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Anglers Cove raw deal...Rose is a Sweetheart Business on Marco for Council.

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Scrap the new bridge....

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Wow! Some really s----- and ignorant comments here today. Childlike really.

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Money talks, B.S. walks......Marriott too will get their way. Marco Council is a disaster zone.

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There will be no Referendum. The Marriott is a powerful force on Marco. They will negotiate and it will be approved. Most posts about the impact on the Island seem overblown to me. Like everything else in this world, big money wins and the little guy has little say.

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Marriott never loses....They are an exceptionally strong powerhouse when it comes to what they want. They will get it here too.

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"Not all of us realtors want these people. They are rarely buyers."
So, in other words, if these invaders were buyers of Real Estate, that would be acceptable to you.....

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in response to lauralbi1:

Dear Mr. Thomas: I am certain that whatever is finalized will work for the better of Marco Island and its' residents.
While you are on a proverbial soapbox, might I suggest that you campaign against "snowbirding" for the same reasons you mention in your LTE. If you were to drive by the Veterans Park Parking Lot on a daily basis, over a years period, you would observe over 20 (yes twenty) fully loaded car carriers taking North and bringing South fully loaded trailers, each with 10 cars. These car carriers are EACH MUCH HEAVIER than anything that would be going to the Marriott. Each car carrier is using the Smokehouse Bridge and our streets. I am certain you have seen many parked on the side of Collier or in the middle of Collier Blvd. loading up or dropping off cars and affecting our local traffic.
Of course, living in paradise, this does not affect my ability to enjoy each day to the fullest. Might I suggest that you do the same.
Ed Issler


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Headed for a positive resolution for the Marriott.....Guaranteed......They don't lose these battles. Too big a force on Marco. Some minor conceded issues and Council will it or not. People will picket of course but to no avail.

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Leave the nice folks of Anglers Cove alone. Maybe knock down the Marina and build more Condo's...

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THE REAL QUESTION IS: Why is our Water Green just like the photo above. I never knew until we filled a large tub and pool. Disgusting.

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If thats not manufacturing, what is? Geez Mr. Kelly, you plead you are being picked on. We know how this will end....a Whiitewash by your friends in MIPD.

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“We still have some questions as to whether they’re in compliance or not,” Baer said.......Keystone Cops...

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Welcome to Marco Island Mr. Hernstadt...

Written on Marco officer fired, then reinstated, facing termination:

Clearly this guy is a Punk and a disgrace to Marco Island. Just think, this nut job carries a Gun.

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I believe the negative views about the Marriott Expansion are overblown as if the Marriott is now Godzilla emerging from the Sea to destroy our Island. Reading many posts here, one would think thats exactly the case. Anyone who thinks this company isn't overwhelmingly good for Marco Island is blind. The Marriott is willing to work with Marco to adjust their plans. They are a vital part of our community. Joe X sits home and writes his objections without a complete view of the facts. Collier Boulevard could be called Commercial Boulevard because frankly neighbors, it is.

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Does someone really leave a job and move across country for a $3000 increase? Thats $57 a week pay increase. after taxes about $40....I don't get it.

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City Manager off to a good start....I can tell you this, I expect he'll find some political pressure if he digs too deeply.

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Paradise is what you make of it....Some people live their whole life womaning and complaining....

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I Feel for the Residents of Anglers Cove as well as Marco Citizens. Anglers Cove Residents are being thrown under the bus. Why have Land Development Code if at any time a small group of people can come along and change it? Council on Marco is a disgrace. Rose will get their 60' Building and more storage across the street along side the Church. How nice for Residence's in every direction that they will be staring at racks and delapidated boats. Property values will for sure PLUMMET for Anglers Cove people as well as surrounding streets like Giralda. Traffic stops to accommodate boat movement will make a traffic heavy street heavier. “It would serve the need for people who make boating a part of their life,”....What a Pitiful argument. Residents in this part of town need to oppose these plans in full force. Soon City Council will approve a factory with smoke stacks in your neighborhood if the right amount is paid...

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in response to CopWatch:

Planning = Strategic Facility Planning

Thomas O. McCune, AIA
Strategic facility planning is the process of translating an organization’s strategic business plans into medium- or long-range facility plans and alternatives. Traditional architectural space planning skills play a role but must be supplemented by skills in forecasting, financial analysis, scheduling, real estate transactions, hedging, and site selection.

Excerpt from
The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 13th edition

What a simpleton......Handbook this!

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Council will accommodate and not rile the owners have no representation.

Written on Marco Island: Decade old site map of Rose Marina changes status of inland lot:

This decision is a disgrace. I like Rose Marina and they are an Iconic part of our Island but, this expansion is unreasonable and frankly ugly. Our politicians are serving our community. Only special interests....picture the traffic....

Written on Marco Island: Decade old site map of Rose Marina changes status of inland lot:

Anything goes on Marco Island......for a select few.

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I for one an not opposed to the Marriott expansion. Opponents are making hysterical claims dooming Marco island as if the Marriott is planning to overtake the entire Island for their self serving needs. Marco remains a sleepy town with a busy main boulevard.....Let's be honest, our town fathers allowed that distinction a long time ago. Every conceivable commercial enterprise exists on Collier Blvd. Now people are trying to make the Marriott out to be the Big Bad Wolf.....silly.

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Dear Mean Spirited,

"Unfortunately, there’s a stigma attached to addiction. People who come to our facilities are often professionals - schoolteachers, business people, even pilots. You’d be surprised. The reality is, addiction can happen to anyone."

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Phil achieved more in any off day than you could accomplish in your entire inadequate life....

Thank you.....An intelligent person should never argue with a fool.

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Written on Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in NYC apartment:

Hoffman was a tortured soul no matter what you think. People who don't know that pain, can't comment.

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A memo to Mr Fegelein:
Heroin death is rapidly becoming a national epidemic. Generally believed to have begun with prescription drugs for pain. I recently suffered nearly 10 days as a result of a Kidney Stone considered one of the worst pains a human can have. Not unlike a woman who is delivering a baby but can't. Percocet was my friend. A form of OxyCodone it worked wonderfully and allowed me to sleep comfortably. I was fortunate to be aware of the potential for abuse so I only took it when I really really had to. I no longer need it and am recovering nicely. That said, I can clearly see how these drugs can be a gateway to cheap heroin. In twenty minutes, I had a euphoric and Comfortable pain free sensation. Today, I've read dozens of cynical comments about Philip Seymore Hoffman. People need to be less judgemental and more sympathetic to a major problem in America.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Not sure who you are but your post is repulsive. It is sad indeed that an individual suffers such a depression that he turns to drugs for relief. You are a judgemental mean spirited person.

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Marco826 I agree Publix and Winn Dixie will bring a 53' tractor trailer to the stores. However, that is their truck, parking on their property. Not a fleet lining up to unload. That is why the impact is not even noticed.

So clean your glasses up and take notice. It is their property that the truck they own delivering their goods is sitting on. It is not backing across Collier Blvd. to access it's destination. That is the difference my friend.

MrBreeze. Stop it. You keep changing your story. There will be no fleet of trailers lining up outside the Marriott. You're an alarmist with nothing to do. You also deny that Marco is a resort town. Sorry. We are. We are not Sanibel. Our leaders sold us all out 20 years ago when they allowed Collier Blvd to turn into a Mini Myrtle Beach destination. Tee Shirts anyone? Chinese Souvenirs? At least the Marriott and Hilton brings class to the island. Stop whining. Marco still has plenty of beautiful residential properties.

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Marco826 I disagree, Some are trying to make Marco Island a Resort Town. If poeple stand by and let that happen it will be the end of the place as we know it.

By standard a "resort" is usually a property by boundry all inclusive. To create a "resort town" is just crazy and s-----. Why not just build a casino next and get it over with.

Your statements about the trucks is wrong. Companies that currently deliver food, beverage and goods to Marco Island daily are not running over the road tractor trailers. They are using 28' trailers with "city day cab tractors" which are night and day when compared. Most are single axle vs. tandem long frame highway tractors.
What came to your house is not what is coming to a Trade Show. Please do not try to fool the residents of Marco Island by making such inaccurate statements.

MrBreeze, You need to get you ruler out. There are no length restrictions on Marco Island. 40' Tractor trailers are here every day. Hang out at Winn Dixie or Publix for a birds eye view my friend. You can't just make up stories to prove your point of view my friend....

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Some of you guys write like there is already a consensus on this matter. That is not true. In reality, I think the majority don't care. By the way, it is not uncommon for large resort area hotels to include a convention center. I'm all for everybody expressing their opinion. Do so with civility.

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I for one have no objection to the expansion by the Marriott. The hysteria on this blog is silly at best. One writer predicted a fleet of Tractor Trailers riding down Collier like its Interstate 75. Medwedeff said would be more like three to four. I trust him and think he's a straight guy. People! Tractor trailers are not new to Marco. Company's like Sysco Foods service many Restaurants on Marco in Tractor trailers. I recently had a delivery by JB Hunt and Furniture Stores Deliver daily all over Marco. Stop the crying and making up stories. Marriott is the biggest contributor to Marco. Their plans will help the local economy tremendously. Whether people like it or not, Marco Island is a Resort town. You can't have it both ways.

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This story gets more weird every day. Somebody is in bed with, well you know.

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The truth is that officials knew this animal was roaming around more than a full day before it was killed. Plenty of time for Animal Control experts to remove it safely. Instead, they paint a picture of a monster suddenly coming out of nowhere to terrorize Marco Island Beach goers. A total fabrication to justify shooting this animal and yes, the picture by the Marco/Naples News is pathetic. Boar meat tastes awful by the way.

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So Utilities Department has a fleet of trucks purchased in 2004 but no Maintenance Records. They did maintenance only reactively rather than proactively. Jeff Poteet, general manager of utilities should be FIRED! People keep maintenance records on their personal vehicles, why should;t the Department? Unless of course its not your money and you simply don't care. More and more rooster roaches coming out about Marco. Worse every day. I think we're only starting to scratch the surface. I say again, fire the Utilities Manager for his lack of common sense and protecting the equipment which is owned by the good people of Marco....Such a disgrace. He is managing nothing!

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It makes no difference as Florida is a "Right To Work State" He sounds like a jilted lover. Bryan, Get off your knees and start acting like a man!

Question.... Did he have an Financial agreement with the Kelly's... Yes Or No?

An employer in Florida can fire you "with out cause" for any reason.. Period.

Get over it, and move on with your life! Go see Bill in Naples he will give you a job.

Right to Work State or not, any professional organization with have given him Due Process. Not saying he is innocent or guilty (although it appears there was a conflict not reported). That said, it also appears he did not single handedly craft the change in ordinance.
We have lots of shenanigans here on Marco. Many worse than this one. I recall a patrolman speeding down Collier and crashing into an elderly woman causing tremendous grief and pain for her...I believe that gentleman is still on the Payroll. Union Protection. Milk served this community. Give him a fair review.

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Of course Researchers want to track sharks. Money.

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I wonder if the new City Manager understands the Bee's Nest he is headed into. Any Bets on how long he may last? Council isn't running this town like grown professionals. Instead, its more like a group of teens with Hormonal imbalance...

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Lives ruined. Family's distraught. All for a moment of pleasure. He's been charged and not saying it didn't happen. In a truck? Could the Girl get away? Run? She did drugs with him? A lot doesn't make sense.