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Sure, $30,000 of revenue from a lease compared to a Collier School District 2010 budget of $961 million dollars (yes, nearly a billion dollars folks).

It's like adding a glass of water into the Mackle Park lake and calling it favorable water management.

A nice example of your local government at work.

Excellent post.

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How does it feel to be completely intellectually dishonest by throwing around a nice number (70%) all over the place with nothing to back it up?

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I went to a private high school with a graduating class of around 80 kids. We had an arts/theater program, virtually all sports (except football) for both males and females, a music/band program, excellent academics (including honors and AP programs), foreign languages (spanish, french, latin), too many elective classes to list, and so much more. Did that not sufficiently expose me to your version of "real life", Ed Issler?

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"Mike Yashko, an attorney who teaches a course called “The Role of Government in the Lives of Free People,” will speak to the group Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Marco Presbyterian Church."

I'll be there, sounds great.

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Why would it matter if the high school issue was on the ballot? I see no reason why if there is no tax implications for the citizens.

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Since when is racial diversity a prerequisite to high school education? Do inner city blacks have diversity in their schools? Do heartland whites have diversity in their schools?

I'm not sure why I even addressed your ridiculous argument since it is a straw man fallacy. How do you know the Marco high school will be nothing but whites when we have "diversity" in both the elementary and middle schools here on the island?

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Hey Klab, I thought Marco was going to be inundated with oil by this point anyway... according to your expertise that is, haha.

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Wow, thanks for showing the entire population that reads the Eagle that you are a complete dunce.

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mandatory yearly drivers tests for citizens over 65

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Just take 5 min and look at the people going in and out of that store (at least in-season) and loitering near West Marine and the ATT Store waiting for their fixes and tell me there isn't a problem there.

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Marco Island Calcio

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Then I guess you need to surround yourselves in a plastic bubble since it is not the entire world's responsibility to placate you.

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great way to make the paper

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and you know that no help was called because...?

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Wow, you are a loon.

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It's not a tropical storm or depression. At this point it is an Invest.

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You're wrong, just like in the other comment section.

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"The coast of Southwest Florida from Tampa Bay to the Everglades is a "Forbidden Zone" for surface-based transport of ocean water to the coast, and is probably not at risk from this week's Loop Current oil."

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The oil is not coming to SWFL via the loop current. You have no idea what you're talking about. Tampa down to the everglades is most likely safe but the keys/east coast is another matter.

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have you libs ever heard of a straw man fallacy?

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Well, he got the 10 spot. I'll take a flyer out on this horse for Saturday.

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mandatory driving exams for anyone over 65 every two years or every year depending on driving records.

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It says a lot when an unconstitutional piece of legislation is passed and no one cares...

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Fossil, you hit the nail on the head.

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great letter and great news. I am looking forward to August 2011.

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can you cite those particular studies?

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You do realize that Italy is 1/30th the size of the United States, right? So if Italy was the same size as the United States you could speculate that they would have donated roughly 240,000,000.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but if you no longer reside on this "sandbar" (as you put it), why are you still investing time into posting on the marco eagle blog about the Marco Island election?

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Char Wendle, are you kidding me?

Referring to pro-life protesters as "terrorists"? What an intellectually dishonest charge that only a morally bankrupt individual would be able to come up with. All in all, I guess it's of little surprise.

Thanks to the Eagle for the moment by moment updates though. It was almost as exciting as listening to the play by play last night on Monday Night Football. What a joke.

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This is great news.

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Sounds great! The flyover will be a new highlight of the MICA 4th of July event.

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LOL gingerblue, I love it. Nice response. I went to a high school with a graduating class of 85 and then went on to college and law school.

Never once did I get asked how would I be able to succeed in college, law school, or life because I didn't have "necessary diverse opportunities". In fact, like your experiences, my small high school was a selling point during the admissions process!

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since when do you need "diverse opportunities" in order to get into a good college?

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High school talk "started in bigotry"?

What a pathetic weasel... trying to frame the debate around those accusations.

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LOL... yeah, why would anyone ever complain about Lely High?

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Who determines what "experiences" one needs to partake in before he or she can "make it" in the "real" world?

I went to a private high school with 300 students total, about 85 in my graduating class.

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agreed 25years. I don't understand the logic behind having a 400+ student middle school yet a 400+ student highschool is considered "impossible", a "bad idea", "unrealistic", etc.

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I agree, Marco needs a small highschool. Put some solar pannels on the school roof and let it supply some of its own power.

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Zzzz... have these "experts" predict next season against the spread and see how well they do.

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LOL... what have you been looking up online Happy?

The reason why you are getting those ads/popups/etc is because at one point those phrases were searched and now your computer has some spyware on it that brings up targeted ads based on your interests!

Maybe Mrs.Happyonmarco isn't so "happy" afterall!

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Not as bad as the joke with the pink polka dot house on Crescent in the tigertail area

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Socialist #2 lost

Socialist #1 was victorious

A BOMB was dropped last night.

The cause of Liberty took a hit last night.

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The true shame is that Ron Paul was a victim of a major media blackout from Day 1 of his campaign. If he had received a fair shake in the media he likely would have been the R nominee, especially considering all his economic predictions proved to be accurate along with the BOMB (Bush/Obama/McCain Bailout). Congressman Paul did endorse Chuck Baldwin so I will throw my vote to the Constitution Party this time around. Unfortunately we will have to face the toughest 4 year stretch in the history of our nation (no matter who gets elected between McCain and Obama).

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I am very likely voting for Chuck Baldwin tomorrow. Barr might have a bigger impact on the polls but there's a lot with the libertarian party platform that I do not agree with. Constitution Party for me on Tuesday.

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Neither of those two socialists. Unfortunately, no matter who I vote for in the Presidential race stands any realistic chance. I am choosing between Bob Barr (libertarian) & Chuck Baldwin (constitution party).

Would love to have had the chance to vote for Ron Paul for President.