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Written on Legislation, Island sentiments may sink Marco’s involvement in anchoring regulations :

let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be...whispered words of wisdom...let it be e e e.

Written on Anchoring debate to resurface on Marco?:

A productive idea...Under present laws, what conditions need to exist before the police can make a boater move?

I would guess waste in the water, be it sewage or trash. Leaky tanks of any kind. Noise or other distractions. Boat not in navigation. Boat abandoned. If that were clearer then citizen complaints would be on target and the police would have lots of eyes and ears.

In reality what we want to do is encourage the transient yacht dwellers and discourage squatters.

Written on Anchoring debate to resurface on Marco?:

Who is setting the priorities here...first of all the ORIGINAL proposal by the police department, which also may not be legal, gave them the right to chase people off after two weeks...plenty of time for someone to have a nice visit on their way to/from the Carribean.

The three day not in my back yard deal was dead meat when it was passed.

The courts have decided this already.

Spend your time on something productive city manager.

If there ever becomes a problem there will be ways to deal with it.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Condos should be rewarded for efficiency:

Another idea...cancel the base fee for everyone and cover the costs through the usage. As a portion of the actual usage the issue disapears! Poof!


Written on Letter To The Editor: Rates seem fair:

By George...I think you are on to something.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

This is so simple. The electric company knows exactly what they charged each owner in tax. Give the money back to them and ask them to credit each unit that paid the fee. This will simply reduce next months electric bill. This includes the hotels...why try to fleece them, they were just as much a victim as any other stakeholder on the island.

Do the right thing.

Written on Least expensive Smokehouse Bay Bridge proposal may not be residents’ favorite :

Condoseller might be onto something. 18 months ago I stopped by the Winterberry Bridge and had a chat with a contractor to get a sense of when new bridge would be completed. I did not follow it up, because it could have been just chit chat, and that still may be the case...but he volunteered that he had just torn down a perfectly good bridge.

Council should take another hard look at this project and be sure of what they are doing...if you remember the sewer project, getting the population irritated can be disasterous on Mark-up Island.

Written on Dog bite takes a chunk of faith away from Capri family:

Many towns have a fenced area where the dogs can be dogs and run...fenced the operative word.

Written on Software to add efficiency to Marco's code enforcement and permitting :

Since it saves so much time, what is the headcount reduction?

Written on Yacht clubs address rumors and economic waves:

grunt...right or wrong I love your style.

Written on POLL: Amplified music at Marco’s Esplanade carries council support :

When it started the music was not amplified, then it was amplified a little, then a lot and now with sound barriers. It is too established now to role back, and the sound barriers help and it does not go late into the night...but is still a good example of creep.

Written on Yacht clubs address rumors and economic waves:

We are long time members of a club up north with recoprocity but MIYC limits us to 2 dinners in season, per year. We would drop in excess of 3K a year in the restaurant if we did not have that restriction.

Written on Formal charges of soliciting sex for services filed against Marco doctor:

She went to the wedding with him...Marco News reported they slept together. Shortly thereafter he marries someone else and she leaves town for four years...she comes back and sets him up...this should make for an interesting trial...maybe even a television show some day.

Not guilty until convicted.

Written on Will art proposal have businesses seeing red?:

We like Joey's but only go out of season. He is right, he is losing business during the season but it is a combination of parking, seating and servers. Tough on Marco because when you add size to handle the bigger crowds usually the freshness of food suffers, bigger is harder to manage and then you are stuck with big overhead for the 8 months when there is no about Joey's south, Joey...down by Marco walk or over by Publix.

Written on POLL/PHOTOS: Islanders have another look at bridge design:

I question the urgency but of the designs offered the simple structures have more appeal than the "wow factor". In due time the wow factors will require more maintainence and are a major distraction to the natural beauty and the general build out scheme present on most of Marco. Of the two, the one with the median seems to be the more beautiful.

Written on Which is your favorite Smokehouse Bay Bridge design:

I found the city website on this and was able to view three of the presentations, then I googled smokehouse bridge marco with the name of the other two firms and was able to view those designs. I found the city vote section cumbersome and could not figure how to rank.

My opinion is that the designs with the "wow factor" are a little over the top when you look at the prevailing style of most of the building on the Island and I think in due time they will get old and also require more maintenance. The TBE is my favorite followed by the Volkert...the edge to TBE because or the simplicity and the landscaped Medians which kind of follows the theme down Collier Blvd.

Written on POLL: Vote for your favorite Marco Island History Museum mural:

Not bad but we can do better.

Written on Budget blog: Marco chops about $2.5 million thus far:

I am encouraged to see a more conservative approach...why not go back through it and find another 2 million?

Written on Thank you Marco police officers:

This is a good police force and if you have a problem they are approachable and problem solving. I think we are fortunate.

Written on Will doctor’s practice survive latest headlines? :

I do.

People do goofy things in the course of life but my sense is there is something going on here that is not being reported. What the press did report is this chick was very familiar with the doc...she slept with him at least once four years ago and they had a relationship, were texting each other, keeping in touch. She trusted him enough to ask for medical favors and he trusted her enough to ask for sexual favors. How this gets turned into soliciting for prostitution is a bit of a mystery. Is it revenge? Is it for money? Do the other antics including run for council, Shaws death, the episode over the parking lot play into this? Is somebody trying to get this guy?

There is a "smell test" problem here and while I admit a guy with this profile should be a little more reserved and dignified, I for one will not attack him until it all comes out.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

I have found Guidry to be a fine general care doctor that sticks to his area of expertise and pushes you to more qualified when needed. The office runs pretty tight to schedule yet I have never felt pushed aside. Medications are prescribed with care and he does not milk the system, looks for cost containment.

That said I think the community is going to lose him...too much smoke.

Written on Marco Island loses appeal in boat anchoring case:

The original proposal by the Marco Police would have probably worked.

Written on It’s the Law: Florida condominium gets revisions:

What's the problem?

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