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Written on Island Montessori announces plans for growth:

We are very lucky to have such a great school on Marco.

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

Yeah, because *all* liberal people wanted a dog park. And no conservatives wanted one.

Just for your information, *this* liberal owns several cats, which all stay INDOORS and away from kids.

Written on VIDEO/PHOTO GALLERY: Ztrenuous & Zexy Zumba:

Re: Photos....
I guess now that Razor Men's Magazine has ceased publication Marco News felt the need to fill the gap.

Written on Ex-bookkeeper charged with embezzling $775,000 :

Pinnacle built our house and were very kind to us. Things started going awry at the end of construction (endless delays, mistakes, etc.) and we had no idea why. Now we understand.

Mr. Macaluso is a good, good man and he didn't deserve this.

Written on VIDEO UPDATE: Citizens’ movement for Marco high school picks up momentum:

"And how will a small high school ever provide the diverse opportunities necessary for today's students to get into competitive colleges? Perhaps an alternative school would work, but then that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?"

Uh, most graduates from "small high schools" go on to Ivy League schools. I certainly did, as did most of my graduating class. All 62 of us.

Written on 'Special patrol' to be on lookout for 'lighting, signs, neon':

But those s----- loud cars that drive around at 3am thumping and vibrating are okay?

Sometimes it's really mortifying to live in this city.

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