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Unbelievable that Obama actually still has supporters...this bridge had nothing to do with Obama; it was in the works years ago. Stimulous plan = bridges & jobs...? Are you kidding me, what reality do you live in. What has Obama actually done for you because where I live he's only helped banks and big business. Meanwhile we have the highest unemployment rate since Carter. Seriously, you sign supporting Obama liberals must be senile or just plain retarted.

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Good observation waverunner. Not sure who Ms Herzili is but there is no doubt that she is not all there. Her blog posts make no sense and are always negative. She's a tortured soul, thats for sure.

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God forbid if anyone gets this terrible illness the people that handled the asbestos the most were Davies, Neylon & Foster. Seems to me that they had better get checked out!

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The attorneys, Tuckers friends, didn't shove anything down anyones throat! Our ELECTED city council voted unanimously to name the City Hall after Tucker. The council was elected into office to represent the citizens and make decisions, I agree with some of the decisions and disagree with some but I'm SOL if I disagree with council, I can vote for a candidate I agree with and hope others vote for him or her or I have to live with the MAJORITY'S choice. Fossil and a few others are the MINORITY and are just unhappy people and seem to have troublle accepting reality. Sorry ladies & gentlemen, this is our system; some of you need to learn to accept it and live within it!

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Fossil, what's wrong with the Chamber of Commerce?

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Sorry kosherdeli I was mistaken, I know what park you are talking about and agree, it's a total waste.

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kosherdeli, Veterans Community Park became a park by referendum which means that the voters voted to purchase the land and make it a park. You obviously havent attended the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Farmers Market or any of a hundred other events at the park. You didn't even know that "We the People" voted for the park!

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Why are people defending this guy’s bad behavior? It's the Chairman’s job to keep order in the council chambers.

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You spend too much time in the shadows shadow. Rob has been the best chairman we have ever had, even Councilor Kiester says that in one of the blogs above. You do give him credit for running for office and thats where your blog should have ended. Politics is a tough job and anyone that knows Rob knows how tough he is.

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Thank you for your service Shadow.. I agree, our country is in some deep Sh_t with Obama. Pelosi, Frank and the rest of the liberals are dead set on ruining our country. God help us all.

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Mr. Putnam, here's a headline I thought you would appreciate. It is a sad headline but it just goes to show the readers that not only are you a hypocrite, you also make very poor choices in who you supported for council. First the guilty verdict for Kiester, who made a mockery of the law according to Judge Carr for his Sunshine violations and now your friend Guidry!

"Formal charges of soliciting sex for services filed against Marco doctor."

Unlike you John I am saddened by this headline. I did not even consider voting for him and he is not my doctor but I feel for the victim, Guidry and his family.

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34145, Hennings saved that girls life! She is an adult and made her own decision to get on that Jet Ski. Why must there always be one person that unnecessarily blogs negatives in an anonymous name about an accident? What culpability; it was an accident. Hennings and Rousseau are recovering thank God and that is what matters most! The article is about Hennings, not Rousseau so if you have a problem ask the reporter why she didn't interview Rosseau.

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Bill McMullan IS up to something and it can't be good. Leroy, you are right, most of us know about McMullan and his reputation. He is a real piece of work and as I have said before he is shameless. How he has the nerve to get up in front of council with a stack of blank paper and claim he has 1400 emails is so irratating I have to change channels when he speaks, which is more often than any other speaker. I just wish one of the councilors would put him in his place! They just reduced taxes and this loser gets up and tells them they are irresponsible. He is disgusting! He comes across as a fake and I think most people realize that.

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ejburger, I understand your frustration with McMullan, a very pompus and shamless man. However, van seems like a reasonable man with an opinion. Not sure I would classify him as a cave dweller or a yahoo. My take on this whole thing is very simple:

* The city needs money to operate
* They must tax us
* The county is screwing us
* Our city councilors are doing the
best they can
* Council gts abused no matter what
they do; they're blasteded if they do
and blasteded if they don't

We should cut them a break becasue they are doing a very demanding job with little of no monetary gain and probably doing a better job then most of the amateur politicians on these blogs. It's real easy to sit in your underwear with a cup of coffee and blog negative things about the very people who have the guts to put themselves out there and volunteer their lives for abuse from a bunch of disrespectful, unhappy people they don't appreciate anything! Our council makes tough decisions and then takes abuse. I saw the meeting on tv and thought is was an amazing meeting.

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Neylon, why not find out if it makes sense? You seem to care an awful lot about Marco when you don't even live here!

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Say what you want about Arceri but he is a smart man who makes good sense.

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Mr. Nichols, the city manager follows councils direction.

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Reducing the millage rate was impossible beacuse of the CAP. The millage rate is still lower than it was in 1999!

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Neylon doesnt live here...he rents his house out on Hernando! Why do you even acknowledge him Wayne?

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Wheres Foster and Davis?? Why aren't they on this committee?? Just like Hall and Neylon they don't live here anymore. There should be residency requirements to serve on a committee.

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dc5799 you are a dispecable human being. Even when a good family man dies you see it as an opportunity to use it against the city. I really wish I knew who you are you spineless weasel...

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McMullan may speak for you and a few others but NOT for the majority as proven by the results of the last election. If you choose to follow his lead that's your prerogative but don't think because you do everyone should. The man has a very troubled past and I choose to stay clear of him and his rhetoric. As the old saying goes, if you hang around dogs you’re gonna get fleas.

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Montel has a point. City Council gets emails all the time from citizens telling them what they should do. Moreover, Kiester should shut his trap as his emails will never be available for us to read...he broke the law and deleted them. There must have been some incriminating evidence in his emails.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to the Hannifin family. They are a good solid family and I hope Mai gets the help she needs.

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It seems to me that when Councilor Kiester states his opinion on the blogs he is breaking the Sunshine Law again. It is very inappropriate for one of our city councilors to post such negative comments about a fellow councilor.

As Issler wrote, Tucker has done a lot for our community and would have been reelected if was able to run for office again. On the other hand, Kiester will never be reelected if he is foolish enough to run again.

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Point is your arguement is ridiculous; he sides with no one. I think he gets a lot of pleasure voting on controversial topics to irritate people like you. Tucker can't overcome the charter but like any citizen he deserves the right to be heard. Like most naysayers you have selective hearing and selective memory.

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You are not watching the same meetings I am if you think Rob is a pansy, like Mr. Burger I would love to see any of you cowards have the courage to say these things to his face. At Mondays meeting he voted in the minority to not purchase property. Too many times to state but one memorial vote that shows he has more character than Avenger and Fossil combined was when he voted against the city, Tucker, Minozzi and Trotter to not accellerate the STRP. Once against you feeble minded cowards have selective memory...under anonymous blogs. How brave of you!

Jon Chamberland

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The only certifable nut is the campaign strategist that came up with the truck & sign plan and the people that were foolish enough to follow his lead!

Now back to the subject matter of this blog; I think Kiester has a lot of thinking to do. He is in a perilous situation, He can face the press and a possible recall, resign or spend two more years on council and accomplish absolutely nothing but just take up space. I guess we will see if Kiester has the best interest of Marco Island in mind or if he is still hooked on ruling by intimidation and arrogance and his own self-serving agenda.

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Jimbo, Chuck broke the law and you are already talking about his next campaign for city council...are you crazy. He will need to survive a recall first. If he was smart he would resgn. There are a lot of angry voters on Marco that would love to see Chuck off of council!

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Congatulations to the new Councilors elect, Gibson, Recker, Trotter and Waldack. Also, congratulatins to Councilors Minozzi, Popoff and Tucker for all they have endured. They DID listen to the people and were brave enough to do the right thing. It was a long difficult campaign and a strategy of truth and facts paid-off.

Also congratulations to the four opponents for participating in their community. The political process is a challenging one but the voters have spoken and it's time to heal and move forward.

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I agree 27 Years. These candidates are a disgrace. I just don't get it, how much bonafied evidence do they need to understand that we must complete the STRP progarm on Marco?

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It is obvious Joe that you did not read the facts above by Mr. Clarence Tears. The septic tanks are not working well. The older ones leak into our waterways. Why is that so hard for you to understand? What more proof do you need?

Instead you are listening to the lies of Butch Neylon which will end up costing you more than just completing the sewer project as scheduled. WAKE UP JOE!

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Doesn't sound to me like there is ANY reason to be confused ABOUT the STRP; we need to complete it ASAP!! If people aren't willing to listen to the facts and the experts we are in deep doo doo on Marco Island.


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SmokeyJoe what are you smoking? Are you out of your mind? Can you read? Talk about being BLIND to the facts! Your candidates lied and countinue to lie about the need for the STRP.


Are you listening Smokey or did you enhale too much effluent from your leaking septic system. Get with the program and admit the facts. I am voting for Gibson, Recker, Trotter and Waldack!

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This really concerns me; what if these guys get into office and try to cancel the STRP. Because they are so hell bent on stopping the STRP at any cost (probably just to prove a point) they will probably entangle the city in scores of fruitless lawsuits against the state. How much more money must we watse before these candidates and their vocal following admit the truth about sewers? It is a reality, Marco Island will be sewered, why fight it any longer? How can we vote for candidates that are lying to us about septic systems? I am convinced that sewers are the environmentally and financially best thing for Marco to do...I don't need any further proof! I DON'T like being lied to!

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The best candidates for Marco Island!!!!!!!

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Sounds like dcrain knows a lot more on the topic than you do pharmer (childish name by the way). You go on believing Neylon and keep drinking the kool aid while the rest of us listen to the experts at the FDEP, SWFLWMD. FDH. My vote is for the candidates that will finish the sewer project.

Vote for Recker, Trotter, Gibson and Waldack for a positive future for Marco Island.

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lowus is aka Godfrey Davies, how humble of him to make a post about how tough he is. Big isn't tough! SOB yes, tough, I doubt it. Davies doesn't have the experience, know how or the guts to be city manager.

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jockey, the AG said there is NO, I repeat, NO Sunshine violation in all of the emails between Arceri and Kelber. You obviously don't know anything about the Sunshine Laws. It is also obvious that no one is safe from your idiocy, not even the AG, if you disagree with them.

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I am enjoying reading these blogs. I think the silent majority has finally woken up! The last straw has broken the camels back. It was ok for Neylon to attack former council members without any facts but now the Attorney General, Arceri, Lazarus and Sal are getting attacked for a filing a legitimate claim against Kiester. If you can dish it out cave dwellers you had better be prepared to take it in return!!

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46, you seem to be under some magical spell or ether. Can't you see what you're saying? The CAVE Dwellers have been throwing stones for over two years now. Attacking our city and it's leaders with vile outbursts at council meeting, with unnecessary and failed recall attempts, with frivolous lawsuits and attempts to smear the names of public servants. My guess is that people like you and your fellow CAVE Dwellers wouldn't last one day in the hot seat as a city employee or council member. People like you just couldn't hack it. You are no different than a terrorist; you throw as many bombs as possible just hoping to hit someone. Shame on you!

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lowus...why do you still use that name when we all know you're Godfrey Davies?

If Popoff lied, misled or as I believe he just was inexperienced is this the first time a politician has ever misled you? If so, where have you been? Politicians make statements and campaign promises in every campaign everywhere in the world that they change once they get into office for one reason or another. Your candidates Mr. Davies, will not possibly be able to keep their campaign promises either so stop the rhetoric before you embarass yourself anymore! You are becoming a laughing stock on this Island paradise.

This blog site is one more example of why I will not vote for your candidates. If any of them had any class or common decency they would ask posters to stay civil and stick to the facts, not attack a mans family as as way to move their agenda forward.

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Great News!!!! Good luck Dr. Trotter. You are a very intellegent man and for the future of Marco Island we must do all we can to re-elect you!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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You Hall liberals can sure dish it out but you can't take it.

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Hawke1, either you can read Mr. Hall's mind or you are Hall defending himself. Either way Hall doesn't believe in the truth and therein lies (pun intended) the problem. It's going to be a long tough campaign for the new "liberal" resident from California!!!

Hall is a losing candidate.

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Nothing needs to be done to defeat Mr. Hall because he will defeat himself by his own actions and attitude as stated by many bloggers. A referendum for any expenditure over $250k is just plain ignorant. We elect representatives to represent us, that is our form of government. If you don't like the current representation the electorate will vote for different representation at the polls. That's the way it works here in the United States of America.

Our Founding Fathers created a republican form of government - a state in which the supreme power rests in the people through their elected representative - a self-government based on a structure of checks and balances. Complete democracies have no checks and balances and they always fail!

Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and was approached by a reporter, who asked him, "What have you given us, Dr. Franklin?"

"A republic," he replied, "if you can keep it.

Now Mr. Halls great idea is to take away the republic our Founding Fathers have created for us and create chaos by having frequent referendums (a typical California liberal idea).

I vote in every election and have to live by my vote until the next election. What I've read here on this blog site and heard and seen from Mr. Hall I know for sure he will not get my vote!

Ultimately, in Mr. Halls case, I am sure he thinks he knows better than our Founding Fathers.

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Sounds to me like Roger Hall supporters have nothing better to do than other than throw insults. In the article above Hall claims that:

"Hall’s first priority is to restructure and reform the attitude that the city government has toward its citizens.

"What other council in a normal world would sit on their hands and allow insults to flow freely from a councilman against a citizen speaking from the podium?

Yet, in the same article he slanders both Popoff and Tucker, makes me wonder. If Hall was a true gentleman and a man of his word he would not have done that. He would have also asked his supporters to tame down the rhetoric, after all, it's all politics.

I must agree with Flowerpower, what in the world does any of this have to do with Halls qualifications. What will make him a good representative for Marco Island? As far as I'm concerned he is starting off on a negative note.

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Mr. Foster, give it up and start disrupting your new city and leave us alone.