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Written on Committee pushing latest idea for Marco Island Tract K, an eagle sanctuary POLL:

I am very optimistic and thrilled to be a part of the Marco Island Charter High School Academy. The land was donated for a school by the Mackle Brothers for free! It will be wonderful to see this prestigious high school prosper for all our teenagers. This is all about creating another choice for education on a beautiful piece of real estate that was zoned for a school. The idea was that this school site was donated to the Island for free. For a school we so dearly deserve to enjoy for years to come. There are other sites to place our school but the truth is - that the other sites will cost a lot of money to purchase. What amazes me is how prudent, Jane Watt, Founding Board Member - is able to keep operational costs so low or almost nonexistent.

She is such a visionary who can get the community to share in the responsibilities and use their talents or monetary gifts to make this school so successful and without heavy debt.

That is why we are not giving up on receiving Track K from the District School Board. This parcel was intended to benefit public education on Marco Island, 9-12. Jane Watt, her Board of Director Team, and all of the volunteers at large - are legacy builders for educating our teenagers locally. And we are doing this in a wise and prudent manner to stay as debt free as possible!

Congratulations and Go Marco Island High School! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 TO OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY WITH LOVE AND GOOD CHEER!!!!!!!

Written on POLL: Group opposes proposed Marco charter high school during Collier School Board meeting:

It would be absolutely thrilling to see some of our older, "smarter" population come forward to help rally for our opportunity to advance public charter schools. Some of our "own" very talented residents residing right here can really make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for greatness. "God grant us the Serenity to accept the things we cannot change, COURAGE to change the things we can and the Wisdom to know the difference." Who else on this Island can be summoned with the heart to help build this Island up educationally into something more than it is now! Where are all the unselfish, intelligent, and noble leaders who know how to see beyond their own self serving ideas? The wise and mature figureheads who know how to care about our teenage population and truly support them and their families!!!!!!!

Written on POLL: Group opposes proposed Marco charter high school during Collier School Board meeting:

What a wonderful opportunity for Marco Island to actually take part in enjoying a Public Charter High School. This is our future educational direction to stay competitive in a very complex and global economy. This is a choice that I am proud to support!!! Signed a mother who values choices for education; one who wants our talented teenage population to prosper in time saving opportunities and enhanced community guidance and service. Let's really make a difference!!!!!

Written on Two half-pints delivered a quart-sized message to City Council:

What a wonderful and timely message to our readers. This is the night we also
celebrate the Collier County Golden Apple
Awards. Listening to our amazing winners share their experiences is a big thrill to
behold. I am so in awe of a teacher who can really make a difference in the life of a student.

Now to learn about all of the progress the Marco Island Academy is accomplishing is such a celebration for our entire community!!! It is amazing what one mother who values education can accomplish!!!! Thank you so very
much, Jane and family, for all of your hard work and determination.

Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:



Our beautiful, unique Island and City will


an absolutely incredible public charter high

school - The Marco Island Discovery

Academy!!! Coming Fall 2011. Please get

involved and make education for our Community

happen. Let us complete education for Marco

Island full circle!!!!!!! LET'S MAKE A


Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

Our Island is such a fabulous community to live in and raise children and teenagers. I am so happy that a great,
public charter high school will complete
a wonderful educational experience for
our youth! We are so fortunate to be
enriched with more choices.

Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

in response to costarica:

This sounds like a win-win for the whole community! Parents now have another choice for their children's education, the community gets a new recreation facility and adult learning classes. Our charter middle school is excellent as I am sure the charter high school will be as well.

It will help our economy and our community! I am sure more families will choose to live on Marco Island now that they will be able to educate their children K-12 in our town.

Keep up the great work!!

This is extremely positive for our entire
Marco Island community!

Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

Awesome experience to volunteer for this
fabulous endeavor. Jane Watt is an
incredible leader with vision and heart
for our community and for our children.

Marco Island residents will all benefit
from the "On Island" Charter High School. Congratulations and Go Manta
Rays!!! Debbie Servente, Mother

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