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Written on Marco Island city manager hears from former police, fire and utilities employees:

As much as you want just the Sheriff, there is a public perception from the dirtbags outside of Marco about "Don't go over the Bridge!"

I agree that our police force is becoming a refuge for "lazy" and "retirement bound" cops....and too many. And I agree, I'd prefer to see a regular beach patrol..even if it's by foot or a 4 wheeler.

And I want to save $$$$, too. Lets find a happy medium!

Written on Michelle Obama visits Miami to promote fitness:

It's easy to work out when you don't have a real job, have everyone else doing everything for you, and you've got money out the wazzooo.

Written on Marco Island city manager hears from former police, fire and utilities employees:

I personally don't know how overworked or underworked our police force is...but I just think you could cut the force in half and get the same results. 3 full timers for each shift and 6 part-timers for weekend and fill-in. You'll still have a police presence and call the Sheriff's Dept if more help is needed.

Written on Marco Island City Council takes aim at spending; listens to plea from Milk for investigation:

I use to notice employees smoking in those vehicles!

Written on Budget hawk: Fay Biles keeps a close eye on Marco Island's purse strings:

Give em heck Fay. Thanks for looking out for us newer members of the Marco community!

Written on Collier County mosquito control spray times:

I've been very pleased with Marco this year! Bites have been few and far between. Thank you for spraying!

Written on New hands at the helm: Capt. Brien's new owners steer their own course:

I hope you stay open later than 9pm. Sometimes I don't get to dinner until then.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

Always interesting to see the other side and how Kramer ignored MICA. Since the City ignored the concerns of the residents who live around the golf course, I applaud MICA. Netherwood wants to selfishly play golf...but like the city, fails to think about the residents who live behind or in front of the business while Klaus just seems to hate any form of authority.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA has so much to learn:

What if they built a go-cart track there? How about a nudy bar? Maybe a bungee jump area. I'm glad MICA is looking out for the residents. It's apparent over 70 residents had issues with the potential noise and lighting...and Kramer didn't care!

Written on Marco miniature golf course shut down, owners vow appeal:

The island deeds were set up a certain way and MICA is justified to govern them. Kramer is wrong and arrogant. Whether it's mini-golf or a nudy bar...MICA will protect the interest of the island citizens. Thank you MICA!

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

Good for MICA!! Attorney Kramer thinks he's above the law. Now he found out he's not!

Written on Gov. Rick Scott vetoes immigrant driver license bill:

Rock on Governor! I agree!

Written on Letter: What a bargain:

I'll take the 3 months off in the summer. Every major and minor holiday...and days in between off. And I'll be running out the door with the kids when the bell rings! Yes, you teachers are dealing with society's idiot offsprings...but you still have it better than most employees!

Written on Marco Island police report slight crime uptick:

in response to August8:

That was a great suggestion, did you build the fence and eat more barbeque????

A five year old could've told me that. Then again, I'm not paying the five year old lots of tax money for a 34 officer(or whatever it is) police force. To answer your question, I just order out now. lol

Written on Marco Island police report slight crime uptick:

I had a Propane grill stolen a couple years ago from my patio. A younger Marco cop arrived and said.."maybe you should build a fence...". Wow, that was reassuring! True Story!

Written on Marco Island police report slight crime uptick:

City employees should have to live in the city! If you're not vested in your community, you don't care what happens. You just want a paycheck.

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

Kramer thinks he can do whatever he wants. MICA has the interest of those who live here in mind. No one cared about the people who live around or near the miniature golf course. The course wants to stay open late, have bright lights, and play music. It might not be loud music, but at nightime, it travels very easily! Thank you MICA!

Written on Former Marco police lieutenant receives final warning after sending inappropriate photos :

Who are the idiots making these decisions? These people shouldn't just be fired, kick them off the island! Position: Senior Community Services Officer????? No wonder we're swarming in debt! Why is that position needed? Unreal!

Written on New city council seated, city manager receives three 'no confidence' votes :

If he has a new two year contract, give him crappy jobs and make him either work or quit. Hope we don't have to wait for another election to get 3 more idiots out!

Written on Marco Island city sign at foot of Jolley Bridge destroyed in crash, flag pole dented :

Woooooooo.....the driver's insurance company pays the damange...not Marco!!!! And if he doesn't have insurance....lawsuit!

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

Fiscal Responsibility! Thanks to those who also tried to displace the incumbents, but lost. You'll get another chance to move some others out of there on the next round!

Written on Romney: Nearly half 'believe they are victims' :

I know lots of leeches that think they're entitled to the government taking care of them! We give dirtbag scanks more welfare money everytime they have another kid. It should be the opposite! People need to learn to take care of themselves. Preach on Romney!

Written on Talking trash – Marco Island Planning Board gets quick response, cooperation from local hotels on beach litter :

I've watched the employees at the Hilton, Marriott, and Marco Beach Resort....they're not gonna take time to clean up. They rush just to pick up the chairs and umbrellas. And how about cigarette butts? Time to ban smoking on Marco Beach just like they've done in California.

Written on Four proposed charter schools seek to offer Collier parents, students choices :

We have no more money to throw more schools!

Written on Physicians Regional, NCH possible suitors if Marco voters approve 24/7 clinic tax:

Having a home, but only on the island a few weeks a year, I say NO! Investing in another ambulance and two staff would cost less..but I'm not even advising that. If one of the hospitals wants to open 24/7, let them. If the clinic is open til 7:30pm, that's good enough for me.

Written on Horse-drawn rides approved – Marco Island Planning Board wades into carriage question :

If I can't urinate in public....the horses can't either! Can't wait for that smell on the hot blacktop!

Written on Collier mosquito season gets early start but too early to say if bad summer is ahead :

Spray, spray, spray! Spray's not enough!!!! These things are nasty.

Written on Marco Island City Council approves policy decisions that will shape water rate ordinance:

Consultants are expensive turds. If you're not smart enough to figure it out, get out of office!

Written on Marco Island’s missing $4 million – uncovered during revenue sufficiency study – may be found:

Seems as if most of the decisions by men have run the city into the ground. Get more women in there!

Written on Collier sheriff's checkpoints: Catching law-breakers or targeting Hispanics? - POLL:

The statistics speak for themselves. Great job! If you're here legally and not doing anything don't have to worry about anything. It's that simple. Keep up the great job!

Written on Marco Island's dog park breeds discontent with aggressive owners/aggressive pets:

My small dog used it for the first time in December and loved it. I did notice some agression issues with some dogs in the big dog park...but everyone seemed to take care of things.

Written on Marco Island City Council approves two mini-golf courses on first reading:

I doubt the islanders and tourists will sustain it, but I guess free enterprise gets the chance to try and make it work. I'm just disappointed council doesn't have enough consideration for the two neighborhood locations to make the golf owners put in high shrubs and fencing to keep out the noise and lighting after 8pm. The current plans are insufficient!

Written on Shop Talk: Putt-putt courses could score holes in one:

We can only hope they get wiped out or go-under! A bowling alley would be better. noise outside!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex:

and they probably got rid of it because even the tourists didn't want to play it.

Written on Shop Talk: Putt-putt courses could score holes in one:

Comments against Putt Putt weren't even considered by the Planning Board. They asked a few questions and rubberstamped it. Council needs to take a stand for the people it represents. Mini Golf right next to neighborhoods should not be open past 9pm. These folks want to operate until between 11-and-midnight. It's a total disregard for our neighborhoods. PLus, it's a horrible business plan. Stop the failure before it fails itself and our neighborhoods!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex:

No Mini-Golf unless its at the park! They want it open till 11pm at night? The course planned for Winterberry is right next to the neighborhood. Thanks for more noise! Is council brave enough to say NO? We don't want it!

Written on Marco Island homeowners could face new swale landscaping requirements:

Do they think we're all millionaires living here?

Written on Double the pleasure, double the fun: Second Marco Island mini-golf goes to City Council for approval:

Neighbors shouldn't'll go out of business. Council shouldn't approve it...but they will.

Written on Beach committee hopes beach stewardship patrols improve Marco Island beach etiquette:

Good job Beach Advisor Committee! I'm often disappointed that our police force can't take just one officer to patrol up and down the beach a few times a day. Instead, they prefer to drive around in their large SUV's. Local residents and tourism are a priority...and most tourist go to the beach. I've seen lots of people using glass, in and out of the water! Possible underage drinking! We need someone on our beaches to insure good behavior, safety, and animal protection.

Written on ‘Putting’ golf on Marco Island: Planning Board hears first of two mini-golf proposals:

A mini golf course next to Sassos is too disruptive to the neighborhood and the Jewish Synagogue! Profitable???? No way! This isn't mini golf friendly. That's a poor business strategy. Disrupt the neighborhood and go out of business in a year! The one at Veterans Park is a better fit.

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

Lets hear it for the Union Lawyers. Defend anyone, no matter how bad the employee! Don't worry, he'll be walking on eggshells now because Don will take him down on his next screwup!

Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

I don't disagree Mariani needs to go (and other payroll hogs)and what he did was wrong, I'm just saying listen to those dirtbags in the back seat. Send a message to the criminals and scum of East Naples, Ft Myers, and Cape Coral. We're tired of you! We're not taking s***! Come to our island and try to pollute our safe and low crime environment, you might have an unfortunate accident or incident. Maybe I just like Dirty Harry movies. But don't fault me for wanting to keep our island one of the last few places where you're safe.

Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

Show that video to all the criminals out there...come to Marco and disrupt prepared for a beatdown. Stop coddling the criminals. I have no sympathy for Scumballs.

Written on Kissing crime: Assistant principal calls cops after elementary students smooch:

Really? This is a story? This is today's crime? A kiss? Goodbye to innocence. Goodbye to good journalism.

Written on Mixed reaction, emotions to Marco Island's speed limit change:

First Baer says we don't have enough police to patrol the beaches regularly. Now the Chief stands by the City Manager at lowering the speed without anyone knowing it. I constantly see Marco Utility trucks with employees smoking in them. This City is so mismanaged and out of touch!

Written on Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee: We won’t see beach patrols anytime soon:

We have 34 police officers! You're telling me we can't have one or two assigned to walking or riding the four-wheeler up and down the beach every day? I'm noticing more and more alcoholic glass bottles being carried into the water by the idiots. Capt Baer, stop making excuses! The beach should be one of the biggest priorities of Marco Island!