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Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking a city manager:

Before going to all the tax payer expense on consultants and searches; in which there is a 50/50 chance that we end up with another S. Thompson. Look within the city first. I personally don't know Bryon Milk; but he's the one who has been doing all the "Heavy Lifting" for this city. If he wants to try, give him a trial for 6 mos. It couldn't hurt. Or does this have to be some Grandios thing?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Weigh in on new city manager:

Some of the things that come with a mayor led government: Increased government size. Higher tax rates to support a newly formed department of personel. A new revised city charter that all coucilors would agree on. Lastly and most important; will only occur when hell freezes over.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The right of the people:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Ahh...Sunday, The day of Rest..Time to reflect on all the responses,(as a whole) of all the letters written. It's evident that all the responses come from either a place of Darkness: Discontent,Anger,Bitterness,Self-concern,Despair,Guilt,Suspician,and Laziness. A few, come from a place of Light: Gratitude, Forgiveness,Compassion,Hope,Committment,Truth,Patience, and The Mercy of God. I can't judge you. You need to choose One; The Dark or The Light in your responses to the unfulfilled Promises of Politicians and the Folley of Man. May all your choices be Light, not half measures. God Bless You as the Child of God that you are...I am now done responding Here..

Written on Letter to the Editor: The right of the people:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

But it's fine for the woman to choose her weapon (abortion) to kill her baby which can be at that moment a viable human being. That's the hypocrisy!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The right of the people:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Don't you show hypocrisy when you say that we women have the right of self determination of our own bodies; but we can't protect our own bodies with all the guns we want that are protected by the second ammendment?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just asking:

I recall that the consultant issued two options that the council could vote on. The first option was an across the board equal rate per gallon that all property owners would pay. The second option allowed the coucil to vote on the rates for Condo owners verses Single family home owners. This option clearly favored condo owners. The vote was 5 to 1 with Trotter voting against this option. Therefore I voted for A.P., K.H., and L.S. for this election cycle.

Written on Marco Island City Council campaign – Candidates air views at MICA forum :

Just my thoughts...There are only 3 candidates I know and trust. KH,AP,and LS. The incumbants will not receive my 4th vote due to their poor vision and spending debacles. The new guys are just that an unknown entity. I won't make a 4th vote because I might be selecting another Gibson or waldck type. Contrary to Russ, I won't chance wasting a 4th vote.

Written on Marco mythbuster: Chairman Magel on the facts, plans for the future:

I agree with the unfairness concerning the swales. However; somewhere in the original owners contract to purchase the property, the owner agrees to all the citys' codes and restrictions on the property or the property could not have been purchased.

Written on Marco Island’s missing $4 million – uncovered during revenue sufficiency study – may be found:

in response to 26yearsonmarco:

Here is a good description of the Florida Statutes regarding this matter.

That is a very informative piece of legalese. If I'm not mistaken, the jest of the articles lays dissolution at the feet of our state or county legislators; or by ordinance of our city councilors and approved by a vote of the qualified voters. Seems like a big impossiblity to rid ourselves of this citys' form of government.

Written on Marco Island’s missing $4 million – uncovered during revenue sufficiency study – may be found:

The only legal way to change the city government structure is through changing the city charter. City council can change the charter by setting up a board of representatives they select. History shows that doesn't work for this city. Our only future hope is that the councilors lead the city into such a financial bind that the State steps in with it's true Austerity measures in place in order to get finances back under control. But then the State never really relinquishes control back to the city. Then it's good-by Parks & Rec., Beautification,etc.,etc.Maybe that would be good!

Written on Part-time Marco resident lands plane after pilot husband dies:

What in the world are 80 year olds doing flying around and piloting airplanes? Don't you think cars are bad enough?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trouble in Paradise:

Please note. You need to make a formal complaint to the police of date, time, and address, vehicle desription, of code breaking vehicles. Every time I've done it, the vehicles have been ticketed and in one case towed. Learn what the code states for enforcement. I know one family that has 5 cars. They park 4 legally and the fifth in rented, off site garages.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Proposal for different approach to decision making:

Voting districts were established after becoming a city. The Tucker/Minozzi regime quickly changed that to the present Condo Association governing model we now have. Magel proves there are benefits for dishonesty by manipulating the votes and voters. I say, go back to the old district lines and procedures.

Written on Obama announces total Iraq troop withdrawal:

Read the article closely. Our fighting forces were FORCED to leave because Obama failed to negotiate successfully, the Immunity that is needed in order to stay. Our forces would have remained there if Immunity would have been extended for 2012! Again, Obama spins this with the liberal press's, "all about him as commander in chief" and not his failed negotiations.

Written on Cain mutiny: Upstart targeted in GOP debate:

If you really want to change politics as we know it go to: Or just keep going around in circles being led by all the rich and powerful.

Written on Guest Commentary: The economics behind the fireworks decision on Marco Island:

Solution: The major businesses in cities through out this nation sponsor the fireworks. The Marriot, Hilton, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Banks, Pharmacies, etc., etc. on this Island have all received Tax relief from this city. They tke in hugh sums of money yearly. The city tells them to give back and sponsor the fireworks and/or tax them to cover the cost. Place their name up somewhere thanking them for their sponsorship. End of problem and end of this whining discussion. Come on city officials,"gird your loins and just do it."

Written on To pay or not to pay: Fireworks become hot topic at Marco Island City Council:

Can someone tell me why the Major Hotels, Banks,and Supermarkets aren't being told to collectively or singularly Sponsor this event? It's being done in other cities and has been for years.

Written on Guest Commentary: Utility rates – ‘Facts over emotion’:

The battle lines are being drawn. When the distorted rehtoric is removed from the cost of savings report, remember this...single family homeowners are paying more for a gallon of water then condo owners. It is that simple! Any council member voting for this unfairness must be voted out in the next election. It is our only way to rid the Island of corruption.

Written on PHOTOS: Happy Birthday Goodland! Fishing village celebrates 62nd birthday with food, fun, games:

I'm sure it's been said many times before, but; HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOODLAND, A fishing village with a drinking problem.

Written on Proposal to eliminate Florida fishing licenses catches anglers’ attention POLL/PHOTOS:

How about, "Catch and Release Only," No license for anyone? If the environmentalists get more money into the pockets of our legislators; however, I'm afraid we'll see here in Marco and the 10,000, catch and release only with licenses costing out the WHAZOO for everyone.

Written on PHOTOS: Twinkletown, nearly 1,800 homes, business decorate for annual contest:

People are indeed free to celebrate Christmas as they wish. I do believe that! Energy conservation should be practiced all the time and not forgotten about during Christmas time. "...Their celebrations should not be open to criticism."; I find very TEDIOUS!..Merry Christmas; (not happy holidays) Keep Christ In Christmas...Peace Be With You!

Written on PHOTOS: Twinkletown, nearly 1,800 homes, business decorate for annual contest:

Thank you make my point. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and it has been for centuries. He was born quietly and peacefully in a manger or cave, (what have you.) We've lost that sense to consumerism and secularism. I couldn't find any Nativity Displays among all the electric consuming lights, and santas, snowmen, reindeer. etc. Although my sunglasses were not strong enough. Jesus may have been hiding somewhere in the outrageous, electric consuming displays.

Written on PHOTOS: Twinkletown, nearly 1,800 homes, business decorate for annual contest:

I like the way this City? expands its' carbon footprint year after year. I guess energy conservation only counts when it's convenient to talk about. Let's keep consumerism in Christmas! After all we are an Island of "Legends in our own Minds." Does anyone find Marco Tedious to live on?

Written on Marco Planning Board considers request for mausoleum, seawall issue:

Where is all the outrage for the destruction that occurrs in the taxpayer funded STRP districts? Surely it's worse.! I see a double standard here. Government run messes OK; Private business NG. We better suck up and stop crying about the sea wall mess and remember that 100 miles of sea wall replacement is going to be around alot longer then the STRP.

Written on Already decided? Early voting starts today in Collier, Lee:

Voters: Do not vote for anyone who has NOT promised to vote for reductions in spending our tax dollars. If none of the candidates meets that promise don't vote for anyone! Leave the boxes BLANK, since we don't have an UNACCEPTABLE BOX TO COLOR IN. Your ballot is still official and counted. Notify Jennifer Edwards office that the voters need UNACCEPTABLE boxes next to each candidate as a choice.

Written on Incumbent, ex-principal, businessman battle for Collier School Board seat:

Only vote for candidates that promise to lower the school taxes. Do not vote at all for anyone who will not lower taxes. That simple..Got it?

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

Councilors, have the courage to stand up for Marco and keep the extra millions, yes millions, here on Marco instead of donating to the county sheriff and other departments because of our "Donor Status". Pay for what services we receive, but for only the goods and services we receive...NOTHING MORE! WE CAN HANDLE THE BACKLASH! We're big. I believe Councilor Recker could do this with more support.

Written on Marco Island looks to increase taxes by 20 percent, beef up reserves:

It still burns me that we are regarded as "a Donor Island" It would be nice to see courage by our elected to STOP sending our tax dollars to fund the county sheriff, courts, jails, etc.; when we could do all that right here on Marco. A pay as you go policy with the county should be set up and keep the millions on this side of the bridge. What's the worse that can happen? And we can't overcome it?

Written on Committee recommends funding option for Jackson Lab but says economic viability of project can’t be validated:

All Pro-Life individuals should be against anything of a Jackson Labs. They sponsor a invitro-fertiliztion clinic which will supply them with all the embryonic stem cells they would need for experimentation, and the so-called research which KILLS the embryos.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Bump. Bump. Bump.:

Look at the bright side. Unintensional Speed-Bumps.! Should keep the speeders under 50 mph.

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

Now let's think this one through..The taxpayer supplies the revenue that is deemed grant money..(now follow me) the taxpayer supplies the revenue for the "basic" bridge..Now the taxpayer can supply more money in order to take advantage of the increase in the taxpayer supplied money for the grant monies that our city leaders think is a gift from the state? Boy, are we all crazy or what?

Written on LIVE CAM: Calm no more, Obama lashes out at BP on Gulf visit:

People need to think this through before laying all the blame at the foot of BP. The real blame lies with the regulating agencies in our government that issue the hundreds of permits needed before a drill can penetrate The Gulf's floor. The librel press or the white house certainly don't want to remind us of that fact. I'm more inclined to boycott Obama and the media before boycotting BP products. The real solution starts with going to the source of this catastrophe; and that's the Permitting process and the regulators who do it. Without cleaning up that entire "nest of vermit"; this will happen again, and again. Remember this..and vote accordingly in the future.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s save our island:

Perception is indeed reality when it comes to investing in a vacation on Marco, or buying property on Marco. The tooth paste is out of the tube! Investors are already shying away from Marco properties because of the perceived notion that the oil spew will indeed wash ashore sometime during the upcoming storm season in the Gulf; and no one knows when and if the SPEW can be stopped. All future city plans need to be halted, (except for day to day business), and complete focus placed on how we all can be PRO-ACTIVE in stopping the Oil spew from reaching our shore lines; rather then RE-ACTIVE when the oil begins to wash ashore. Indeed "The Sky Is Falling." Counselors, We need your leadership now, like never before to begin recruiting us citizens to help. Remember, YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER! Don't fail us now!

Written on Large committee seeks to shrink Marco Island CRA:

Hello...Get your heads out of the sand! We have a catastrophe heading to our coastlines and you want to focus on CRA's, STRP's, and other waste of valuable time? Guess what? The perception is getting stronger that the oil will hit our beaches sometime this year especially when the winds pickup during the storm season in the Gulf and scatter the oil, while ships have to stay ashore due to small and large craft warnings. If you have to play around with a CRA, develop one that protects Marco from the catastophe that's coming before it Devistates our Island and beyond. Be Pro-active not Re-active; for indeed "The Sky Is Beginning To Fall."

Written on Letter to the Editor: Broken pipes, broken rates:

Condo owners continue to pay less for a gallon of water than the single family home residents pay. Those who follow island politics knows this happened in order to get the votes needed to win the last election. Do the right thing Misters Trotter, Recker, Gibson and Waldack, Fix this dishonest rate difference. Let all who use water on this island pay the same per gallon. No excuses. Order the City manager to fix it so each residence pays the same per gallon. If he can't do it get rid of him and get someone who can.

Written on Swine flu alters Catholic traditions :

Has any other catholics seen the mistake by the reporter in the third paragraph? Wine is not distributed during communion. True catholic Faith recognize IT as the true Blood Of Christ.! Remember what happens during the Consecration?
This is no fault of the reporter for she must be protestant; but no excuse for Brodsky.!

Written on Guest Commentary: Electric Municipalization - The answers and the real questions:

Once again, the arrogance of the council majority shows its' true colors. The Ad Hoc's finding wasn't what the majority wants; therefore, they'll keep at it until another twisted and distorted way can be made up. Its' getting time to dust off those "torches and pitch forks" and get the city back to where it belongs.

Written on Guest Commentary: One resident’s thoughts on charter review:

The stage is being set for another showdown over the Spending Cap. It will be interesting to see if the council will allow another up or down vote by the voters; or will they enact the Citys' Power as stated in article one. This allows them to do anything in the universe under the guise of "emergency." Don't need to let the voter get involved at all. Me thinks its headed that way!

Written on POLL/UPDATE: Private community, Hideaway to open public bathroom:

Boaters.. We will now have a Keewayden 11. Come and beach your boat and party day and night..

Written on POLL/Guest Commentary: Judge S.S. Jolley - A one-time opportunity:

I just love to read the distortions that are used by our "beloved" politicians...if federal funds are used there will be no cost to the city...." Mr. Trotter, federal funding is taxpayer monies." Your last comment says alot. We're getting a new bridge one way or by tolling!! Another loose, loose for the taxpayer..Please take note..When we get a Cat.5 hurricane, the bridge will stand but Marco will resemble New Orleans or Galvastan..Then we can all live under the bridge in cardboard boxes..

Written on Girl assaulted in boys’ bathroom at Marco Charter Middle School :

This is an early indication that the O Teams Stimulas Package really does work!!

Written on UPDATE: Physician’s death shocks Island community :


Written on A City Hall stonewall?: Water quality tests, results kept from media following raw sewage incident:

Why is there a Lisa Douglas anyway? I have nothing against her personally. The position came about when the evaluation of Moss pointed out his lack of communicating well enough. He thought,"you want better communication?",, for $100,000 (plus or minus) of taxpayers money for salary and benefits you get Lisa. Now Thompson, seems to be communicating well enough through bulletins, speeches, etc. "Why keep Lisa Mr. Thompson", Stand or Fall on your own."

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

This is the beginning of future spills that will eventually lead to beach closings. It happens in Lee and Charlotte counties too regularly. This is also the continuing of lies, (oohh to harsh),Deceptions by the Douglas/Joel PR Team. Hey...Have you ever heard of Beach Closings due to a septic back-up? I rest my case..

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