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Written on Letter to the Editor: MIPD responds:

Even though K-man's comments are mostly incomprehensible he usually has a nugget of truth at the core of what he's trying to say. Crime on Marco Island? Not so much. Police Force trying to justify its existence - quite a bit. Sign as soon as you get off the bridge saying "Lock your car" ... totally the wrong message for our little corner of paradise. Marco is about as safe as it gets in the USA. Why don't we celebrate this rather than suggest we're the theft capital of North America. A better sign would be "Leave your car unlocked. The chances of anything being stolen from it here are waaaaaaaay lower then anywhere else on this continent."

Written on The case for space: Marco Marriott details expansion proposal to public:

Lots of NIMBY in these comments. I live pretty close and it doesn't bother me. I'm with captnjimbo - seems like they heard the feedback and modified the plan. Hey neighbors - change happens. You can't stop it. Better a good corporate citizen which listens than some sleazy operator that REALLY wants young studs and cougars in town. Now if only I could find the location for that in Marco ....

Written on Church Lady: Thanksgivukkah, a feast of religious freedom:

Well this is fascinating. I feel unburdened. I'm NOT the only atheist on Marco Island!!! I may, however, be the only former editor of a national news organization on the Island who takes great exception to the Marco Eagle publishing religious drivel and labeling it "News."

Written on Residents react to idea of replacing Mackle Park Center:

No thanks. Not with my tax dollars. There aren't enough of them to go round and I don't want to send you any more!

Written on Mini-golf course reopens after settlement with MICA :

So let me understand what you're saying here WMissow - you don't think elected representatives should be allowed to "Make up their own rules." I read that to mean "Make laws." e.g. Bylaws. Hmmmm - thought that pretty much defined what democracy is. We, the people, elect them, the legislators. They make laws on our behalf. We require them to enforce them on our behalf.

I really HATE to agree with the K-man but on this issue he is 100% korekt. MICA is unelected therefore not democratic. Count me among those who would rather deal with a single elected body (City Council) than two ... one of which is an undemocratic expression of someone's 1960's vision for my home Island.

Written on Church Lady: Mission trip unites Family Church members to assist needy children:

Not news. I'm an atheist. I'm offended that this appears in a so-called newspaper. "The church members saw what God was doing in Kenya." Really? Journalism? I was a journalist for 25 years and I was taught that you had to figure out "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How." Who interviewed God, or His/Her representative, to get to the information about what He/She was doing in Kenya? I also thought the Constitution defined a separation between Church and State. Apparently not in Marco Island.

Written on Church Lady: God's message of labor:

In a secular society this is news because????? I can perhaps see something similar being "news" in Tehran, since they're a theocracy and God apparently rules their every decision, but of course you'd need to swap out the referenced God for a different one.

Written on Snookin 'N Cookin: Snook reopening to the delight of anglers and cooks everywhere:

Its amazing that snook season is open again. Such a wonderful fighting fish and so good to eat too. We love good cooking so we applaud the time that someone took to provide this recipe. I encourage you to try Seth and Astrid's business, but whatever you do don't spoil the fish by trying to cook it this way.

This recipe is maybe from the 1970's or 80's. Smothering wonderful fish in rich sauce and pastry is what we did a quarter of a century ago. No more. Sear or broil it quickly with aromatics and have lemon or any other citrus ready to squeeze over it.

Whatever you do don't smother the wonderful flavour of snook with all these extras. Simple is best. Check how they cook fish at any Michelin starred restaurant anywhere on the planet. A plate of fresh snook might cost you $50 ... if you can get it, but it will be simply grilled or broiled and served with aromatics.

For us, it's free if you know the right water, right tide, right bait or right fisherman! How wonderful.

Written on Guest commentary: Marco Golf and Garden responds to MICA:

We have owned on Marco for three years now (home, not condo) and are still confused about why we need an organization of well-meaning neighbors to take care of our interests when we have an elected city council.

We read comments in this discussion that sound like "don't expect council to look after our interests." Huh? They're elected ... presumably by a majority of us. If we don't like their decisions we should change the makeup of council. Something we can't do with MICA. The dialog that suggests elected councillors won't look out for our interests mirrors the one we hear from our Republican friends who find it utterly incomprehensible that a Democrat is sitting in the White House. They seem to feel that we need something better than democracy to protect our interests.

Well, we don't. Democracy ain't perfect but it's a whole lot better than the alternatives. Which include unelected, unknown neighbors who want to tell me what my house should look like and mandate me to pay for the privilege.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

Why do we need two organizations that do the same thing? One must be redundant. I don't much care which one needs to go but one of them does. Otherwise we have an extremely inefficient development system on Marco.

Whichever one remains needs to have several characteristics to make it work in a democracy. Governance needs to be transparent and I need a say in governance. That is I need to vote for the governors. Finances need to be transparent. .. I need to be able to review them. Operations needs to be transparent. .. I need to understand both why and how decisions are made. There needs to be some kind of appeal process ... the organization making the decisions can't review its own decisions.

I own my property ... it is not a condominium subject to governance by a condo board. My take is that MICA is acting as a de facto condo board that isn't interested in subjecting itself to normal due process.

I do not know the Kramer's, have never had anything to do with MICA and do not play golf of any kind.

Written on From dogs to ultralights, Marco Island's beaches face issues:

OK so here are my biases up front. We have two dogs, they're small and white and have never been to ANY beach, never mind the beach on Marco. We're Canadian - so when we live in our Marco home we believe we're living in the land of the brave and the home of the free. Our dogs enjoy our home, our pool and their on-leash walks around our neighborhood and Mackle Park. But wait a minute, the home of the free???

Even though we don't want to take our dogs to the beach why can't we? In a free and democratic society such as the one we all enjoy in SW Florida, why are we not allowed to take our dogs on the beach? Why is there such a long list of things we can't do?

It's strange coming from Toronto which is pretty inclusive to Marco which seems to have endless rules about what you can't do. No dogs on the beach? Why not? We'd never take them there but I'd be interested to hear why we're not permitted to do so in our home Island where we pay as much tax as anyone else.

Written on Florida poll: Hillary Clinton leads Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio for president:

Oh my! This is what passes for political discourse on Marco? (Folks, "discourse" is a big word meaning "talking about things.") Klaus, you might want to consider taking some lessons on expressing yourself in the English language. Rather than in Germanic-Pseudo-Incomprehensible-English.

26yearsonmarco have you checked the results of the most recent federal election recently? Hint: You lost.

MarcoBob - what if some of the idiots are actually informed? Maybe even more informed than you? I know it's tough to contemplate but listening to Rush Limbaugh every day doesn't lead to enlightenment. You might consider subscribing to the Neanderthal Osprey. Head-bangingly good. It's where I get all my great ideas.

(If anyone has any suggestions about who else I can insult, please forward.)

What does it say about the current state of the GOP that even the Marco Eagle can publish a story about either Clinton that is this positive? Genuinely scary for Old White Guys like me. The Republican Party has lost its way. There are real signs that it might have some young almost-leaders who can navigate it out of the wilderness. But that will mean compromise, and we all know how difficult that is after we're 60. Right Klaus? Did I say 60 ...

Is it at all possible that all you retired, presumably semi-intelligent folks, can have an civilized, cosmopolitan conversation about politics? No? Thought not. Too much fun to type and blast!

Written on Marco Island police report slight crime uptick:

in response to OldMarcoMan:

Maybe if we had more Cops?
Cameras on the Bridge ?
New Police Boat ?
A Chief that lived on Marco? Heck even some officers who lived here?
More Police Cars ?
New Paint schemes for the Police cars we have ?

Just some ideas from a guy who pays taxes.

So by my calculation about one crime every two months per cop. Seems intense. Must be a lot of burnout in the Department. Do we pay for counselling to help with that? Thought so.

Comments from another guy who pays taxes.

Written on Aqua Construction and Development completes Marco Island model :

Does anyone in SW Florida check out architectural trends from anywhere? Even staid old Architectural Digest???? Anything? Apparently not.

This home absolutely fits in with the faux Tuscan, faux Spanish, faux ANYTHING dreck that gets built in Naples/Marco. I'm sure it will sell. Will customers not buy original architecture? How can anyone who calls him/herself an architect look in the mirror when this is what they have to design/build?

If you have any interest at all in checking out what people (like us) appreciate elsewhere, take a look at Why does no-one in SW Florida build anything even vaguely like this????

Written on Speed limits studied, will change on some Marco Island roadways:

So if I drive from Joey's Pizza to the Marco Marina (something I do regularly since I live near Joey's) there will be speed limits of 35, 30 and 25 mph. In about 2 miles of continuous driving in a built-up area. Can we not adopt the approach that the rest of the world takes - you know, those communities that don't have bureaucrats with too much time on their hands - and have a single speed limit for the Island? Say 30 mph if you want to slow everyone down a bit, like the city manager tried to do last year.

I agree the road design at Collier/Tigertail is appalling - really bad sightlines because of the curve and landscaping, fairly high volume, a difficult left turn out of Tigertail. But a speed limit won't fix that as no-one will pay attention to it because it changes so often.

Written on Marco Island crime numbers increase, police chief warns about prevention:

I'm very happy we live in such a safe place. So let me think back to when I was a junior reporter ... 28 reported thefts from vehicles - four guys caught in one fell swoop for 20 of them in January, leaving eight for the rest of the year.... that must mean .... less than one a month??? And 18 violent crimes. Hmmm. What's the story here? Lower crime rate than Vatican City? Police Chief protecting his budget? Move to Marco now it's the safest city in the country? But maybe not "crime skyrocketing."

Written on City Hall renovations, updated website aim to improve customer service:

As a new Marco Island homeowner who bought in the middle of the worst recession since 1929 I am frankly surprised at the continued spending by the City. I can understand that it might be more convenient, but how can we afford it?

I also think it's great to see a police officer parked with flashers every day at the school and at church on Sundays, but don't we have people who could volunteer to do that instead of spending my hard-earned tax dollars on it?

I think our City is yet to face the reality of its fiscal situation. It's a recession. You save, not spend.

Written on Korals on Marco creates every kind of sushi the ocean has to offer:

Based on your story we went to Koral's for dinner tonight. We looked at the total of five kinds of fresh fish available and immediately left. We have eaten in sushi restaurants expensive and inexpensive on five continents - we have never before visited a so-called sushi restaurant that offered only five kinds of fish. The story that ran in the Marco News is, at the very least, grossly misleading.

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