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Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

in response to 1Paradiselost:

I agree... "Homeowners have a right to work on their own property"

When I do hire contractors, I always call ones located in Naples. There's a 35% mark up form contractors located on this island.

I guess that's why they call this place "Mark-up Island"

I beg to differ regarding pricing differences between here and naples... In EVERY case when I quote jobs, Naples contractors are higher in cost than I am. I see exactly the opposite as regards cost differences in quotes for work. As far as what contractors charge for repair work as it compares with new installation work of electrical or mechanical devices, with the costs of Workers comp, liability insurance, vehicle costs, gas, overhead, IRS commitments, non-billable time and the like, The average contractor with a service truck and an experienced technician in that truck running in the field "COSTS" the business over $100.00 per hour to keep that technician and truck in the field. The average mechanical or electrical contractor runs his/her business with an average of 5% to 7% net profit on a national average. Most large corporations would rather shut down their companies than try and live on such a small net profit. hell, I can point to hundreds of investors on this island that would laugh at a 7% return on their investment, why would you feel we should run our businesses at a lower profit that maybe you did in your life? They certainly didn't purchase the homes they live in with that sort of net return on their investments.

i do not know what your experience has been with contractors on this island, but other than a select few that I know of who are known for being way out of line in pricing, most of us are very fair in our pricing. I would suggest you compare more the next time you look for a price to complete work. You might just find that many of the contractors on Marco do not define the rule of high prices you speak of.

As concerns the idea that "all contractors charge too much", all i can say is that laws, codes, safety requirements and the cost of doing business are all factors we must take into account when quoting a job. To stay in business, we need to make a profit. I for one feel most of us complete that goal in a fair and equitable manner. I would hope you try and "invest and support" your local economy and keep these things in mind the next time you look for professional services.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

in response to MrBreeze:

Wizeolmarco, Sir being in the electrical/mechanical trade I can assure you it would be highly not possible to be electrocuted except if there was voltage of 220v single phase for something like a large boat lift of say a hotub/spa. 110v single phase which is light&outlet power will not kill you. It can cause heart problems if you are shocked but 220v can and will kill you. So that might be the reason for the Electrical inspection tied to the dock inspection. Bottom line I think the man was correct in refinishing and repairing his dock. If a permit is needed big deal. Why penelize and charge him just give him a inspection and compliance thats all he was asking for. They just want to drum up fees so they can exist.

MrBreeze, if you are indeed in the electrical trade, then you know NOTHING of electromagnetic force. 24 volts can kill a person, let alone 110v or 220v. 220 volts is simply opposing degrees of sine waves in an AC current made up of two 110v lines. It is all a matter of resistance and electromagnetic force and hertz, and how it passes through the body and effects the heart. I am an electrician and a mechanical contractor, and it is basic electricity teachings in the first few months of school which teach us that fact. the only way to get shocked by 220v is to grab both ends of a 220 volt circuit and allow it to pass through the body, (something not likely to happen) Electrocution happens most frequently when one leg of 220v or from a 110v line passes through the body to ground. to get shocked by 220v, you need hold both opposing forces of 110v electrical lines and allow it to pass through your body.

the reasons for the permitting and electrical considerations when upgrading a dock is the fact so many docks on this island still have romex run under them with failed grounding connections and no GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection. Basically, in a home, when you get shocked, it is ALWAYS 110v that creates that shock.

As concerns the whole "drum up the fees" comment, Florida statutes touch on the subject of penalties involved for doing un-permitted or unlicensed work. Then there is a fine for doing work which required a permit and that permit not being pulled, and then the fee for the permit itself. for 85 bucks or less, this permit could have been pulled and all would have been done in compliance.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

in response to rolomokat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Well sir, if that is truly the case, I stand corrected regarding your experience and offer my apologies pigeon holing you into the type of repairs I have seen made by "Mr. Fixits"... Just as I can only assume you have seen in "your career". But I would then mention that if you were such a licensed contractor, you know full well how much your statements totally go against all that you swore to adhere to when you obtained that license, as well as the reasons for NOT doing what you state you will do.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

in response to MrBreeze:

Duhuh, Again another "contractor" on Marco. Please sir list your resume on here so we can all read it.

I will say like many other "contractors" on Marco you have not been here many years, moved from another state at least 500 miles away, will say how large a business you had in the other state, had many years experience and will state this is the "normal" cost of items on Marco this will be your position. You will pull up in your decaled vehicle which by the way is also your personal vehicle. You will have your cheap sunglasses, shorts and a clipboard. The homeowner will hear your resume and you will try to convince them that this is all "code applied" and "permit necessary". You will charge top dollar as you believe you are worth it. You may or may not get the job. If you do not you will watch the job and then rat out to the City if there is no permit in revenge.
This is the "Marco Contractor".

Please sir list you resume along with so all of us so called "Mr. Fix-it" can read it.

I have lived on Marco Island since the early 70s. Not that should make a bit of difference, or is any of your business, nor does it make me a better person, or less important than you. And god forbid i leave my resume here. Suffice to say, I am licensed by the state as a professional who requires many years of experience before even being allowed to obtain that license, Experience I gained working here on this island for over 25 years. Never owned a business before living here. I have MORE than paid my dues, am well respected for my abilities, I came here as a laborer in my teens and have gained the experience and continued my formal education required to become an expert in my trades. I am considered by my peers as quite knowledgeable in what I do and by my customers as honest and sincere. I live a simple life, drive a simple vehicle, provide uniforms for my employees and wear one myself. The homes I work in here on Marco are valued far in excess that which I live in, and i work hard to help my customers keep them that way. So before you decide to put your foot further into your mouth, consider that another human being can be honest, sincere, live here most all of their lives, and get fulfillment from a job well done, without getting rich off all those around me through deceit or lies, and STILL understand the purpose of a building department and the need for rules... And my resume of work experience is from working on THIS island since before there was another building on the beach south of Gulf View condo, except for what is now called the Marco Marriott Hotel. I am SURE I have lived here longer than you, but still cannot understand what the hell that has to do with common sense, and the fact I have seen more hacks as concerns home electricians, expert dock and lift self taught experts, structural idiots, and the like, as well as the damage to property and person that culminates from those practices. It's common sense, you need rules you get Mayhem. And don't act like these rules and permits somehow benefit me, or create some sort of dream world for contractors. It makes it dame tough on us to do our job. We are just smart enough to realize the reasons and importance of these rules.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

in response to rolomokat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

as a repair contractor working on Marco, I have seen your type of home many times. Death traps waiting for the next buyer to come and purchase. Your type of "Mr. Fixit" home is a major reason "home inspectors" have such a profitable life. And you are the exact same person who would scream the loudest when you tried to purchase a home kept safe and current by a "Mr. Fixit". these laws and codes are in force due to the HUGE amount of death and injury to others caused by improper renovations and upkeep. i can think of a thousand reasons permits should be pulled for many jobs, but I can't think of one reason why others lives should be left up to people like you.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

Actually the building department follows the laws set forth by statutes in the state of Florida, don't take it so personal. By law, if they don't perform these duties in accordance with laws, then they can be sued or fired or both. It is a long, complicated set of rules and regulations that further require adherence to other codes which require adherence to ever more rules and regulations for every aspect of our lives.
So next time you vote for your state Legislators, remember is is those very elected officials who have made these laws which require these public servants in the building departments to enforce.

Many of you are a bunch of whiny, blame everyone but themselves, piece of..... oh, never mind... Typical complainers and trolls many of you are.

Written on Suspended Marco Charter athletes reinstated Communications issue determined as problem :

Who wrote this? I am not pointing at the subject matter, but the editing was terrible. Come on, does this paper use actual graduates to write these stories?

Oh... and good luck to these students fresh new start!

Written on Firestorm: Marco Island City Council chambers packed for spur-of-the-moment meeting on inspections :

in response to MrBreeze:

Melery, I think I have done my research well. I go out and look at jobs in progress, talk with "local" contractors, have been offered jobs with them after talking with them. I have been told how much money one can make on "markup" island as they have referred to Marco Island.

When I talk shop with them as I am well versed in construction they shure like to brag alot about the costs of jobs on the island. Now I am not saying that all trades are bad on the island but what I say about the transplants is true I have seen it with my own eyes. Sad to say, most of your so called "contractors" see two things on Marco. 1st money, 2nd homeowners with money needing to have services done. This combination along with cronies makes for a bad situatuion. Like I said They are not pimples on butts.

Naples Rocket, I get inspections every day on construction projects. I do not care who the inspector is as long as they know the code and how to apply it. If it is someone I know the process does move smoother but if it is a good inspector he or she will write their own mother a violation if the job is not right plain and simple. But many times the buddy system kicks in and no one wants to offend so the job may pass by bare means and I will not stand for that. I want the right inspection so I am proud of my job and name not the bare min. that is how you gain respect in the trades. So rocket I do not care if I see a new face every time I welcome it.

So where does due process apply here? The job of the inspector is to apply the codes to protect all involved plain and simple. That is the only due process needed.

mrBreeze, it is obvious you know nothing about that which you speak. "markup island", indeed. Please, go ahead, get quotes for work from Naples contractors, then from Marco contractors. I would bet 90% of the Naples contractors prices are FAR higher than Marco Contractors. As a service contractor on Marco, I see it daily. I also can’t imagine anyone speaking with you for any length of time and then finding themselves wanting to “work with” you. I quote my work using standard business markups so I and my business can survive, just as most of the other contracting businesses on Marco do. I see the grossly overpriced options of my competitors from Naples on a regular basis. Many don’t come to Marco any longer as their methods of high pressure sales and high prices are discovered the moment a Marco resident gets competing quotes from a Marco Contractor. If I want to make higher profits, I need only strive to complete work in Naples as my competition there is almost always a good 30% higher than my pricing on Marco.
We have a perfectly competent building department dedicated to servicing and protecting our islands residents. The whole “buddy buddy” comment smacks of slander and is totally baseless. Get rid of this joke of a city manager, who works so very hard to say one thing and then do another and PLEASE get rid of Laura Lipstick and the perceived means with which she continues to hide the "so called" accounting processes she uses to determine where the money is.

Written on Olde Marco lighting on hold until citywide plan is developed:

This article quotes “The standard number city staff expected to have for replacements was 25 to 30. Coming up with more was a surprise, Pinter said.”
You have GOT to be kidding me??!!
How does public works run “their business”? You buy X amount of lights.. You install Y amount of lights. That’s leaves you Z amount of lights. What sort of accounting, project management and inventory exists here? And now we wonder why our water bills are so high?
I have got to wonder… has anyone checked the math on the geniuses who decided to buy the water plant, install the water and sewer lines, and bury the electrical lines on this island and then told us what we must pay? Because I have to tell you, I am getting the feeling someone down there in public works, doesn’t know how to do their job, or at least has a problem with basic math… buy 2 lights install 1 light you have one light left…

Written on Residents tell Marco Island City Council that South Beach swale parking is causing problems:

A bunch of old curmudgeons here. I have lived here for 30+ years, yet I understand that we have an island that people wish to come to, enjoy its pleasantries, and spend their money. Really now??! Complaining that someone uses “your bathroom” ?? It is there, you can enjoy it’s use any time you want with the $165.00 you doled out. Does it really get under your skin so much that others use “your” bathroom?
People in the condos responded to a problem by informing their council members in the manner they did. The council will respond. We need to make room for these visitors and “invited guests”. This is a resort “destination” and those of us doing business on this island understand the value of these “guests” choosing our “destination”.
The city should spend the money required to make room for these cars and to add the facilities needed for bathroom breaks or this island will lose its flavor, and effect business accordingly. Whether it be more lots for parking, or widening roads and installing parking meters or adding port-a-potties, we Islanders need to respond to the problem POSITIVELY and not by gripping about the visitors.
I just hope the condo commandos in the south end of the Island don’t get the “not in my back yard” mentality when the decision might become road widening and parking meters. The beauty of our Island should be shared with those who are staying here and SPENDING here.

Written on Obama challenges: Shrink gap between rich, poor :

TheTeabaggers really bore me....
There is a god, and he's gonna punish you unless... There is no global warming, these temperature swings, and "climate changes" are normal... Obama is a Muslim, and doesn't know how many states there are... He isn’t an American.

Really the rhetoric, lies and perpetual stupidity is getting boring.
The next thing we will hear from these Kool-Aid drinkers, is that the world is flat, and the sun orbits the earth.. carbon emissions and toxic waste don’t present problems for us and that taxing the richest 2% of this country at a lower rate than the other 98% “makes sense”…

Listen to what the president said, and work for a better America,. Take your fingers out of your ears, and stop shouting into the wind, climb out of your holes, get a life, and work to try and follow his vision of an equitably taxed country, which works to keep jobs here, re-educate our work force, and stop subsidizing industries which pollute and rake in BILLIONS in “PROFITS” each year. Try and focus here... I mean really....REALLY??

Small minds know nothing but how to criticize by lies, innuendo and half-truths. Boring, it is getting really boring. The remarkable thing is that TheTeabaggers actually seem to have an IQ high enough to turn on a computer, and then, even more surprising, are able to type something... remarkable, just remarkable.

Written on All lit up – Olde Marco Residents pack City Council meeting to protest street lights:

I agree, on the assesments. They need lighting. the city made a decision based on cost and astetics. the lights aren't bad. if these people wish to join up, form a group, and say they want better lighting, let THEM pay the difference.

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

"made several mistakes","neglectful oversight", "actions reflect sloppiness and negligence", "sloppy and inattentive work products".
Do I understand this correctly?? but all these things were presented in a positive note?

Sherminator, if you had ANY honor at all, you would have requested this defense and "union involvement" regarding your firing, be dropped, and silently leave this area before embarrising yourself with those comments, as a defense for your case.

Disgraceful, simply discraceful. And now I suppose he should feel proud of the reasons he is back on the force? And we should feel safer?

Written on Marco officer fired for role in August car crash:

Cid... you're family, you're biased. You should take it from the people who live on this island and have had the unfortunate experience of having him come to their "aid". I never got a ticket from this guy, but have had his involvement on a few occasions. i can say FIRST HAND, he is crass, overly impressed with himself, completely oblivious to facts which do not allow him to rush to the dognut store, and just plain oblivious when it comes to stating facts. I for one, will be VERY happy to see him go. I do not have one reservation about saying that either. As concerns "personal attacks" I have a comment for you. What other time can the average citizen get a chance to say what they think about a calous, uncaring, clown of an officer? I do not know his history in other positions as you seem to be impressed with, but I do know him "HERE".. and what i have experienced tells me, we are MUCH better off without him. Good riddence.

Written on Elephants in the room – Republican club holds inaugural meeting on Marco Island:

Didn't anyone read the article? there is a quote in that article that speaks volumns about the tinking of some people... “We really need to work hard for the Republican candidate, whoever he or she may be,” Whoever? I swear, some people are so clueless. No matter who the person may be, they need vote for them because they are republican? Such a bad bad way for any person to think. God forbid they actually look at all candidates and then make a decision based on the person, and not their political affiliation. This is the thinking of current republican membership that makes the large majority of us who "used" to be proud to call ourselves rebublicans, too embarrassed to do so now. Vote for a person on his abilities, views and experience, not on whether they belong to a particular party. These people scare me, they really do.

Written on Seacrest Country Day School sues over water-damaged units:

Ok, I have to ask. With this job, why does the general contractor have any responsibility regarding a leak in a prebuilt modular building? Seems to me, seacreast is simply throwing knives in all directions to see which ones stick.
This explains why the publics construction costs go up and up and up and up. There needs to be a way to protect contractors from frivilous lawsuits like this which contractors must defend themselves against, especially when it is patently obvious there was no basis for the suit against them. It is obvious the General contractor did not build the buildings, their placement was not the cause of the leaks, so why does seacrest feel the need to drag the general contractor through the mud? So,... They don't get satisfaction from the actual builder of the units, so they threaten the general contractor with lawsuits hoping to strong arm them into performing a repair that is not the generals fault? I feel frivilous lawasuits such as this should have a penalty for the filing party when it is obvious and discovered that the lawsuit was filed with blackmail as it's base.

Written on Sarah Palin to the Ritz: You betcha I'll be around in 2012:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

“Get rid of them” meaning to have the party purposefully disassociate themselves from those whom I called “crazies”. Birthers, and other idiotic organizations that seem to have a vision which is based on a fundamental lack of common sense and that uses misinformation, innuendo, false facts, stupidity, ignorance and just plane lies, in order to push their own agendas.

Simply put, the Republican Party members and leadership should publicly disassociate themselves from these organizations. I don’t want to write a book of my political philosophy. Suffice to say I have been very disappointed in the Republican Party since the rule of Bush Jr. Now they seem to be falling off the edge of the cliff of reason by staying associated with those I consider “crazies”. Instead, they should be leading with conscious, intelligent thoughts and ideas.

Written on Sarah Palin to the Ritz: You betcha I'll be around in 2012:

Fossil, RayPray, ajm3s, you all seem like well read, thought provoking, intelligent individuals, albeit a tad argumentative and one sided in your thoughts. As a non college educated blue collar worker with a much lower IQ than any of you (i am sure), please allow me to “take this down a notch”. I will be short, sweet and to the point.

I think it is easily seen that the republican party has absolutely lost it's following by not aggressively distancing themselves away from the Tea Party members, Sarah Palins, and Fox News’s of this country, or those talking heads like Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh and the like. I too was once a republican. Now I consider myself too intelligent to call myself a republican, especially with what I see of those calling themselves a republican now days. It would embarrass me to be associated with a party that seems to align themselves with such crazies, and yes…. They are “crazies”.. simplest word that comes to my mind. Get rid of the crazies, and maybe the Republican party can get back on track. Until they do that, or until Democrats get a spine in their governing of this country, I see only more loss for this country.

Written on Investors sue Jack Antaramian over Naples Bay Resort, two other projects:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

My guess is that you are either a neighbor, or never did business with him. As concerns his charitable contributions, and “news print worthy” photo ops, those actions do not impress me any more than when a mobster gives at the church, or dedicates land for some charity that ends up financially beneficial to him elsewhere. I too have known him for over 15 years. He is simply a man who hides behind contract language and bends it’s meaning in order to screw hard working people out of their money for his own benefit. When all else fails, he basically dares you to sue him as he knows that in contractor arbitrations where he offers 75% of the disputed amount and plantiff decides to still sue and the plantiff wins in court, then the "winning" party must pay the attorneys fees of the defendant if the amount of the award is within 25% of the arbitrated offer. In other words, the contractor "AT BEST" comes out of the job working for dead cost, no profit what so ever. Do not act as a contractor on this mans jobs
He is slick, he is not moral, he is not a good man, period.

Written on Investors sue Jack Antaramian over Naples Bay Resort, two other projects:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

"Over The Years" does not mean worked for over and over, you mindless boob. I have many contracting acquaintances who I had warned ahead of time to stay away from him over the years, who unfortunately did not listen. I personally once, over 15 years ago, and again at Naples Bay. As usual, as a subcontractor, I worked for a General contractor. Once my company found out it was a project driven by Anteraniam, we would not begin a stage of work without being paid by the general contractor who was dealing with Anteraniams people. In the end, the general got hurt, and many other subs did not get paid. Now, why don't you make more assumptions and idiotic interpretations before knowing the facts... Impress us all some more, go ahead, please.

Written on Investors sue Jack Antaramian over Naples Bay Resort, two other projects:

I have had dealings with Anteranium over the years as a contractor. If you are a contractor in Collier COunty, then you know to NEVER do business with this guy. To my knowledge, he ALWAYS stiffs you in the end, never completes his payments, and always forces you to sue him for your money that is due and payable. ( take a quick look at just Collier County court records) I have Never heard of a project he has been involved in where people who got involved with him did not lose money owed to them. When will people learn to run this character out of town??!! I feel sorry for the last general conractor I worked under who did business with this guy at the Naples Project described here. The poor sap actually went along with Anteraniums suggestion he NOT file notice to owners for some lame reason or another. I was lucky, the general contractor paid me, but has had trouble paying others.

In short, the man is not to be trusted further than you can throw him. He is the next Madoff in the making. The man does not know what the word Honesty or integrity mean, other than to take advantage of others who do know the meaning. I wish all success to the men sueing Anteranium. I hope their suits finally bring to light what a sc!mb$g this man is.

Written on GOOOH finds a home on Marco Island while seeking to evict Congress :

These people scare me. Do we really have residents living on Marco Island who follow this movement? This organization reminds me of the type that seeks out the followers who will drink the Kool-Aid when told.

Written on More than 300 'GOOOH' to rally on Marco Island:

These people are Idi.... Not my cup of tea. They rant an rave about "getting their freedom back". What they really mean to say is that they lost their hold on the status quo when their party was voted out by a majority of Americans. The same Americans that had been complaining about the lies they were being fed by the republican led congress and senate, the wasted money being spent on a lie of war, oh ,... this would take to long to list all the lies and deciets, I could go on and on. We were put into a deficit of trillions by the republican government. The crisis that their "freedom" put us in (recession)is now being delt with, and they don't like that the free ride is over. They have No more control over making money from NOTHING by shorting the market.

Now, Really... They should also understand that Loud, obnoxious and s----- on the side of the road, is no way to present yourself or go through life. The followers in these "marches" remind me of grade school kids reciting a prayer over and over which they have no understanding of, yet have learned to parrot at their leaders request. "I actually saw a sign, and heard a woman chanting, Love it or leave it" AMERICA. Why is she on that corner, "marching"? She obviously doesn't "love it" so I am beyond myself in figuring out why she just doesn't... LEAVE.

They simply can't stand the thought of someone of a different color being "in charge". They fail to understand it was the VOTING MAJORITY who put the current administration and houses into office. However, because these people in office do not share their narrow minded views on race and helping your fellow man, the band wagon now chants for changes in congress. Gezzzz, these people need a clue, AND a life.

Written on SPECIAL REPORT: Island economic indicators:

We own a local service business on the Island and have seen a significant increase in sales and service work compared to this time last year.

We are crossing our fingers this will continue through the season. Being a resident for over 30 years we have seen these times come and go a few times. The current trends in business for us lead me to believe it is going to only get better.

Written on Deja vu: Contention arises as city petitions for storage zoning change to help a Marco business :

The caption says "Despite owners' attempts to stay out of the lime light".... Exactly. They went from publicized petitions, to back room sneaky tactics to get their zoning changed once again. They built that monstrosity and knew the codes and use restrictions. they simply figured they could purchase lower priced, higher visibility C4 land, figuring they could get their zoning changed.
This petition smacks of back room deals and favoritism. Change the buildings use, not the zoning of use in our city.

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