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Written on Golf: Former Marco Island resident Ken Venturi dies:

You should have done more research on his years here on Marco Island. The article today was took context from other articles on the AP and sports websites.
Why not do some actual investigating on who was here in those years that actually knew him as there are quite a few here still on the island...especially the few kids that played golf during that era and he took them under his wings and was their "playing partner" and mentor.
Shame on you for not putting Beau's picture with his on that front page on the eagle. She was also instrumental in many things on this island.
I can attest to many of them as I was one of his "kids' and continued our relationship on the PGA Tour as I was married to a player and continued our friendship into adulthood.
He deserved more of a tribute than what was published.
Paige Rhodes

Written on Golf: Former Marco resident Ken Venturi to be inducted today into World Golf Hall of Fame:

It's about time for a great man. He was my mentor growing up. Also, as an ex-PGA Tour wife and Production Assistant for the Tour...he did alot for golf and the CBS coverage.
Well deserved and God Bless Uncle and Aunt Beau were a HUGE influence in my life... xoxo

Written on Guest Commentary: Nuisance, swale parking in Olde Marco :


Why don't you stop blaming everything on what you call the Marco Island Mafia. There is no such thing and the people you accuse of being in this so called organization are the people who have been on this island forever. If ANYTHING, it's the "NEWBIES" on this island that are "WANNABE'S". You have a warped mentality. If you are that so unhappy with how this island turned out there is a solution....M-O-V-E.

Written on Mimi Torbush, Wishing Well Foundation founder, die:

A true class act. You will be missed Mimi. RIP.

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