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Written on Sister Teresa Beneditca speaks to Ave Maria Founders Club on Marco Island:

Must have been one helluva speech if it's still relavant nine months later!

Written on Investors sue Jack Antaramian over Naples Bay Resort, two other projects:

in response to 26yearsonmarco:

Back in the early 1980’s, I questioned the exchange made with Antaramian by our Commissioners for double density at Cape Marco for the property now used for beach parking.

I called a Commissioner and asked why they were dealing with him, instead of the rightful owner, because he only had an option to buy the property.

The silence on the other end of the line was deafening.

Also, I can see why the investors are upset when they realized 30K+ of their money was spent to support Obama.

Maybe the BIG “O” will bail Jack out.

You are going back to the era when they were selling bumper stickers that said, "Support
Collier County! Buy a Commissioner!" Mr.
Antaramian was good at that.

Written on Marco Police Briefs: Thief swipes $6,500 in jewelry from Hilton gym :

I know we have some dishonest folk working on the island, but mostly crooked visitors looking to collect on their insurance.

Written on Realtors dispute report showing sales figures dropping on Marco Island :

All realtors have a surplus of rose-colored glasses. They have played a major role in our country's economic collapse with their thinking of an ever upward real estate market.

Written on Eagle i: The thrill of buying at the bottom — And the agony of missing it:

The EAGLE needs a real estate reviewer/editor who does NOT sell real estate.

Written on Marco median home prices drop 62 percent in past year; biggest fall in Florida:

To Sailingby,

It would be helpful if the Marco Realtors would tell the truth and stop trying to
"Hype" the market. As you rightfully point out, the two stories are contradictory.

Written on Eagle i: Should you sell ‘By Owner?’:

Shame on the EAGLE for running this as a news story: "Impeccable, professional, uniquely suited, mentoring, etc.". Who is Jeff married to?

In 2005 we sold our beachfront condo for 6 times what we payed, sans realtor, who would have charged $90,000+ and we had an attorney handle the details. Total closing costs were under $10,000.

Written on Real Estate Sales: January 21, 2009:

If you subtract out time shares and transactions under $150K, you have less than one substantial sale per week and only one in 15 weeks over $1 million ($1,075,000). Tough going!

Written on Eagle i: Real estate: Hurry up or wait?:

It would appear that the folks have decided to sit on their hands. The EAGLE has not listed any Marco real estate sales for 3-1/2 months, usually a weekly feature 'in season'.

Written on School teacher Sprague wins seat on Collier school board:

Teachers, no matter how lovely and talented, should not be on the School Board; that is putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

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