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Written on PHOTOS: Marco businessman laughing all the way to the bank:

If you've ever dealt with him; Spina cares about Spina. Marco/Naples just happens to be where his relatives are. Watch out Marco, this guy is slick.

Written on Abandoned Flying Fifty sailboat owner off the hook:

Go after the guy from Arkansas then.

Written on Islanders give mixed reviews on Goodland’s progressing boat park :

95% of the residents of Goodland did not want this boat ramp. Marla Ramsey and the other county hacks extorted this under threat of building a high rise condo instead. There has always been a good alternative near the Goodland Bridge. This is an unbelievable example of government intervention, infringement on personal property rights, and arrogance on a grand scale.

When the over flow trailers park in people yards and thier tires get slashed, when the crime grows, the fish die, pollution grows, endangered species disappear, and land values plummet: We'll see you under the Bert Harris Act.

When the traffic prevents emergency vehicles, homes and businesses burn down, people start dieing, and riots break out: We will dust off the public record warnings against exceeding the traffic capacity of this tiny road, and we will see you under a gross negligence class action that will make the $7,000,000 look small.

Hundreds of boats a day, Airboat tours, helicopters hovering daily, over fishing, pollution: This once pristine fishing village is being loved to death.

Great job Marla Ramsey!! I hope you feel vindicated. All because you came ill prepared to real town hall meeting and got sent packing. I still can't believe you broke into tears and ran away, and then did this to us. Donna Fiala was sitting right next to you, she didn't cry. I think we needed someone smarter, and not so timid and mean. We should name the park after you, so we can remember the Ramsey's.

So go ahead: pave paradise and put up another parking lot. Rest easy at night, another piece of old Florida is gone forever, no more worries.

Written on Marco man charged with threatening teen ATV rider:

1083 collier is a UPS mail box store too. Whats up?

Written on Marco man charged with threatening teen ATV rider:

Checking out the appraisers site; it looks like this guy paid way to much for a lot and house in 2006, built trails all around his property (or allowed them to be built by renters). Then he built trails all around his neighbors empty lots too, and now he's mad some kid found them? If that's all true, what an idiot!

The kids dad showed great restraint, I don't think I would have. You would have seen my mug in the paper instead.

HEY MARCO, don't buy in the estates if you want a suburb of Cleveland, you ruined a nice island, stay outta the estates.

Written on EAGLE i: Marco Island and Goodland’s dying mangrove forests:

I thought this was intentional. This is the area where the city of Marco wants to build a sewage plant one day. Allowing poorly engineered building permits in this area, eliminates the mangrove problem.

Written on Collier Sheriff’s Office used as Rambosk campaign HQ, former spokeswoman charges:

Does anyone have any doubt now, as to the level of this woman's anger? She was Hunters problem, and for whatever reason, she's gone under Rambosk. Good riddance.

Written on Marco receives $2.1 million in FEMA beach erosion relief:

Hey, let's sneak some of this money over to Hideaway. We really don't want those dirty locals using our new outhouse and beach anyway.

Written on EAGLE i: Goodland Civic Association election coverage:

I love it. NDN/Eagle tossed out. Who do they think they are. Freedom of the press doesn't include a biased rag run by the elite of Marco Island. Send us somebody not controlled by the dollar to hollar crowd.

Written on POLL/UPDATE: Private community, Hideaway to open public bathroom:

Why not just use the million dollars a year the county gives to Marco to maintain the the road to Goodland. Nobody with any influence lives there. We need to take care of our friends and community leaders in Hideaway first. Thier money and power makes them better people, deserving of our help.

Written on POLL/UPDATE: Private community, Hideaway to open public bathroom:

For the price of an outhouse, they get millions of tourist tax dollars for "thier" beach front renourishment.

When they build a parking lot, mayby I'll buy it. Until then; either they must think we are really s-----, or; we are really s-----.

Written on POLL: Collier transportation officials make Jolley Bridge top priority for federal stimulus funding :

August8; The local tourist dollars have already paid for this bridge. The money was diverted elsewhere in the county over the years. If we want to continue receiving tourist dollars from this cash cow called Marco, we better make sure the tourists can still get there.

Written on Press barred from Goodland meeting; ‘no comment’ phrase of the day :

Inglis-Spence just don't get it. I think your daddy would be ashamed of what your doing to his Goodland.

Written on Marco Island appeals to higher court on city's anchor ordinance dismissal:

Morisette is classic example of how money rules over justice.

He inherits his daddy's money, so now he's a respected citizen.

Dennis the plumber is actually just a blubbering idiot. Shame on you Marco for letting him bully you around.

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