem with this is that commercial, condos, and hotels would have to pay more as their real usage rates would then show up.

those commercial, condo and hotel owners are the ones who are directing council to save them money. They forced homeowners to install sewers so they could get others to pay for needed rehab and then collect all the reuse water and use it for themselves at reduced rates. Get rid of the bought and paid for councilmen! their voting record speaks for itself.

Written on Hideaway looks to downsize its beach project after disappointing TDC news:

OldMarco, Maybe the city's missing $4,000,000 will be diverted by that same unbiased council chairman.
He directed council in raising homeowner and commercial water and sewer rates while lowering it for condo owners. Maybe homeowners should pay to save his building too?

Written on Marco Island’s right-of-way handbook stays on shelf per city’s Planning Board:

Do we need a permit to mow the ROW grass? What about spreading hazardous waste, aka fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides? What about a dog crapping on the grass and no one picking it up?

Written on Naples home prices to appreciate by 10 percent this year, economist predicts :

What BS. Economist is being paid by the Realtors to tell them something they want to hear.
It all comes down to ability of buyers to obtain financing. Those with cash are buying but rest are not in a position to buy as equity in present property is too low to use as a downpayment or borrow against.

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

where are you going to shuttle from? Lowes on 951 and 41? There isnt surplus parking anywhere close to the island, forget about on the island. Who is going to pay for shuttle? Make it more difficult and they will go someplace else.