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Written on Marco Island Marriott accepts 111-foot height limitation; defends 1,243 parking spaces:

“I cannot fund this project without these additional guest rooms,” he said.

Then, don't......

Written on Back to the Drawing Board: Marco Island's Rose Marina reduces requests in new site plan:

"High said he met individually with Marco Island’s councilors last week to present the new plan." That's a good way to get around Florida's Sunshine laws.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott expansion goes with Mackle Brother’s vision:

Let's stop canonizing the Mackle Brothers. They were developers out to make a profit. Had they had their way, Marco and surrounding areas would have been much more developed. It's frightening to think how developed it would have been. However, via lawsuits and the Deltona settlement, the residents of Collier County (yes, the Mackles would have developed land off the island as well as on) and Marco were able to try to control their destiny and limit growth. We need a mix of residences and tourists. However, the Marriott made a promise to the residents of this city via the PUD agreement and they should be obliged to keep that promise.

Written on Old Marco's controversial trees will be removed:

Marco Island "Tree City" removes trees!

Written on House agrees to roll back flood insurance rate increases:

Thank you for this government subsidy.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board opts for more time to consider Marco Island Marriott 2001 PUD amendments:

There was an agreement which was a promise to the citizens of Marco ALL the citizens, not just those in the immediate vicinity. While sometimes things do change and need to be re evaluated, the only thing that has changed since the agreement is the Marriott's greed. The agreement (promise) should be enforced.

Written on Gov. Rick Scott to press President Obama over flood insurance:

Gotta love it....we don't want the government subsidizing anything unless it's something we want. Take away all of those government benefits that target a particular group of people unless we are that particular group of people. And, shouldn't it be Congress who addresses this problem? Oh, that's right. Our obstructionist Congress can't accomplish anything.

Written on Special election set for Congress seat, cost could be $1.5 million:

1.5 Million...that's the Conservative way 😊

Written on Marco Island Town Hall: More than 80 turn out for coffee and conversation with Councilor Sacher:

The Marriott says only 5 properties parallel the area of their desired development. What about the promises made to ALL Marco Islanders when the original variances were given....that is; they would get height extensions, etc. in exchange for NEVER building on that side of Collier.

Written on Bryan Milk chastises Marco councilmen, asks for investigation to 'clear name':

After Milk interfered with Sacher's protection of Duane Thomas' pollution of our canals, Sacher was just looking to get rid of Milk. Unfortunately, Milk's non disclosure gave Sacher a reason to sack him.

Written on Smoother waters ahead: New rescue boat arrives on Marco Island:

Have any of you ever really looked at your tax bill? If not, do so and see what you pay to the City vs what you pay to the county and the county school system.

Written on No conspiracy here: Marco manager candidate made call to withdraw:

Seems like Peck is the only one with half a brain in all this.

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

Interesting comment, condoseller. Sacher was on and exhilarating hiogh after Mr. Hernstadt was appointed....wonder why?

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

Ironic that council hired a consultant to find a new city manager and then fired that consultant because when he presented his recommendations, they were appalled because they found his recommendations totally inadequate. They then spent more money to hire a second consultant and then ended up hiring someone who was presented by that first consultant. Hopefully, having a professional city manager will help protect this council from their own inadequacies.

Written on Ousted Marco community affairs director had several opportunities to disclose conflict:

Wonder why Sacher "butted heads" with Milk over a seawall contractor who was illegally dumping debris in our canals? The contractor was cited but then after a coucilman's intervention the case was taken off the Code Enforcement agenda. Why?

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Here is the language from the charter:(5) No Council Member shall direct or request, or participate in, the appointment or removal by the City Manager of any employee in the administrative service of the City.

(6) Except for the purpose of inquiry, the Council and its Members shall deal with the administrative service solely through the City Manager and neither the Council nor any Member thereof shall give orders to any subordinates of the City Manager, either publicly or privately.

(7) Notwithstanding the provisions of (6) above, upon the affirmative vote of five (5) or more Council Members, the Council shall conduct investigations into the activities or the performance of any City department, agency, administration, City Manager, staff or employee. Investigations may be conducted by the Council as a whole or delegated by Council to any Council Member(s), or to another person(s) and/or entity. Council shall act on any such findings as it may determine to be in the best interest of the City.

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Marco, by charter has a city council/strong city manager type of government. By charter, council members may NOT be involved with hiring and firing of any employees except the city manager and attorney. This present council does not seem to understand that this is the law. Mr. Milk's guilt or innocence aside, it is illegal for council members to get involved with firing of employees except as noted above. Read the charter.

Written on Going it alone: Marco Island City Council will continue city manager search without a headhunter:

The real story? Just watch a city council meeting and you will see why no one wants to work here.

Written on Marco Island City Council loses second city manager search firm:

And so, the comedy show continues!!! GorgonZola is right on!

Written on Making hard choices: Marco Island City Council narrows city manager search from 13 to six:

Anybody watch the Council meeting? It was like watching a Monday night comedy show entitled "The Seven Stooges". The best part was when Sacher said he wanted to know the occupational status of the candidates wives and if any of them had a child with a disability.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco City Council Meeting Fireworks:

So, people are finally seeing LS for who he really is?????

Written on 'Building' support: Parks committee will campaign on need for Mackle center:

laslic: Another place to play/while away the hours or facilities for those on whom our lives depend? weigh the logic

Written on Florida pays $800k to fix governor's mansion :

Rick Scott...a true conservative except where he is concerned.

Written on Marco Island nonprofit operator says criminal charge is 'blown out of proportion' :

Comparing her situation to rape is asinine. This woman is an insult to victims everywhere.

Written on New interim city manager: Marco Island City Council chooses finance director Polanco for temp job:

Mr. Breeze...perhaps you should read the City Charter....what you describe is NOT the type of government set out in the Charter. If you want that type of government, then you need to change the Charter.

Written on A representative sampling: Many ways to reach out to Marco Island's elected public servants:

For Marco City Council, just go to Dunkin Donuts....that's where they make all their decisions....well protected from the sunshine.

Written on New face on the dais: Bob Brown selected to fill Magel's City Council seat:

Many members of the public will never believe that the Sunshine Laws weren't violated by this appointment....It was probably pre decided at Dunkin' Donuts by a meeting of the "the minds".

Written on Bringing down the house: Milk asks Marco Island Code Enforcement Board for authority to raze derelict home:

Hey are missing the real story from the Code Meeting.....why were two complaints dropped?

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

My dear Ms. Litzan....Everyone would NOT say that Ms. Biles is a great choice. Many, many would take exception with that.

Written on Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter in hospital:

I'm sorry to hear about his injury and wish him a speedy recovery. But, really, let's be honest he is in the office so infrequently, will anyone notice his absence?

Written on From dogs to ultralights, Marco Island's beaches face issues:

Never mind the health hazards of dogs on the beach, they also chase the birds. Marco is a sanctuary for birds. Many of the ones you see on the beach are resting and need that rest to recoup. Dogs would disturb the birds and upset the nice balance we have with nature here on Marco. If you are so concerned about the fact that you pay taxes here, you pay a lot more to Collier County than Marco...why not approach them about a dog friendly beach?

Written on With no quorum, Marco Island Parks & Rec Advisory Committee holds discussion-only session:

Perhaps Sacher ought to check his facts before opening his mouth.

Written on Concerned over building inspections, construction trades pack Marco Island City Council meeting:

Anyone can sit around sniping at staff. Mr. Sacher needs to stop being a blowhard and work WITH other council members and the administration to set clear goals and expectations.

Written on Community center debate, city audit deficiencies push Marco Island City Council meeting past 9:30 p.m.:

So they hire more and more people in finance and have more and more problems

Written on Ask The Pharmacist: Why I disagree with Jolie's decision:

It is a PERSONAL choice. It really is not up to YOU to agree or disagree with her choice. You really don't know what you would do until you are in that situation and then it would be your choice and your choice alone. It is awfully presumptive of you to agree or disagree.

Written on Never too old, never too young: Two unique Ave Maria law school students among 165 graduates:

Congratulations to both! They deserve a lot of credit for their accomplishments.

Written on Marco Island City Council begins manager search, authorizes study on Capri fire proposal:

Ha ha. Keister doesn't want professional help in choosing a new CM because he did SO well in his last two hires!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking a city manager:

Too bad the prior Council, of which Mr. W was a member, didn't consider these requirements. The man they chose meets none of these criteria. Hopefully, this council will pay more attention to PROFESSIONAL qualifications.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The search for a new city manager:

This time, please hire a PROFESSIONAL city with training, experiential background, and CREDENTIALS at least on a par with ICMA certification...not just a retooled whatever.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA outdated?:

There is a place for MICA as stewards of our residents'beach. But, they need get over their outdated deed restrictions that are in conflict with the city and county. Let those entities enforce zoning. MICA's outdated restrictions hurt individual homeowners.

Written on Marco Island City Council takes on capital projects, code compliance and illegal immigration:

Hey Petricca: It's much easier to lobby ONE person than SEVEN.

Written on Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement:

As usual, Hunter phones it in....nice to pay such a big salary to an absentee chief. But, that's what it was like under the sheriff...absentee protection on Marco.

Written on New county signs direct drivers to Tigertail Beach:

The signs are working already. Today there were half a dozen cars parked in the swales by Tigertail!

Written on Careful, controlled growth: Marco Island Academy campus set to open March 18:

Was that Grado's court mandated punishment for destroying the native habitat and assault with a deadly weapon?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA:

in response to 2themoon:

Eddi, you mean to tell me some half baked covenant from 50 years ago is still the law of the land?

Does that apply to the Constitution also?

Written on Marco Island Police Officer of the Year has friends in small spaces; speaker focuses on public mass murders :

I'm sure there were smart alecks (I'm being kind here with that term) like #1 and #2 in Aurora, CO and Newton, CT. also

Written on Radel sworn in as congressman, hopes for 'a new era of working together' :

Let's hope his idea of working together is really working together and not "my way or nothing". Time will tell.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Improving City Council:

Why don't you run for Council? Oh that's right, you are not a full time resident.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Guns do kill:

Cars don't kill. People driving cars do. But we have all kinds of regulations regarding cars and the licensing of drivers.