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Written on Marco Island Code Compliance: Seller's failure to connect to sewer becomes buyer's problem:

Typical Gov. You people are suppose to represent the People..

Written on SHNIDER: Find hidden cash in your tax return:

Thats the big problem!! Its hidden!! Why can't they say KISS!! Keep It Simple s-----!!

Written on Real estate radio show looking to make waves :

He needs to get Jim Boeglin on to discuss Spanish Wells. There is no one in the Bonita Springs Area that is better on Real Esate.

Written on Burglary in the buff: Naked woman found in garage with stolen items, deputies say :

That was very interesting!! The Naked Burgler!!

Written on Boat scammer a no-show at sentencing, judge orders his arrest:

WOW!! What a great scammer!!! he will be missed in the Naples area!!

Written on Brent Batten: State cries foul over spilled milk :

That is Theft and atleast Fraud!! Someone needs to go to Jail for a short "Time Out".

Written on Peltier column: Drug testing pays iffy dividends - POLL:

Right, if you give our Tax dollars to a druggie with kids they are going to by food for the kids before they buy DRUGS!! Get out of Disney World and into the real world!! There kids should be taken away and placed in protective services.. NO MONEY FOR DRUGS!!

Written on Publix CEO doesn't meet with Immokalee farmworkers:

Like he really cares how they live!!!

Written on Man suspected of breaking into cars at North Naples hospital MUGSHOT:

Put this boy in Jail for a very long time!!

Written on Jessica James, Jean Marron and Amanda Smith.:

Looking good!!!!

Written on Judge levies $1,000 fine against former Bonita fire commission candidate for false statements:

If liying during the campaigan is a crime, then Congress would have paided big fines and we would not have a budget crisis!!!

Written on RBC Bank bandit left behind photo ID, deputies say - VIDEO:

You can't fix s-----!!! Lock him up and throw away the key!!

Written on I-75 interchange in Golden Gate Estates gets endorsement from emergency officials:

We are broke and can not afford this now!! WE need to cut back on spending. This, as is the new interchange going directly to the airport is not needed at this time. It CAN wait until we have our spending under control and our books balanced!!

Written on Cuban citizen goes to prison for Golden Gate Estates grow house:

Why not deport him before he serves his sentence. Save the cost of housing him. If he ever returns to this country he goes to jail.. DUH!!! Save the poor Taxpayers a buck!!!

Written on 41-acre Golden Gate Estates shopping center gets initial approval:

Has anyone noticed the number of EMPTY store fronts in the area? DUH!!!

Written on 2 Edison College administrators suspended, students get to keep degrees in course substitution controversy:

Edison needs a total house cleaning!! There are a lot of good teacher and Admin. personal out there looking for a job.. HOLD a Really big Layoff while we are still hiring!!!

Written on Lee County man charged with molesting girl since 2009 - MUG SHOT:

Lock him up and throw away the key!!!

Written on Lush landscaping will adorn Jolley Bridge improvements on Marco Island:

How can we afford this right now? When with the GOV. (local, State and Fed. relize WE are broke!!! There is no more money!! Quit Spending what we don't have..

Written on Drug tests for welfare benefits, property insurance reform among new laws in effect Friday:

The only people that fear a drug test are those that are take drugs!! I find it very reasonable NOT to support those who take drugs.. I am having a hard enogh time supporting myself. Good Move Gov. Scott.

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