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Written on UPDATED: Magel continues to lead in Marco campaign contributions :

It's clear that Mr. Magel is backed by the same corporate corruption that has fueled the fires of all the wasteful spending by the Marco Island city government over the last 6 years. It's a shame that we can't have a city that represents the citizens that live here, instead of a city that is totally controlled by the back room special interest groups.
My humans took me to the dog park today and what a treat! It's a shame that the MI city government won't even spring for a decent dog park, making the residents pay the tab. We know where their priorities lie!

Written on Marco City Council directs rebid of "confusing" sewer project:

Marco city government reeks with corruption and mis-appropriation of public funding. Too bad we do not have some oversight committee, kinda what council should be doing. Everyone with a brain knows that Tonka Joel is running the island. Someone should look at all the kickbacks that employees are getting.

Written on Don Farmer: Sounds like sewer system is coming to town:

I love it when right wing journalists extoll the virtues of the city and it's many misdeeds. Keep it up, we need less residents and more tourists to keep those dollars coming in to pay the salaries of the ever-expanding city bureaucracy. Oh, and lets take over the electric company so the city can raise rates at will and drive the middle class people away.

Written on Sewer construction begins in Sheffield and Lamplighter districts on Marco:

The prices keep going up and the outlaws in city hall continue rob the people. This is what the majority want so they must have lots more money than we do. I love Harrison's statement about simply “settle up with the city in 20 years.” Yea, sure Bill.

Written on Letter to the editor: Nothing to fear but fear itself?:

Boy, there is enough "hate" here to cover 10 islands. I thought we were going to have a period of healing after the recent elections, but the hate mongers just can't keep quiet. Let's get on with the business of making Marco Island a better place to live. With the decrease in tourism, we may have to depend more than ever on the residents.

Written on Letter to the editor: Our dogs need a place to run:

We indeed need a park where our humans can let us play and socialize. Why is Marco Island so narrow minded? Why does the city waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary street lights when our parks get second, or even third fiddle? Lets do something for our four legged friends and establish a dog park.

Written on In Focus: MPO hosts discussions on future of Jolley Bridge:

I hope the city of Marco Island is not spending taxpayers' dollars for this consultant.

Written on Letter to the editor: Dog park on Marco:

Bark Parks are popular off Marco Island. Why have we been ignored so long by city council. Several of the incoming members of council expressed support for a "bark park" during the campaign process last fall and winter. Let's see if they will truly support the citizens of marco Island and their pets. Let's here it for the dogs!

Written on Letter to the editors: Merrill at the Little Bar Restaurant:

Ms Bator's article indicates she is a fish out of water. What's she doing reporting on a subject she doesn't even understand? Maybe she should be re-assigned to Naples and do society stuff.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

Too Bad Boss Moss jumped ship so early. We really could have used his expertise to heal the island. Yea to "Tonka" Joel. Bring on the orange cones! Maybe now we can at least get a "bark park."

Written on Exit polls: Find out who's leading, share your opinions:

Rational indeed! Well, these results only reinforce the questionable election results that have put FLORIDA in the news the last 7 years. Funny there is no paper trail. What a travesty. Time to burn the Jolley bridge and confine everyone to 6 more years of hell.

Written on Unofficial election results: Marco Island City Council:

I want to see the paper trail! What a travesty.

Written on The Eagle endorses Batte, Gibson, Recker and Trotter:

What else can we say? Let's continue the policy of lies, deceit and reckless irresponsibility in city government. Why, 3 of the four endorsees didn't even have the courage to attend the candidate forum last week at Mackle Park. That pretty much says sit all about themselves.

Written on Half of Marco council candidates show for a ho-hum debate:

The four candidates who chickened out of the debate have shown their true character, and it is not good. They are afraid to face the citizens of this island and have now shown their true colors. Backed by the board of realtors and other special interest groups, these four do NOT represent the citizens and will NOT represent us if elected. Shame on you four!

Written on Marco councilman vows to fight charges:

Marco Island won't be whole until evil doers John Arceri, Monty Lazarus and Sal Sciarrino are purged from the island. We don't need thugs like them around. Let's send them packing to Myrtle Beach and see how long they last. Or maybe we could just drop them along alligator alley and watch the fun. Vicious, mean-spirited and nasty people (them) are the scourge of the earth.

Written on Farewell to Bill Moss planned:

I wonder how much heavier his pockets are?

Written on None:

The bridge is fine. Let Mr. Minozzi build his own ferry boat is he doesn't want to drive on the bridge. Stop the madness and let Marco Island ALONE!

Written on Injection well, traffic lights approved:

Sour grapes, sour grapes, lauralbi1. Who gave you a license to loiter?

Written on Did Marco Island council members' violate sunshine laws?:

Trotter has been sniffing way too much Hydogen Sulfide!

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Take it out of Tonka Joel and BMoss salaries.

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I would like to know Mr. Waldack's definition of a "lean city staff." Marco Island has more city employees per citizen than any town in Florida, and in most of the country. The density of city employees rivals that of some cities with a voting base of 50,000 to 100,000. "Tonka" Joel has his own empire that rivals much bigger cities. Why, we even has a minister of disinformation. Lean indeed!

Written on Letter to the editor: Comments misleading:

Waldack is Wacky, no matter what he says!

Written on City clerk certifies POP petition:

You can bet Mr. Tucker is vigorously working this issue, not in the sunshine, to have the petition declared invalid! Desperation breeds unethical acts. Let's keep a close eye on Mr. Tucker (or his surrogate's) actions in the next few weeks.

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Cut the budget by eliminating Boss Moss' salary and laying off Rony (Tonka) Joel. The city could sell off half it's construction equipment to the IRAQ government.

Written on Letters to the Eagle Editor: June 22, 2007:

Moss and his band of thieves will continue to ruin Marco Island and rob the citizens of their tax dollars. Maybe they should put a 25% tax on electricity and a 50% tax on water. Then, they could run everyone off the island and Moss can triple his salary.
What a RIPOFF!

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Bill Moss and Rony Joel must go!

Written on On the Town: Marco council election — I vote for January:

Tar and Feathers used to be an effective means to get rid of trouble-makers, liars and corrupt officials. Has anyone seen it used lately?

Written on Moss earns coveted credentials renewal:

Bill Moss continues to do his best to drive the middle class off Marco Island. He epitomizes corruption, arrogance and holds the residents of the island in contempt. Time to allow resident's to vote on POP's petition to make the City Manager accountable to the taxpayers, not the special interest groups. Moss should do the ethical thing and resign, NOW!

Written on Council will vote against November election:

Minozzi and Tucker continue to be out of control and desperate at this point to do anything to accelerate the STRP and extend their terms. We ask, what's in it for them? We'd like to see the money trail attached to the STRP. Anytime there is deceit and corruption, just follow the money trail.

Written on Marco referendum ballots mailed out:

Vote yes and yes or it's no? BMOSS thinks we're s-----. What a clever move by the city to let citizens think we actually have a choice! The joke's on us, corruption live on.

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What a joke! The installation of bridge cams was nothing more than a preferential contract to one of the administration's favorite companies. A total waste of the citizens tax money.

Written on City may approve new taxes for residents:

I will never live to see actual bike paths on Marco Island, because the city administration just doesn't care. Why, they can spend millions beautifying Collier Blvd but can't even paint the lines in the road near the Goodland bridge. If the MI administration puts someone other that Rony Joel in charge of bike paths, it may even get done! It should also be no surprise that "decorative streetlights" are more important to this administration than underground power lines. Give me a break.

Written on Letters to the Editor: Questions commentary author’s motives:

Where do you come from? It is obvious you are in with the anarchists who would deny all Americans the right to vote, have free speech, bear arms and gerneally think for themselves. You seem to think it's your way or the highway, so why don't you hit the highway. We don't need narrow minded people like you on Marco Island, much less America. I know where you can find a boat....

Written on None:

What a cool concept, "free speech on Marco Island!" It will never fly, however, as long as the current regime is in charge, even if we raise our hand to ask permission. Lets propose a new ordinance that requires an AGI of $200K and an automobile with MSRP over $50K before you can remain on the island overnight.

Written on Letters to the Editor: April 26:

Unfortunately, the "city" will never agree to a town hall meeting, because they are afraid to face the music. One keeps reading blogs of support for the Council from the deep pocket supporters, but they are a small vocal minority. Over 65% of the residents are unhappy with the way the city is being run. Just ask anyone in Public if you doubt this. It's the rich and powerful against the many, but money walks and bs talks.

Written on Letters to the Editor: April 27:

Mr. Hill may not know a liberal from a neocom, but at least he knows wasteful spending when he sees it. While wrecking Collier Blvd and causing years of disruption for the island's residents and visitors, the city is improving the sewers for the condos, hotels and businesses at the expense of the taxpayers. Oh yes, the "beautification" has not done one thing to improve safety or traffic flow.

Written on None:

Stop the STRP! Send city gov who favor the STRP to Iraq to straighten out the mess there.

Written on Alleged Sunshine Law violation e-mails on Web site:


Some good points! I see Mr. Minozzi is now an expert on everything from asbestos contamination to deep well injection processes. Science be blasteded, the City know better.

Written on Should the city council consider a referendum that would cap all sewer assessments at $10,000? :

Patton1, Do you currently live on Marco Island and does your property connect to sewers? We'd like to know. The STRP is being rammed down our throats, and the strange part is the desperation that the City is displaying to get everyone's money before the waste traeatment plant is even upgraded to handle the increased capacity. Where do you propose we put the additional sewage until the plant capacity is increased, in your canal?

Written on Contentious issues on Marco council's agenda:

Imagine Rony Joel asking for another $1.2M to fund capital improvements. Maybe he should consider paying the increase himself, since so many contracts are going to his old employers, or associates. There is big money in these contracts, and apparently the City is not using firm fixed price contracting, in accordance with federal acquisition guidelines. How is Mr. Joel benefitting from these contracts?

Written on Marco Island's longest meeting in history provokes change:

Far more sewage will be dumped on our beaches and canals from sewer leaks and overflows than would ever come from working septic systems. Properly maintained, septics should last as long as the dwelling itself. Ms. DiSciullo may not have scientific evidence that she shjouldn't do the project (STRP) but I seriously doubt that she has scientific eveidence that she shold do the project. What kind of twisted logic is that?

Written on Should the city increase the reuse water rate?:

Why? If you've got money to throw away, give it to a good charity. The city has gotten a windfall with the drastic increase in taxes over the past two years. The city doesn't need more money.

Written on Letters to the Editor: Feb. 15:

Where has Mr. Waldack been the last two years, when citizens have attempted to address the inequities in the STRP in a "civilized" manner? The STRP is, indeed, serious business and city council (at least 4 of them) under the discrete guidance of BMOSS have refused to even address the concerns of residents. Mr. Popoff announced months ago that he would look at alternative funding options for the STRP but has yet to come forward with any kind of proposal. Actions do speak lounder than words, and words don't get anything done.

Written on Should there be a toll to pay for the repairs/upgrades to the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge?:

OK, lets do a tiered toll charge:
$2 for residents
$10 for non-residents
$25 for Mike Minozzi

Plus, Minozzi can pay the salary for an illegal alien to sit at the base of the bridge and collect tolls!

Written on Expert believes city violated Sunshine Law:

Hi Ms joeynuts,
You seem to think that age has something to do with intelligence. Well, because you continue to display your lack thereof, I guess you don't know any better. Since this is still a free country (outside of Marco Island), I'm glad you can at least express your opinion.

Written on Burning issue:

A quote from the Declaration of Independence defines the BMoss regime perfectly: "In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people".
The citizens will be free again when BMoss is removed from his reign of power.

Written on Marco council adjourns citing ‘unruly’ atmosphere:

Well, recent events have proven that the city government has no intention of listening to the citizens of Marco island. Now they are afraid to face the citizens in public. Most of us residents are not opposed to sewers, just the way they have been rammed down our throats. we are being forced to pay for new sewers and the hotels and condo owners along Collier Blvd get a free ride. BMoss does not own the island, we do! I know he thinks he does, and came here with one intent to develop, develop and develop. Are there kickbacks here that we don't know about???

Written on Marco extends deadline to choose contractor for sewer hookups:

BMoss knows very well what he's doing. Pay me now or pay me later, but I'll punish you either way. Isn't that the way of a dictator? It is amazing what complete control he has of the island. City council should be ashamed for allowing this to occur. Ethics in government, violations of the sunshine law, give me a break. There is only one solution and that is to take back city hall. Meanwhile, the travestry goes on.

Written on Guest commentary: Marco Island at the crossroads:

Joey, Joey, where have you been, madam? Illegal aliens are not wanted here, even from your planet. Why not get back in your spaceship and cruise on home? Your senseless postings are humorous, but even they get tiring afer a while. You can celebrate Pluto, but don't celebrate here.

Written on Coast Guard approves Winterberry Bridge project:

Oh, too bad the cost went down. The city, however, will continue to award no bid contracts to Rony Joel's former employees and associates. Isn't that why he was brought here in the first place. Whatever happened to ethics in government on Marco Island?