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Written on Guest Commentary: Larry Magel on city prep for Isaac; 'we should be proud':

I this a campaign speech? Why don't we hear from the paid executive, the city manager?

Written on To pay or not to pay: Fireworks become hot topic at Marco Island City Council:

Maybe we can get Macys to come to Marco and sponsor this in addition to NY. This should be a joint venture between the city, the chamber and the hotels on the beach.

Written on DON HUNTER: Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter answers readers' questions :

give it up--we have a police department, we need a police department--wait and see how long it will take to get a response for the sheriffs office, if you need a cop in an emergency.

Written on Should Marco Island Farmer’s Market money be used for fireworks?:

The rent money should go to the general fund.
The 4th of July celebration should be paid for by contributions and the city should participate.

Written on Marco’s Canine Cove dog park opens Saturday :

How long will it before the problems start--loose dogs, dog fights, another child bitten? How many hours did city workers spend on this poroject and was the city reimbursed for the money spent on payroll?

Written on Updated POLL & BLOG: Marco City Council supports high school in the park:

in response to liberator100:

City Council made a very bad decision which will come back to haunt them! City cannot give away parts of a public park without first having a city-wide referendum on the issue; regardless of the reason. What if the members of the local Taliban show up and ask for a piece of the park for a madrassa! Will the City be as accommodating to the Taliban as they have been to these elitists?

Your are right. This school group will take the council vote and try to make it an endorsement and agreement to use park land and a support of the project. The media is already reporting the vote as a "boost" for the school. Let's not let this be a run away train.

Written on Updated POLL & BLOG: Marco City Council supports high school in the park:

Keep the park a park. There is no place for parking if a school is built there. Use of the path around the lake is already restricted by dogs walking on long leashes. Honor the deed restrictions--school is not recreation. Enough is enough.

Written on Dog bite takes a chunk of faith away from Capri family:

in response to FECOYLE:

When it was first proposed to allow dogs into Mackle Park I wrote a number of E Mails to Councilmen against it predicting just this type of occurence. There are responsible dog owners & there are many irresponsible dog owners. Unfortunatly they cant be separated. Dogs do not belong in Mackle Park leashed or unleashed. I hope the parents of this child hold Marco Council responsible. It is a darn shame this kid had to suffer through the rabies shots

I think there are a lot of Marco residents that agree with you. The dog park is a bad idea that is only going to get worse.

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

Why don't we just admit that the dog park was a bad idea to be placed in Mackle Park. They put erasers on pencils for a reason. Let's use one for a change and not continue to try to justify a bad idea. Wait until the season starts and the dogs get here.

Written on REACTION: All torn up about Elkcam Circle closing:

It is a shame that on Marco, that if you expess an opinion that someone does not agree with, the standard comment of many is, get out of town if you don't like it. In the past seven years I have support more progams that opposed and I am on record of doing so, but like many I have more to do with my free time that go to meetings. Bad ideas are still bad ideas even if the are approved by council.

Written on REACTION: All torn up about Elkcam Circle closing:

What are the city planners and leader thinking of. First a dog park most residents don't want and now closing a necessary and busy road.

Written on UPDATE: Rehearing requested by Key Marco, Greensward:

Let's stop pussyfooting around with fines and enforcement. The law is the law and if we don't enforce it firmly, we are sending a signal the you can get away with anything on Marco. Reducing fines as a regular course of business undermines our live style.

Written on Marco referendum: Pay for sewers with utility rates, not taxes, voters say:

Not too smart of the voters who voted no! We still have to pay for the sewers, but we don't get a tax deduction for doing so. Utility costs are not deductible, but real estate taxes are on you income tax return.

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