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Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA from Marco Island:

I have been a MICA member since 2001 and I understand and appreciate the care you take with keeping our beach access clean and enjoy the entertainment they have arranged. I do however also feel that it is time for MICA to realize the Deltona idea of keeping Marco Island strictly a community of residents has already "left the barn." Maybe it is time to step up and truly try to enhance the quality of life of those of us living full time as I do. I would love to be able to take my granddaughter to a nice family venue to enjoy and step across the street for an ice cream and some nice family time. I also recall there once was a mini golf on is good family entertainment and would be enjoyed by all - visitors and residents alike. This only feeds the Marco naysayers when they paint Marco with the wide brush of being elitist old grumpy people....the fact that a new High School was built here should be reason enough for you to step up - the times they are achanging....

Written on Marco Island number 3 on Trip Advisor's Top 10 islands list:

I clicked here to see what wonderful comments the Marco residents had to say and instead I get all this back and forth. Please Klaus, go to the drug store, donut shop, or somewhere else to put your soap box and stop these ridiculous writings. Go find some friends, join a club, some organization with folks that have ideas such as yours and stop annoying everybody. It's sunny, nice out today...go for a walk.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board weighs regulations for beach parking :

I agree that the businesses would like this to be a tourist desitnation to encourage spending but if they are not spending money or contributing at all why do we care so much that they come? Continue to support the hotels where money is spent. Our island is a bit of a two-faced in that it started as a nice quiet place to retire and enjoy southwest Florida and newcomers or others that do not have enough money are trying to cash in. We moved away from all this nonsense up north. Let visitors pay the money to stay at the resort, or rent a private home. Put up no parking, parking in lot only - but this would need to be monitored and tickets written to be enforced....Oh but, that's right - we don't want to upset the visitor... We pay - they play.

Written on Marco Island Code Enforcement Board takes action on non-responsive property owners:

A little off topic wouldn't you say boys?

Written on Marco Island Code Enforcement Board takes action on non-responsive property owners:

in response to liberator100:

islandgma: Your information is incorrect. The two matters you refer to are Police matters and have nothing to do with code compliance.

I realize that and was making a general statement on how things get done here on Marco.

Written on Marco Island Code Enforcement Board takes action on non-responsive property owners:

It's a situation of whichever the wind blows...last year somebody got it in their minds to ticket folks who parked across the sidewalk while in their own driveway. My husband, we are FULL TIME (that means 12 months a year) citizens of Marco. Immediately paid the ticket although were a bit distrought over the fact that there never was anything in the papers or no such announcements stating this would be done. Then of course there was the one week speed change because somebody complained to somebody else who thought it may be a good idea to lower. Not even thinking that those that speed will speed regardless if it's 5 - 10 or 35 mph. Yes, power mongers who wanted to retire to a nice peaceful island but can't stop telling others what to do.

Written on ‘Putting’ golf on Marco Island: Planning Board hears first of two mini-golf proposals:

I have always thought a DQ would be a great addition to Marco. A nice inexpensive ice cream. It's about time Marco starts thinking about the status of the economy and if they truly want more visitors, they need to be more in touch.

Written on Mixed reaction, emotions to Marco Island's speed limit change:

I agree that the reduction in speed limit will make more problems. Particularly as the snow birds arrive. If they need to slow drivers down then the original speed limits should have been enforced. The only places they gave tickets were on Barfield and San Marco on the way to Goodland. Who knew that just a little belly aching to Riviere could accomplish such a thing? Sounds fishy to me... Bring back the 35 at a minimum or let us get golf carts!

Written on Collier County agrees to hire new ambulance service:

Why didn't the fire department ambulance which is right across the street take the man who ultimately died to the hospital?

Written on Letter to the Editor: We the people are listening!:

It's good to know that there are people listening to the residents as we seem to be the second class citizens. The council asks but never takes into consideration any of our opinions. And it seems they think that we will never notice the change in speed limits from 35 to 30 without any prenotification....a speed trap in the making? I was shocked to see these signs being changed on state route 92 - are there no approvals needed by the state? If so, why were we not informed? Why were we not considered in this decision making? We may as well go to allowing golf carts on the island now. Maybe buy a Gem which are exclusively sold here. Hmmmmmm interesting no? What is behind the speed limit changes. We'll no doubt read about it in a week or two.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

Remember the days when we thought we could come down here - retire, relax, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings? Now all I hear is lawn blowers, garbage trucks, have to dodge the road workers, put up with the trucks (not pick-ups), and wait until Sundays when hopefully there will be some peace and quiet before the busy season. Marco was a dream once, now it's becoming a nightmare. Thank you city council -

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

You guys should stick to the issues - this constant back and forth makes you sound like children. Maybe that's why the council doesn't take it's citizens seriously.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

I cannot believe the city is planning on making those that have a VACANT LOT with no improvements pay a ridiculous charge for something they have yet to use. How can anybody approve of this? I think the heat has gotten to those who have thought of this. I have family members who own vacant lots with the hopes to some day come to our beautiful, friendly (?) island and build their dream home. Now they probably think they're in a nightmare! This is totally outrageous and those that are already comfy want others to pay for their current lifestyles... sounds like we're back to the feudal system in the Middle Ages.

Written on Marco Island Budget Sub-committee: All departments looked to for cuts in expenditures to keep from raising taxes:

Agreeing with the "needs" and "wants" to figure out what to pay for. As we have have done these past few years, unplug unneeded appliances, decrease watering.... if we can do it the council can do it. Paying for a study is ridiculous since the issue is a want not a need.

Written on FLDOE supports Marco Island Academy:

It appears that the "regulars" enjoy posting their conversations back and forth in these comment areas. Please - I am sure many are as tired of your ramblings and would prefer you to stick to the topics rather than insulting one another because you have nothing better to do. If you are so concerned with these various issues why don't you stand up and work for the organizations you promote rather than blowing all this hot air. Mother nature can provide us with enough of that.

Let's stick to the issues - thank you.

Written on FLDOE supports Marco Island Academy:

And what is the future of the Winterberry Academy? Why not use a facility that was already there than have to get the water and electric to the trailers? Relocation of wildlife....I'm just saying -

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I can't imagine this person lives here because if she did she would be sick and tired of something always being dug up, ripped apart, trucks running off and on the island year after year, and to say nothing of the constant spending....oh - and please reread your messages for the use of the english language.

Written on PHOTOS Safety Day: Behind the scenes with emergency and law agencies on Marco Island:

I saw a gentleman get hit by flying equipment when the coast guard helicopter was landing... any word on him? Sort of ironic isn't it?

Written on VIDEO: Marco homes built too far from fire hydrants:

Who keeps removing my posts? I say nothing but what is on my mind like the rest of you blow hards...come on, let's be a little more respectful of other's opinions. But then again, you must be some of the people that think they are more important than others.

Written on City debates fire hydrants and water trucks for public safety:

As a home owner and permanent resident of Marco Island I beg the city to please stop spending money, digging up roads, at least for a while won't you?! It is more rare these days to be able to enjoy a peaceful morning or day without the back up beeping or pounding heard off in the distance. And why all of a sudden is this an issue? Again, please stop the madness, take a break. We know City Council is there, there is no need to keep reminding us. I will vote for anybody running against any one of you if you people don't start to really listen to the residents and just have the "what can we do now" attitude.

Written on Marco Council approves linear park trail:

I am a full time resident who regularly rides her bicycle on the sidewalk as opposed to riding on the "bike path". Which by the way seems more like a shoulder to the road which is exactly why I ride on the sidewalks. I have been on the already exsisting sidewalk that runs along this property and don't find anyone on it, so why the need to improve it? There is a sidewalk along Heathwood that runs to the library and to the museum. Wouldn't the children most likely be accompanied by an adult if they were going? If not, aren't they typically told to walk on the sidewalk? What is the need to improve it? Are there groups of people that have had problems walking along the sidewalk? I have yet to read of cars dangerously driving up on the sidewalk...need not want is important here. It appears to be busy work for somebody.

Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

Deeded to the school district doesn't necessarily mean a school should be built there. Couldn't it be used for science field trips, off site art classes, etc... there are several ways an educational system could use this land without building a school. A small pavillion which could be used as the field classroom, and a boardwalk ... think out of the box. So no, those moving to Marco near Tract K didn't necessarily believe they would be near a school.

Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

in response to Brillo:

If the intent is to get a better education than put the efforts in to the other schools that are already trying to educate our children. If distance is the problem then what will the students who will be bused into Marco be doing? They will have to travel the same distace as our students would have to travel to go there.
Spend the efforts on improving Lely!
This whole process and arguments including the one that says this will "improve" the property values on Marco because it will have a superior educational system. People do not move to Florida to get a great education for their kids. They move to Marco to retire and get away from the city life. Teachers too, have a difficult time living here because of the poor salary scale. Where are these superior teachers going to come from? If they have families they will be going to where the salaries are equivalent to their skill level, areas in which they can earn enough to send their own children to good schools and colleges. Having a few big names as speakers and sponsers will not do the trick. Having parents who care, support their children, take part in what their children do, knowing who their children are meeting with and who constantly stay with it, help their children be successful, no matter what school they attend. Good students get a good education when they put in the efforts themselves and are supported by caring parents.

Wonderfully said - but then you see the parents have to get involved and make an effort. Not to mention the competition (as is the reality they will soon have to become a part of) a larger school would provide the students. The continued attitude of entitlement is counter productive.

Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

There is plenty of space out at Key Marco where they truly can "discover". Also, isn't there already a high school at the Winterberry School? Doesn't it amaze you that people move here for what Marco is and then want to change everything to meet their personal preferences?

Written on High school still an option for Marco Island's Tract K:

I do not live near Tract K and do not think this school is necessary. The population of school aged children change so the validity of needing this "want" is questionable. I originally suggested that perhaps property out in Key Marco be purchased for a school but I do like that idea about Fiddler's Creek. Keep the open spaces which are still open for a change and give the people of Marco that actually live here full time a break please.

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

Go back to being incorporated as mentioned earlier...let's get back to being the beautiful, PEACEFUL, paradise it once was before everybody got so full of themselves... and city hall should be called City Hall - do we really need to name a building? All anybody wants to do here is go to the beach, shop, and float in the pool. Those that want to be so IMPORTANT can move to where they may be more appreciated!

Written on Marco Island considers Tract K purchase from Collier school district:

Leave it for the conservacy and make it an Eagle sanctuary - It's great to be able to see them next in the midst of humanity. They seem to be able to live with us, why can't we live with them? You know there will be some sort of "accident" which will chase them out....People buying property have wrecked enough of this beautiful island. The nonsense at the bridge, the constanting digging up of Collier Blvd. - why can't we just leave things be for a while and see how things go? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to drive around during the off season without some sort of detour or truck to go around? Becoming a city was an ego trip, have we gotten over it yet?

Written on City Hall green space becomes Florida Friendly:

It's nice to hear the city is saving money however I agree. When can the citizens get in on the savings? A lot of us also have reduced our watering to twice as requested by the city only to find out that the city's landscaping which requires less watering and care is watered 3 times????? Must be a mistake huh? Come on now, let's loosen the noose and allow the residents (tax payers) the same consideration. Of course these are the same people that ticket my husband in our own driveway while the people down the street who "know somebody" park across the sidewalk overnight constantly! I'm just saying....

Written on Duck hunt: City trapping park’s lakeside birds:

Same thing as the trees that were cut down. Do those of you that are making these decisions realize that there are folks that live here all year long? Furthermore, there are some of us that do not own dogs and like to enjoy the park with all it's wildlife and natural beauty. Please - stop fixing things that are not broken and give us one season of peace from the trucks and all this nonsense. Why do you feel the constant need to have something dug up, cut down, or taken away. Dealing with the bridge will be bad enough. If you feel the need to keep changing things why did you move here in the first place? Instead of making the conveniences of "back home" why don't you enjoy what is or go back.

Written on PHOTOS: Neighbors don't buy root cause for Marco chopping Royal Poincianas :

These trees were beautiful and admired by many full time residents as well as their visiting relatives and friends. Somebody needs to be held accountable for this most insensative decision. If it is somebody in charge of making sure things that are beautiful remain that way than perhaps their time at that position has run out. The one thing we have is the pride in the beauty of the island and any decision regarding such has been cruelly and most selfishly ignored. I love living here but it is getting harder to to explain to others why those "in charge" of making such decision aren't run out of town. And I'm sure we'll need to get the main roads paved once again since we are in contast barage of work and dump trucks.

Written on Updated POLL & BLOG: Marco City Council supports high school in the park:

Mackle Park should remain a park - we already gave some to the dogs, now to those who want to shelter their children? Yes, I believe that is the issue. How about putting it out in Key Marco? If it is truly going to be a "Discovery" school, there is plenty to discover out there. This is an issue that should be voted on by all folks who pay taxes. Those of you new to Marco know what the island was all about, do not make it into the cities you were fast to leave.

Written on /readerinput/ - Reader Input:

Don't like the new format too much - it seems less personal for some reason.

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