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Written on Letter to the Editor: Does anyone else see irony here?:


Before you post information, please get your facts straight. You state that 100% of the Marriott guests are at the Marriott during the day? Convention and meeting attendees do not attend meetings all day. I have attended a number of meetings/conferences at the Marriott and I can say from experience the guests leave the hotel. They explore the island.

Also, if the guests all use limo's, buses or taxi's to get to the Marriott there is no need to increase the Marriott parking.

Increased visitors on the island lead to increased parking issues. During the season parking is a challenge and by increasing the number of guests the parking situation will worsen.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The MICA monopoly:


What a bargain paying $135 for access to a fantastic beach. It sounds like you continue to cry over all the good MICA brings to the island. Open your wallet, join MICA, pay $135 for beach access and support keeping our island great. If it is so bad, pack up and move.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Putting MICA to a test:

Agree that this is a case of common sense and the builders should have used common sense and received approval of MICA on the deed restrictions.

A simple issue of the builders ignoring the rules and not using common sense

Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA from Marco Island:

MICA serves a purpose on the island. I don't believe you can leave it up to the council to enforce deed restrictions when they have demonstrated an inability to follow them in the past.

On this subject MICA asked to see the plans for the mini-golf facility. The request was ignored. The owners certainly new the process that was to be followed. If they would have followed the process, this mess could have been avoided.

Written on Poll: Views sour on economy, President Obama's role :

Fossil...... I can't believe you would write such nonsense. Your President has dug us a deeper hole and has no idea what to do next. That's what happens when you surround yourself with a team with no practical experience and have none yourself.

The has come when we expect our President to lead and our current one does not have the skills for the job.

Written on I-75 interchange in Golden Gate Estates gets endorsement from emergency officials:

MIW - Try to stay focused on the topic in an article for more than one fragmented sentenance. By the way - There are two bills passed by the Congress stalled in the Senate because your Democratic leadership wants to stall the process. Call you Democratic leadership and tell them to pass one of the bills.

Written on Guest Commentary: Our Island needs the proposed community center:

When you are broke you don't go building new buildings. Marco Island has great weather and is a beautiful island, why would we need an indoor running track? Why does the island need a fitness center when alternatives are already here? Why do we need a kitchen? Again a facility that is not needed paid for by tax payers. What a waste.

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

Maybe the luster has finally worn off the City Manager and his true stripes are showing. Any person on the coincul that approves this should be recalled.

Written on Tract K out of play for Marco charter high:


My hat off to you....your posts actually are well written and I sense a passion for your position.

I believe a HS on the Island will cost tax payers money. The MIA accebemy has not addressed the question of where the money for the infrastructure costs and continued operating cost will come from. There will be costs incurred for additional police, roadwork, sewer work, etc. Many of these costs will continue each and every year. Will the students parents absorb these additional costs?

I also wonder how everyone can be confident that the MIA will be "A" rated. Teachers have not been hired and the curriculum completed so this question remains and will not be answered for years to come.

A community school is a lofty goal and I believe had the school plan to begin at the YMCA and serve the community children been followed the community would not have reacted the way it did. It was when it was decided that the school enrollment should expand to 600 students that the oppostion gained momentum. To have a school that size means that other children would have to be bussed onto the island which is exactly what the MIA parents are saying they do not want to do with their children (bus off the island)

I would like to see the plan to pay for the school in detail and how all of the operating costs will be covered. The county will send money on a per student basis at the same rate that it costs to operate Lely. I don't think that is sufficient, but the total costs have not been presented.

Written on Guest Commentary: Sewer rates — The great divide:

Ed Issler - Please provide some back up "proof" to your claims. I would like to see how you formulated your statement "The main goal of Mr. Pettriccia, as a tool of MITA, was not to look at cost of service, and cost of delivery, but rather how do we get a larger portion of voters angry so that our candidates can be victorious in the next election."

I believe this is just an opinion of yours without any basis other than being bitter.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Act like our forefathers did:

All - Great Blog. I'm really impressed with the discussion on the topic and look forward to reading more.

Thank you for the insightful discussion without the typical name calling.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A charter high school has its benefits:

Very good article.

The questions the supporters have not answered revolve around the true cost of the school and how it will be funded at the start and each year and the reason they believe a school is needed.

I've heard that it because of the distance that kids have to travel, but the proposal has other kids traveling to the island so that can't be the reason.

I've herad about the great education kids will get as the reason, but their are no teachers lined up to quit their current jobs and commit to teaching at the new school. A school is only as good as the teachers.

The location is confusing since the school was going to be at the Y but then was moved so a bigger school could be built?

Once the above questions are answered, people may get on board.

Written on 3 new firefighters, more hydrants and a tanker will solve Island’s problem, says fire chief:

KLAB - I agree with you. Marco Island does not need it's own police force. Much money could be saved by utilizing the County Sheriff. The number of officers may remain the same but the administration costs wouold go down.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

Klab...Your throwing insults again....Try to stay on topic.

The comment was made that the school would not increase taxes at all. All money would come from taxes being paid for the Lely High School. I'm simply asking to see the figures that supports that position.

Now try to answer a question without going off topic, throwing insults or bringing up other topics that you are upset about. If you can't answer the question, that's OK. Just say so and move on.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

marco97...How many children do you have at the charter middle school or lely high school?

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

Klab.....Someone should be able to answer the question if the school will cost any additiobal tax dollars, If yes how much, If No, show me the figures. If someone can't answer that how can funding be secured?

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

marco97.....You raised the commute time issue when you couldn't answer the questions I asked. You said a 20 mile commute was to long. I asked you what an acceptable commute distance was? You still haven't answered that. If you can't defend your comments don't make them. I asked how the school infrastructure and operating expenses will be funded. If the school and the supporters can guarantee that there will be no additional tax dollars used fro infrastructure, police, water, fire department, etc. I don't have an issue. Can that be guaranteed as stated in the article?

I then asked you if a 20 mile commute is too long should the school be built only for the island children since it would be unreasonable for others to make that commute to the island. Why can't you simply answer the questions and defend your comments.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

Klab....Once again you never answer any questions or defend a position. You just accuse others and insukt those that try to have a meaningful discussion. Go to the top of the topic and answer the questions posed. If you can't why throw insults.

Where is the money coming from for the infrastructure, operating expenses, police,fire, roads, water etc? Just answer the question without throwing insults.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

delta...Are you another voice that cannot answer the questions posed? Why can't anyone answer the questions without accusing me of being against a school. I notice this a great deal on these blogs how many of you sling accusations but never answer questions asked. You obviously don't know me and your statement has no merit. I've asked for an accounting on how the school will be paid for including all infrastructure costs and all operating costs without using additional tax payer dollars? Can you answer that? It was stated above that the reason for a school was that children had to travel 20 miles to get to the current school. I asked what is an acceptable distance? I asked if the distance traveled for our children to leave the island is excessive why do we expect children to travel to the island to attend a school? Should the school be sized for the size of the island children population? I don't understand why you cannot answer these simple questions?

Why when questions are raised does everyone get defensive?

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

marco97....I am not against a school on the island, I've asked questions that need answers. Can you provide the answers? You didn't answer the question I asked you if driving 20 miles is the reason for the school as you stated. Is it? I didn't say a 20 mile ride was not excessive. I asked if you feel the school should be sized for the island kids only since you stated that the travel distance was the reason. What is an acceptable distance to have children travel to school? To answer your questions.... I took a bus to the school I attended. I was the first one picked up in the morning and the last dropped off at night. The straight distance was about 5 miles and but unfortunately it was a rural area and the total commute took about 40 minutes. No I do not have children attending school on the island.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

marco97.....Is that the reason we need a school because of the 20 miles that need to be traveled to school?

I'm looking for the reason and the articles and blogs don't seem to be consistent. If that is the reason should the school be sized only for island children so others do not have to travel?

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

Fossil....."The people behind this are our parents and neighbors. They are people who have invested in this city as families and business men and women." ...Once again a statement by you with no back up or foundation. Have all of these people that are behind the school open their wallets and pay for it and put an escrow fund together that will pay for all infrastructure and operating expenses.

I am in my right mind and cannot afford additional tax dollars to support a school. I agree with you that the city is wasting money on a consultant after the UAB made good recommendations.

The transparency I'm asking for is answers to how the school would be funded. You ramble in your post but seem to be unable to answer the questions asked. Let me know when you can provide answers to the questions I raised.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

This is a polarizing topic due to the lack of transparency. Many questions have been asked with no answers. What will be the cost of the school and all of the infrastructure? By infrastructure I mean roads, traffic lights, water lines, sewer, etc.? What will be the on going costs in addition to the operating expenses? Additional Police and Fire personnel? Additional Police and Fire equipment? I keep hearing that taxes will not be raised by the construction of a school but there has been no data presented that shows that. I don't live near Tract K or the trailor location. Why was the YMCA site abandoned? What is the current enrollment of 8th graders at the Marco Charter School? Has anyone surveyed this group to find out how many students would attend trailor classrooms next year?

Let's get all of the facts on the table so an intellegent decision can be made. Facts mean more than emotions.

Does Marco need a high school for a higher quality education or so kids don't need to travel to a high school? How would we know that a higher eduction would be achieved? Have new teachers with a great track record of teaching already committed to teach at the new school? If it is to prevent kids having to travel to school would the school only be for island residents?

Written on Fire ax: Region’s fire departments eye staff cuts to balance budget:

This is how the common council thinks. It is sad. Forget about rates. Cut the expense level to the actual dollar amounts that were spent on services in 2002. Other businesses have to do that to survive. If we are paying the county so much for services, give the services back to the county. Disband the city fire and police. Many other communities are doing this.

Written on Guest Commentary: Are city leaders creating a conflict of interest?:

People are against a high school on the island because a need for the school has not been established and people do not want to pay for a school or the infrastructure costs for developing and maintaining a school. The location is not relevant.

Busing kids to school has ben brought up as a reason. The counterpoint is the busing kids to the island and the school. The quality of education has been raised. The counterpoint is educational quality is only as good as the teachers hired. How much above average will be paid to teachers to teach at a new school.

From the blogs there appear to be approximately 200 island children that could attend the school if 75% attended that would mean a school sized fro 200 would be adequate. Is it really necessary to have a school for 200 children.

What does Sanibal Isalnd do to educate their children< Could Marco follow the same process? There are a great many questions and very few answers.

Written on Fire ax: Region’s fire departments eye staff cuts to balance budget:

I believe the comment was pointing out that TWO people were shopping versus just one.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tract K is beautiful:

Tract K is a great piece of property. The thoughts on making it a park carry costs the same as making it a high school. (Although not as much) If groups want to purchase the land the County may be willing to sell to the highest bidder.

I agree with the comments on Klabautermann....He seems to blog on every article but never states a comment on the article. It is usually just personal attacks. Ignoring the ignorant is the best policy.

Written on Collier County government’s debt one of highest per person in Florida:

This is a sad state that the people of the county let happen. While the building boom was going on the infrastructure was required. We need to live within our means in the county.

Written on Collier County government’s debt one of highest per person in Florida:

Klabautermann....What does the KKK have to do with the issue in this article? Nothing, so why bring it up? You posted two comments and neither one of them was a comment, just insults. These blogs are for people to share their thougts on the subject, not to sling insults. If you don't have a thought on the topic, please refrain from posting comments.

Written on Guest column: Tract K, a Marco eagle sanctuary:

Does Sanibel Island have a high school? Do the kids that live there have to cross a bridge? How do they hande education?

Written on Guest column: Tract K, a Marco eagle sanctuary:

Some good points have been made in the comments....Especially the point that anyone moving to the island with school age children knew that traveling off island to high school was part of the deal. Why should that change? People who don't like the make up of the islnad or the opportunities that are provided have every right to sell their homes and move to a community that meets their needs. The island does not have to change to accomodate them.

Written on Dry days ahead: Collier, Lee counties at 'extreme risk' for water shortage :

Klabautermann - Maybe we could get rid of indoor plumbing, roadways, automobiles and airplanes also. We could eliminate electricity all together and have a great planet?

Written on Marco Council approves linear park trail:

How can we consider bike paths when we are looking at 20% tax increases? I was hoping the council had seen the light but I guess I was wrong. A couple of personnel reductions and everyone was feeling that we were on the right path and then this foolishness.

Written on Letter to the Editor: What’s happening with Tract K?:

There are always two sides to every story....

For those that want to maintain Tract K as it currently is the answer is
to raise money and buy the land from the county. The land is for sale and I'm sure the county would sell it for the right price. There is a great deal of wealth on the island and raising $5M-$10M for the purchase and maintenencae should be doable.

For those that want to build a school.... Raise the funds to buy the land, and build a private school. If the interets is so great and the eduction will be so superior (A point that is yet to be proven) a private school is the answer. Don't forget to include all of the costs that tax payers are expected to pay for. (Increased police department, additional fire department, additional water and septic, widening of streets to account for the increased traffic, additional stop lights, additional electrical costs, etc) Tell me again how tax payers will not have to pay anything for a Charter school.

First group with $10M can buy the land and put the issue to bed.

Written on Marco Island police chief files motion to dismiss harrassment lawsuit:

August - Where there is smoke ......there is a power hungry police chief

Written on Survey says: Marco residents warm to charter high school, not redevelopment district:

41% in favor of a high school and 49% NOT in favor of a high school. The majority is NOT in favor of a high school. Numbers don't lie. Another misrepresentation of facts by the Eagle.

Written on Gulf oil spill damage: Sanibel Island businesses file claims against BP:

Damage an entire state? Maybe a little bit of sensationalism?

Written on High school still an option for Marco Island's Tract K:

Federal state and local grants are tax payer dollars and in these troubling times should not be wasted on a school that is not essential. I keep reading about this tremendous school. How do we know it will be a tremendous school? That is a leap of faith. A school is only as good as the teachers that teach at the school and the passion they bring to the school. Won't there be the same travel time concern for off-island students that want to attend this new school? How will they get to the school? Won't busing cost more tax payer dollars?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Prepare for the worst!:

I agree. Let's take the funds, both public and private, that are being planned for the Smokehouse Bridge(Not Needed), Mackle Park, Veterans Park (Not Needed), New High School (Not Needed) and the CRP and put it towards protecting our island.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Merging of traffic at the Jolley Bridge:

There are two lanes on 951. I've never seen one marked passing lane. Anyone can pull into the left lane and travel at the same speed as those in the right lane. There is nothing illegal about this. If there was those in the right lane would also impede traffic.

People need to just chill and get in the right lane with the rest of the people and take their time and travel safe.

Written on Marco to consider building a high school in the park:

When you move to a community you evaluate the location, city, parks, opportunities and schools. You intelligently make a decision regarding all of the factors. I commuted one and a half hours so my children could live in a community that met all of the factors that I thought were important.

People that do not like Lely High School can relocate to an area where the schools meet there specific requirements. It is not up to the public to build a private high school. That is what this would be. Marco Island does not need a high school. Why is there a belief that a Marco Island high school would provide a "better" education? That is a large leap of faith. How many additional tax dollars will be required to support this in the future if the scholl falls short? I believe it is time to move on from this issue. I believe the majority of those that own property on Marco Island do not want a high school. Put the issue on a referendum and see what the results are.

Written on City budget 2010: Will ‘holding the line’ be enough for Marco residents? :

Hiring additional staff to compensate for staff that did not do their job is not the answer. If the current satff cannot be held accountable...replace them. I agree about the code enforcement officers. One is all an island the size of Marco requires.

Most companies make sacrifices in time like we are now facing. We need to review all of the staff positions on the island. I would suggest that staff could be trimmed in most departments. A 10% pay cut for the next year should be considered.

Capital projects already underway should be finished. All new projects put on hold.

Written on Tax hike will even things out, Marco leaders say:

Increasing capital projects is not holding the line. When business' see a decrease in revenue they reduce expenses, they do not hold the line. Salary reductions, benefit reductions, postponement of capital projects, etc are all considered. It's time our island becomes upset over the continued rate increases.

Written on Shop this side of the bridge:

People....Step back and read your ridiculous comments. A community is about the people and business within the community. It appears that most of you do not want to be in the community becasue you didn't get your way.

If you don't want to support the local community why don't you pack your bags and leave. It would make more sense than continuing to voice your bitter comments each week to every article that is written.

Written on Marco panel begins talk of taking over electrical services:

A small community owning a utility makes no sense. The efficiency of serving a larger area is lost. The infrastructure to support this initiative will be huge. Who on Marco is qualified to lead a utility company. Spending $25,000 on a consultant is ridiculous. Why is this money coming form the fee for underground placement of lines, when it has nothing to do with that. Another example of mis-management of the city. Just think what the rates will be in the coming years as the City needs to raise more and more money to pay for an ever expanding staff. just think of all of the uses the city can use this money for that it wasn't intended. Everywhere individuals and businesses are faced with cutting expense as revenue declines. Not on Marco, we increase expense and continue to grow the city staff. Maybe it's time to pack the bags and move on.

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