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You are right. That's their problem. Not ours. They denied beach access use their beach private and ask me and my tax$$$ to pay for them??? Who pays for my sea wall if damaged by corrosion?

If Hideaway Beach Owners pay for my seawall, I'll agree to help pay for their buoy's....

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I'm tired of hearing about Hideaway Beach. Let them resolve their own issues. They knew the risks when moving there just as I know the risks of my own properties. Marco Island city staff believe the cause may be manmade. Boats are running too fast and too close to shore, they agreed. This my friends is pure unadulterated B.S.....

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$400,000 fire rescue boat, $219,000 City Manager....We are so fat and happy here on Marco spending the peoples money....Soon we'll paint the streets with Gold....

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$$$$Four Thousand, Two Hundred Dollars per week to be City Manager of Marco Island.....or $219,000 in total compensation. Did I Councilors do their Homework on this offer? The Documented National average of Pay for City Managers depending on the size of towns runs $49,245 - $150,976. But no, Thats not enough pay for Luxurious Marco Island. We're Special. We deserve the best. Well, Good luck Mr. Hernstadt! I for one expect you to fix this little Island with big ego's and shenanigan politics.

Written on Ousted Marco community affairs director had several opportunities to disclose conflict:

Hey MarcoNews, finally a comprehensive story....

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Remains to be seen if the New City Manager is Micro-Managed by a few dominant council members who think they own this town.

Written on Gov. Christie faces political fallout over N.J. traffic jam:

Christie is not cleared. If someone on my staff created a deceitful act, it becomes a reflection of my company, of me, of our team. Innocent or not, I am responsible for the behavior of my staff. I'm afraid Chris, the stain will never go away. It's human nature to forgive but not forget. That said, his election chances remain intact assuming nothing new contradicts what seemed like a sincere press conference. Christie took full responsibility. That seems new to me in American politics these days.

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Joe Irvin looks like a Pawn in this doubt about it. Reversal was a directive from you know who....Makes the case against Milk a little more credible, except Milk will sue Marco and win.

Written on Marco reverses course on zoning conflict that led to employee's firing:

This story/town gets crazier every day.....

Written on SWAT team called to Marco home for domestic dispute:

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SWAT = Special Weapons And Tactics team is created for high and special crime control like drug wars, terrorism, gang fights. Nothing in this case like 1paradislost figured out.

"It's simple.... The wife wants a divorce. She finds out he been picking up tourist Cougars at the Marriott.
Husband did not come home until 7 am.
Was the guy out with his Cougar girlfriend?"

And Marco826 came to the point:
"Lets see. Mom calls Police at 10:00 PM. Says dad has guns. Swat comes in full garb. Dad, not home, shows up at 7:30 AM. Arrested."

You really believe that this story vindicated a full SWAT operation.
It seems to me it was a drill to check how effective the SWAT team works.
Or make Marco Islander believe we are living in a high crime destination but the government take care.
Next time you cross the Jolly Bridge you will see a new welcome sign:

"Attention! Every person on Marco Island is armed! Marco Island - the second amendment island!"

Better not!

Maybe MIPD order Tanks?

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Marco Council looks like a Sewing Circle...Sad. Amateur Hour. Fumbling, Bumbling, ego's....we all will pay.

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Spilled Milk. No Progressive investigation will ever occur. Too many friends. Deals.

Written on SWAT team called to Marco home for domestic dispute:

Lets see. Mom calls Police at 10:00 PM. Says dad has guns. Swat comes in full garb. Dad, not home, shows up at 7:30 AM. Arrested.
I just rewrote the entire story. More Epic coverage by this news paper. Are there actual reporters or just people sitting at a computer miles away? Best part is there will be little or no follow up to the s----- story of the year on Marco.

Written on SUV crashes into Marco home:

Thanks for all the details Marco News....Great story and coverage...Award Winning

Written on VP Biden arrives in Southwest Florida for Keewaydin visit for New Year:

Keewaydin home now looks like Michael Corleone's compound....

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

In an email sent to Milk, Interim City Manager Guillermo Polanco advised Milk of his dissatisfaction with his missing a 2 p.m. scheduled meeting with him.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

I don't know Milk. Don't know if he was trying to help his friends. Friends with an interesting past at best. What I do know is that this small Island town makes a lot of messes.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Refrain from fireworks, for bald eagles’ sake:

Maybe we should cancel 4th of July too? Where do we draw the line? Are you saying that fireworks caused Eagle eggs to fail? Could it have been other circumstances?

Written on Resolution and resolutions: Marco Island leaders share their plans and predictions for the year ahead:

“All I want for New Year’s is a city manager,” said Honecker.
Mr. Honecker, what I want for New Year's is a city government run with prudence and fiscal responsibility. One that has ethical standards which puts aside ego driven agenda's. Am I asking too much? I think yes, sadly. Its unfortunate to think how this City Manager search was bungled. It doesn't leave a lot of room for confidence going forward. You may only want a city manager but the people of Marco want a lot more starting with competence.

Written on Letter to the Editor: We are making progress:

With approximately 17,000 residences on Marco, one would think the Tax Base would be sufficient to run a community like this, but no, we are in substantial debt........Politicians.

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If true, 15 Stops per day doesn't seem unreasonable for a city the size of Marco. That said, it appears to me that there must be 10 of those per day just at the foot of the Jolly Bridge. I won't disrespect the Police department, these guys all trying to do their job. Question is, are we aggressively staffed and is our budget in line with whats required for this tiny Island? I agree living here over 20 years, Crime is generrally uncommon here. Not totally but generally. Agree with Konfuzius that expense is a concern while Sheriff option sound reasonable. That said, I know it won't happen. Pension and Retirement expenses will strangle Marco on top of our huge debt.

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Leave the Farmers Market out of this. Its a great idea for Marco. The crowds seem to enjoy it and yes, a police presence is valid. Good work if you can get it.

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Having read your letter to the Editor, its clear that rather than follow protocol, you decided to meddle and did so probably scaring away a good candidate. Creating a "Mr. X"! Are you serious? We hire one firm, drop them, hire another, he drops us, we go back to the first firm and you meddle around behind the scenes thinking its your personal duty to save Marco Batman.

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Genuinely weird....Residents doing background checks on other residents....Paranoia. Stick to the subject at hand.

Written on Marco Island City Council loses second city manager search firm:

This spectacle is another big embarrassment for Marco Island. As for why Slavin quit, it was once said that if an Intelligent person argues with a bunch of fools, nobody knows who is the fool....Sad day Marco Council. We look inept. Let me help define that.... showing no skill; clumsy.

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New Politicians fall into the Honey Pot of ego driven decision making. A little authority is a dangerous thing. Few people are able to remain humble in their judgements once they get the Crown of election. Spending other people's money is their duty they think. They become ravenous in their appetite for heroic's that are not justified....Ego is a dangerous thing. Common Sense is a dead concept.

Written on Police: Marco man accused in fatal crash was rushing home from gym:

in response to August8:

Sure,sure, cry me a river fella after all the complaining about trffic enforcement on Marco, you have again reached a zero.

Your ignorance slip is showing August.....This was a tragic accident. Konfuzius is right, two deaths. His opinion on who should be performing enforcement has nothing to do with his sentiments regarding the sad event. You sound like an angry man.

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I agree. I see too many bikers with attitudes. Recently, as I pulled up to a stop sign from a side street to turn on Bald Eagle a Bicyclist zoomed right in front of my car before I even came to a full stop. He also was on the side walk and never looked at me approaching. He sped by within inches of my fender and looked at me with disgust saying he had the right of way. What he has is no common sense. Regrettably, thats the "all about me" world we live in....

Written on Marco Island City Council tables Smokehouse Bridge repairs, road resurfacing; confirms benefits and utility increase:

Raise utility rates by 7 percent?....They are not high enough?....

Written on Letter to the Editor: Drainage problems can cause disease:

Lets all stop thinking of ways to spend money needlessly. Sure, a mosquito can cause disease. Bee's can kill too. Should we build a net over Marco? How about snakes? Be practical people. Been living on Marco over 20 years now. Never heard of West Nile fever and malaria cases here. We're not a third world country. Sure, anything is possible, but thinking we can prevent every little cause of potential harm by throwing money at it is crazy.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Understand the facts:

I support the project. A big win for the Island.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Support the Marriott expansion:

Money makes the world go around folks. The Marriott brings a boatload of money to Marco Island. By the way, Marriott Management at the upper levels don't believe in losing......ever.

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Think about one business owner on Marco who wouldn't love for his business season to expand beyond the 4-5 months which is the standard one.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Two no-nos for Marco :

Rick is an employee, not his for the small town charm you claim to love, it's debatable how much interference the proposed convention center would bring. What I do know is that it will improve our economy bring more tax dollars ro businesses primarily along Collier and Bald Eagle while the Rest of the Island maintains its residential stature. Calm down.

Written on New hands at the helm: Capt. Brien's new owners steer their own course:

Good Luck to you, you're family and the restaurant....

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Over son once said about over population, remove all the warning labels and the problem will take care of itself...

Written on Barfield Bridge repair underway:

As a citizen of Marco, you are not privy to this information. Only the elite owners of our tax dollars are allowed to know...

Written on Flatulence leads to knife fight, arrest:

The Eagle is ignorant for even reporting this story....what crap...

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Leave Marco Alone...Next you'll want a Boardwalk and A Ferris Wheel...

Written on Marco Island City Council mixed on replacing Smokehouse Bridge, upgrading Mackle Community Center:

Stop spending un-necessary money. Fix the bridge and forget the monstrosity meant for St. Louis...

Written on Letter: What a bargain:

You must be a teacher...

Written on Letter to the Editor: We need more traffic enforcement:

Well Sir, I too was there and yes I saw patrolmen on the grounds. A pretty good idea considering how large the crowd was. As far as drivers getting there, (i've gone dozens of times) there was nothing unusual. People hunting for parking spots on a narrow road with out the ability to speed or pass. All seems normal to me. Marco does pretty good as far as traffic violations goes.....I think your post is mostly sour grapes....some guy cut you off? Happens every day in season...How many more police do we need?

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in response to Ocram:

Flashing lights does not make a police state. You have traffic lights that flash that tell you to stop or go cautiously. The signs serve as a warning for those who intend to party too hard, get excessively drunk, cause disturbances and abuse or destroy property.

For those who are law abiding, like I hope most are, it will make no difference, like one does when one stops for a red light, but for those who think a world of excessive drunkenness or destructive behavior is acceptable, it gives them fair warning that there are others who will not tolerate it here.

The Marco Police are doing their job and a "thank you" from Marco's residents is in order.

Your theory isn't only silly, its ridiculous. Maybe we should have flashing signs for all kinds of bad human behavior....No need for flashing signs. If people behave badly on the beaches, they will be arrested and the word will be out soon enough that Marco won't tolerate that.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Sad welcome?:

That sign is ridiculous...Council thinks Marco is Daytona Beach and clearly their intent is to keep young people away. They are old and afraid. They want their sleepy town only for themselves. Marco needs no flashing warnings for guests to our town. What are we? A Police State?.....well, maybe....

Written on Marco Island City Council takes on capital projects, code compliance and illegal immigration:

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Before long you will be thanking Michelle Obama for this bridge since it will eventually come out of our tax dollars like the J.J. Bridge did.

Klaus we all know that you are renting your present residence. You lost the ability to own one years ago. Now that is just too bad isn't it now.

You sir are a misinformed loggerhead.. I mean bloggerhead....