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Written on George Zimmerman portrayed as vigilante in Florida murder trial:

This is a no brainer; Zimbo was playing cowboy, (unauthorized so far as I can tell,) and he went and shot and killed a teenager.
Now he wants to fuggedabout it.

Hang him, electrocute him, whatever.

Written on Ask The Pharmacist: Joint script for arthritis pain:

I'mma gonna tell you what to do..
First, get off and stay off of Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium (Aleeve.)
If aspirin does not help try Arnica, readily available as a cream, gel or pill at your local health food store or online.
Arnica works usually within five minutes but it is only a temporary fix.
For a longer ( six month ) relief, visit and get the osteoarthritis support.
It's a little more complicated than ibuprofen but it's a roughly six month fix, and after two or three rounds you may find that the arthritis is about gone.

Written on Guest column: Why we oppose drilling for oil in Estates:

"Collier Resources" will no doubt have it's way. Perhaps the county could show a little spine and require a one billion dollar escrow account before "Collier Resources" is allowed to do as it pleases.
Eminent domain? Is that possible with mineral rights?

Written on Jeff Lytle: The meeting went by the script, until the audience got involved :

Isn't anyone going to ask our State Representatives how they justify giving themselves comprehensive healthcare for $8.34 per month individually and $30. per month for their families?

Written on The cost of the road to nowhere (The Residents' Corner by Dave Trecker):

why am I redirected to the Marco website?

Written on The cost of the road to nowhere (The Residents' Corner by Dave Trecker):

this is beginning to have the feel of corporate communism..what corporation or corporations own all of that now more valuable empty land?

Written on Domestic Animal Services approves 10 priority projects to protect Collier pets :

By all means air conditioning for the immokalee shelter should be the first priority!

Written on Planned Collier County greenway not green enough, some say:

Good luck with the water moccasins.

Written on Brent Batten: President not to blame for rising gas prices (this time):

In both instances the price of oil was created by speculation on Wall St. and in the Hedge Funds, all folks who manage to avoid paying more than the 15 percent tax on capital gains, What a Country!.
So we continue to cast a blind eye because we all think that one day we too will find a way to beat the system.

Written on Personal threats made over proposed Bonita Springs homeless facility:

I have been disposing of dog doodie at Spanish Wells for years, these Ohio people will never get it, they didn't do anything better than anybody else, if it weren't for the government farm subsidies they would be on the foof stamp line.. so I deliver about five pounds of dog doodie there every day, because it belongs there with these Ohio people.
Actually the dog doodie deserves better, say Rick Scott's house, but I'm a creature of habit.
I advise everyone to follow suit.

Unless you live in Palm Beach, then it's same as always, dump it at El Rushbo's house!

Written on Absences overshadow joint meeting of Naples council and Collier commissioners:

Holy Mother of God! They ran out of money for renourishment!
The Conservancy should shut up about groins unless they really prefer steamrollers on the beach, packing sand as though they were going to lay pavers and killing the beach for another ten years.

Written on East Naples firefighter union plans to file EEOC complaint against fire district:

Uh huh! East Naples you say? Is this another gay thing?

Written on Naples councilman says city taxpayers unfairly paying for county road work:

Let the big crybaby put a gate around the City and charge admission, the County on the other hand could put a toll booth on the County side of the gate and charge to let City residents get out.

Written on Brent Batten: The strange case of the second stenographer :

Perhaps the Pizza King and the Land Baron have split the cost?
I would pay very close to the words spoken during these meetings and hearings, someone may try the old fumble-rooski and sneak it accross the goal line.

Written on Short-term solution for Jackson Lab:

Time to defund those goldbricks at the EDC.

Written on Naples Zoo expansion not moving forward:

Does this mean the county pulled it? Or The Zoo? Hopefully this will be updated.

If the County pulled it because of the Jackson Labs debacle, that would indicate to me that the boosters of this thing will stop at nothing to get their way.

Smell the skunkape yet?

Written on Out of the game: Collier group trying to lure Cubs withdraws proposal:

Collier County should offer to build the 80 million dollar stadium for ten percent of the Chicago Cubs Franchise. Period.

Written on VIDEO/PHOTOS: Howdy neighbor: Rick Scott, Collier Democratic offices in same plaza:

Speaking as a lifelong Democrat, we either need a new candidate in 2012 or President Obama had better "plug that blasted hole!"

Mr. President, you needed to open up a New Orleans White House at least a month ago.
What's going on is the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, will the Gulf Coast become as forgotten as Galveston Island or New Orleans have become since Katrina and Ike?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Insensitive anonymous bloggers:

Marco will always be Marco..

Written on June 5th Naples Tea Party Speeches (Freedom Tea Party):

The tea bagging club members seem to spend an awful lot of time apparently, playing with their persons in front of the mirror.
What makes you think you are patriots? That you have a clue about 'saving America?'
You Tea Bagging freaks are a bigger danger to the United States than Al Queda and any other foreign group by a factor of ten!

Written on Peltier column: Oil's arrival changes life in the Panhandle:

Don't these Pensacola dudes even know what's going on?
BP took every illegal shortcut in the book on this well because they were over budget.
Sue! Baby! Sue!

Written on Honky cat: Limbaugh set to get married for a 4th time, Elton John to sing at reception :

Any time Limbaugh loses a hundred pounds, I would expect flags to go up over at the West Palm Beach County Sheriff's office, the pigboy is probably crushing his oxycontin and mixing it into the barbecue sauce..

Written on Brent Batten: Arizona law doesn't make cops ogres:

in response to hartt:

Mr. Brent
I went to work one as a single mother of two supporting myself and my children (Registered Nurse) When suddently without my knowing I was being hunted by a mad man ( a cuban boat lift ) an illegal this man who i did'nt know or who knew nothing about me, thought it was OK to hunt, stalk, harass and hurt another person for no reason. I felt like an innocent deer being hunted in the wild
the police was useless.I can personally identify with Arizona. Arizona and Jan Brewer
is right in her action to keep America safe
and yes we need the same law here in florida and yes every American agrees with Jan Brewer.

If he was a Cuban he was not illegal, hence the Arizona law does not apply to your stalker.

Written on Brent Batten: Arizona law doesn't make cops ogres:

I don't understand what Mr. Batten doesn't understand about the bedrock Republican principals of cheap labor and plenty of cannon fodder?
Mack could care less about freedom for anyone but himself, unless it is the freedom to exploit natural resources for profit.
Looking ahead to a possible (ill-fated) run for the Senate, Mack wants to be in a position to exploit the South Florida Cuban vote.

Written on Two men charged with punching women after Naples canoe race:

Some bad craziness here..

Written on Fiddler's Creek sues real estate company, claiming it schemed to take over East Naples development:

Is that the one where the buzzards nest in the high rises?
I always mix it up with the other one down there in "east Naples!" I think it's Hammock Bay.

Perhaps the developer should sue the Daily News for lowering the value of it's properties by referring to it as east Naples, everyone knows that's Mosquito Bay!

It looks like Gulf Bay may have a case, if they don't drown first.

Written on Upcoming Tea Party Events (Freedom Tea Party):

I am sure that the Mad Hatter will be in attendance, will he be the one with the "I'm with s-----" sign?

Written on The last of Naples unsightly traffic signal poles set to be repainted:

All new galvanized metal leaches ( or bleeds) for at least 6 months, after this weathering period it may be primed with "galvanized metal primer".
Any other method will result in oppobrium.

Written on Chicago Cubs holding private reception today in Naples:

The 'community' part starts when the 'private' part works out the plan: Funding=community, profit=private.

I'm dead-set against this unless they put it accross the street from Countryside!

Written on Collier County Republican chairman stepping down in January:

Good riddance! Collier County Republicans have suffered with terrible leadership and frankly, 15th century ideals. How else could they back Connie Mack? Anyone named Bush? Richter? Hudson? Those Miami descendants of the fascist dictator Batista?
Collier County Republicans need new, more up to date, say 16th. Century leadership!

Written on Collier jail impact fees to jump at least 25 percent:

NO on all of this kay_rap, stop arresting people for s----- stuff and quit running a loaded game!
I see those red light nazi cameras flashing at nothing! I see the police cruisers parked and abandoned in commercial parking lots! I see the over fed army of cops burning county dollars as though they were so many calories for lunch!

Written on Collier impact fee deferral program for affordable housing suspended :

We here in Park Shore East are especially deserving, please forward checks to this address and I will ensure prompt and fair dispensation!

Written on VIDEO/PHOTOS: Dog killed, couple attacked by bulldog in the Estates:

No second chances! Put down the dog AND the owner!

Thanks to the Florida Legislature it is going to take a statewide referendum to outlaw Pit Bulls once and for all in the state. Let's do it!

Written on Florida insurance market still a house of cards despite slow hurricane season:

What these insurance criminals are saying outright is that they lost money gambling in the stock market and they want, expect, demand that you bail them out.
Furthermore they say that just because there have been no payouts for a couple of years does not mean that they intend to ever pay out unless you get a court order, but all the same they are going to raise your rates because you have a mortgage and you have no say in the matter.
And if you doin't like it go complain to their mouthpiece Garrett Richter, he will blow you off so that they don't have to get their hands dirty.

Written on Feds shut down Naples-based Orion Bank, CEO Jerry Williams ousted:

"Authorities claim that the bank lent about $60 million this June to straw borrowers who used $15 million to buy common and preferred stock issued by the bank's parent. The stock purchases came at a time when the bank had been ordered to raise additional capital."

This appears to be fraud, or am I misreading, or is it misreported?

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