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Written on Death of bald eagle on Marco Island ‘like losing a child,’ sanctuary founder says:

Wize, MIA is all about the Marco Island Academy, private high school. The Tract K land was deeded by island developers for educational purposes, aka, school. When MIA was looking for a site, Tract K neighbors fought hard to keep the high school kids away from "their" neighbor hood. They came up with the eagle nest as a reason to keep school away.

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

Trotter is right in that we should improve access for islanders but not encourage those from elsewhere. "if you build it, they will come". The parking at tigertail is not free so that encourages people to look elsewhere on the island. Parking in swales on southbeach is free. Add more free parking and it will only encourage more people to come to marco's free beaches.

Written on Death of bald eagle on Marco Island ‘like losing a child,’ sanctuary founder says:

This is all a cover story for keeping the MIA out of "their" neighborhood.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s now junk our ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ public governance policy:

Vote them out!
I like how 7 can have enough power to not let large capital expenses and bond issues not be voted on by referendum. What happened to Democracy!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s now junk our ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ public governance policy:

Our latest water and sewer rate Cost of Service Study was gamed from the beginning. The consultant was TOLD to evaluate the cost sharing based on the heaviest use month, not an average month or least use month. This biased the study against the interests of the hightest use users, the single family home owners. The single family homeowners must use potable water to irrigate. The bulk of the condo's along collier blvd have access to reuse water. My cape marco condo's grass is plusher than carpet in my bedroom as it is watered at least once a day in dry season with no penalty against potable water volume or rates. The COS's most contentious issue was how to distribute the debt service. Instead of distributing the debt service equally amoungst all users, it was distributed such that single family homeowners pay 250% more than a multifamily user, even though the oversized water plant was sized equally for each residential unit.
All I can say is I thank Larry Magel and his backers for making sure that single family homeowners pay the bulk of my unit's debt service!

Written on Marco Island City Council still undecided on guiding policy to set utility rates:

Magel is only serving his "condo only" constituants.Screw businesses and single family homes.

Written on Public workshop offers first view of Marco Island's water and sewer rates:

When Burton was asked a few months ago if he would implement a rate system according to the COS study, he said "No". The reason why was that it wasn't politically viable to charge different groups different amounts, for the same thing.

Written on Marco Island Fire Pension Board wants questions answered before paying disability claim:

Scam. this is what is wrong with whiners in the US. They expect to get paid for sitting on their butt. He could do other jobs. I am sure the pro wrestling injury with his broken bone sticking out of his skin was much less severe than the bathroom door incident. LOL.

Written on 2 escape boat fire near Marco Island:

Benjaron, I agree that fuel went into the bilge and not into the fuel tank.
The condo owners will be expecting the boat owner to clean all the soot from their dwellings. Hope boat owner has enough insurance

Written on Marco Island City Council defers utility rate decisions hoping $4.2 million deficit can be explained:

Council cancelled all UAB meetings until further notice.
Perfect timing for Council to go it alone!

Written on Marco Island homeowners could face new swale landscaping requirements:

This should increase potable water sales. While the inorganic swale matter doesn't filter out impurities, having grass or living plants in the swale means that one must use chemicals to feed, weed and kill pests. Where will all these added chemicals go when it rains? Into the sewer of course, dah.

Written on Guest Column: Housing market statistics on Marco Island continue yearly upward swing:

Simple math says values continue to decline. With total dollar amount only going up 4% when there are 21% more closings, market continues to languish. Days of rising values are a loooonnnggg way off, if ever.

Written on Marco Island considers city ambulance service, talks to Naples leaders :

Murphy always has a manpower increase solution looking for a problem.

Written on Amateur boxing comes to Marco Island:

I think we should also have a match between a taxpayer and a council member of choice...

Written on State sues three Marco Island property owners, alleges docks illegally built :

those homeowners knew it was illegal, but just did it anyways.

Written on Building a business: Partners have seen it all in Marco’s construction industry:

they remodeled house a few houses down from me. Wouldn't give them a fixed price. just time and material with a mark up on everything. took almost two years. they like the results but did not like who they were dealing with. the article above sounds just like an advertisement.

Written on Building a business: Partners have seen it all in Marco’s construction industry:

my house was built by them. i tried to get them to give me a budget price to remodel it in 2005. they were so fat and happy building new ones, they wouldn't even spend the time to give me a budget price. I got the message and went elsewhere. They survive as they find enough people to overpay for work on markup island.

Written on Marcophiles: A big talent joins the ‘Big Flag Campaign’:

wrap ourselves around the flag leads us to feel good while not doing anything.
How will Marco's non US residents feel when they come over the bridge. An estimated 1/3 of condo's are owned by foreigners.
Why not have a normal sized City of Marco flag?

Written on Funds from FEMA: Marco Island City Council agrees to purchase – and raze – low-lying house:

I think everyone on the island wishes they could sell their house for 3X real value to FEMA!
What a scam.

Written on Residents express concerns about proposed U.S. 41 — Collier Blvd. overpass:

If like the golden gate parkway bridge over airport pulling, it will take two years to build and be a total mess in mean time. Just adjust the lights for seasonal traffic and enforce present laws. Anything more is a total waste of money we don't have-just a make work project.

Written on Residents express concerns about proposed U.S. 41 — Collier Blvd. overpass:

The final paragraph says all i need to hear. We don't have the traffic flow to justify it and we don't have a source of funding.
enforce speed limits and running red lights and the traffic accidents will drop drastically.

Written on Former Marco city official Rony Joel files libel, slander suit against critic:

you guys just like to kick a guy when he is down. technically, he is smarter than all of you put together. I have known him for years in a work situation. His downfall was pushing for projects that cost more than were needed or we could afford at the time.

Written on Trader Joe’s grocery store coming to Naples:

two buck chuck! gotta love it! Welcome to Florida. We will make you proud....

Written on Talk of Marriott convention center on Marco Island remains alive - PHOTOS:

Marco needs to move forward to bring in more infrastructure and tax base investment and jobs for its residents and those nearby. The year round business it is intended to bring will be good for other business locations on marco. I know the Marriott will need to make the neighbors satisfied.
I can only see this is a win win deal.

Written on Poll: Views sour on economy, President Obama's role :

The US has had a fundamental problem dating back to the mid 60's. We used inflation to help pay our bills. We stopped putting manufacturing and engineering as a priority in education. We started to focus on pop culture, entertainment, financial gimmics,letting immigrants do all the manual labor, legal challenges to manufacturing and expansion in local, state and federal government jobs. Imagine where we were in the mid 60's relative to S. Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam,Germany, Japan and China. Those governments and societies focused on technology, engineering, technical education and hard work using their brains, not the lazy way we have become.
Again we are lazy and are waiting for some "savior" in the whitehouse to fix all our problems.

Written on Loan an option for Marco to replace ‘totally obsolete’ Smokehouse bridge:

the design approved by council was not the least expensive option. It did make Esplande owner happy as it benefitted him with walkway and allowed bigger boats to travel under bridge. Rony Joel recommended it to council and they went along.
A metal bridge in marco environment is a recipe for maintenance costs. Stick with reinforced concrete and continue supports under bridge. Use design they bought for Winterberry bridge, but only after it can't be repaired anymore.
I remember when all the panic went up about the Caxambas bridge. They repaired it and now all is fine.
Save money for "really emergency/necessary" projects like Mackel Park Building!!!

Written on Loan an option for Marco to replace ‘totally obsolete’ Smokehouse bridge:

other than esthetics, there is no compelling reason to totally replace the bridge at this time. It can be repaired to make the walk ways safe and to replace missing or loose material under the bridge. The city should avoid further indebtedness in all its forms.

Written on Collier teachers want salary adjustments to offset retirement contribution mandate:

The purpose of the deductions for retirement was to reduce costs to tax payers. Union wants to get that back and more..... How is that cutting spending?

Written on Marco Island couple hopes their iPad mount catches on:

"MountMe"=Tasteless catchy name for company.
Who would ever attach their iPad to a tree?
Holding on to it is best part of owning one.
Sounds like a solution looking for a problem.
I suggest he stick to improving food biz and comedy.

Written on Brent Batten: Filming skunk ape proving problematic:

I feel for the guy. It is blasted hard to market something that doesn't exist.

Written on Marco Island City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Recommendations finalized to go before entire City Council:

I thought Marco Island was the home of political conservatives??
Then why do we keep taxing and spending MORE each year??

Written on Cuban citizen goes to prison for Golden Gate Estates grow house:

Since when is "Cuban" a Race? It is a nationality. Some Cubans are light skinned and some are dark skinned, depending on their racial background.

Written on Region's water supplies not prone to tainting like Portland's was by one man's action :

with upcoming price increases, who can afford to drink it!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Time to pile-on City Council:

I assume #2 includes halting all future STRP sewer construction- stopping any further taxpayer backed indebtedness.

Written on Marco Island Utility Advisory Board: Special assessment for some or rate hikes for all?:

Ken is the right guy for the job. Problems started when Harrison was doing creative accounting as budget director. Ken will push to find the capital flows. I think STRP and the water system purchase will force many more increases in utility rates. The city tax base guaranteed those 340 million dollar bonds.

Written on 1.4 million infrastructure jobs lost due to republican transportation budget short sightedness (Making America Competitive in a Global Economy):

Our new bridge was a classic example of how wasteful the infrastructure jobs are. They are temporary jobs that don't produce any long term value added.
We borrowed the money from the rest of the world, which we "might" pay back some day. We used mexican manufactured concrete, brazilian and chinese rebar and steel and mexican labor.
It doesn't make anything that we can use to sell to the world on a free market basis. It is a joke, but it is "free" to marco residents so no one locally complains.
"WE" are the problem.

Written on Utilities Advisory Board on hold: The group needs City Council to approve a new member:

Why would three council members vote to not reappoint past member Rasmussen?He is a qualified engineer and owns both condos and a house so should't be biased. Maybe some council members want a biased member?

Written on Marco Island City Council okays dollars to operate second fire station full-time:

At $16,000, the camel is getting his nose in the tent.......

Written on Marco Island city manager pleased with city’s code enforcement changes:

While I think Marco has an excess of "Rules", if one doesn't like to live with "Rules", move to Goodland. That is what Marco would be like if we didn't have "Rules"

Written on Marco Island City Council has more questions for consultant regarding utility costs:

I was "shocked" to hear that Larry Magel is pushing to lower condo water bills and raise those of all the other users.
My cell phone plan has a base charge regardless if I use any minutes. My cable bill is the same whether I watch TV 24 hrs a day or none at all.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Fairness for the homeowners:

Actually the reuse water shortage is supplemented with RAW water-fresh water but has not been upgraded to (drinking) potable water. This still more expensive than using reuse water but is less than the $3.50 charge for potable water.

Written on Marco residents concerned over taxes, water sewer rates:

Marco City govt is blessed with an older average age. Less of our taxes go to pay for schools, which is not the case in cape coral or other cities where the average cost of a house is much less and there are more school age kids.
The fact that is overlooked here is that my house is worth the same as when I purchased it in 2002 yet my city taxes are 40% higher!
Tell me again how city govt is doing a job better than other cities???
If the state and county govt can lower millage rates since 2006, why is it that Marco City govt has to raise it year over year??

Written on PHOTOS: Farmworkers target Publix in protest over wages and working conditions:

growers are hold up to raising wages. If they pay more for tomatoes, then workers will demand more money on all other crops too.
Growers in fla have to compete with imports from mexico and south america. It isn't as simple as raising the price by a penny.

Written on Man accused of boat theft ring a no-show for trial:

He didn't show up for trial???
I can't believe an innocent man would do that!
Give me a break.

Written on Marco City Council elects new leaders with little ado:

MMafia is in firm control over council again.

Written on CBS reportedly wants Charlie Sheen back on "Two and a Half Men" :

So much of business is about short term profits.
This is all about money and nothing about doing what is right for society.
Sounds like CBS are woman of allegedly ill reputes, just like streetwalkers.

Written on Mackle Park expansion plans topic of Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee meeting:

Why can't the city and the YMCA join up in their building plans? Sounds like a lot of duplication in planned space!
Taking more tax money from residents so the city can make a few dollars renting out a facility doesn't sound like good math to me!