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Written on Marco officer fired, then reinstated, facing termination:

Shermanator at it again....what a useless piece of turd...he can go work with his buddy hennings at the petting zoo

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Mr.Baer lives in the getto of Summit Place way out by immokolee road,why was he racing to Marco Island?

Written on East Naples man accused of selling cocaine to undercover deputies :


Written on Chief Rod under investigation in murder plot:

in response to woozygirl:

Poor Rod Dippolito. Assistant Chief Dave Baer will have a field day with him.

Wow.......Dave Baer is going to get off his rear and get his nose outa Hunters rear and do somthing,would love to see that....

Written on Marco ex-cop still hopes to get job back despite careless driving conviction:

You hired the skinny loser cop (Shemanator)back after he beat the shizz out of someone in bathroom of Flamingo with the Roid Cop Hennings...why not give Big Ed his job back.

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

I give him 6 months...him and the roid rage officer will screw up again........

Written on New lights mean brighter nights along Bald Eagle Drive for Marco Islanders :

What a waaste off money....starting to look like Miami South Beach...what a joke our island has become,not to mention the black police cruisers

Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

I have a plan this weekend... have a cop beat me up and pepper sray me..... I could use a new BMW.

Written on Fort Myers jury favors Big Tobacco in John Syzmanski smoking case :

Nobody held him down and forced him to smoke.....

Written on Rocket docket: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board zips through the agenda:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Marco officer fired for role in August car crash:

Baer is a total forgot he also over saw contruction of our big fancy police station,I have never gone anywhre that they termenate a roadway to add a builing or a park....what a joke this island has become.

Written on Marco officer fired for role in August car crash:

Don Hunter trimming the lets get the steriod junky off the force.

Written on Marco officer fired for role in August car crash:


Written on Chipping away for charity: Marco Police Foundation golf tourney set for Saturday:

I bet you wont see any officers on patrol for D.U.I's there today.....maybe CCSO should be out today.

Written on Nate Augustus plumbs the Everglades for his growling, mystic music:

Very talented performer.......

Written on Cutting to the Chase: MIPD auxiliary Bill Miller provides time and treasure to the force:

Nice man, good citizen, good reserve.Now if we can get the ones that are getting paid to work as hard as this citizen we will be fine.

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