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Written on Sacher's Town Hall talks Marriott, Rose Marina, beach patrols and obnoxious odors:

"In the past two weeks I have killed 6 rats with snap traps." If U killed 6 then U have 1 more to go. There are 7 rats at the City.. saw 1 ran across the Firehouse at breakfast this morning!!

Written on Sacher's Town Hall talks Marriott, Rose Marina, beach patrols and obnoxious odors:

"Take a drive by the Naples or Ft. Myers treatment plants.... they don't smell at all."
Marco Island's crapp is special and unique!!

Written on Marco officer fired, then reinstated, facing termination:

Why did they rescue him from the woods when he was lost??

Written on Marco Island city manager hears from former police, fire and utilities employees:

The new city manager should interview the current police officers also. He will discover many more are about to leave.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Added EMS service:

Come on Eagle, you don't have spell check? oen sattioned ;tiems; taht;bnetween;wil;

Don't blame it on Fay Biles either!

Written on Marco Island: Decade old site map of Rose Marina changes status of inland lot:

Leave the Bargain Basket out of this mess!!

Written on Marco Island: Decade old site map of Rose Marina changes status of inland lot:

Lewis is trying to make a name for himself from 2 storage companies who hired him but cannot pay him. Now they want the City to foot the bill. The SAD thing is - the taxpayers will end up paying his legal fees.

Written on Zoning code violations at Marco Island's Progressive Auto Car Condo nonexistent, investigation concludes:

I have a license but I don't own a car...but I'm building one in MY garage in a residential zone. Also have a gun range for personal use in MY garage in a residential zone. But I don't sell no guns. Wonder if the neighbors will report me. Then Code Enforcement will get me!

Written on Smoother waters ahead: New rescue boat arrives on Marco Island:

Where will the money come from to build a boat lift? Next they'll need to build a shelter for THE boat and give raises to all the operators!! Murphy's Millions - more to come. I hope council turn them down.

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

This scenario was just played out in another City....Council members calling each other and City Manager to discuss firing of a director - the result = State Attorney investigation, councilor removed by Governor and fined in court. Someone needs to call in the FDLE or State Atty to investigate the corrupt Marco Island!!

Written on 'Building' support: Parks committee will campaign on need for Mackle center:

A new community center that will benefit the ENTIRE Island for $2.2M - referendum required; OR $4M renovation of the fire suite to benefit 40 employees - no referendum needed..... Council weigh the logic.

Written on Guest Commentary: MIPD Chief Don Hunter – A response to concerns regarding our department:

The good thing about the MIPD and the MIFD is that they service both their supporters and opponents.

Written on Marco Island Code Board deals with building safety, sewer cases:

Yes Mr Adams, you're right to question why Duane Thomas was not prosecuted - think he is above the law. Now that's selective enforcement by the City. Hope that's not the end of it....

Written on Bringing down the house: Milk asks Marco Island Code Enforcement Board for authority to raze derelict home:

Checked the agenda last week and a certain DT marine contractor was on the list for illegal dumping and public safety, he was not prosecuted, wonder why??? Watched the hearing and the code supervisor when asked about them stated he was comp LIED!! Something fishy about this one. Eagle, where is your investigative reporter? Please dig into this one.

Written on A day in the life: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board hears reality of compliance staff:

Heard one of the code officers quit after the previous code board meeting! Wonder why....???

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

Yeah - you want to treat me like a criminal if I park across the sidewalk in front of MY house!! I'm gonna rent my house to a bunch of boys from da 'hood. Then Code enforcement will target it because of calls from whining neighbors.

Written on Connecticut man dies after being pulled from Marco Island lake:

Seems to be a pattern here:
1.Fire on Gulfport Ct, 2 mins from fire station - TOTAL LOSS!
2. Man drowning at Mackle Park, 2 mins from fire station - HE DIED.
Makes the best fire department on the Island; just reward them with a lucrative contract, half million dollar boat, and renovation of the RESORT.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

Mmmm..... Marco Island a coastal community, no building codes.. homeowner does what he wants to.. Hurricane comes in - total destruction.. Blame the building inspectors like in Punta Gorda for the devastation! Not the homeowner's responsibility to get licensed contractors to follow the standards.

Written on Lely loses in 5A-Region 4 volleyball final :

Go Jensen Beach!

Written on Paul Meyer drops out of Marco Island City Council race:

Paul, you're right! A lot of unhappy people on Marco Island for sure. I come across them everyday. Wish you would have stuck it out, but family comes first and that's what makes you happy, not money - as can be seen by the unhappiness on the Island. Life is what you make it.

Written on FACT CHECK: Ryan takes factual shortcuts in speech :

One universal qualification for politrickians is that of being a liar.

Written on City signs $39,550 contact for cul-de-sac median improvements and maintenance on Marco Island:

The top brass of the city should volunteer their time monthly on a couple of cul-de-sacs cleaning, trimming, mulching, planting and weeding....... then they will start looking better. Save some money also.

Written on Forum: Email sets off flag debate on Marco Island:

typical of a marco island old f art! rather than doing something constructive and picking them up, he goes around complaining to everyone. he also took pics of the flags in place in the mulch, no mention about those.

Written on A place to park your toys: Duane Thomas has a lot for you:

Mr DT has created more code violations in the city than anyone else with the trash and junk left behind on the staging lots and oil spills from his sunken barges. Great picture from behind that fence!

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