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Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

It seems clear that this whole charade is about bringing Souza back. Dana Souza is not qualified to be city mgr. Recker has made the anti-city people (about 2% of the Marco population and mostly snowbirds) happy, something he should be very proud of. One thing is for certain, he plays to the negative minority and has lost a lot of supporters and votes by his actions. Magel has proven to not be the leader he claimed he was, leaders lead, they don't follow. Batte also followed, very disappointing.

Written on Letter to the Editor: I have a right to my point:

Shadow, you are officially the village idiot!

Written on Jackson genetic lab plans touted on Marco Island :

Shadow, the monkey you speak of has a higher IQ than you!

Written on Former city leader Harry Cowin succumbs to illness:

May God rest your soul Harry. Maybe the city will name the community room after him.

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

John, you talk about voting the idiots out, sounds like a great idea but no one will run for office. Will you run? Will Robert Glaub? How about Fossil? There are only four candidates to choose from for three seats. Some of you complain constantly but no one steps up to run. A lot of what you say John makes sense but put your money where your mouth is and step up!

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

Fossil, I have read some pretty ridiculous blogs from you in the past but this sanctimonious BS you wrote above is complete nonsense.

You're right about Tucker, he never defended or offered an explanation for his actions because he didn't care what people like you or Glaub thought; he did what was best for the city. If politicians defend themselves against every insult, rumor and lie they would give life to it. Instead, Tucker, like most politicians didn't dignify the naysayers with a response.

As I said before, Robert Glaub was out of order and needed to be shut down. This was a public meeting where business was to be conducted and his behavior was immature and disruptive. I question whether you actually saw it Fossil. Chairman Popoff showed tremendous restraint.

It’s ironic but I don’t think the motion would have passed unanimously but after Glaubs childish drunken missive he just assured a unanimous vote. Good job Glaub; I’m sure at least one or two councilors would have voted against this motion until you shamed them into voting for it. It’s people like Fossil and Glaub that make it impossible for this community to move on; they love the negativity and they love the fight. I'm sure Glaub will be a hero in his little circle of cavedweller friends. Didn't his wife just write a LTE asking for mutual respect and no more name calling? What a shame…

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

Glaub must have been drunk. Wow, I'm so impressed, it took a great deal of courage to do a hachet job on a dead guy. Glaub was entirely out of order and should have been removed sooner.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let the record speak:

Ed, I would like to see the emails you are speaking of between Bania and Kiester. If they are relevant then please post them on the blogs. Thank you!

Written on Kiester forum explores amendments, garners petition signatures:

MarcoJimbo, thank you for your service to our country, sincerely.

I really do appreciate your service but I don't care who or what you used to be. Based on your blogs, you seem to have all the answers to all of Marco Islands problems. Instead of being sarcastic and abusive to the individuals who have the guts to step up why don't you get invovled. If you really do have all the answers, as I'm sure you believe you do, why don't you run for office. There is still time to put your name on the ballot.

Written on Kiester forum explores amendments, garners petition signatures:

Still sure you want to be in politics Larry? Are you really up for the abuse? There are a lot of people like playballonk and MarcoJimbo that have absolutely nothing better to do than bravely throw stones from behind their computers from the safety of their homes.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

You need to check his votes John; your wrong.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

If Kiester or Popoff voted against it they would not be able to bring it up at a future meeting. My guess is that they voted for it so they can bring it back up. I heard both councilors say that the money should be returned to the people by putting the money in a utilities fund to lower our water rates. I guess we'll see what happens.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

I was at the meeting when council suggested returning the money and the LCEC rep said they had no way to return the money. I like councilors Kiester and Popoffs idea of putting the money into the water company and lowering rates accordingly but it got no support form council.

Written on Mario Sanchez seeks parent seat on Marco Island Charter Middle School board :

Sometimes I just can't disagree with your logic John. Maybe we should get rid of public libraries, museums, and schools; they're all publicly funded. I mean, I get your point. I hate socialism and the Pelosi's, Frank's and Obama's of the world as much as any other good conservative but the kids enjoy these parks. They are not empty, all summer long kids are there. Maybe when you drive by they're in school.

Written on Mario Sanchez seeks parent seat on Marco Island Charter Middle School board :

What's the point John, do we not spend any money on parks and recreation for our kids? What is your point period John; you seem to be against everything!

Written on Mario Sanchez seeks parent seat on Marco Island Charter Middle School board :

Like you John, Mario likes to stir the pot. If I could vote in this school election I wouldn't vote for Sanchez.

Once again you seem to be taking liberties with the truth as Mario has only one child, a wonderful daughter. This is not personal I just question his agenda like clearlystated has.

I am glad you endorsed Sanchez as your endorsement amoung families on this island is the kiss of death. You complain about our parks and grossly overestimate the costs. KidsCove is a shining example of what a wondeful community we have here and how the residents can join together to build a great playground. Incidentally John, KidCoive cost the city $100k NOT $1m as you state (it was bulit by the real residents of Marco Island). Always the exaggerator and aggitator John. At least you consistant.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Please tell me why:

Why John, just when I thought we were getting along so well. You really don't know much about Marco and it's people, our sense of community. Flowerpower, I helped build KidsCove also and it was a wonderful community event that I will never forget.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Political failures nothing new on Marco:

JohninMarco, they don't destroy Marco they just continue to destroy what's left of their credibility. The ironic thing is that the guys who complain the most aren't really Marco residents, they are unhappy seasonal owners who just want to stir the pot. I agree Sailor, Uhler's letter to Putnam above is ridiculous.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The un-Nobel prize:

Dead on John...Once again I find myself agreeing with Mr. Putnam! Obama has done NOTHING to deserve this award.

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

John, our local politics may differ but I couldn't agree with you more about Obama and his Marxism agenda. Well said!!

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

A rare day when I agree with you fossil but "well said." I appreciate your comments because you took the politics out of the equation and stated clear and concise facts.

Besides, we have more to be concerned with; Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I simple ask, for what?

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

John, I don't want another debate (it always gets kind of ugly) but its just that you regularly make claims that are misleading like Dr. Sanchez' "serving" (your word) in Vietnam and Lisa Douglas making $100,000 per year. Both are incorrect and misleading. That is why I question what you write.

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

It amazes me how caught up people can get in worthless bickering. Ed, you are correct...idiots, me included but please indulge me one last thought!!

I know you to be a very intelligent man and am somewhat curious as to why you are the only one on this blog who offers support towards jwputnam; he is a certified sociopath. The rest of the bloggers should be smart enough to not engage with this childish individual; it's just so easy to get consumed by it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Rescind special assessment:

I'm not a fan of Fiala as a comminssioner, nice lady but no ones home. Ok Shadow, throw them all out and then what? Are you going to serve? There is a shortage of individuals that run for office because of the abuse they take, no one wants the job! Our city councilors get $6000 a year, hardly enough to put up with all of the BS they have to put up with. This is why it's hard for me to take people like you and the few other chronic complainers serious; if you really had any guts at all you would run for office.

Written on Guest Commentary: The new budget:

You're wrong again shadow...there was a vote against the bridge (there are no final plans). Seriously, where do you hear this stuff? In addition, $900k is NOT being used for Veterans park...really, you should get your facts straight; you are way off. I'd be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee and explain the facts to you since I live here full time and either attend or watch the meetings religiously. You my friend have it all wrong!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: We deserve fiscal responsibility:

Pam Shniper, you seem to have all the answers so why don't you run for office.

Sailingalong, can you substantiate the claims above and of what significance are they? These are miserable economic times and many people are struggling, does that give you the right to make false claims? Even if your claims are true, under these conditions it doesn't concern me one bit.

Written on Guest Commentary: Forensic audit and odds and ends:

Mr. Kiester, in your response to Montel you neglected to answer his questions as to why you have changed your story about the deletion of emails. Instead, you attempt to discredit the writer and in true political fashion, redirect, change the subject and avoid the question.

Had you left the whole Sunshine Law violation alone most of us would have forgotten it and moved on but you continue to remind the voters of ugly times and your deletion of emails which is very poor judgement! Did you every hear the old adage, "let sleeping dog lie."

Written on Forensic audit response: Price tag a shocker, no fraud, no surprise:

Councilman Kiester, you broke the law, voluntarily or not, the fact remains that you broke the law, paid your fine...get over it already! Why do you keep bringing it up and reminding everyone. It's getting close to election time and you want to remind everyone of your past problems. Why don't you construct a monument for Godfrey Davies and the rest of your gang of city haters? Keep bringing up the past and you won't stand a chance to get re-elected! I watched the meeting and must also add that your abusive treatment of the auditors was way out of line!

Written on Letter to the Editor: City leaders - Stop spending!:


Written on Letter to the Editor: The citizens are not content :

I am a content citizen, you certainly don't speak for me!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The silent majority no more:

Why does the Eagle continue to print this nonsense from Ulher; the man is insane. Every week you publish one of his crazy diatribles...I mean honestly, why??

Written on VIDEOS: Councilman puts hat in the ring for Marco’s middle class :

Although I don't agree with you when it comes to the STRP I believe you are an excellent councilor. Best of luck & you can count on my vote!!

Written on Ethics complaints dropped against three Marco committee members :

It's about time the blind stop drinking McMullans Koolaid and see him for what he really is. How much proof does one need?

Written on Letter To The Editor: A citizen’s measured thank you:

This is Marco Island politcal irony at its best! You call Waldack condescending and vindictive?? Crazy!! Your husband is the most condescending, rude and vindictive individual on this island. Waldack is not one of my favorite people but Dr. Marcotrigiano, your husband is an obnoxious know-it-all! Talk about calling the kettle black.

Written on UPDATED: Ethics complaints pending against three Marco committee members studying electric takeover:

McMullan is the most shameless human being I have ever come in contact with. He has a long history of deceit and obstructionism. Anything he has ever done was for his own personal gain and ego. This is ridiculous and I will file charges against him if his latest "frivolous" action costs the city any money at all. He is a weasel!!

Written on Letter to the Editor January 7: Smacks of Impropriety:

I agree...Joel's affiliation with Quality is looking VERY suspicious. But until someone can prove something it's just a bunch of speculation.

Written on Marco to build "green" utility building:

The bad economy is a worldwide problem so stop blaming the city of Marco Island for your financial woes...we are all struggling.

Written on Residents ask ‘why now’ for city-run electric:

Disband the committe and stop this nonsense; we dont need to look any further with regard to aquiring LCEC. It will only end up costing is money.

Written on Marco City Council directs rebid of "confusing" sewer project:

lutherdog, you make statements and accusations about our city government that are downright libelous and worse yet, you do it anonymously. If our government is corrupt then prove it; you would have my support if there is wrong doing. But all you and your friends do is make such allegations with no merit and no facts. I know our city councilors and whether I agree with them or not the fact is that they bust their rear ends volunteering and all they get is abuse and cowardly accusations like yours.

I agree that Rony Joels relationship with Quality is a little fishy but until you can prove any impropriety ‘SHUT UP” please!

Written on Marco City Council directs rebid of "confusing" sewer project:

Councilor Recker, isn't it fun having the love and support of all the naysayers. You get their applauds and admiration at council meetings. Councilor Gibson has you figured out. The people who voted for you were voting for a positive future on Marco; you have proven to be a disappointment! You have let us down!! Everything that happens on Marco Island is NOT a conspiracy!

Written on Guest Commentary: Councilor lays out the ‘facts’:

Fossil, the island is crowded, what are you talkig about. The chamber is not the enemy and the economy is a global thing, not just a marco issue.

Written on Letter to the Editor: December 31:

Waynes probably a really nice guy but I have to agree with you van. He needs to stop attacking citizens...even if he is right!

Written on City’s financial planning for 2010 begins early with new committee :

Van, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...Happy New Year to you as well.

Written on UPDATE: Physician’s death shocks Island community :

Like many others I just can't believe he's gone. What a shame...

Written on Island family experiences loss of child:

Vince and Maria are such dedicated parents and Vince is a volunteer for virtually everything. They are a good family and I wish them well in dealing with this tragedy. God Bless Phoebe.

Written on City’s financial planning for 2010 begins early with new committee :

Beowolf, sounds like a pretty strong opinion (and a hatred for attorneyes) to me. Remember, yours is just an opinion and opinions are like a-holes, everyones got one. Happy New Year!!

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

Great article islandman4now but it simply says that sewer spills are dangerous and something must be done about it; I agree! The best solution is the most expensive solution, state of the art septic systems maintained and monitored quarterly. Unfortunately, this is a cost prohibitive solution. The septic tanks cost around $30 - $40k and cost another $2000 a year to maintain, but they are safe and very effective.

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

I have truly enjoyed reading all of the cavedwellers blogs swelling with what they consider an "I told you so!" Good for the cavedwellers. All the same, I'm happy I'm on sewer; my septic tank leaked all the time and the smell was horiffic and I took good care of my septic tank. A sewer spill is serious business and I apologize for making light of it.

Written on Marco officer to face state panel after beating suspects on video:

Maybe the officer overreacted when the criminals were handcuffed but the hooligans deserved the pepper spray. In my day if you attacked a police officer there was hell to pay. I think they got off easy. The real problem is that now they have a defense attorney who will probably make sure they're rewarded for their bad behavior.

Written on POLL: Marco Island to keep City Manager Steve Thompson:

van, once again you are the voice of reason but council didn't want to fire Thompson, only Recker and Keister did. I agree with you, this is a joke! But I also agree with CW, Foster has no business in our city's business. He doesn't live here!! And what about all the money he collected for CARES? Where did it all go? Foster cost this city hundreds of thousands of dollars and then left. Now he had the audacity to send emails and blogs as if he still lives here. When people complain about wild spending they should never forget all of the frivolous lawsuits Foster entangled the city in.