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Written on Paul Meyer drops out of Marco Island City Council race:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Thank you for validating his reason.

Written on PHOTOS: Big crowd pays last respects to Marco philanthropist and ex-Marine Bill Rose:

Rest in Peace, Bill. Your overwhelming generosity and concern for our community will forever be remembered.

Written on Resort rental debate deferred until March :

Congrats to our Council for taking a pragmatic approach to an isolated problem. Giving enforcement the tools and time to rectify the situation makes more sense than legislation that could hamper our struggling local economy and affect property rights.

Written on Opposition, frustration brings resort rental issue back to council :

This is precisely the WRONG time in our economy to be tinkering with this issue. It's been an enforcement issue since the beginning, involving only a handful of properties. It should be treated as such. Let's not legislate something that we'll all regret.

Written on Island stalwart Stakich dead at 88:

Bob, the community, especially the Chamber of Commerce and YMCA, is going to miss an active supporter with a great wit and down to earth sensibility. Rest in Peace knowing that you were loved and respected by many of your friends.

Written on PHOTOS: Marco businessman laughing all the way to the bank:

Shadow, sounds like you should probably dine elsewhere. Fortunately many others feel differently as told by the nightly crowds and cause for expansion. No need to disparage Brien or Bill Moss. If you have a personal ax to grind, maybe you should address it directly with them.

Written on PHOTOS: Marco businessman laughing all the way to the bank:

Good idea, Playball. Although Tract K may be a better site! I'd like to see you put up your own money, manage, market and expand the business and we'll talk again when you're a huge success.

Written on PHOTOS: Marco businessman laughing all the way to the bank:

Let's not get our panties in a bind ladies. Off the Hook doesn't only serve the Marco Islanders, but visitors as well. In fact, if it only served Islanders, it would fail as any business would. By catering to visitors, it helps lower YOUR taxes and nourish YOUR beach. Be thankful that there's a late nite venue for visitors on our Island so they'll keep coming back. Brien's a good businessman and deserves to be rewarded for his hard work and risk taking.
You have a choice in our free society as to whether or not to attend his establishment. Exercise that right. It may make it more pleasurable for the rest of us.

Written on VIDEO: Jewelry thief caught on tape at Marco Marriott :

Way to go, Ed! Great detective work always pays off. You don't deserve to have your beautiful shop violated. I hope the message gets out that violators WILL BE prosecuted.

Written on Marco’s Glenn Tucker leaves legacy of honesty:

Rest in Peace, Glenn. Your passing over Memorial Day weekend will memorialize your outstanding service to our country and our community. You stood tall and true to your convictions when it was not always the popular thing to do.
It was an honor to be your friend.
My deepest sympathies to Bonnie and the rest of your family.

Bob Dictor

Written on Superintendent mum on Marco high school proposal for now :

Here's a novel idea: Rather than throw the baby out with the bath water, look at what the problems are with Lely and put the community energy together to fix it. If language deficiency is the issue, then figure out a method to provide (and demand) a level of proficiency in order to move forward. Maybe an extra year of high school for non-English speakers to specifically learn the language.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

Congratulations Marco Islanders! And GREAT synopsis, 27 year resident! Our Councilors have been listening to the residents all along, despite what the mean-spirited vocal minority represented. It's a glorious morning, waking up and knowing that the Island has NOT been hijacked by a group of carpetbaggers, and will be lead by positive individuals who have already shown proven their positive contributions to our community.

Written on Bill Moss named new Naples city manager:

Ditto, MarcoRobert and MarcoAvenger. We're losing a good man who has helped make some dramatic and lasting improvements to our Island. Inheriting a backlog of projects probably caused him to attempt too much in too short a period of time. When the dust settles, his legacy will remain and we'll all benefit from a better quality of life from a much improved infrastructure. With most major projects out of the way, his successor will likely garner the accolades from all these improvements without suffering the headaches from the complainers.

Written on New reporters on the island; Bania resigns:

Congratulations Leslie on your new assignment! To be effective in your new job, all we, the readers, ask is that you do a few simple things:

1) write your own stories
2) be fair and balanced
3) research both sides of any issue

and just for 'kicks' research the backgrounds of some of the newly 'prominent' spokespeople for the Islanders. It'd be interesting to know who has had convictions, fines, etc. Credibility, as you know, is important.

Best of luck to you!

Written on New reporters on the island; Bania resigns:

What a sad day for all the anti-city, anti-strp, anti-commerce, anti-council, anti-improvement, anti-fact, anti-truth citizens of our beautiful island. They've lost their embedded reporter who acted as their personal press release. A sad, sad, day.

Written on Letter: Says Neylon has betrayed citizens:

Right on, Michelle, ejburger, and jchamberland!
These folks are so accustomed to spinning that they've completely lost their sense of reality. I must have been their troubled childhoods and their inability to socialize with others that's driving their desire to rip apart the 'establishment'. It's sad.

Written on Chairman’s resignation leaves future of CARES in question:

Support from MITA woulld be a true test as to where their loyalties (and objectives)really lie. Me thinks they were behind the anti-STRP plan from the start and will not lift a finger to help the city recoup its expenses on OUR behalf, the TAXPAYERS!
Do they truly represent us taxpayers or are they merely a front for an anti-city organization??
Pressuring them to support city legal expense reimbursement will tell it all.

Written on The Farmer File: It’s too late to change Marco’s direction:

1Paradiselost, you've presented a reasonable argument and I respect your position. Perhaps if the leadership of CARES had advocated your position from the start, they would have won more public support. Instead they chose a course purporting to protect the environment which failed, and ARROGANTLY flipped their noses at anyone, especially public servants and city staff, that had a different opinion or didn't fall in line with their anti-city propaganda. Meanwhile they microscopically dissected every detail of every city document, discussion or decison in search of snything to undermine the integrity of our city officials, not to mention their total lack of respect and ill-conceived recall effort. Not a way to win support. Alot of public servants and public officials and many of their supporters have given alot of personal time and energy to our great City to improve our way of life. City Council may not be perfect in all their decisions, and we all know they'll never please everybody, but we elected them and they certainly don't deserve that kind of treatment. We all know it's been a financial matter all along, but CARES leadership chose a different argument loaded with confrontation and intimidation.
Had civility prevailed and lawsuits and threats been avoided, maybe some minds could have been changed.

Written on CARES chairman to resign in Marco:

The City is quite justified to seek legal fees from CARES and by all means should do so. Why should taxpayers shoulder the expense when we've followed the democratic process, allowing our elected councilmen to make decisions on our behalf. The majority of us (remember, majority rules) were not filing lawsuits to overturn their decisions.
Here's an opportunity for MITA to step forward and throw its support behind the City. After all, they're here to protect us taxpayers, aren't they?? I'd hate to think that they're hypocritical....

Written on Letter: 'Resort destination’ doesn’t seem to fit:

Mr. Enman, I respectfully suggest that you contain your comments to what you seem to have the most passion for, the STRP, and not about the nature of our wonderful island paradise, since your points are baseless.
Are we merely another city like maybe, Lehigh Acres, intended as a bedroom community for the middle class? I, for one, see a distinct differentiation, beginning with our Resort hotels, and then our Time Shares, and last but not least, our part year residents. Would these entities exist if we were not a 'resort community'?
Most everyone that lives here had visited this resort destination prior to settling here. If it were not for the allure of being a resort town, why didn't they choose Lehigh?
The horse is out of the barn. You'll have to advise the County's Convention & Visitors Bureau that Marco Island is not a resort destination, then stand back and wait for the laughing to subside.

Written on Jan. 11: Letters To The Editor :

Mr. Issler, thank you for your thoughtful, objective and rational postings. The information you provide is invaluable. Though, you'll never convince the few that have their minds made up and refuse to accept opposing viewpoints. I admire your perseverance. You'll never convince people who simply don't want to pay for sewers for that's what it all boils down to; it's not the environment, it's not health and safety, and it's not fear of over development. If sewers were free, there'd be no issue.
It'd be interesting to ask the 2000+ recall petition signers: If sewers were free, would you recall these three councilmen? The 'furor' over asbestos is simply a ruse to get the masses fired up against the City, the Council, and that's right....the STRP.

Written on Jan. 3: Letters To The Editor:

Mr. Foster, you're usually good at backing up your points with 'facts'. I suggest you do the same with your comments above. Check out the amount of tax money that the city and county collect from sales tax and occupancy tax from our visitors. Last I heard, the occupancy tax alone was saving every taxpayer in the County about $500/yr. in taxes. If it weren't for the visitors, residents would be picking up the tab on beach renourishment. Plus, the amount and magnitude of services we currently enjoy on the Island would not be there without visitors.
You can't have it all.

Written on Marco's Top 3 stories of 2006: :

I find it sadly ironic that folks are now contemplating the next election as the vehicle to carry their messsage: "we don't want to pay for sewers".
It's never been an environmental issue for the petition signers. It's been a financial one. Many of the signers haven't a clue as to who these City councilmen are. They' ve been frightened into believing that by signing, STRP will stop and they won't lose their life savings. Pretty shameful.
I only wish that they had possessed the sense and decency to use the political process from the start rather than the jucicial one so that we could have all avoided the rancor, waste of taxpayer money and the villification of public servants who have individually given more to our community than all of
these self proclaimed 'saviors' combined.

Written on Complaint against recall committee ‘insufficient’:

Joeywalnuts, thanks for the support. I'm actually flattered that Mr. Putnam has resorted (once again) to name calling. It's a sign of desperation, which reflects on his own batting average of o hits at bat while getting clobbered by the City and the courts. Just look back at his littany of boastful blogs and how he denigrates others and you'll see what kind of individual we're dealing with. No wonder he keeps losing. Nevertheless, I wish him a Merry Christmas and hope he sees the light in the new year.

Written on Complaint against recall committee ‘insufficient’:

Sorry if the word 'frivolous' was offensive. I'm sure Flowerpower meant to say 'ridiculous' or 'antagonistic' or 'bogus' or 'vindictive' or 'slanderous' or some other more descriptive and appropriate term. No offense intended. Happy Holidays! The Island water keeps tasting better and better.

Written on Judge rules recall petitions invalid:

Island Resident1, thank you for presenting a fair and balanced assessment. Hopefully it will wake up those that were misled by all the distortions presented by those self-serving few, and silence those handful of full time bloggers handling their PR. The latter really need to work on their communication skills and most of all 'get a life'. The former need to move on to another community in need of some snake oil.

Written on EPA agrees to asbestos cleanup:'re a patient and tolerant person, and much too intelligent to joust with these folks, You shouldn't put up with their nonsense. Simply remind the above: City 4, CARES 0. That tells it all. Oh, and did I neglect to include the recall decision?? Alot of 'crow' being served up on the island tonite! It's going to be a very Merry Christmas!

Written on Judgle rules against Marco recall:

Right on, Marcogap! As an encore I foresee the naysayers attacking the school lunch program at Tommy Barfield. What else is left??

Written on City agrees to 90 days to seek repayment:

CARES also owes our City $300K in legal fees. Thank you, CARES!
Don't bother signing the petition. It's determined to be yet another illegal tactic, struck down by the courts. May I suggest that all obsessive malcontents either pick up their stakes and move to what they deem is paradise or pledge civility and work WITHIN the existing judicial and political system to express their discourse. Olive branch anybody? Think of what the New Year can look like if everyone treated each other with respect and dignity......

Written on City agrees to 90-day timetable to seek payment for asbestos cleanup:

What makes me wonder is; why you're not challenging the findings of Princess Diana's death or the assasination of President Kennedy or Global Warming or any other conspiracy theories. Why are you limiting your nonsense to local politics? And by the way, you may want to get a jump on the others and sell your 'recall' t-shirt on e-bay before it becomes as worthless as the actions your cronies have brought against our City. And find a good local restaurant that serves up 'crow'.

Written on City of Marco settles two lawsuits:

What? No spin?? Where are all the 24/7 spin doctors when they're truly needed? Surely they must sense victory somewhere in the midst of these failed and frivolous lawsuits. Come on, gents, rally yourselves together and give the rest of us some entertaining fact twisting.

Written on Foster acknowledges having pieces of asbestos:

I feel we all owe Mr. Foster a debt of gratitude for risking his life by harboring this dangerous asbestos in his garage. I just hope that while he confiscated it from the Site and transported it to its safe haven and lived beside it for many months, he didn't ingest any of the life threatening fibers we've heard so much about (from him). Who would ever think that this 'hero' would have anything to do with the planting of asbestos on a previously cleared site. What motive can he possibly have? He's a saint! Just ask him....

Written on Colombo upset when workers laid flag on ground:

Right on, Eagleeye! But one must also wonder: slow news day, Ed??

Written on Sea turtle nest numbers continue to decline:

I don't mean to sound like an alarmist, but I think the decline in turtle nests on Marco Island is related to the STRP and asbestos controversies and therefore the fault of our city government.
I hope CARES, with their concern for our environment, launches an intense investigation to include late night surveillance by key board members so they can determine that the cause is indeed on account of the way our city is governed. How could it not be?
But please Mr. Hall, whatever you do, don't recall the 'turtle lady'....

Written on Letter: Much ado about nothing?:

I don't know whether he lied or was misinformed, but Im sure you have the answer because he must have shared it with you. Nevertheless, help explain why Trotter and Minozzi are part of the recall. Guilt by association? Or could it be how they voted on the STRP?? Try to be honest or it will tell me about you and YOUR friends.....
You really need to move on and find a cause more worthwhile than LTEs that only tear our city apart. NOTHING you stand for has been validated by our courts and I'm sorry to say, it's not an attorney problem. He has nothing to work with.
Enjoy your scotch, stretch out on your lanai and for once, start thinking nice thoughts.

Written on Letter: Much ado about nothing?:

You've already got your spin ready to go: "Let's blame the attorney." Is that the same attorney that negotiated the asbestos settlement? The one that CARES was so proud to represent them. (I think he was once characterized as 'a bulldog' by the past chairman) Geez, I hope so! Better gulp another scotch....and get your checkbook out to pay his fees!

Written on Letter: Much ado about nothing?:

Once again, we'll let the courts decide. After all, I assume we have that one thing in common - the rule of law. It's just a shame that we keep bogging down the court system with hyper emotional nonsense.....

Written on Letter: Much ado about nothing?:

Mr. Issler, the real tragedy is that you'll never convince those that just don't get it. They'll rebut everything you write until they wear you down. They don't believe in the election process, nor do they respect court judgments or mediated settlements. They live their lives mistrusting just about everything and everybody. I know you believe as I do, that life is too short to be constantly miserable, especially when living in paradise. My hope is that once the recall is kicked out by the court, these folks will fade away so the rest of us can live in peace and harmony.

Written on Letter: Glad asbestos predicament resolved:

Thank you, lauralbi1! It's always nice to hear the voice of reason backed by facts. I, along with many others, appreciate your setting the record straight. It's time for the naysayers to find something more constructive and universally appealing to saving the turtles, plovers, or bald eagles. Failing in the elections, then the courts, now mediation, they just don't get it. Looking back, their initial cause had some merit (STRP), that is until they decided to personalize their attack on individuals who have served this City more than their combined membership ever has.

Written on City approves asbestos settlement; federal lawsuit by CARES canceled out:

Thank you ILOVEMARCO, it could not have been said better! The only point I would add is that STRP was all about the money....not what's best for the future of our island. Another point of selfishness...

Written on Marco letters to the editor: October 11:

I'm hoping that a Realtor on Marco could help explain to me how investing in the infrastructure on our Island can result in lower real estate values. Do prospective buyers really prefer to travel on dilapidated roads, flooded after every rain, with barren swales and unsightly utility poles?
Or could they be deterred by all the negative publicity generated by a half dozen avid letter writers spewing nonsense about asbestos, sewers, et al.....i.e Asbestos headlines make for a poor form of advertising....Maybe it's simply the animosity and dissension perpetrated by these same individuals. Who'd want to retire in this civic battleground when you can go where citizens co-exist?

Written on City approves asbestos settlement; federal lawsuit by CARES canceled out:

Thank you SUNALSORISES for tellin' like it is! And ILOVEMARCO for speaking the truth. How many failed vindictive lawsuits must we suffer through before the fine people of this island get the message?? Anyone keeping score?

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