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Naples-Rocket, I too would like to know why you are paying that much for water. It seems excessive for what condo rates are. Please consider sharing your billing info/rates with me at 393-0939 as I haven't heard of any other condo owners paying that much.

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It's about time! It has taken getting new independent council members and a utility that has been run into probable bankruptcy to get the attention it needed to straighten it out. People are so fed up, I've even heard from condo owners who also own a house and have said they thought they were getting too good a deal on the condo rates.

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Here's some reading material for you Ed.

You'd better get ready to test yourself for the next 20 yrs.

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There was no need to put this CRA? on the books now. I love how C. Gibson says this isn't going to cost us anything, but when A. Petricca went in front of them and told them the costs to the rest of us when we have to make up the difference that won't be coming in to the city from this CRA?, he looked shocked. He's still puzzleing over that. There are lots of problems with CRA'?s? when times are still uncertain...Marco Eagle 2/7/10 said about the foreclosure in Treviso Bay, : "The sad news for everyone involved is that under current market conditions, the entire project is not worth the outstanding community developement debt" Right now, no one who is fiscally responsible can assume that there will be a positive outcome for this.

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It is curious, but good to note that you have finally found your voice to uphold our freedom of speech. As I recall several years ago when our freedom of speech was being hindered by our city parks ordinance, my memory tells me you were silent then. I and many other islanders spoke out, and after a lengthy period,it was changed.
Words are important, but if you do not take action when action is required, then they amount to nothing.

Written on Forensic audit response: Price tag a shocker, no fraud, no surprise:

It wasn't that Harrison was afraid to ask for help. He was asked if he needed help and he said no. Ask yourself why. The other question Mr Stephanides, Sciarinno, and others, is why you weren't concerned about our city's books being in good order after Dana Souza brought out the problems he saw. If people hadn't practically demanded an audit, which was money well spent, we still would be in the dark. Do you not want your city to be the best it can be?

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Forrest Court is not anywhere near Mackle Park or Heathwood, so where did this in fact happen?
Who knows?

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I think it would take maybe 50 to 60 septic tanks to fail all at the same time to equal the mess the city created today.

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This veterans day we all are reminded that we owe thanks to those who have served and those who are serving now. To those who were called and those who volunteered, a sincere "thank you".

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I've always felt that Dana Souza has done a great job for the city, and I don't want to see him leave. I think he has exhibited good knowledge of what the city manager's duties are when he was serving as interim, showed strong leadership skills, and made people accountable for their actions. By all appearances, he communicated with the council well and performed that job as well as or better than anyone else with a degree. What more could you ask for?

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You are so right Mr Green. Thank you for saying that. Marco residents deserve to know what's happening in their city. Sorry if some people here don't seem to care about getting the whole story from their newspaper.

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This school board needs seven people on it. It is too large a district to have only 5 members making decisions for this large of an area. Also, they should not be paid for their service. Where I come from,people do this to give back to the community, not for the pay.

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Who are the proposed boat slips/docks supposed to serve? We do not need to draw more people from off the island here for their convenience so they have a
place to dock their boat. We have enough congestion on that part of our island now, and during season it is gridlock. This is our main artery on and off the
island. What about this proposal makes it in our city's interest to do? The yacht club wants to use our navigable waters in that cove area where the general public comes to fish and play, for their monetary gain. We should not support that.

Written on Sulfides high in small areas:

If you're one of the people being affected with
health problems and you live in the areas where this
de-watering is going on I'm sorry for what you're going through. I've seen report after report that
says there are many negative health effects from it
but our city says it's ok to continue because there
is no positive proof that it is the cause. So what,
we now know about the health effects from breathing second hand smoke, but we've never had any measurable proof of that either. Older people don't
have the physical immunity to hazards like younger
people do. Why is that so hard to understand?

Written on Marco's 10-year anniversary: Give us your two cents:

Time passes, people come and go,and opportunities of
change are presented to us as citizens.Ultimately,we will prescribe the future of our city. And so it is hoped that more of our voters will add their voices with their votes in our next election so we will have a council that truly represents the people. There will be many problems to be solved and tough decisions to be made, but we'll deal with it. Our next council will be on a mission to make Marco a delight to come home to and a more welcoming place for visitors. That's my vision. We can do it. It's our home!!!

Written on Two workers released and heading back to work:

As I've said before, our City is complicit in these violations of worker protections by continuing to use companies like this to perform work in our City.
We should value people's health, no matter whether they are full-time, part-time city personnel, or workers that are contract employees who don't have a clue about the equipment they are supposed to be provided. It says a lot about what kind of people we are when health concerns are put on the back burner so the work can get done. As a citizen, I'm certainly unhappy that my representative government was not proactive from the beginning. These accidents should never happen.

Written on Marco Island seeks outside experts to investigate gas concerns:

Health hazards when performing work such as this should be taken seriously. Obviously these contractors the city has chosen to do business with don't take worker regulations and requirements for the training and equipment needed seriously. The question is why is our city using, and thereby condoning, the practices of these companies? These workers are probably "immigrants" who don't have a clue as to how they're being exploited by the companies that are using them, and our city is complicit in this by allowing it to go on.

Written on Marco Island to form 2008 budget:

What kind of a bureaucracy has been created here that
it takes fifteen million dollars a year just to operate this small city? Salaries, public works money, and maintenance costs need to be seriously looked at.

Written on Marco Walk almost in compliance, says Olmsted:

If Mr Agami can continue to work on the problem until December when 5 Brothers Pizza's lease is up, they'll be out of business and the parking problem
for Cap't Briens, will be solved. Sounds like 5 Brothers Pizza is going to have to be sacrificed so
Cap't Briens can be accommodated. Gee, I wonder why.......

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I don't need an "expert" to come in and do testing.
I know my husband has coughed so much he was at the doctors office Monday and my throat has been irritated so much I'm drinking water constantly. I don't know for sure why, I can only guess the cause.
We don't have any red tide problem, that I'm aware of,there's no smoke in the air from fires, so what else has been going on for weeks?

Written on Guest commentary: Stopping the STRP sham:

There is no justification for the STRP. Only the desire of the majority of the City Council to have it. Projects of this magnitude should be based on whether or not it is needed, or desired by the whole
community,of which this is neither. The people will speak at the next election and the new council will have to right the wrongs that this council has done.
So we can only hope they will realize what their legacy will be and stop making things worse for the island.

Written on Guest commentary: Stopping the STRP sham:

There is no justification for the STRP. Only the desire of the majority of the City Council to have it. Projects of this magnitude should be based on whether or not it is needed, or desired by the whole
community,of which this is neither. The people will speak at the next election and the new council will have to right the wrongs that this council has done.
So we can only hope they will realize what their legacy will be and stop making things worse for the island.

Written on POP gets signatures certified for referendum:

Nobody should be afraid of job performance reviews, if they're doing a good job. And does anybody know why there hasn't been any letters to the editor since June 21, I can't believe nobodys sending them in. Maybe, Wayne Waldack burned up the presses since he had so many in there. Robert Glaub

Written on Councilors object to special called meeting:

As I understand the intent of the Sunshine Law, it is to give the public confidence in the conducting
of government business. I find it hard to have any faith in our city government when information is exchanged between selected council members and the staff, and bid notices are published in advance of any decisions made by the council as a whole. Our city is in great need of a make-over.

Written on One year of a daily Eagle: Citizens approve of change from weekly newspaper:

Your newspaper fills a void on Marco for timely reporting of daily events that others don't have the space allotted for or the capability of doing. You can rest assured that the great majority of us "islanders" appreciate that you give us the coverage you do and the forum to make comments
about local events and opinions. No democratic society has ever been hurt by too much reporting, only by less. Thank you!!

Written on Marco referendum: Pay for sewers with utility rates, not taxes, voters say:

Do you think they got the message? We don't want the spending cap subject to change, we won't give you our stamp of approval for sewering the island, and overall, pretty much unhappy with how you're governing the island.

Written on Council proposes November election, tables public service tax:

I don't have any suggestions about boycotts, but I do know that an ethical person who is up for re-election, or not able to run again whould have said that the question of when Marco's elections should be held in the future should be left to the incoming council and could be revisited then. Those four people on the council that want to extend their terms for 8 months are not behaving ethically.

How convenient that Mr Moss and Mr Jovanovich had the law researched,and that option well prepared for the councils consideration.

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

Mr Issler, your city council had opportunities all along to make proper decisions, but chose not to. We asked for testing to be done to show pollution. They refused to do that. When the asbestos contamination was brought up by Roger Hall at the council meeting, they chose to ignore him, deny that it occurred, then charged that citizens had planted it there. Think about the opportunities they had to act in the best interests of all of us and chose not to. And you wonder why lawsuits get filed?

Written on POP tries again for election referendum:

Our city council keeps driving nails in its coffin. Thanks Russ, because you may be bringing us our first opportunity to clean house at city hall.I'm sure there won't be a problem in passing this referendum, if it ever gets before the people. We can be sure our council, which says it's interested in saving money, won't hesitate to spend whatever it takes to stop this.

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

Wow, its been two days since Roger Hall announced his candidacy and he is being viciously attacked as though he had committed some terrible crime. He has stated his position and what his plans are. He has never been ambivalent, coy, or has any hidden agenda.
What are you people afraid of?

I admire him for confronting the wrong being done to our community. Thank you Roger and Joe Batte too, for being willing to put yourself out there. Many Marco Islanders appreciate it!

Written on Rife retires from Eagle editor position:

Mr. Rife, I wish to thank you for your service to the community. I especially thank you for giving the citizens of Marco a forum for exercising our first amendment rights. A big part of that also, is allowing your reporters the freedom to report all sides of the issues we find ourselves confronting on Marco.

Best of luck to you in the future.

Written on More asbestos found on Marco:

The asbestos fiasco on Marco is like a hot potato that gets passed around but no one wants to deal with it. Clearly the law was violated, but Quality gets rewarded with more work. Apparently Bill Moss and Rony Joel didn't know what their contractor was doing. Nobody cares about the workers exposed to it.
The only ones paying are the taxpayers. Will citizens ever get an apology from Councilman Tucker?
Will the FBI, EPA,FDLE, or Sheriff's office ever give the citizens an answer?

Written on None:

Not much Joey, I'm still trying to get them to correct the city ordinance that requires a permit and a fee to exercise our free speech in a public park, which is guaranteed by the constitution.

Written on Conference call yields 5 theories on how asbestos wound up on Marco site, city manager says:

Let's see now, 7 people from the city, 3 from Quality
enterprises, 2 from the EPA, 2 from AMR (cleaning people) and 1 from the DEP. How do we think this is going to turn out? With no one there from Cares, or
Roger Hall, Butch Neyland, or any other citizens representative? How one sided can it get?

Written on Letters to the Editor: April 3:

I've met many good citizens on Marco Island and I could take up much room here naming them all, but the one that stands out the most for sheer dedication to the citizens and their rights is Dr. Fay Biles. She has done more to keep us all informed and in the process has helped to make our city government more transparent, which is as it should be. She doesn't just say she'll do something.
She does it better than most of us ever could.

Karen Glaub

Written on Citizens group will try to halt sewer project:

Citizens have been asking to vote from the beginning and they wouldn't let us. Under Bill Moss's leadership there hasn't been much democracy here. They should listen to the voice of the people. Thanks, Friends of Marco, for taking the initiative.

Written on Deputies examine Marco council member's computer:

Pardon my ignorance, but I too was surprised to learn that correspondence between citizens and their councilors was a public record. I do wonder why all this was not covered during the new councilmens orientation/information meeting when they took office. Why weren't the requirements covered? What was relayed to them? Where the bathrooms are? Where to park? Who dropped that ball? Oh, lets see, Bill Moss?

Written on Marco council contract approval paves way for asbestos removal:

I'm still wondering why this council continually accepts Mr Moss's refusal to force Quality Enterprises to clean up the mess. For him to say that city people are partly responsible because they asked QE to put those pipes on the mulch piles on site C, is an admission of guilt then that the city knew there was asbestos in those pipes. If the city didn't know, then we had no part in it being there in the first place. It was the contractors duty to recognize what they were working with and take appropriate measures from the beginning, which they did not do. But what the heck, it's only the taxpayers money. Does anybody care?

Written on Recall committee states case in appeal’s brief:

The wheels of justice turn slowly but hopefully the system will review the facts of the case and give us an unbiased ruling.

Written on Marco won't pursue legal costs from 3 lawsuits with PAC in 13 months:

Unfortunately, contrary views are considered frivolous, unwanted, and unneeded. Hence the lawsuits, followed up by Mr Moss's spending even more to recover costs related to them. Looks to me like an obvious attempt to stifle the citizens into acceptance. All the while publicly stating "We encourage our citizens to participate in the governing of Marco Island." If not for Mr.Kiester getting it on the agenda, we wouldn't have known how much money was spent. Thank God it's over now.

Written on Marco Island Council accept DiSciullo's plan :

Anyone who believes sewer systems with lift stations all over the place is good for our island should stop and think about what's going to happen to them when (god forbid) a strong storm surge comes over our city and they are all out of commission because of lack of electricity. Mr Moss says we can't have shutoff valves to keep it from backing up into our homes. Remember how long we went without power with Wilma? We don't have a problem with the septics, yet it's "perceived" a future problem, so we have the grand STRP, which has caused damaged friendships,much worry and more divisiveness than anyone here can ever remember.

Written on Letters to the Editor: March 7:

With our well being,lifestyles, and property values at risk,everyone ought to be concerned about the environment here. We can't stop the pollution of the caloosahatchee river, or naples bay, some of which ends up down here, but we should be able to require our city government to do the right thing. Why aren't our hotels and tourism people speaking up about this. Their livelihood is at risk. Karen Glaub

Written on DiSciullo's voting pattern on STRP surprises some residents:

Marco's sewage system has had spills and with more mgd's handled, will likely have more. You're increasing the probability of a major environmental disaster here. Establish a mandatory maintenance program for septic systems, test the waters on those
canals, and see what happens. Say no to deep injection wells.

Written on Should the city council consider a referendum that would cap all sewer assessments at $10,000? :

No. 1, this still doesn't answer the question of whether the septic tanks are polluting, hence it is an unneeded program. No. 2, you cannot pull out the septic tanks because of unproven pollution, and then put in these deep injection wells to handle wastewater when they are now suspected of polluting the aquifiers. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose stated?

Written on Should the city increase the reuse water rate?:

The individual homeowner has to pay full price for
watering our lawns. We can't have reuse water as
there isn't enough to go around, I was told. Therefore, reuse water sold to those lucky enough to
get it, should pay 75% of what the rest of us pay.

Written on Mack plans several stops in Collier:

Rep Mack has a plan to spend millions to study red tide, etc. for several years, for "research'. There
was a time I would have thought it's a good idea, however, we need action now. Not more research. Most scientists think it's from too many nutrients
running off into the waters, so two years more of doing nothing to stop that won't help.

Written on Should there be a toll to pay for the repairs/upgrades to the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge?:

Who owns the Jolly Bridge? Is it the city? Is it the county? Is it the state? If the city does not own it then the city (Marco taxpayers) shouldn't be paying toll to maintain and/or replace it. Who says we need a four lane bridge? Except at rush hour, the bridge isn't that busy most of the time. I grant you that in season there is more traffic but these people shouldn't be in such a hurry. Didn't they come here to relax and enjoy? I have heard people say that we need two exit lanes during hurricane season if there is an evacuation order. That could easily be handled by having a policeman at either end of the bridge and using the existing lanes as one-way as needed. A four-lane bridge wouldn't help because you only have two lanes to feed the bridge and only two lanes to carry traffic away. During hurricane season the island population is quite small. We don't need a 747 when a Piper Cub will do.

Also, why was Mr. Minozzi at a county meeting to discuss the bridge anyway? Was he there as a private citizen or was he there as the city's representative? If he was there on official business wouldn't that have been discussed at Council meeting? Maybe I missed it. Anyone know the answers?
Robert Glaub (Marco Man notice that I put my name on my comments)

Written on Marco council adjourns citing ‘unruly’ atmosphere:

We'd both like to say to Chairperson CiSciullo that our last tax bill indicates that we own some of this island, so we feel it is improper for you to keep referring to Marco as "my island". This is OUR island. Robert and Karen Glaub

Written on Do you think the Marco Island City Council made a good decision by ending the meeting early?:

After Monday nite's meeting, Chairperson DiSciullo made statements to the Fox 4 TV, that we were an unruly crowd. It showed a disregard for the whole island by her promoting that misconception to the rest of SW Florida.

All one has to do is watch a replay of the meeting to see that up until it was abruptly adjourned, it was a fairly quiet meeting. I've been there when it was much louder. That's not necessarily a good thing, just stating a fact.

So, why do you think it was stopped for no reason?Karen Glaub

Written on Letter: 'Resort destination’ doesn’t seem to fit:

FYI, everyone here, snowbirds, latecomers, long-time owners have a stake in the future of this island. Quit putting people down by categorizing them. It behooves noone to ignore the maneuvering, behind the scenes, in order to get around having to allow the taxpayers to have a say in the outcome of these issues. Obviously these council members, with Moss's input had made their decisions before the meetings, and merely listened to but ignored what the public had to say. This is why we have a "sunshine law". Karen Glaub