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Here we go again, another Re/Max owner and more BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!

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Chevron Gas Station. N. Collier Blvd.
Credit Card Scam device being used , reported by MIPD

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Chevron Gas Station. N. Collier Blvd.
Credit Card Scam device being used , reported by MIPD

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Chevron Gas Station. N. Collier Blvd.
Credit Card Scam device being used , reported by MIPD

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Chevron Gas Station. N. Collier Blvd.
Credit Card Scam device being used , reported by MIPD

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Typical Snoozepaper article, where's the picture of the statue instead of a picture of the Marco Island blowhards?

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After reading this article, it makes one ask the question of whether the same non-disclosure of information is happening with the MIPD.
Ex: Bear's accident cover-up, the lousy accident investigation in which an older woman dies because the MIPD never bothered to check on her safety for 15 minutes after arrival.
Is it just lousy reporting on the part of this newspaper and its parent company?

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in response to Konfuzius:

Joey's Pizza is in a commercial strip area.
The trees are in a residential area.
Joey's Pizza has a double parking lot.
The trees implanted in front of a condo living building. NO parking lots.
It is all a little bit difference.
Bottom line for 3 restaurant in 50 yards distances with two liqueur license it is not enough parking space at all available.

Make a deal with Pier 81. They have enough empty parking spots.

As usual, your wienershnitzel is typing before your brain has a chance to engage!
Pizza boy Joey does not have two parking lots!
He uses other properties around him for his 150 seat restaurant, Joey Pizza only has 15 parking spaces, but abuses the law and dictates to the powers at city hall as to what he's going to do.
What Pasta Face does is encourage his employees to do is park behind his dump in the alley an ruin the bushes of private property owners.

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Bwaaaaahahahaha !!!!!!!!
You just can't make this stuff up, only on Marco!!!!

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It amazing how the City of Marco creates a problem by allowing Ackerson to expand her restaurant to seat 150 people, so as to acquire a full liquor license, when the restaurant and other businesses in that building only have 20 parking spaces.
But then again, look what the City has allowed Joeys Pizza/breakfast to do.

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And here comes $200K for a "NEW" first response truck !!!

Written on Marco Island approves hiring three more firefighters:

I finally have to say....I like how Double Dip Murphy gets whatever he wants !!!
A $400K fire boat when no one is paying attention !
Three more added to his overweight staff !
Multi million dollar renovation to the Fire station on a bogus mold inspection !
The new boat is unwarranted, he was able to add staff when he was originally denied extra staff when he was justifying a "WATER TANK TRUCK", and the removal of the "MOLD" from the fire station will really only cost about $4K, but watch what Double Dip does with the rest of the money!!!

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As long as your inspecting Bald Eagle. How about the dumpster area constructed at 805. the Sandbar built. You cannot build a dumpster enclosure on a vacant lot.
How did they get the permit?

Great question!
Not only how did Ray Fortune of the Sand Bar build the dumpster enclosure on someone else's property and get away with it, but how does he use a vacant lot that does not belong to him for all of his parking?

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How long does it take to get a $400K boat during low tide to go from behind the fire station on Elkcam to Greenbrier or the end of the waterway on Madagascar?
30-45 minutes? Longer?
Who mans this boat?
Are more fire personnel being hired to man this boat?
What's next? A water truck?

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Absolutely correct!!!!

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By the way!
Why is MFD responding to Keewadin, when that is Isles of Capris response?

Written on Smoother waters ahead: New rescue boat arrives on Marco Island:

Are you serious!
Million $ Murphy gets a new boat?
Are they going to auction off the old boat?
I'll buy it!

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Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

in response to tikihut2206:

and how do you know all this....

Radio and telephone communication transcripts from the time of the accident.
All of which are public record!

Written on SWAT team called to Marco home for domestic dispute:

So MIPD SWAT breaks 4 windows, tosses in 6 tear gas canisters and causes $1200 in damages.
No one was home and the back slider was unlocked and open.
Really intelligent police work!
I feel really safe and proud of these elite officers at work!

Written on SWAT team called to Marco home for domestic dispute:

"He was in a cult for 12 years"
Must be the Captain Morgan cult!!!!!!

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

in response to CopWatch:



Theresa M. (Franco) Lesniak, 91, of Natick, died in the early afternoon on November 30, 2013 in Marco Island, Florida about one tenth mile from what should have been a safe return to her winter home. Theresa passed away instantly in a horrific car accident in which the driver of the other vehicle was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving. Theresa was married to the late longtime Natick upholsterer Michael Lesniak from 1942 while he was a soldier in the U.S.Army until 1993 when he died. Theresa was born in Canton, Massachusetts in 1922, several months after her parents, Ben Franco and Alice (Leuci) Franco, arrived from Italy. Theresa graduated from Canton High School in 1941. Theresa prided herself on staying constantly active, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, doing the outdoor maintenance at the Natick building she and her late husband built and owned, etc. visiting the St. Patrick's chapel every morning and attending Saturday afternoon Mass and ironically... driving. A better and safer driver than most people half her age, Theresa often drove to Canton, Stoughton and Wareham. During over seven decades of driving, Theresa never received a ticket and until last week was never involved in a car accident. Her mother died at the age of 106 in Canton and if not for this sudden tragedy, Theresa seemed destined to follow in Alice's footsteps.

There is more to this cover up!
Collier County EMS records show that Mrs. Lesniak was not attended to by MIPD of MIFD for the first 15 minutes of the accident, and hours later both Hunter and Murphy were in touch with CCEMS trying to get copies of the radio transcript squashed.
So there is no proof that she died "instantly".

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

The motor vehicle maintenance contract that the Kelly's have with the City should also be looked into!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Why is Marco Island wasting money:


Written on Police: Marco man accused in fatal crash was rushing home from gym:

It is without a doubt, very tragic that a person had to lose their life over the carelessness of not stopping at a stop sign.
Until the Coroner states that the woman lost her life instantly, the question has to be asked, was she still alive from the moment of the accident until medical personnel declared her "a fatality" some 15 minutes after emergency first arrived on the scene. The question has to be asked to Fire Chief Murphy and to Chief Hunter, were the first (4) responding officers so wrapped up in the ensuing argument between the son in law and Mr. Ferreira that they never bothered to check on the 91 year old woman.
Even when ambulance personnel showed on scene, that they were so busy trying to not take both survivors of the crash to the hospital in the same ambulance that no one bothered to check the 91 year old woman.
Collier County logs will show that emergency responders under Chief Murphy and Chief Hunter failed to do their jobs properly. She was never attended to for the first 15 minutes after the accident.
I wonder what will truths will be hidden from the public.

Written on It's The Law: Pre-suit arbitration may be required in condominiums:

Mt. Morris, is it against the law to represent a condominium owner in an insurance claim against the Assoc.( i.e.: billing said owner for phone conversations, office time, letters to the association).
Then without any decency, or moral fiber, write a letter as the legal representative of the Condo Assoc. back to the owner.

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Two of the nicest guys I know but I wouldn't get in the ring with either one of them!

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Very nice, now we have young girls smashing their heads and possibly causing future brain damage to prove what?

Smart parents who let their young children, potentially, ruin their health and lives.

You must have fallen out of your highchair and landed on your head alot, because you 've turned out to be a real moron !!!!

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in response to 26yearsonmarco:

None of the problems you are sighting are “Structural”, but rather a result of poor inspection practices during the construction process, which I assume falls on the shoulders of someone working for the City.

The same non-structural problems exist with the Smokehouse Bay Bridge which “We the People” are about to spend over $11M to replace it.

Even if it cost ten times as much to repair the Smokehouse Bay Bridge that is being spent on the Barfield bridge, “We the People” will save $10M, and not be taking a detour for over one year.

Actually Mr. 26, the "spawling" that has occured and is occuring is a severe structual problem.
The now "concerned" settlement of the bridge abutment on the north side with the possible placement of pilings is a severe structual problem, starting with the engineering design that was accepted by the "city" and built by a "not so good construction company" as quote by the Phoney PHD!

Written on Barfield Bridge repair underway:

The repairs are due to the construction company that the city first hired to build the bridge.
Poor attempts of trying to bond hot top to concrete on the approach ramps, shoddy concrete work causing spawling to occur and expose rebar, concrete sidewalks settling or breakin apart, and erosion on the sides of the sidewalks due to poor planning and engineering.
All this at a cost to taxpayers at a cost of 100K plus.
The seawall at the base of the bridge is also being repaired due to poor work.
Also, Barfield Dr. in the original bid (according to the city website)was to never be closed to thru traffic dduring the repairs.

Written on Marco Island City Manager Jim Riviere retiring :

Good Bye!
So Long!
Get lost Phoney PHD!

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Season is getting a little long in the tooth this year! Anyone agree?

I agree.....Way too long!

Written on Study: Naples-Marco tops national leaderboard for golf holes per capita:

Holes per capita?
How about the one in charge at City Hall?

Written on Marco Island police report slight crime uptick:

"Intelligence reports and crime analysis"
Capt.Dave, you should work at Capt. Briens on the weekends as a comedian!

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Was this House on a Canal (?) if so did we get to use the Fire/Rescue Boat?


Written on Scented candle blamed for fire destroying Marco Island home :

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NewJersey Lighting ?

Well..... close, the owner is an ex NY City cop on so-called disability, so ask him!
Only on Marco!

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From 2003 thru 2007 MICA made a fortune with their so called review committee at $225.00 a pop for new homes , which were just rubber stamped through the committee.
Unlike others that have stated, MICA has not improved the "quality of life" here on this island.
MICA enforces none of its so called deed restrictions.
There are more homes built on this island with City side setback requirements versus MICA side setback requirements. The MICA reveiw board never follows up on any final construction to see if the actual structure meets their Deed Restrictions.

Written on Marco Island Code Enforcement Board deals with destruction of gopher tortoise burrows :

How does RK Riehman get away with destroying private property, a pond, killing the aquatic life in the pond, improper or no erosion control on Inlet Dr.?
What happened to all the turles on that lot?

Written on Marco Island set to complete refurbishing 100 worst cul-de-sac medians :

Intreresting, how the improvements to the cul-da-sacs is automatically given to Affordable landscape because they maintain the city medians. The median work work was awarded on a bid, but non of this other work on 100 cul da sacs was bid out!
Why not?
How much is being spent?

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

Holly Molly!!!! A few new faces on the council!
LMAO..... Joey pizza is not going to get his way now that the 3 council members that were in his pocket have been voted out!

Written on Nine candidates for Marco Council have one thing in common — they're all men :

All the candidates aren't real men. Or....
else some of them in office would have done something concerning following.
A certain Lt. on the police department sending x rated pictures of himself to another officer (female), the cover up, and another officer getting blamed for the coverup within the department, oh and the coverup to the press.
A certain pizza guy opening up a breakfast rest. and doing illegal construction work, all the while assuring everyone that the zoning change (from commercial to resteraunt) that is needed is in the bag, because he controls Gibson, Waldac and Recker and a soon to be elected councilor.
Or last but least another pizza wannabe trying to bully his way around the council, with complete disregard to zoning laws (commercial to resteraunt), parking, impact fees, etc. etc.
Yeah they may be men, but they have no ba!!$.

Written on Aqua Construction and Development completes Marco Island model :

What a load of crap!
Bermuda style my backside!
This is the same builder blowing his own horn, that the reason he moved here was so that he could/would build home with better quality than what local builders have to offer.
Hopefully this is a paid ad and not the MDN stellar objective reporting that we are all used to!

Written on Marco mom faces DUI charge after crash in school parking lot :

What a great way to start off Mothers Day out by one of the mothers of marco.
Was she heading to a Gibson Rally!

Written on Guest Commentary: A breakdown of Sunday's storm event on Marco Island :

Poteet, what are you looking for? A pat on the back for doing your job?
Before you came along, utility workers of all kinds, have been working before,during,and after storms like this and worse storms than this, for centuries.

Written on Water system violation notices in the mail – Monitoring lapse necessitates notification of Marco water consumers :

On another note, Who purchased and is taking over Marco Island Cable on Aug.1 ???????

Written on Letter to the Editor: No room for horse drawn carriages:

in response to MrBreeze:

One more attraction to the Marco Carnival experience. How bout some Lions, Tigers and Bears?

We already have panthers, bobcats, and now bears!
Along with Reveire as ring master and the council as the circus, we have everything for entertainment on Marco!!!!!!

Written on Firestorm: Marco Island City Council chambers packed for spur-of-the-moment meeting on inspections :

Condoseller, very well stated.
Mr. Riviere should be investigated by the state for violating the "Sunshine Law".
If Laura Lipstick has been secretly working on this for a year, why did Riviere make the statement a the begining of the meeting on Tuesday that he's been in conversation with a county official for 1 1/2 years on this deal.
Where was Laura Lipstick when this decision was announced last Friday or better yet, where was she for the meeting?

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

Reviere..."Met with staff"
He met with the inspectors and informed them without informing the dept. heads Mahar or Milk, and told everyone more information would be forth coming once Laura Lipstick was back from vacation.
Reviere said "the decision was Financial".
Had the city not spent the $2 million in raided from the Permitting department a few years ago (which is against Florida Statutes) there would not be a problem today.
As Johnnymarco49 stated "there is more to the story
There is currently over $1 million in building department reserves and this Phoney PHD City manager thinks that once he disolves the buildings department that the City will just suck in all that cash.
Wrong!!!!!! State law says that all monies in the reserve will be sent back to all the contractors that have paid for fees pertaining to permits.
Here's a great idea, Why don't you (Reviere) fire yourself like you fired Olhmstead, Joel and take Murphy with you.

Written on Prep football: Marco Charter School board says principal to decide Mike Vanderjagt's fate:

How s----- are some people or this dumb kid to taunt someone and not expect some type of reprisal!
Especially,this kid... yelling
"Wide left, Wide left, Wide left!"
How s----- is this kid?
It was "wide right"!!!!!!
Good luck Mike!!!!!!!!