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Written on Dog park to be unleashed at Council workshop :

Who will clean up after the dog owners don't? You know it's just a matter of time before the area stinks of dog litter. My guess is that a city worker will have to do what the dog owners don't do; at the taxpayer's (and non dog owners) expense.

Written on Guest Commentary: A civil discourse:

C'mon, what's one more crook in Marco Island government?

Written on Pedestrian struck near video store:

Tim if they covered the accident....noone would know about the sunken boats we've been looking at for two years.

Written on New city finance director announced:

Why wasn't John Arceri considered for the position?

Written on Youth surrounded by Sheriff's office, Marco Island Police cruisers after report of attack on Lely student:

Please, Ms. Partington, tell us the difference between a gang out for violence and a "club" out for violence. Either way; don't want it on Marco Island. Driving around in a van with six other bored teenagers is not a "kid" thing; when violence is the intent. Learn the difference sweetie!

Written on Will Marco set out to capture solar power? :

We should set up a committee to see if it's feasible to buy and take over the sun. Then charge the taxpayers for the sunlight they use at an extremely inflated rate. Soon Marco Island will rule the world. Then we invade Mexico and change the name of it to Immokolee.

Written on Roger LaLonde: Presidents past and present:

I'm not sure; but I read or heard on the news that Obama is the first African American to be elected President of the United States. Don't know if anyone else is aware of that or missed it on the news!

Written on Obama takes office, appeals for 'hope over fear':

I think someone told me or I might have read it somewhere. But
i think he's the fisrt black president.

Written on Will Marco set out to capture solar power? :

Why not just go to the city council meeting and harness the hot air and wind? There's plenty to be had!

Written on Jaming with the Jukebox:

Is jaming anything like jamming? Or was it just misspeld?

Written on City’s financial planning committee to dig deeper :

"another leap forward"? When was the other leap forward on this island?

Written on UPDATED: Marco council to set goals, share vision at workshop :

Just breakfast at 8:30 am? Sounds like an all day party for a chosen few at the expense of the taxpayer again.

Written on Shop this side of the bridge:

Buy Marco Merchants? Nah, Bye Marco Merchants!

Written on City finance committee begins with worst case budget scenario :

"The sky is falling; the sky is falling" said Chicken Little. Oh, wait, that was Fossil!

Written on Marco to build "green" utility building:

I really have to laugh at most of you cry babies. You know the city council is going to do whatever it wants; with or without the support of the voters. Yet you attend the meetings and the next morning you blog your adverse feelings and thoughts. Get a life. Stop going to meetings and getting so upset. If you can't afford Marco move to where you can afford living...maybe Immokolee. Most of you are masochistic in nature to put yourselves through this week after week.

Written on Marco City Council directs rebid of "confusing" sewer project:

In the words of Alan Iverson: "Arceri? Arceri? You talkin' Arceri! This about Arceri? Arceri? We talkin' Arceri here! Arceri? Arceri! Aw c'mon man we talkin Arceri!

Written on Marco City Council directs rebid of "confusing" sewer project:

I agree with van...Mr. Recker is doing a great job. Keep up the good work...Van and I are with you all the way.

Written on Whatever happened to ... the replacement of Marco’s Jolley Bridge?:

Oh no! Now the bridge is going to collapse causing a major power failure which will force the sewer treatment plant to spill into and contaminate the entire Gulf of Mexico destroying tourism and property values of our paradise. But the good thing is.... we'll still have John Arceri to blame for it all. Prospero anos y felicidad !

Written on PUBLIC ALERT: Marco Island:

Yeah, that same night a young Hispanic girl came up to me and asked why that guy who lives off of N.Barfield is such an a**hole!

Written on Island family experiences loss of child:

Vince and Maria, You are in my prayers. God has called his angel home. God Bless, Bill

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Written on A City Hall stonewall?: Water quality tests, results kept from media following raw sewage incident:

One word...GRAVITY. Of course the sewerage infested the aquafiers and canals. Don't need some unqualified telling us everything OK !

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

And add to that the fact you're an extremely long-winded gas bag is another qualification.

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

B-O Wulf You seem to have all the answers. You should run for office and straighten the whole Island out. You have plenty of fingers to point so you're very qualified. And you seem to be very telligent!

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

loscabos... instead of resting your case ,why not just rest your brain. You don't know what you're talking about. beaches are closed every year for one reason or another. If you're that upset...grab a shovel and pitch in!

Written on City seeks volunteers for Ad Hoc Forensic Audit Advisory Committee:

Ad Hoc Forensic Audit Advisory Committee? That would be an acronym of: AH FAAC. That's becoming the general opinion of the goings on of this Island. AH FAAC!!!

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

Just pay your $23,000 and quit your crying, ya baby! This should bring the housing market back. Who wouldn't want to be exposed to E-coli? This is going to cause alot of disease on the Island. Death is near!!!!!!!!!!

Written on Water restrictions may become permanent:

Islandman4now....but not4long! You sound like an authority on virtually everything that noone else cares about. What an exciting life you lead. Must really stink being you!

Written on Water restrictions may become permanent:

My neighbors and I will continue to water our lawns every night. We are not adhering to any ban of any type. We want what we've work hard for to look as nice as possible. We are ready for any consequences.

Written on VIDEO/PHOTOS: Biden delivers message of hope to 5,000:

WOW! 5000 people! To put it in prospective: If each person in line left a space of one mile between them; that line would stretch 4999 miles long. What a crowd!

Written on Politics get personal at Marco City Council meeting :

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Written on Politics get personal at Marco City Council meeting :

Congratulations goes out to Ed Issler, this years winner of the John Arceri look-alike contest. Good going ,Ed!

Written on Teen gets house arrest for chase that injured Marco officer:

Let's see now! At $50.00 a month for a total of $13,600 in fines and penalties; works out to be 272 months; which works out to be 22yrs. 8months. Sounds like a long time to keep this case on the books. But hey, I'm sure Judge Hardt knew what he was doing. NOT!!!

Written on For whom the increase Alligator Alley tolls:

If the Alley becomes privately owned shouldn't the one making the huge profit be responsible for the cost of a police presence. Why should the taxpayers pay for the patrolling and increased toll. Seems like their is no obligation on the part of the lessor. Heck, at that rate, I'll lease it and just sit back and collect the increased revenue!

Written on Tickets gone for Biden rally:

Who would have thought they'd get rid of both tickets so fast? Darn!!!

Written on Frisbee and games return to some Marco beaches :

I'm sorry B4.. but I found this story extremely inter e st Zzz zzzzz

Written on Victim reported taking pills before alleged assault on Marco:

Friendforlife has a point there! But I think if Friendforlife wears a hat noone will see it!

Written on Group looks to create Florida pathway:

What a rediculous idea! A bike and hiking path through the Everglades doesn't sound very safe a pastime. In no time it would be litter strewn and an environmental eye-sore. These two gals need to occupy their time better. How about ironing or vaccumning? You know,something you haven't done before!

Written on E. Naples man gets 18 months in alligator poaching case:

A guy in Naples gets 18 months for supposedly poaching an alligator. Another guy gets house arrest for injuring a police officer during a life threatening car chase. I guess justice won't be served until our police are put on the "endangered species list". Heaven help us!!

Written on Monday is deadline to register to vote:

And Folks!!! Don't forget to mail in your absentee ballot on the way to your voting precinct. Remember the Florida way.... VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN!!!

Written on Teen gets house arrest for chase that injured Marco officer:

Several spectators in the courtroom said ,"After the sentence was handed down, Green was heard to say," Gee, Thanks Uncle Fred!"

Written on Orion Bank CEO, branch manager share the state of the bank:

WOW! I found this story very very interestZzz zzz z

Written on Popular Marco restaurateur Tony Rainone dies at 54:

A big man with an even bigger heart. God bless you my friend. Now you will touch the face of God...and live forever!

Written on No sweet dreams for Rover: Cushing’s disease can be a real nightmare:

My dog died of Cushings disease. I came home from work to find he chewed up my cushings, shortly after that he was dead!!!

Written on Marco police briefs: September 18, 2008:

Gee, a woman leaves her purse with money in it; in an unlocked car in that section of the Island for 33hours and it got stolen! That's weird! You would think it would be pretty safe under that security! Go figure!!!

Written on New sidewalk signs help clear the way:

How gouche'! Marco Island use used signs? Why, what would the rest of Collier County think? "Used signs" indeed!

Written on Marriage amendment (man and woman) prompts rally in Collier, south Lee:

#1 is it FlaMike or FlaMing? Bet you feel alot better out of the closet! We're proud of you!

Written on Dolphin safety: Legal and moral responsibility:

DOLPHIN SAFETY??? I'm not even gonna read this article. Quit blaming the DEFENSE! I've been saying for some time now... Dolphins need a Quarterback! DOLPHIN SAFETY my butt!!!

Written on Cleaning up a corridor of disgrace north of Jolley Bridge:

Very nice offer gern... unfortunately it would be a total waste of time and money. I've been there fishing and seen the families just throw their garbage around, let the toddlers run in and out of the water in a disposable diaper, leave half eaten food anywhere they choose, and yes; even urinate between parked cars. they're all pigs and unless they are written a citation it will continue. Low class people leaving their mark on the environment and society.