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Written on U.S. jobless rate falls to 7.8 percent — a 44-month low:

And I have swamp land in Florida I can sell you cheap.

Less than a month out from election day, early voting already started in Florida via mail in Ballots and are we surprised at the fuzzy math?

What did you expect, BO to tell the truth? why start now. Millions of Americans have given up on ever finding another job. My son in law included. What are they Chopped Liver?

"The real unemployment rate for all people in the U.S. is a bit over 14%. This includes those who gave up looking for a job. So Klaus all you post is complete, as you call it, B.S. for those who do not wish to know the facts."

You can go along with all the crap coming out of Washington or you can say, BO failed in his Utopia plan for our Country and vote to get our Country back to work, get our AAA rating back, bring our men and women back home from all the wars BO has been investing in.

The Mid East is burning because of BO and he plays Golf.

My empty chair still sits in front of my house, it stays there until he is out of my house in Washington.

This first family is costing us more in upkeep than the Royal family in England per year, if nothing else, this is reason enough to kick his butt out.

So if you are still out there unemployed and reading the fuzzy math and vote for the empty chair, you deserve what he has planned for our Country in the next four years. Having a D after your name will not exempt you from any of his plans.

Written on Nance's victory signals change on Collier commission; Henning, Fiala win :

Donna Fiala is losing it,
if she thinks racking up a 800 million dollar debt for us is good, she should have retired on her own.
Fiala, who won a decisive victory with 67.57 percent of the vote, was less enthusiastic Tuesday evening. "She said she was worried that the results mean all of the good that has been done in the county during Coletta's tenure"
Voting the way Coyle tells them to vote, give me a break, we will finallly get something done.
Stop the crazy spending on things we don't need, like Gold Plated Toilets on Vanderbilt Beach.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Did we waste our time?:

If you approve of Horse and carriages on Marco, you will have to hire Pooper Scoopers, full Time jobs, plus, with the traffic on Marco, you will need trucks and forklifts to haul away dead horses. More jobs.
You people are nuts.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who cares about District 1:

Letter Writer, get some facts here, Donna lives on Marco, of course she's been there more than Steve Cosgrove.
But District 1 is more than Marco Island, even though you feel you are the most important part of Collier County, there is life across that bridge.
Steve Cosgrove is the best of the two candidates, he wants to get our over 600 million dollar debt down, Donna says Collier has no debt, probably because she was one of the reasons we have it.

Vote for Steve Cosgrove.

Written on Election 2012: Four circuit judge seats up for grabs in Southwest Florida :

Got to go to the Judges Candidate Forum, came away with some favorites.Meg Steinbeck, very professional, very, well, Judge like. Her opponent Karen Miller, seemed bitter and just plain nasty, using her time to attack Judge Steinbeck.

Joe Foster, I like Joe, have known him for a long time and he would make a fine Judge.

Lisa Porter, another very professional, very compelling person.

Judge George Richards, his story is compelling, overcoming a disability to to on to further his studies. I was really impressed with him.

Written on Bonita Springs woman accused of groping TSA agent:

I refuse to fly, thats it, our last flight was this bad, in addition, our bags were rifled through, items missing upon returning home.
Enough is enough.
I can understand this former TSA workers fit of anger, it was personal payback by former co-workers.
For me I'm just plain sick of it, it was not middle aged white folks or young children or old folks in wheelchairs, with medical equipment that flew those planes into the Twin Towers, etc. It was young men from Saudi Arabia. Its time the US started profiling and stop putting American citizens through torture when they want to travel.
Gone are the days when it was a pleasure to travel, now its undress, get X-Rays, get pawed and groped.
From now on if I can't get there by car, I don't go.

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