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It is so funny how bloggers seem to think that by striking the keys on their keyboard suddenly makes them experts where everyone is interested in their opinions.

The blogs above are just another perfect example of meaningless rambling with no basuis in fact. MICA has been LEGALLY appointed by Deltona Corporation as the "Authorized Agency" to act on behalf of the Deltona Corporation for the enforcement of Architectural Issues and Deed Restrictions. Yes, for those of you that were not aware, each and every property on Marco Island is subject to Deed Restrictions that are, in most cases, more restrictive than zoning guidelines.
There are no "voting" for or against MICA and for those students of history, if not for MICA, our Island would be MUCH more developed than it is now.
So thank you MICA and keep up the good work you are appointed to do !!!
Ed Issler

Written on Utilities, again – Marco Island City Council workshop delves into water and sewer issues :

Hey, just do comparisons to other cities before you all throw stones. We are not large farmland that can exist using Septic Tanks. But that argument has already been solved.

We are a small city, and as such the burden of utilities is spread so ever thin amongst a limited number of us. Read above and you will see those that would blame others for what is reality, not frivolous spending.

One day I suggest we hold a workshop and do nothing but look into what other coastal cities about the same size as Marco are doing, what their costs are for all services and utilities and see if we are higher, lower or the same and what we can do to improve on any budget or expenditure items.

We are not the only city our size and there are many that offer different comparative scenarios that we may be able to learn from or at least realize that we MIGHT not be out of line with costs.

How about it, anyone else care to learn ?? Seems more meaningful than just rambling in a blog !!!

Ed Issler

Written on Utilities, again – Marco Island City Council workshop delves into water and sewer issues :

Sounds like a place you should move back to !!!

Let us know how things are now when you move back there.

Written on New Marco Island city finance director gets down to details; council hears suits facing city :

ajm3: Nobody has to defend Mr. Honig. He is one of the rational members of Council. I think if you look into your posting, above, you will find a msstatement. Mr. Honig is NOT concerned about the number of requests made by memebers of Council. He is concerned, and rightfully so, that memebers of Council are requesting or expoecting City Staff to organize, analyze and consolidate their request(s) as part of the process. It is not the responsibility for City Staff to perfform these tasks. In fact, it would appear to be illegal for City Staff to do so. I would expect the City Manager to not allow any member of City Staff to perform personal "jobs (tasks)" for members of Council !!
Ed Issler

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

This issue is not whether or not a Miniature Golf Course will be built on this land. It is about having to get MICA approval on the operational and architectural elements of the business, as provided for in the Deed Restrictions.
It seems that this has come about due to a personal vendetta on the part of Mr. Kramer and nothing else. I hope they have to tear it down and start again.

And for those of you that did not know, the horse drawn carraige concept was also a Deed Restricted endeavour. It never had a chance. MICA is just enforcing the desires of the Developer. That is a good thing.

As I understand it, most Deeds on Marco contain a Restriction pertaining to the keeping of "Farm Animals" on the property. Suffice it to say that a horse is a Farm Animal. I guess Deltona did not want Marco to be farmland. Good idea !!!!
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council names committee volunteers, questions response to public record requests :

If you people would read the story and the quotes, or better yet, be there in person, you would know that Mr. Honig has/had NO issues or problems with Mr. Pettricia's Public Records requests.
The issue is that Mr. Petriccia is also requesting that City Staff, who work for us, not Mr. Petriccia, analyze, coallate and summarize the data in his requests so that he does not have to do it or so he can understand it better.
I would think, as a past Vice President of MITA, that Mr Petriccia would be ashamed and hesitant to request City Staff to do his personal "bidding" or better yet, Vedetta compilation. City Councilors are paid a yearly amount of money. If Mr. Petriccia desires, he can pay someone to do his personal organization and summarizing.
Nobody, including Mr. Honig, has any issues with the Public Records requests.
But maybe those above are not reading or are not willing to admit the extent of Mr. Petriccia's requests.
Ed Issler

Written on New kids on the block: MIPO hosts forum for recent City Council additions :

26 years on marco: maybe we could get Bill McMullan to provide a background and insight into this type of activity. After aoll, he was indicted and had his Florida Real Estate License revoked for his part in one of the largest and earliest real estate fraud cases, that took place right here on Marco Island.

Let me know when you schedule his speech, I would love to listen.
Ed Issler

Written on Seawalls and vacant lots: Marco City Council works through ordinances; asks for workshops on larger items :

Old Marco Man: You obviously have no idea about what it takes to run a City. There are areas where we could eliminate some spending, but when you compare our City Budget to other cities with the same size and infrastructure, we are not out of line.

If you have specific suggestions, you are aklways encouraged to present them or send them to City Council for consideration. But remember, there are 18,000 full time residents of which 13000 are registered voters and everyone has a say in how the Island is run. The Council has 7 (seven) members who represent all of us. And one of the three rfecent Council victors was victorious by 185 votes or 93 residents. The Island is not run for your apporval or liking, but rather for all of us.
I have sent a money saving suggestion to Council. I suggest that we do not need a Police Chief and a Fire Chief. An island our size could operate with a Director of Public Safety who would oversee both the Police and Fire. Saves a salary and a pension.
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Improving City Council:

DC/Klaus: Your problem has always been that you want to make these blogs personal. That is why Klaus has so many postings that are removed by the Eagle staff. Our Council votes and make up is never a "personal" thing, but rather something that affects all of us.

And as far as Mr. Breeze is concerned,
he or she should really take a look at the Deltona Master Plan to convince him or herself as to whether Marco was ever a Retirement Community.
Ed Issler

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Dear Sayre: Without going into the meaningless diatribe that you constantly present us with, I will tell you that your number of registered voters that voted is totally inaccurate.
In fact, if you research the numbers in detail, you would find that over 500 voters did not even vote for City Council due to the fact that the names were on the back of the Ballot.
Yes, I agree, s-----. But you need to go to the Supervisor of Elections to get an accurate number.
And when you do, you will also see that there were candidates (1) that lost by 184 votes. And while I have already congratulated the victors, as a citizen, and while I acknowledge that the Democratic process has worked, 184 votes is hardly a mandate on the part of our voters,
And it is the same Democratic process that allows our seven member Council to vote on issues to determine their impact to the citizens of Marco Island.
We can only hope that all of our City Council votes for the betterment of ALL Islanders, I repeat, ALL Islanders, rather than special interests. We have many more families here than we do retirees. We have condo residents (how many I do not know compared to homeowners). We have younger and we have older voters, each looking for different things from our City Council.
Once you get the correct number of voters, why don't you print the retraction and correction yourself.
Ed Issler

Written on 'Home for Christmas': Marco Island salutes veterans with holiday program :

26: By the way, if you still think Marco Island is a retirement community, go to Veteran's Park today, Saturday, 15 December, to look at our community enjoying itself !!!
Ed issler

Written on Rescue boat sails through special meeting City Council moves forward with lifesaving vessel :

Klaus (Bill McMullan): Thank you for posting soime of my past blogs. They remind me just how objective and factual I have been. But these blogs are not about you and I. These blogs are about issues. Get that through your small little brain.

You know what the Rotary here on Marco should do. They should find the District Attorney in Miami that dropped the fraud charges against Bill McMullan back when. They should have him as a guest speaker to discuss the fraud charges, what Mr. McMullan did and why he dropped the charges.
Now that would make for a good meeting/speaker!!! How about it Klaus. Will you attend ???
Ed Issler

Written on Rescue boat sails through special meeting City Council moves forward with lifesaving vessel :

MrBreeze: What you consider squander many of us consider good planning. If the boat saves one life that the older boat would not have, it is worth it. And I am certain it will save many more lives.
Mr. Honig has not let anyone down. He has in fact kept his promise to act to support Marco Island and to assist in moving Marco Island forward.
At some point, you are going to have to accept the fact that Marco Island is NOT an exclusive Retirement Community. Retirees are a small portion of those that live here.
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

dc5799: Read every blog I have written and I think you will find great objectivity on this subject. It is not I who has lost, for the future of Marco island is something that we all share in.
As I stated above, there are 7 members on our City Council. That means, as always, that policy will require at least 4 members of Council to agree on a particular issue in order for it to be passed or approved.
As long as all discussion on issues takes place in Chambers, I see a very interesting pattern that will develop. We will have to wait and see.
The most experienced City Planner/Maanger type on Council right now is Mr. Kiester. And while he and I have differed on some past issues, he certainly has provien that he has the future of Marco Island as his most important priority. He is not working a "Private Agenda" and I do not believe he will be part of anyone's "Agenda".
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

26: The people of Marco Island have spoken and by a vote of 184 of "us", yes 184 votes, the slate of 3 candidates were victorious. They worked harder than their competitors and they won. They are to be congratulated.

But just like any Democracy, their membership on the Council is 3 out of 7 for most votes. The only leverage these Council memebers have is when the Budget comes up for approval. It is then that the people of Marco (all 13,000 registered voters) will see the real impact of who they have elected.

I believe the Budget requires a super-majority in order to pass (5 out of 7 votes). That is where we will see who supports what.

I do not see the current Council voting against themselves to change past decisions and policies. I anticipate many 4-3 votes on issues.

I also see that Sunshine Law will play a very important role in the near future. It has already been demonstrated that the 3 candidates are discussing issues outside of Chambers. Let us hope that this behavior stops immediately.

And Mr. Honig has started off demonstrating that he is a man of his word and has conducted himself exactly as he stated he would during the campaign. Let us hope that he continues to do so.
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

Mr Breeze: You really need to look at the plans that Deltona had for this Island. For if you did, you would see much more development, MORE schools, more businesses that what are here already and certainly nothing that resembles a retirement community.
I do, however, agree that there is room for all of us to get what we want out of this Island Paradise. I certainly hope that the new Council members always remember that they represent all of us. If not, we can only hope that as a 7 member Council that the majority votes in a manner that represents a vision that moves our Island forward.
Ed Issler

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

So we have all of 15-20 people blogging on the subject, including myself. For the most part, these blogs are just chatter amongst a small group of people. It has always been that way.

There are 7 (seven) members on our City Council. The first vote taken was 4 to 3, with the 3 new members voting as a block on the losing side of an issue. They all voted with the same "technique" which leads me to believe a "pre-discussed" stategy.

One of the 3 candidates won by 184 votes. I would hardly consider that a "Mandate" from the voters, when over 500 voters did not see the back side of the Ballot mand did not vote al all. The only reason I mention this is because in past elections, a majority of the actual voters (the total) had elected the Council members. And while I heartfully congratulate the victorious Council members, only 1, I repeat, 1, of the new members won by a majority of the voting Public. This is NOT "spilled milk", rather a reminder to all members of Council to always fight for and vote for the majority of voters as much as possible. Remember, the Pendulum swings very easily !!!

I would caution the newly elected candidates to be careful about Sunshine Law violations and avoid discussing Council issues amongst themselves outside of Council Chambers.

Most of their supporters are the very same that have brought these violations to light in the past.

I look forward to good discussion and debate from Council and I expect each and every Council member to vote on issues as they each see them, individually.
Ed Issler

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

Come on people, those few of you that blog. This is and was never about "us" (the 20 people that blog) this has been and will always be about our City. And the majority have spoken.

Now let the process begin and let us see how things shape up for our futre. We have seven Council members who we can assume will act responsibly (a definition that is different to many of us).

I certainly expect to hear verbose and burning retorts after the new memebers are seated and the first vote goes 4 to 3 against them. And I am certain that many votes will go 4-3 for issues that the new members want to bring up.

184 votes is hardly a "landslide" as mentioned above. Again, I congratulate the victors and look forward to the Democratic process playing out at Council meetings.
Ed Issler

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

Congratulations to all the victorious candidates that ran for City Council. The voters have spoken and we will see how it all shakes out.

The Democratic process is a great thing. We have 7 members on Council who are responsible, as a group, for deciding the direction and future of Marco Island.

I still look for great things for Marco Island and it's residents, young and old, and count on City Council, as a group, to make the right decisions.

The votes on Council may be 7-0, or 4-3, but we can take pride in the process and in our Island Paradise.

I have always been a proponent for supporting how the majority votes. That applies not only to the election, but to Council, itself.

I certainly hope that everyone celebrating feels the same way and still supports our City Council, even if the vote on an issue is 4-3 opposed to an idea or proposal brought forth by the newly elected "slate". I know I will support Council if the vote is for a suggestion by the newly elected slate. I may not agree with it, but the process works !!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just asking:

Sparky: Please go to City Hall and read the reports by the Consultants and Engineers that are exoerts in the area of Civics.

As a layman and not an expert, I would guess that the first answer to your question would be in the cost of delivery, maybe. Why does a person living in Orlando pay less to move a truckload of furniture that a person living in California for the same truckload ??

Again, maybe we both should read the reports, but I am not questioning the rate structure. It appears that you are
Ed Issler

Written on Guest Commentary: Paul Meyer – The tale of two cities :

Paul: You do not get off that easy. You need to get involved and do your research. You need to study the budgets for Venice, Fl and Palm City, Fl

Your comments above demonstrate a total lack of knowledge and understanding of Civic issues and what it takes to run a City. I did not know that much about you before this LTE, but now I know enough to see that you have no idea about what it takes to serve our City.

Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council candidate debates – Realtors and Chamber of Commerce host round two :

Klaus: You know, reading Mr Sacher's comments in this article and his campaign mis-statements, one wonders why he, along wiht you, is voting for Obama ??

His ideals certainly are not consistent besides being way off base as they apply to reality. I refer specifically to his comments about our Master Plan from Deltona, his past comments about a major portion of our citizenry, etc

Maybe, if he feels the way he states, he should consider voting for Romney !!!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Worthy of our support:

Correction. Both candidates mentioned have done nothing to make Marco Island a better place to live. Both candidates have fought tooth and nail to stop Marco island from becoming a better place.
A complete article containing their past quotes and efforts (factual) will be published shortly so that all voters can make up their minds as to who is best for Marco Islands future
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal to John Arceri:

Klaus: They have no experience, and they are the ones with hidden agendas, not the others !!!. Maybe they have as much experience as Obama when he was elected. And look where he has taken us !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal to John Arceri:

Just checked, no word from Mrs Enman as to when she wants to meet at City Hall to go over the factual and historical documents. She is the one who used ythe phrase "shenanigans".
I will keep checking, or you can e-mail me via the Eagle web site in response to this blog and I will get it.

Look forward to meeting you !!!!!!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal to John Arceri:

Mrs Enman: No surprise as to your LTE./ Just curious if you would list, in response, the "experience" you reference. Utility Boards and MITA are certainly not a part of the list as the Marco Island Property Owners Association would not be. So I am curious.
Not that existing Councilors have more or less other than the 4 years they have served.
Also, please let me know if you have read all the documentation available at City Hall regarding the Water Utility purchase, including the Engineer's Report, etc.
Just indicate when you want to meet at City Hall and I will join you and we can go over it together, line by line.
There should be no "hidden agenda" or mystery after you are done reading all the reports.
Look forward to meeting you in person at City Hall.
Just let me know the time, below, and will see you then. It probably will take 20-30 hours, in total, to review all the documents.
Ed Issler

Written on Behind the scenes: Marco Island Academy students learn about the hospitality industry :

We all vote a vision for our Island. We all do not share the same vision.
The candidates running reflect different visions for our future.
Once again we will see what vision the majority of voters desire.
These blogs certainly will not determine the election outcome.
So we just continue to share opinions.
Ed Issler

Written on Guest Commentary: MPD – New no parking zones and fines :

I would encourage the MIPD to patrol Swallow Avenue everyday around sunset and start enforcing these new regulations. They are only as effective as the regulation that follows.
Ed Issler

Written on Behind the scenes: Marco Island Academy students learn about the hospitality industry :

AJM: I used to read your blogs with interest and respect. But for you to question why Ms. Watt would endorse the incumbents (and hopefully Larry Honig) is a real mystery. I suggest you review recent history with regard to the non-incumbents to figure out why. But, in reality, you know why already and I assume your questioning of Ms Watts endorsement is purely rhetorical or an expression of disappointment.
Anyway, we support who we support and respect who gets elected. At least some of us do.
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Conflicting interests:

Klaus: I am certain before you bought here some 35-40 years ago, you reviewed, in detail, the development plans for Marco Island. Becuase if you had, you certainly would not have made the comment above because Deltona envisioned development well beyond that which has taken place. As you also know, a 16 story hotel and a 35,000 commercial plaza was scheduled to be built on the Veteran's Park location all in accordance with the zoning and plans from Deltona. But due to thew efforts of Mr. Tucker and the Councils you chastize, we have a Park. Tract K was envisioned as a seven acre school to support the increased number of families that were envisaioned by Deltona to move to Marco Island. We all accept that you would rather drive down Collier Blvd in a heavy rain and have water seep into your car. We all accept that you would rather have septic tanks in the ground that are cracked and leajking sewage(which would happen to all septic tanks after 40 years or so of use). But there are many of us that DO NOT have the same desires and visions that you have. The last 3 elections have proven that and we can only hope that those that want the Island to continue to be "Paradise" vote for Gibson, Honig, Recker in the next election !!!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: The making of a good candidate - Part II:

These blogs should make up the comic section ofd the paper. They should be actually printed alonside cartoons to give everyone a good laugh, It is just amazing that anyone reading the above comments can easily observe that the blogs are emotional, biased andf totally based on fiction. Printed, they actually make good fodder for the candidates opposing Mr Sacher and some others and would certainly convince those on the fence to think further about a choice for the Sacher slate of candidates.
To you cowards above that con tinue to refuse to put your name to your opinions, I say that your rants are worthless.
And, if you think I am wrong, look for your blogs in some upcoming Political Ads in support of candidates you want nothing to do with. Great stuff!!! Keep it coming !!!!
Ed Issler

Written on Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we more than a residential community?:

Well, here we have blogs of 10 people who were voting for Mr Pettricia anyway, Carol. Please be assured that your comments and your vision for Marco is that shared by the vast majority over the last 3 elections.
We can only hope that people turn out and vote as the more voters there are the better the odds are that Mr Recker, Gibson, Honig and ? will be elected and maintain the progress and vision that their constituents voted them in for.
There are a solid 2,000 votes for Mr. Sacher, Perttrici and Hoenecker. That still leaves 11,000 votes (assumin 100% voting). If we get a 70-75% turnout, there should be no porblems with the outcome, based on what the voters have expressed in the last elections.
Please make sure to get everyone you know to vote!!!!!
Your Letter is right to point. This election is a matter of the vision for the future of Marco Island.
Ed Issler

Written on More than they 'bargained' for – Marco Island Code Enforcement Board hears church thrift store case :

It seems they could do the same thing that Joey's did and sign an agreement with any adjoining property that has spaces. Across the street or even as far as Arturo's and place a sign to get people to park there. Arturos does not need the spaces during the day.
Ed Issler

Written on Guest Commentary: In response to John Arceri - You are right, I'm not a 'good candidate' ; I'm an excellent candidate! :

These blogs continue to be so hilarious, including mine. We will see who gets more votes in the next election, Wayne, Larry, Ken or Amelio. Sorry folks, only room for one if the voters on Marco go to the booths and vote like they have in the past. You see, Marco voters do not elect one issue candidates or candidates that do not share their vision for a robust, updated, progressive Marco Island. At least that is what they have voted for in the past.

Three of the four listed above do not meet these criteria. And just to sweeten the "pot" (a word Mr. Sacher is VERY familiar with), we all need to know that Mr. Sacher is a Obama supporter. But so are most of the bloggers above, so their response to this is meaningless.
By the way, Mr Sacher's response, the issue here, is still filled with inaccuracies and missing information, but not worth responding to in specifics.
Ed Issler

Written on Guest Commentary: The making of a good candidate :

And to top it off, the Chairperson of the Collier County Board that oversaw this water system and allowed it to deteriorate was none other than Fay Biles. But Marco was the forgotten Collier County area and did not need any of the County's attention.
Maybe Fay could confirm the factsa above and at least tell Mr. Thomas and Mr. Sacher that they know not what they speak of !!
That is now twice that Mr. Sacher has misspoken on MAJOR issues. The other was regarding Deltona's vision for Marco Island. Pretty major stuff.
That is what you get when you have a one issue candidate that knows nothing about being a City Council member.
Ed Issler

Written on Who shall it be? Nominations sought for citizen and volunteer of the year :

Just to be fair, here is a more complete story of your Volunteer of the Year candidate:

Written on Who shall it be? Nominations sought for citizen and volunteer of the year :

Start here and then contact the Florida Department of Real Estate to get the published history of why his License was revoked. I will try to get the url for the Marco Real Estate Fraud Case which I did have some time ago. I have the print out, too large to post.

Written on Who shall it be? Nominations sought for citizen and volunteer of the year :

So it is one and the same person. I must admit that your blogs are great at deflecting the truth and the meat of an issue. Everyone sees it. Many times your responses are deleted by the Eagle Staff.
I know that Klaus and Bill are the same. Why don't you go back to using Fossill. You both have the same IP address.

I have a thick skin and can take whatever you dish out. It doesn't change the fact that Bill McMullan should be nobody's Volunteer of the Year, at least not on Marco Island. Maybe on Devil's or Alcatraz Island, but not here.

By the way, that is all I have to say on the issue.
Ed Issler

Written on Who shall it be? Nominations sought for citizen and volunteer of the year :

Klaus: You are voting for Bill McMullan?? Is that the same Bill McMullan that had his Florida Broker's License taken away by the Florida Department of Real Estate for his involvement in one of the biggest Real Estate Fraud cases this State has ever seen ?? Is it the same Bill McMullan that was expelled from his Commisioner's seat in Central Florida for illegal conduct?? Is it the same Bill McMullan that reportedly (according to the Manager, Katy) shoplifted Computer Cables from Marco Office Supply and ran out the back door?? Is it the same Bill McMullan that reportedly had the Police (Tom Carr) respond to a call from his employer at Bombay Liquors regarding a "hand in the till" issue ?? Many more citizens on Marco have many more stories about Mr. McMullan and they can share them with you if you like. These stories are similar to the ones above.
That does not sound like someone worthy of any attention, least of all Volunteer of the Year.
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island residents: City says re-entry stickers not needed:

Klaus, you do not know what you are talking about and how to even say that jibberish properly. I guess you mix it up at will just to keep your pseudonym relevant.

Mr. Moss has received National Awards and recognition from his peers continuously over the years, when he was in Marco island and now that he is in Naples.

All that proves is that you know nothing about City m
Management, among other things.

I am trying to figure out from the Blogs above how a quick article talking about re-entry stickers has evolved to discussions about the City Manager.

All I observed today, saturday, was crews all over the City cleaning up debris, branches, and other loose material and prepapring for the storm.

Thank you
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island voters oppose overnight walk-in clinic tax, subsidy:

Just FANTASTIC !!!!!! A great day when we, THE PEOPLE, get to express our opinion on issues and leaders via Democracy.
Everyone's individual opinions on the subject were expressed at the Ballot Box. It did not matter who supported it and who was against it as each citizen was given the opportunity to express their own opinion.
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

I do not understand anyone's opposition to a referendum. Either it passes or it fails.
Joe Batte has turned out to be a fairly good Council member. But I rememeber when he was running he wanted to have every issue voted on by the people. Not practical, but for an issue that impacts all of us, it is not a bad idea ifd it is possible.
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

Come on you guys, 32 blogs from a total of about 10 people hardly represents a divided City. Mr. Breeze and Klaus, according to past elections represent about 2,000 voters opinion of about 8,000-10,000 that actually voted. Maybe 3,000 out of 10,000 but these numbers hardly represent a "City Divided".
This is more of the talk like when Sayre Uhler uses terms in his diatribes like "We The People". A divided City is hardly 2,000 to 3,000 voters. "We the People" is hardly representative by 2,000 to 3,000 people.
Thankfully, these blogs are also not representative of the voting majority, to date. I think the post by Mr. Breeze would make an excellent platform for Mr. Sacher, Mr. Hoenecker and Mr. Pettricia. That way when the election is over we can all see what the majority of Marco Island citizens and voters want as a vision for the Island.
Also, just as a matter of interest, check the IP address for Klaus and for Fossil.
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

Please, everyone notice. When Klaus (Bill McMullan) responds to any post that brings up valid points that he does not agree with, all he reverts to is comments alluding to the blogger being drunk, sick or he posts a comment that is eliminated by Eagle Staff.
Not that anyone cares, because very few preople read this anyway and it has no impact on voting.
This site is just a place for us to express our opinions to a few.
Ed Issler

Written on Marco Island City Council candidates – Nine vie for four seats :

To quote Mr. Sacher (which will happen a lot during the campaign) "the vision and direction of Marco Island's future – tourist attraction or stay true to the Mackle Brothers/Deltona vision." Well, to be fair to all concerned, Mr. Sacher quickly forgets about what the Mackle Brothers desired and envisioned for Tract K, which was, and still is, for this property to be a school. In addition, the vision of Deltona (Mackle Brothers) was for the Island to have a great deal of tourism to form the basis of an economy and tax base for Marco Island. I suggest Mr. Sacher call Deltona in Miami and speak to the current President of Deltona (who was with them in the early days) as I have. In fact, if one reviews the original Master Plans and all the Deed Restrictions and original zoning, one would see much more density and development than is allowed today. And then let's talk about the STRP and what Deltona envisioned. At the time of their Bankruptcy, Deltona (Mackle Brothers) had applications in with the State to extend sewers to all the homes they had built and were going to build on Marco Island. Their vision was to have all the houses on Marco connected to sewers. In fact, it was part of their negotiation with the State prior to their permits being issued (Septic Tanks came about only due to Collier County allowing them in order to build up a tax base for the County by permitting homes). We also cannot forget about the rollback of density and the recent Marco Island Master Plan submitted to the State. In addition, Veteran's Park was scheduled to be a permitted high rise Hotel and 35,000 feet of Commercial space, all a part of the "vision" of the Mackle Brothers, per their zoning. Every time Mr. Sacher wants to talk about the Mackle Brothers vision for Marco Island, we can all ask him about what he wants to do with Tract K. After all, the Eagles will soon migrate to another location, as they always do.
You just can't have it both ways, Larry.
Ed Issler

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Klaus: Just so you know, it is not funny or amusing anymore. If you d your own blogs, the only thing you tell people is how sick YOU THINK they are. Many times, your blogs get eliminated as they are too personal in nature.
Really, even the people who agree with you don't find your blogs of any value (I have spoken to a few).
Try a new approach and Nationality as you are not German anyway.
Ed Issler

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You are absolutely correct. Obama did engage in 2 days of Peace Talks as a CANDIDATE. I repeat, a CANDIDATE. Who did he think he was at the time. He had no business engaging in any talks. He was representing nobody, not even Illinois at the time. It was an insult to the American people and to the Administration at the time.
Believe me, if you are a supporter of our troops and our Allies, there can be no bigger insult and embartassment than Barack Obama. We are fortunate that the House of Representatives has a Conservative Majority or our Defense Budget would be Welfare by now.
When Romney becomes President (we can only hope and vote) is when it is APPROPRIATE for him to start a rhetoric with all these Countries. Not like Barack Obama who used those visits and our troops as a Campaign tool and to manipulate short sighted voters.
It looks like it worked on you !!!!
Ed Issler

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No point proven, sorry. Comparisons are much more valid.
I am still waiting for the results of your research. I will check regularly.
Ed Issler

Written on Top Marco Island cop re-ups: Don Hunter to stay on as police chief; Riviere announces two-year contract extension :

Seasonala: I encourage you to take YOURSELF up on your own challenge. You can start with the City of Venice, Florida. It is the closest in size, population, services, etc to Marco Island.
I have reviewed their past budgets, City Payrolls, Utility reports and I encourage you to do the same.
Please blog after you have done this and let us all know the results !!
Ed Issler