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Written on Unveiled: The long-awaited 'Double Eagle' sculpture:

How can you have an article about a sculpture and not have a picture of it?
Only shots of typical Marco people

Written on Boat owners sue Marco marina, say memberships illegally transferred during sale:

Scott Hopkins tried to sell me a storage deal and when pressed for title or assurances of owning the space he could not produce.
This was a scam and they deserve it

Written on On The Hook: Goliath gagging :

So you helped kill 30+ to get your three?
And slaughtered how many baitfish?
All for your precious charter fee.
You deserve to have to go over 9 miles to find a fish.
I think you all have fished yourself out.

Written on Marco Island man accused of raping woman in her home:

probably more like a "failure to pay" complaint.
It is lucky for women they invented sex or there would be no reason to ever talk to them in the first place!

Written on Marco Island man accused of raping woman in her home:

beware the power of a lying woman!

Written on Building a business: Partners have seen it all in Marco’s construction industry:

had one of them to my house for a remodel bid
Never came back with a bid
Went elsewhere for $400,000 redo.

Written on Marco Island teen calls 911 claiming police harassment during traffic stop:

Since when do you reach over to ROLL up the window of a Mercedes?
Unless its an antique they have had electric windows for a long time. And electric door locks form the console. Hum????

Written on MUG SHOTS: Three Marco Island roommates beat man with dress belts, police say:

Dress belts?
Where are they going?
Maybe the Blue Marlin

Written on Tranquil waters of Cedar Bay Yacht Club turn turbid with civil, criminal cases:

Randy Ward was fired from this club before and also was fired as dock manger for city of naples
Wait till he adds his two cents to the mix!
He is the most incompetent marine manager that exists.
Hopkins also tried a slip deal with me which I luckily saw through and did not complete.

Written on Drunken Naples bicyclist lands in jail, police say:

so how do you tow a bicycle?
That must have been real funny to watch

Written on Schilling having a sale, not going bankrupt:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on ‘Everything fine’ on Jolley Bridge construction progress:

how did we end up with the new bridge clearly higher than the existing one?
The view is totally blocked
No reason I can see, make the supports lower
Now we are committed to this mess.
Debbie go home

Written on Patient charged with throwing chairs, breaking glass at drug treatment center:

just shoot him or send him back to the east coast WTF is going on????????????????/

Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

you s----- kraut klabautermann
go back to your miserable country
no wonder we all hate you here
sig heil

Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

WTF? I predicted another go round on the the last go round.
This guy is an OJ Simpson. Partner commits suicide, he is mental.
Stop him now.
Or let him come over to my house and play rough, ambulance will take him away, no need for life support.

Written on Who I am, what I've done, where I've been (Rush to Reason, by Dave Rush):

How about being so lucky to have won $10 million bucks????
What have you done for others with it?

Written on VIDEO: Boat-theft ring targeting Collier County waters, authorities say:

ever since putting a large bear trap in the foot area of the steering wheel I have had no further issues.
I do expect to catch one soon though. His screams will make it easy to know when they try it.

Written on POLL: Deadline nears for voters to rename Veterans’ Memorial Park:

how glen e tucker park?
maybe crooked park?

Written on Marco Community Bank faces new enforcement action:

more than most on the island these guys deserve it

Written on Former Marco Island attorney pleads to grand theft charges:

Now for Tony Iannoti to follow. These guys were thick as thieves during the hi times

Written on 951 boat ramp reopening makes a splash, cost is double the original estimate :

incredible incompetence. Any average single cab pickup is 19 ft long, leaving space for room for a trailer of 24 ft. Subtract a couple feet for trailer tongue, a few inches for the hitch from the rear of the truck and you get a max boat length of 21 ft. So all boats above 21 ft are not able to use the ramp. But we spent 1.6 million to do it right? Anyone associated with this should be fired.
Now of course we have new towing zones for anyone over 21 ft that wants to boat in our area.

Written on Developer sues couple who sued first :

I so love it when richey riches fight with each other.

Written on Marco bank struggling for capital, remains committed, leaders report:

imo could not survive because the corrupt cheater Tony was in change.
Also Jerry needed to go.
Hope they are so in debt that the process of foreclosure wreaks their world as they have done so so many others.
Goes around comes around so good
Tony needs to be indicted.

Written on Fiddler's Creek members say developer reneged on settlement :

Aw poor babies. Now you should sue your attorney for failing to protect your interest in a settlement of nothing. Really s-----.
All this to take a stick an put a ball in a hole just to take it out again and do it again trying to do it with less swings.

Unbelievable s----- world

Written on Collier County commission agrees to more Marco museum funds:

I've got a JOhn Deere old tractor that I want to donate.
Actually tired of storing it but lets fill up the multi million dollar building with junk
How can you plan a museum with nothing to show?
What is this - build it and they will come?

Written on VIDEO&PHOTOS/Marco bridge: Jolley family endorses bridge expansion; asks that name remain:

We should name everything after Glenn Tucker.

Written on Commentary: A political Canine Cove:

vote ALL of them out and start again.

Written on Marco museum's fate remains in limbo:

of course if we taxpayers provide the money for these items we will be charged at the door admission to see them right?
This whole gov system makes me sicker everyday.
It seems on more thing and I am leaving the USA

Written on Marco museum's fate remains in limbo:

nothing like spending 4 million on a building to show nothing
Great planning ahead
I guess we will now see a few shells, an indian thing or two. Perhaps we can stuff a manatee?

Written on Homeland Security wants police codes changed into English:

it is only right to now change to Spanish. After all that will be the #1 language in Ameircan shortly, especially after the annointed on makes them all citizens and we pay the health insurance. Si Senior

Written on Marco gets $30 million welcome mat :

Government is so good at everything. The ramp to be open Oct and n ow what? I'll bet if we were late on our taxes we could not call up and say ASAP we will pay them.
This is getting worse and worse to live here.

Written on Marco’s 2010 budget is a done deal :

let's throw them all out and start again.

Written on Deja vu: Contention arises as city petitions for storage zoning change to help a Marco business :

Bootleg gas is absolutely correct. Texaco plays by the rules why not us?
Inverse condemnation - Morgan and Morgan

Written on Crimestoppers: Anthony Demonaco sought for multiple offenses:

How can we recognize without a picture????????????

Written on Deja vu: Contention arises as city petitions for storage zoning change to help a Marco business :

Rob needs to be impeached.
This should be the last straw for all of us.
Forget the Kelly's and their s----- building. And forget Peter Baker the loser.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

Great News
I have found two law firms who will consider the class action suit!!!
Also the Sheriifs Office Economic Crimes is opening a file on criminal investigating the situation - i.e. larceny, conversion misappropriation of funds, etc etc.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

What we need is a good old fashioned class action lawsuit.
And a complaint to the Economic Crimes Unit for Collier County.
I personally have finally had enough of these bureaucrats and their support systems for robbery and am seeking out Miami and Tampa based class action lawyers.
I want to file the compaint BEFORE the elections, Throw the Bums Out PAC

Written on UPDATE: Waiting and hoping: Young dog bite victim seeks help :

re: dogbite You must be a teacher, just the kind of worthless person I hated my whole life.
Dogs have rights too.
And under our new leader Obama his czar supports animal's right to sue. Beware !!!

Written on UPDATE: Waiting and hoping: Young dog bite victim seeks help :

it clearly was't the kid who lunged at the poor dog.
How come dozens of kids ran past and this one got bit. It was the actions of the kid lunging at the dog. The kid needs the shots and perhaps some jail time and remedial counseling. At the least the kid belongs on court supervised ridilin.

Written on Spending cap amendment among six Marco Charter changes to hit January ballot :

I am so sick of government spin. The pay of these jesters is being raised 50% !!!
How can anyone compute this to be 33%???
A pay raise for part timers of 50% is b.s. and irresponsible.

Written on Marco businessman indicted on 3 more counts of mortgage fraud:

now we just need tony ianotti of morco island mortgage to fall

Written on Art League looks to Marco Island civic leaders for financial turnaround:

Could this guy serve on any more boards or organizations?
He better quit before the bank finds out he really is not there!

Written on Bike ride sends Marco city councilman to hospital :

What is this guy smoking.
An old guy trying to get into shape rides a bike from the South end of Marco to US-41?
Riding over the bridge in traffic.
Why didn't they get a police escort.
I really am beginiing to hate all the public officials.
Lucky he didn't kill himself.

Written on Guidry offers free school physicals:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on City Manager: $900,000 electric franchise fee surplus :

would it ever cross your buearocratic minds to perhaps refund the overage rather than "find" a way to spend ti?

Written on Marco hesitates on employer assisted housing partnership :

So if I sell used cars with hidden problems but open my books and get legitimacy from government involvment/kickbakcs, then all is well?
Send these hustlers packing.

Written on Island physician arrested on battery charge:

The dead partner owned two units priced over 800K in Aversana and refinanced them three times. Money was a big issue.
The argument happened on Xmas day. I know.
They argued frequently. There are all sorts of other stories tothis.
Guidry will surface again, but in another worse way. It always takes its course.