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Written on Foreclosures up in Collier last month, about the same in Lee :

Too funny.
Foreclosings still all over the map and build-a-thons going on all over the county. Realtors again in a feeding frenzy. The greed index climbing rapidly. A very fragile economy teetering on recession still, inflation creeping up, and a prez who wants to spend and spend. Your money may be best spent on stocking your pantry than a new house.

Written on ACLU Florida urges U.S. leaders to end 287(g) deportation program Collier uses :

We do not rule our community/state/nation by who can shout the loudest. By who can threaten the most. The ACLU was never elected by the people to represent them. Illegal immigration is stall against THE LAW. If you disagree with THE LAW, then vote to change it. Do not scream. If you do not have the right to vote then you are a felon or here illegally, ie, a criminal.
Why doesn't the ACLU call for a public referendum on this? Because the public will side with the law and support the Sherrif who is protecting them and doing his job. If you think you had it better in your country, by all means return there and see if it is how you remembered it. No? I am writing MY elected representatives - Rubio and Mack -- in support of continued enforcement of 287(g). I commend the sherrif.

Written on Collier County supports continuing 287(g) immigration program:

The law is the law. Disgruntled lawbreakers should not be able to decide or demand which laws are enforced and which are not. "Don't Deport my Mommy"? Is mommy here illegally? Yes, then guess what? Mommy is deporting mommy. Our family was created from immigrants from 5 different nations. All legal, all waited and worked to get here. Learned English, worked dirty jobs in fields and factories and educated us. Do not insult me and my family with these insane demands. Go home and come in the legal way. Continue to do the job Sheriff!

Written on Swing state: Florida's capital is a Democratic city surrounding Republican lawmakers :

All government capitals, especially DC, lean democrat. The are the centers for dispersing the free money. They are normally the largest employers in the area and most of the employees are in unions. End of story. Why waste so much newsprint to say more?

Written on Bystanders lift car off Estates woman killed in parking lot:

Very sad, but typical of the 3rd world driving habits of south Florida--where 25% of the drivers are illegals, 25% are from countries that have no driving rules (but we give them a license), and 25% are age handicapped. The other 25% are looking for ways to move north.

Written on Collier teacher to receive Hispanic educator award :

Who gets the outstanding German Educator Award? French? English? Italian? Slovak? Portugese? Polish? Swedish?

What? No one? Well maybe if test scores go up some day...

Written on Collier schools reorg axes job of last administrator brought by former Superintendent Thompson:

$100,000 is a drop in the bucket not worth mentioning in this over-bloated school system that pays administrators more than large Corporate VPs. Insane. Just like all the musical chairs with principals. A real leader would know to wait a year before this kind of restructuring. Result- a lot of bruised feelings. In this county the bruises never they, Mr. Thompson?

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