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Written on None:

25 Years on Marco. Do you have nothing but bitterness in your life?

Written on By the numbers: Local expert offers his take on the real estate market by looking at figures:

26 Years on Marco after 50 years of biotching some place else? Mr. Percel is part of the solution by setting the record straight as to what happened in the Real Estate Market and what is happening now.
He's not promoting anything nor is he painting a false impression as to how great things are.
WCI probably brought him in for his clear and unbiased way of thinking.
So, while people like Mr. Percel try to speak openly and honestly, people like you continue to cast stones.
Bravo and well done Mr. Percel. And thank you Quinton for not sugar coating the story.

Written on Fed rate cut seen as business confidence booster, but mortgage benefits will be gradual:

Joey, pull your little string and you start crying and wet yourself.

Written on Heading Up Habitat for Humanity:

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Durso for being role models.

Written on Despite soaring health insurance, city approves 2007 budget:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Local marina to become semi-private yacht club:

What do you think Jack sold them the property for? 28 million?

Written on Letters to the Marco Eagle Editor: Aug. 31, 2006:

How ironic that you choose to ignore the certified signatures and babble on, typical looser. When the facts are on your side, hammer on the facts, when the law is on your side, hammer on the law and in your case when neither is on your side, hammer on your keyboard. I truly can't understand why you choose to stay on Marco Island when you are so obviously outraged by the goings on. Could it be that you and your comrades have hurt property values so much that you can't get out of Dodge? Don't fret, once the sewer is done and Collier Blvd. is complete people will come to see that Marco Island is a progressively minded community and flock to our shores. But, by then you will see how magnificant it is yourself and you won't want to leave.
I guess loosing really sucks, huh?

Written on Letters to the Marco Eagle Editor: Aug. 31, 2006:

How many signatures were certified?

Written on Like Arnold, Colombo says 'We'll be back':

I love Marco Island

Written on Letter: Is contractor really paying for cleanup?:

Thank you for correcting another one of the anti-Marcoite attacks.

Written on Guest commentary: Why the City Council turned down the Preserve Our Paradise petition:

Good eye mmerrill22. You have hit the nail on the head and pointed out an erroneous figure.
Where did this number of 2,000 signatures come from?

Written on Rib City Grill - East Naples:

This is "THE" best rib joint around. You must get the onion rings and a frosty mug of your favorite beverage. It don't look like much from the outside, but, it's the inside that counts!
Pig Out

Written on Eagle letters to the editor: August 15:

lutherdog, please tell us from what factual source you determine that "Almost 83% of the voters on Marco Island are fed up with the unscrupulous antics, name-calling and tactics of the some of the City Councilors (they know who they are)?

Written on Eagle letters to the editor: August 15:

Mr. Putnam,

First of all I would like to commend you on your more then proficient use of the English language; your letter sir, is well written. I must now ask for your indulgence as I hack away.

I think most of your points are clear and well thought out. What seems to be lacking is your basic understanding that some Citizens of Marco Island are tired of the name calling and malicious "diatribes". Plain and simple, we love Marco Island and it pains us to sit and watch our Paradise get dragged through the mud. I only wish that POP and CARES could find a more positive outlet for their combined intellect and energy.

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