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Suzy, you are an idiot ! she lowered her risk of breast cancer from 87% to 5%. That's a no-brainer so I'm surprised you missed because you qualify.

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Pinter is not particularly fond of advisory committees.

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A 24 hour walk in clinic in Marco Is. will not save your life. It is false security and wastes valuable time. It is impossible to create a true Emergency Room on Marco. You need labs, surgeons, complete imaging facilities, etc. Calling 911 should be the first step for the emergency ailments of our older population. As far as a second ambulance for Marco, off season it's too much, in season it's not enough. County wide management of EMS is the most efficient.

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Congratulations Olde Marco. Now you too can have antique low streetlights that shine horizontally into motorists eyes instead of on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

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Yes, I have first hand knowledge of the long hours she works. She gets paid a salary, no overtime. She is the boss of a 16 person department. There is no money missing ! There was an audit completed last month with flying colors. The auditors understood exactly where the money is and isn't. It's the room temperature IQ people that don't understand.

Written on Marco Island’s missing $4 million – uncovered during revenue sufficiency study – may be found:

The finance director did not make the decision to borrow money internally which created the confusion. The audit showed there is no missing money. I sense a lot of misogyny in the comments that the "high priced finance lady" is in Las Vegas. She works longer hours than anybody and "Shadow" and "MarcoFriend" are way off base. I fear they have an agenda we'll be sorry for. We have never had a more competent guardian of the city's finances.

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Before Marco was developed, public use of the beach claimed the use of the dry sand area regardless of subsequent development and ownership of the beach down to the high water mark. Deltona did not provide perpendicular access ( streets like Naples ). It instead provided the 1000 ft. of "Residents" beach. That should never have been restricted to "residents" as it was the "public access". It has become very restrictive. These are NOT our beaches. They are the public's and the state of Florida. Sooner or later the City is going to lose big in a challenge to meaningful public access to the beach.

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The frequent speed trap on the way to Goodlands is an abuse to rival the infamous speed traps of Starke and Waldo on Rte. 301 NE of Gainesville. The speed limit west of the bridge used to be 55 and should be at least 45 mph. Nothing along the road changed from when it was 45.

Written on Marco man dies after ambulance delay - 911 call:

The Urgent Care Facility should be renamed "Stubbed Toe-Stingray Clinic". It's name has misled and delayed critical treatment to many a Marco Islander. I rather doubt their "Ambulance" has anywhere near the capability of EMS vehicles. Unfortunately, the fees of NCH will just go up after they settle the law suit.

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Unless you have a very minor problem, do NOT go to the "Urgent Care Center". It is misnamed. It is merely a clinic. If there is ANY possibility that you are experiencing a cardiac or neurological event, CALL 911 and the EMS will arrive promptly, evaluate and began to treat you and transport you.

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Well, I went and looked under the bridge. There is some crumbling in the vicinity of the outer edges of the walkways that appears to be due to a deficiency in the original pour. The concrete stressed bridge span girders and supports appear to be in good shape. I am not a structural engineer but it appears a few hundred thousand could fix it. Functionally Obsolescent is a term meaning it isn't built to current dimensions and clearances. Almost everything is obsolescent in our rapidly changing society. This bridge is not Structurally Deficient. Another look needs to be taken at this project. I would like to see a public video posted outlining the dangers of merely repairing the walkways for all the citizens to see.

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Berry sure let this case get out of hand by letting the defendant testify. It made it easier for the state to get a just verdict.

Written on Lawsuit claims Marco Police Chief showed up drunk to scene:

The main thing the MIPD did that the CCSO didn't do was make Marco the Pariah of the boating world by crafting and enforcing the disgraced anchoring ordinance. 'Way to go MIPD.

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The "deepwater" drilling moratorium was in response to the worst oil spill in the nations history. After an investigation the moratorium was lifted. If you objected to the moratorium for that purpose, you are part of the problem.

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Debbie Tower's explanation is unsatisfying. There appears to be no reason why these two sections should not be in line. Bridges normally do not have discontinuities of slope. The two ends out of alignment are on different supports, the others are not. It will be interesting to see if the same apparent misalignment is present when the southern span sections are put in place.

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Did they have a marine radio and did they make a distress call? If not, why not?

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These microbes have been known for some time. There is a bad side effect, however. Modern boat hulls have materials derived from petrochemicals. A large "bloom" of these microbes due to the BP spill could produce billions of "Polyester Mites" in Gulf waters. These organisms "eat" the hulls and destroy them. Fortunately there is a remedy. You can cover the hulls of your fiberglass boats with wood sheathing therefore protecting the hull from the "Mites".

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Tract K was ALWAYS intended to be for a school and EVERYBODY knew it.

Written on Settlement fines Key Marco but requires no mitigation to destroyed vegetation, Native American mound:

Apparently $60,000 is the going rate for the city government to spend harassing it's citizens. That's what they spent on the failed anchoring ordinance also. Gabriel and his firm sure have a cash cow.

Written on Ugly truth: Winter freeze decimates iguana population on Marco Island:

Free speech should not be ANONYMOUS speech.

Written on Council to consider spending $175,000 to oust Marco Island city manager:

A new form of government is readily available. It's called "Collier County".

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I don't think Reinke is the police chief.

Written on Former City Councilmen: Marco’s greatest trials became its greatest triumphs:

You forgot to mention the success of the Anchoring Ordinance. How did that work out for you?

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The only "blighted" area in Marco is the City Council who keeps coming up with new ways to spend (tax) for things they don't need and that aren't government functions.

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There is nothing wrong with the Town Center. Re-development would be a boondoggle and not a dime of public money should be spent on this.

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No, that is a Federal "Anchorage". There is a difference. A mooring field typically provides permanent devices fixed to the sea bottom attached to floats which a vessel attaches to. In an anchorage, vessels use their own anchors and lines. This anchorage is mostly unusable due to shoaling.

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You have to establish a state approved mooring field first. There is not enough transient traffic to warrant the expense and maintenance of a mooring field. This was already established by the past study. This is a dead horse

Written on Behind closed doors, part II: Anchoring case enters the sunshine:

The Marco City Attorney at the time the anchoring ordinance was being formulated by the city's Waterways Advisory Comm. was Rich Yovanovich. Despite requests by members of the committee for legal guidance, his counsel was kept from the committee by City Manager Moss. I guess Moss didn't want any embarrassing questions and answers on record about the constitutionality of the ordinance. Make no mistake about it; Moss was the driving force behind this ordinance. He even had Police Chief Reinke craft much of the ordinance. Reinke testified under oath at the Court Hearing that he did not contact anyone at the State level about the the ordinance. Doesn't that sound odd when there was a chorus of voices protesting that the proposed ordinance was unconstitutional. They ALL!!!! knew the ordinance was faulty and knew how hard it would be for the ordinance to be challenged in court. But thankfully, they were s----- enough to issue a ticket to Dumas which got the issue to court. These sorry excuses for city officials and legislators did the bidding for a wealthy private citizen and even tried to get him to pay for the prosecution of another citizen.

Written on POLLS/PHOTOS: Private council meeting scheduled for anchoring case :

When this all ends, the minutes from all "in the shade" meetings must be made public. They should be very interesting. Unfortunately the principals, Moss, Reinke and Yovanovich and several council members have already left.

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We should not forget that Marco's anchoring ordinance was strongly rejected by a Collier Count Court on the basis of the OLD state statute, let alone the new one. Marco never asked for an opinion from the Florida Attorney Generals office or from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for an opinion on the legality of the ordinance despite many protestations that it was illegal. Marco and it's officials were arrogant and incompetent!

Written on Marco Island appeals to higher court on city's anchor ordinance dismissal:

A government spurned by it's own courts is a sorry spectacle. The State of Florida and it's courts does not like it's laws violated whether by individuals or local governments. A crime was committed here, not by Dumas but by the government of Marco Island. All in an effort to privatize state waters for the benefit of a few wealthy citizens.
The appellate court ruled that all judicial deliberation was complete on Oct. 25, 2007 and the city's attorneys have egg on their faces for failing to meet the appeal filing deadline.
I do agree with Mr. Gabriel that if the appeal was heard, this case would be over; lost by the city.

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Years ago Hideaway hired guards to chase boaters off the beach claiming it was "River front property with riparian rights". I guess they didn't need more sand and rocks then.

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I would like the management of LCEC to takeover Marco Island government.

Written on Marco councilor rejects committee member’s allegations of impropriety:

Bill McMullan was one of the co-chairmen of the Marco Waterways Org. which bamboozled the council into passing the now defunct anchoring ordinance. The city spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to defend that in court and lost. He waved enormous piles of paper around during that folly also. He should take up a hobby other than community activist.

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Terri Shiavo, stem cell research ban etc.; look for more of this religious intrusion if you vote for McCain/Palin.

Written on Marco to loan Hideaway Beach $1.6 million:

When Hideaway opened years ago, they hired guards to patrol the beach and chase non-residents away, even boaters. They claimed riparian rights along a "river front". In fact the nautical charts of the area just off shore of Hideaway say "Area subject to continual change". Things change in many ways.

Written on Marco to revise permissible dock sizes:

I've got a 41' boat tied alongside a 40' dock. The dock is 5' wide as are most of the original docks. This works fine and violates no codes. What is the concern if the docks and boats don't extend further than 20' into the canal? The length of the dock along the seawall should not be of any concern other than the setback requirements. I could safely put a 50' boat alongside my 40' dock.

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When you are a Marine and you are taught to kill the enemies of your COUNTRY, it's hard afterward to accept criticism of the current GOVERNMENT of that country. The Military can not question their civilian leaders in this country, they must obey them or resign if they can. My Country, Right or Wrong is their creed. So be it. It is NOT unpatriotic to criticize the GOVERNMENT of our country. Sadly to say, that is impossible in many countries. If Semper_Fidelis was a Marine, he should realize that he served to protect the right to criticize our GOVERNMENT.

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LCEC is owned by us, the citizens of Marco Island. It is a Rural Electric Co-operative that distributes any net income to its customers(us). If the city took it over, any income over and above operations would have to come FROM US!! LCEC is a responsive, well run company that has one responsibility and that is to its customers. They came around a few weeks ago trimming trees before hurricane season, a cost effective action. Does anyone really believe that the bloated Marco Island government would not enrich itself by increasing our electric bills? Go by city hall and count the city vehicles in the lot! Our property values are plunging and the city will be desperately looking for revenue to make up the tax loss. I have no connection with LCEC but they have always been extremely responsive to any problems. We got our power back after Wilma before almost anyone else. Cityhood proponents back in the 90's said the city needed 7 employees in addition to the Firemen. How many do you think we have now??? This place is out of control!!

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Jane Hittler park has a water fountain that has a lower outlet for "Pets". Interesting.

Written on Marco to explore underground utility lines on its own:

If we did not have the problem of salt water immersion due to storm surge, underground lines would be better protected from wind damage. Maintenance like tree trimming is a far better idea. Why was the franchise fee used for those million street lights that are lower and shine in your eyes more than the old ones. LCEC is a superior non-profit utility. To think that the city of Marco could do a better job is ludicrous!

Written on Hideaway Beach seeks tourist tax dollars to fund beach erosion control:

When Hideaway first started years ago, their guards tried to chase even the boats away because their attorney said the beach was "river front" property with riparian rights. Only when they realized they were losing their beach and needed massive funding for re-nourishment did they change their tune. There should be no public funding unless they allow shore side access. Not 1% of Tigertail visitors walk to Hideaway. Hideaway also supported the defunct anchoring ordinance because they didn't want boats anchored off "Their" beach.

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This City richly deserves this council

Written on Marco’s notable dissent groups fall quiet:

The anchoring ordinance challengers have won in court at the first level and are proceeding on. The ordinance architects, Voyonavich, Moss and Reinke are gone. The cities attorneys, Weiss Serota continue to bill and are the big winners. It's only money.

Written on Marco attorney files brief in anchoring case:

To restrict navigation which includes anchoring, even within 300 ft. from shore, requires permitting from the state and the posting of signs designating the restrictions. Marco did not do this. Indeed, the Assistant General Council for Boating and Waterways of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm.,(the FWC), which enforces Florida boating statutes testified at the Dumas hearing that the Marco ordinance was illegal. Judge Crown agreed with him. The principals behind this ordinance are mostly gone now, former city att. Yavonovich, city manager Moss, Police Chief Reinke and several of the council members. The bills from Weiss Serota will keep coming in. Incidentally, the city still doesn't have an agreement with the state's attorneys office to prosecute local ordinance violations. I guess they figure Weiss Serota's rate of $215/hr. is a better deal than the states attorney's $60/hr.

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The Yacht Club is investing money in order to make money. Unless Marco's unfriendly image to boaters is changed, the new docks may not attract visiting boaters. The anchoring ordinance case has created a terrible reputation among boaters for Marco in the entire Western Hemisphere! The City, after it's appeal is rejected should take steps to mend it's fences with this important section of the public. Trotter should go live on a golf course where he can complain about the little white round things. If the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers approval is needed, don't you think it will certainly be obtained before construction?

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Three friends go to a movie every Saturday night. One Saturday, two of them want to see movie A. The third friend says, "I don't like those kinds of movies. Let's see something else." The first two friends insist; "No, we are all going to see movie A. Majority rules and that is that!" The three go to see movie A. It is the last they see together as they are no longer friends.
This is the nature of majority rule, order but no friendship. Marco will never be friendly again. Thirty-five hundred "friends" have been forced to do something they really didn't want to do. Sad!

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It's an interesting government who doesn't take "action" by "nodding", not "voting", saying "yeah", not saying "no", and having a "feeling"--"you can just tell". I guess the meeting will have "-no formal final effect". Is anybody getting a clue why there is "trouble in River (Marco) City"?

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The issue of a legislative/executive body (city council) meeting in private to discuss with a prosecutor (the city attorney) the prosecution of a criminal case(second degree misdemeanor) against an individual is, in itself, unprecedented! Does the Florida Legislature meet secretly with State's Attorneys to discuss prosecution of state statutes? I think not! When the transcripts of these secret meetings are eventually made public, I think we will see that the city council has managed to flip itself out of the frying pan and into the fire. The sunshine law only allows private meetings under narrow guidlines that these meetings do not appear to meet. It will be interesting to see how "verbatim" these trancripts will be.

Written on Marco council’s closed-door consensus raises questions :

Vessels did not and can not anchor in 100 ft. wide canals. They anchor in areas like Factory Bay and Smokehouse Bay whose existence precede the development of Marco Is. These bays have approved navigational markers in them and are indeed sovereign state navigable waters. There has never been polution in Marco's waters proved to be from anchored vessels. The ciy's own water quality tests show low levels of contaminants that actually peaked in the summer months when no vessels are anchored. We now know that the waste refuse reported by the Marco Waterways Org. co-chairman who lives on Factory Bay could have come from a sewer line break near Pier 81 or the Port Marco septic tanks that lacked a drain field.
The mooring field in Ft Myers Beach is not being maintained and the buildup of marine growth on the mooring lines there makes using them hazardous. Marco has never had enough anchored vessels to justify a mooring field unless it were used for long term storage of vessels for inland lot boat owners. Thats why the mooring field proposal died earlier. Also, the state's concept of mooring fields are that they are designed to ATTRACT vessels to use them in heavily used anchorages . If Marco wants to spend big bucks on maintenance of mooring fields, let them do so. But the rules in the mooring field can not be like the defunct anchoring ordinance otherwise vessels will not use them. Factory and Smokehouse Bay and a few other natural small anchorages in Marco are NOT, "your bay, your canal, your beach or your backyard". As the court said, they are "sovereign waters of the state of Florida". If a realtor told anybody otherwise when they purchased waterfront property, they should sue the realtor.