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Written on Marco City Council members keep watering schedule, reject easement request:

in response to dc5799:

So everybody how do you feel about buying water from Collier County? With that huge pos that Arceri advised us to purchase for which we can not pay for. So as the saying goes what goes around comes around.
Thank's former council members looks like CARES was right. HUH WAYNE

The city does not buy water from Collier County. The city has only explored the option with intent of saving money. The only thing CARES did was cost Marco money.

Written on FLDOE supports Marco Island Academy:

Most of the negative comments against the proposed MI Charter HS are the same ones that were used against the Marco Island Charter Middle School many years ago. Yet now the Marco Island Charter Middle School students’ academic achievements far surpass most of the other middle schools in the county and state

Written on Sunshine Law complaint filed against 2 Collier County commissioners:

This looks like a waste of tax dollars. Hopefully Mr. Lundin will volunteer pay for the cost of the investigation if it proves to be unsubstantiated like the bogus complaint that Mr. Lundin filed against the Naples Tea Party.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Object to school on Tract K:

I for one would like to see a independent feasibly study before I am for or against a High School on Marco. As far as paying for the school that is why we pay property taxes. Right now those taxes go to support a sub par High School. I have raised six children on this Island and was happy with the education that they got from the charter school. In the past some residents said the same thing regarding starting the Marco Island Charter School. Thank goodness for my children there were a lot of enlightened parents who did not listen to all the cynics. Check out the scholastic rankings of Lely HS and then decide if we can do better for our children.

Written on Crime down on Marco Island, historically low number of violent crime doubles :

I won’t get personal like some of you are. I have been on this Island since 1975 and am impressed at how safe it is to live here. This spring someone took a camera out of my vehicle. I did not even know that it was missing. The Marco Island police arrested some punk for another crime and noticed the camera in his possession. They were able to identify it as my camera because they blew up one of the digital pictures that I took of the front of my daughter’s car. They were able to trace the car back to me because of the license plate. It seems like a small issue but would the have CCSD done this - I doubt it.

Written on Marco police slash crime rates:

Great job

Written on Elections complaint against Celebrate Marco rejected:

Bill, you have much too much time on your hands.

Written on Top Marco vote-getters were top money-getters too:

It makes sense to me - If people believe in your ideas they will support your campaign

Written on Satisfaction, disappointment — and ultimately — hope abound in days after Marco election:

It is ironic that Russ Colombo considers us as the "misinformed majority". Are we misinformed because we did not share his desire to remove the city manager? Are we misinformed because we wanted to get this sewer issue over with? Were we misinformed because we had enough of the personal attacks against our city leaders? Is it possible that Russ is the one whom is misinformed? Russ please inform us how much money was spent on those obtuse lawsuits that were dismissed by misinformed judges.

Written on Election complaints against Celebrate Marco dropped:

The people of Marco have spoken, so please no more lawsuits or threats!

Written on Grave faces dot anti-sewer gathering as Marco results roll in:

The people have spoken, so please no more lawsuits!

Written on Unofficial election results: Marco Island City Council:

The people have spoken, so please no more lawsuits!

Written on None:

I have lived on this Island for 29 years and I have seen some of the changes both for the better and for the worse. Once we became a city some of our leaders have demonstrated the foresight to instigate needed improvement due to the negligence of the county when we were unincorporated. Some of these opponents of Mr Moss are shortsighted and mean spirited. I guess that is how they conducted their life before moving here. I hope the new city manager does not succumb to the bullying tactics used by these individuals.

Written on City Council may amend/extend sewer hookup to 365 days:

Probably your attorney ED

Written on State supreme court ruling backs Marco’s septic replacement project:

Does "CARES psy the legal bill for the city. In In Fantasy Island they would! The cost of bonds is higher. Does "CARES pay for that. In Fantasy Island they would. In the real world CARES has cost the taxpayers a lot of money. When will they be held accountable for their frivolous lawsuits?

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