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No, there isn't a walkway. However, one thing that should never be forgotten is that Hideaway Beach provides physical protection (barrier) for Marco Island. Lose it and how long before we start to lose other parts of the island? Also, my feeling (and I don't live in Hideaway) is that the County approved the development of Hideaway and as such has a continued responsibility to protecting both it and the rest of Marco. The funds come from TDC; look at how much TDC funds are generated from Marco.

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Yes, which church?

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There is plenty of court availability at the town racquet center.

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Thank you, Ed for being one of the VERY few gentlemen who respond to these comments.

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I love all you ultra conservatives....You believe in free speech except when you don't like what's being said. Unless, of course, it is your candidate who twists the truth to make it whatever he wants it to be.

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It's Collier County's property....they don't care about Marco.

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Welcome to Marco Island, home of the nasty dinosaurs.

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Looks like the city screwed up big time.....that's what happens when you don't have professionals in charge. And, how can one attorney represent both the city and the code board? The city never used to allow that, but that was when professionals were in charge.................

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Agree, Ilikemarco.....we NEVER hear from the paid executive, the City Manager. Why do we bother paying him?

Written on Marco Island residents: City says re-entry stickers not needed:

Fortunately, this will not be a major storm. A major storm hitting the island without a professional city manager in place is very, very scary.

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Some people just show their ignorance and low class in these comments.

One my not like Mr. Stefanides, but this was a good commentary and one that many citizens in Marco needed. They still go to the healthcare center rather than dialing 911, despite an extensive educational campaign by the city.

Written on Marco Island voters oppose overnight walk-in clinic tax, subsidy:

The county provide public health care? In what alternate universe?

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I laugh when I see this: "we need to revert back to the Deltona vision". If you truly read and understand the Deltona vision it was all about development, development, development. If it had not been for the law suits brought against them, Marco and the surrounding area would look like a mini east coast of Florida.

Written on Marco Island Police reorganizes; changes reporting structure:

Sounds like putting even more insulation between the chief and the citizens. He's barely accessible as it is; now it will be worse.
More people to cover for him when he isn't there or is avoiding contact...which is often.

Written on Seawalls coming down? Marco Planning Board wrestles with marine construction issues :

All of us living on the water on in the same boat, so to speak. At some point, everyone's seawall will have to be replaced. Yes, it is an inconvenience, perhaps even annoyance when it occurs next to you, but one day it will be you. It's ridiculous that one person's complaint should make an even bigger problem for all of us. But, then again, this is Marco Island!

And with due respect to Mr. Peterhans, I didn't realize that Switzerland's waterways were saline and subject to extreme tides and frequent storms.

Written on Top Marco Island cop re-ups: Don Hunter to stay on as police chief; Riviere announces two-year contract extension :

Of course he is staying on; he needs the medical benefits for his young family.

And, what ever happened to Community Policing on Marco? It seems to have disappeared under Hunter.

Written on Guest Commentary: Nuisance, swale parking in Olde Marco :

There is, of course, a difference between Shores Ct. and Bald Eagle's called "zoning".

Written on Marco Island drugstore closes after 43 years in business :

I went there once. They were not helpful. They made me feel I was bothering them asking for something. I never went back...perhaps that's why customers went elsewhere.

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board considers stopgap solutions to curb beach erosion :

On the one hand, it is difficult to support a private beach, but on the other hand the county approved building in such a fragile area, so they have some responsibility here. Unfortunately, the county didn't care about anything here on Marco and that is why they approved such inappropriate building all over the island and now residents are left to struggle with their lack of concern.

Written on Do Marco residents want 24/7 health care? Question to be answered Aug. 14 :

More greed on the part of Physician's Regional....trying to make money from the taxpayers. It is not emergency care. There is no need for doctor's office hours 24/7 on the island. What's with this tie between Magel and Physician's Regional??????

Written on Physicians Regional, NCH possible suitors if Marco voters approve 24/7 clinic tax:

This is NOT emergency care. Any one who uses this service for an emergency instead of calling 911 is just delaying needed assistance. We do NOT need a 24 hour doctor's office....especially not one subsidized by tax dollars. Physician's Regional is just trying to make money from the taxpayers. Shame on them.

Written on Crunching the numbers – Marco Island Budget Sub-Committee delves into city's operating budgets :

"I think you're on the right track," said Recker. "The question is how much, how fast. Thousands of voters on this island would rather see a new center than a new (Smokehouse Bay) bridge."

Did he take a poll? If he had, he would probably have found that thousands of voters DON'T want a new center.
Out of 18,000 residents, how many really use the center?

And, the finance department wants still more staff? They've already had staff added in recent years.

Written on Marco Councilor Waldack, injured in bike-car accident, recovering:

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

And, as an aside, now they want to add horse drawn carriages to Marco streets? Who is the ringleader of this circus?

Written on Firestorm: Marco Island City Council chambers packed for spur-of-the-moment meeting on inspections :

Haven't we had enough of the city manager's lack of knowledge, lack of experience, and ineptitude? He was hired to be the puppet of certain council members. It's time to hire a real city manager.

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

Time to hire a REAL city manager. The imposter needs to go.

Written on Marco Island’s City Council resolves Bald Eagle Drive lighting controversy:

Since when do the Columbo's live in "Olde Marco?"

Written on TripAdvisor touts free parking at south beach; Marco Island Planning Board says swale parking must stop:

"Irvin listed Tigertail Beach with 287 parking spaces as an underutilized facility. He suggested better signage to Tigertail and roadway upgrades including turn lanes would make it easier to travel toward and from the area. "

Turn lanes? Really? Is he serious????? There is absolutely no need for turn lanes on the way to Tigertail.......

Written on Marco Island’s city manager: Cul-de-sac adoption is a beautiful thing:

WOW!!! The "City Manager" actually made a public statement. This may be a first.

Written on Marco mythbuster: Chairman Magel on the facts, plans for the future:

First, let me say that I personally do not care for Larry Magel. But, I have to give him credit for what he is trying to do. Unfortunately, it will be lost on the ignorant, negative factions on Marco.

Written on Woman in wheelchair hit by car on Marco, hospitalized:

The new crosswalks are nice for pedestrians, but it is often difficult for drivers to see them, both in the one by Tigertail and especially in the one by the Marriott.....Better to go a few blocks out of your way and cross at traffic lights.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island not a day trip destination:

Steve, did you forget? The fact that we have 2 county beaches open to the public on Marco does make this a day designation.

Great idea...let's eliminate cityhood, let the county take over and they can open up even more beach access to the public!

Written on Old Glory will offer new, really big welcome at entrance to Marco Island:

A car dealership flag and miniature golf tackiness next to Veterans Park. What's next?

Written on Marco Island Bike Path Ad-hoc Volunteer Committee: Cyclists tangle with motor vehicles more now than ever:

Unlike Sanibel, Marco Island is NOT a good biking area. The roads, bikeways, and sidewalks except where Collier sidewalks were widened are not bicycle friendly. You make a place bike friendly when the infrastructure doesn't permit it and trying to pass the area off as bike friendly is just inviting problems.

Written on Residents tell Marco Island City Council that South Beach swale parking is causing problems:

How do you expect anything to be accomplished when you don't have a real city manager and he chooses to do nothing about everything?

Written on New calculations decrease loan for Marco Island's Mackle Park and Kendall sewer districts:

Fitch, a rating agency, upgraded the city’s bond rating to “AA+” in 2011.

Written on Six months down, six to go? Ex-sheriff Hunter hits half-year as Marco police chief :

60 years old may not be the "criminal type", but they have much more need of protection, health issues, etc. They are the ones who are often preyed on by the criminal type.

Written on Six months down, six to go? Ex-sheriff Hunter hits half-year as Marco police chief :

How come Riviere is NEVER available for comment...or anything else?

Written on GOOOH targets Marco Island City Council election:

Well said, Mayor_McCheese!

Written on Marcophiles: Internet anguish? Terrified of hi-tech?:

Buy 1Password...well worth the money and solves all your password problems...and then you don't have to wait around to read a solution.

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This situation existed long before "Obamacare", which, incidentally hasn't really kicked in. It's caused by the greed of private insurers. If we had a single payer system, this would NOT be an issue.

Written on Six-month report: Marco police Chief Chief Don Hunter knows what he has, what he’s missing:

We had a referendum and the people of Marco voted to have our own police services. Perhaps you newbies or oldies with poor memories don't remember what it was like under the sheriff....45 minutes to answer a burglary in progress call, just for one. I certainly don't want to go back to that. For what little each of us pays to support our local police services, I am happy to pay for that security.

Written on Marco Island homeowners could face new swale landscaping requirements:

First they take away greenery by putting in bike lanes and then they want to take away even more by widening sidewalks. I believe in wide, shared use sidewalks but not after they screwed things up by putting in bike lanes which have already reduced the swales.Make up your lanes or shared use, but not both.

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Well said, Phyllis...and our thoughts are with you.

Written on Removal of equipment at Marco care center prompts an alert within Collier EMS :

I've only lived here 15 years, but I have ALWAYS known that what we have here on the island is a walk in clinic NOT an emergency facility.

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"The Tea Party is a group of uninformed, uneducated and easily influenced individuals." = hand puppets for billionaires pulling the strings...........

Written on Mixed reaction, emotions to Marco Island's speed limit change:

How arrogant to just change the limits on his own and without any notification to the public. But, what do you expect from a fake city manager? Have you ever seen his license plate? Geezzz.......
Time we hired a professional.......