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If the Marriott is not making enough money here on Marco maybe they should look at moving their operation to a new location where they have room for expansion.

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The big difference is the car carriers are picking up and dropping off residents and home owners cars, these people pay taxes here on Marco which pay for the roads. The convention center enriches the Marriott not so much the community.

Written on Marco Island business accused of motorcycle manufacturing, code violation:

Konfuzius it's simple, because it is not zoned for what the Kelly's are doing. If you were building motorcycles out of your garage for 7 years and no one complained, no problem. But as soon as someone complains you would be in violation and be asked to stop by the City. Zoning laws need to be enforced.

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Go by there tonight at 8:00 and you will see cars with the driver side tires parked in the street and the other two tires on the swale, why do they not get tickets? This is a dangerous situation since cars can not pass each other when a car is parked partly in the street.

Written on Marco Island's interim community affairs director resigns:

I have dealt with Joe Irvin and he is very professional. I don't think he has a dishonest bone in his body, he reminds me of a Mormon I used to know. He is most likely leaving for reasons similar to why Dana Sousa left.

Written on Marco Island city manager hears from former police, fire and utilities employees:

in response to 1Paradiselost:

Mr. K

Or anyone with that information, I have question.... How much in taxes would the average taxpayer save by disbanding the MIPD?

Paradise, it not just about the cost it is about the liability and exposure Marco Island faces from law suits when one of our finest slams into a car. Also the pension will be a great expense to this City in the future. I would enjoy the professionalism of the Collier sheriffs dept.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board opts for more time to consider Marco Island Marriott 2001 PUD amendments:

This is a done deal, it does not matter what the people of Marco want the Marriott will get more rooms and parking.
We have enough hotel rooms on this Island and the businesses that depend on the tourists are doing just fine.

Written on 'Souper Bowl': Marco Island fundraiser returns for second year:

The kale soup from joe's was excellent, red roosters minestrone was also good.

Written on Wild boar killed on Marco Island, will feed homeless at St. Matt's:

Next time call Ted Naftal Jr. He would catch it and put it in the back of his truck unharmed, he's done it before.

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I agree with what 1Paradiselost said, legalizing marijuana would take money away from gangs and save lives in the process.

Written on Gov. Christie faces political fallout over N.J. traffic jam:

At least Christie fired the person responsible for the lane closures, had this person worked for Obama they would have got a promotion.

Written on Marco airport runway shutting down for three months in season:

Good timing, no one uses the airport in the winter anyway.

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

ajm3s, just watched the video and Calvin Peck is perfect for this Island. He will fit right in.

Written on U.S. 41 East-Collier Boulevard intersection overhaul to begin:

Late January is the best time for road construction in Collier County.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

If he personally benefited by letting progressive house more cars then allowed I think he's done working for the City and I like the guy. You just can't do stuff like that it's called a kickback.

Written on Bye bye, bile? Websites try to nix nasty comments:

On this Island 58 is a baby.
Happy New Year.

Written on Residents react to idea of replacing Mackle Park Center:

The City did not have a referendum on the STRP so I doubt they would have one for something that cost a couple of million. If they did would need one every week.

Written on What's the worst holiday gift you've ever received?:

My STRP bill when I sold my rental house.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Ed you think it is fine to have a referendum on the hotel expansion, as you said in your post the other day but think we did not need one for the STRP that put this City far in debt and forced many people to leave the Island. I hope they build a high school next door to you. No Referendum needed.

Written on New Mackle Park Community Center heads for open workshop; lightning detection begins Monday:

The lightning warning system sounds good as long as it does not go off when it is obvious that there is lightning in the area. If we are having one of our frequent thunderstorms we do not need a siren to tell us we could be in danger and it is doubtful any one would be using the park at that time. However if it can warn people when there is on sign of lightning anywhere that would be great. Just not sure from this article how it works.

Written on Guest Commentary: MIPD Chief Don Hunter – A response to concerns regarding our department:

Mr. Hunter, I remember when you were the Collier County Sheriff you told Marco Island that you could give us as many patrol cars as we needed for a cost of (I can't remember the number but I'm thinking $100,000 a year per car) dedicated to the Island. I always thought this was the best option for Marco since it would limit our liability when one of Marco's finest t-bones one of our citizens doing 80 down Collier Blvd. Plus we would not be saddled with an under funded pension.
We could even pay $200,000 a year per patrol car and get 5 full time collier officers down here for a Million a year and still save 3 mil. plus.

Written on Rubio, Radel, Nelson weigh in on call for Congressional approval before Syria action:

Remember when Reagan put a rocket in Kadafi's living room, I don't think he asked anyone and it kept Kadafi from bombing anymore planes with Americans on it.

Written on New face on the dais: Bob Brown selected to fill Magel's City Council seat:

We still need to get Tuckers name removed from City Hall, talk about sunshine law violations, the fix was in when they named it after him.

Written on New face on the dais: Bob Brown selected to fill Magel's City Council seat:

Ed if your buddy Tucker was in office the seat would have went to the highest bidder.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A city has authority:

Herb, again thank you for your input and knowledge of Marco Island.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

in response to WMissow:

It appears that some posters on this site are renters, condo owners and not homeowners.

These are the people who have supported a putt putt course because they have nothing to lose.

I would be very suspicious of any petitions going around. Sure condo owners have a say in what is on this island but the negative effects of improperly placed construction will not effect them as much as a land or homeowner.

I would check those so called petitions both for legitimacy of the signatures in addition to the kind of ownership represented by each.

Are you smoking crack, please tell me which posters on this site you believe are renters, condo owners and not home owners? and why should that matter? I have lived on the Island since the eighty's and own a home. I know many people who own condos or rent homes that have lived here longer then I have and to say they do not have a vested interest in the community is total BS.
I guess you feel only home owners like you and I should be able to sign petitions since renters and condo owners have nothing to lose, did you really say that?.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

I don't think anyone would have a problem with MICA if they enforced deed restrictions on a go cart track, the problem is I believe most people think the mini golf is a good use of the land and an asset to the Island. What they are doing may be legal but it makes them look bad and puts them on the wrong side of popular opinion.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA please, turn your tunnel vision into a wider view:

Ladue, You may not think it is MICA's fault but I do and I believe most of this Island thinks it is MICA that shut down the mini golf course. This is not good PR for MICA even if they are right.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Mini golf course good for Marco:

I remember when Marco had an indoor mini golf course, guess that was ok.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Mini golf course good for Marco:

Thank you Herb, your knowledge of the Mackle Brothers intent is invaluable to this community. Times have changed but I think they had it right.

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

Northerner, no where in my post do I say it is OK to kill gofer tortoises and I do not think it is, I am just pointing out that you are complaining about the gofer tortoises at the high school site when the home or condo you live in likely did the same thing when it was built, seems like a double standard to me.
@ WMissow "selfish needs" it is a high school that serves all of Collier County, sounds like you are the selfish one. And what Germany did in the past has nothing to do with Marco Island and gofer tortoises, please.

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

Northerner anyone who lives on Marco is guilty of killing gopher tortoises, the Mackle brothers bulldozed the whole Island killing more then just the gopher tortoises. I have been here for over 20 years and I can point out many houses where tortoises once lived and were most likely buried so the house could be built.
Had the Collier county school board let the charter high school use tract K as it was intended by the Mackle brothers you would not have your tortoise complaint.
The eagle sanctuary is BS and only serves to keeps tract K from the charter school.

Written on From dogs to ultralights, Marco Island's beaches face issues:

When people start using leashes and picking up after their dogs in Mackle park then we can talk about using the beach. And I am a dog owner.

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

As a landlord one major problem is if the police visit my property because of a noise complaint I am not notified. The police were called to my annual property rental because of a complaint. My neighbor next door called me and told me the police had been there twice in one week and the tenants were having party's at all hours. If he had not called me I would have no idea there was a problem. As the owner of the property the police should let me know when there is a problem. I can't fix it if the police don't tell me about it.

Written on Marco Planning Board considers options for beaches and restaurants:

I like the old Marco Pub but parking in the swale is a problem, many cars are on the street and there is only enough room for one car to pass at a time. It is not safe in season when cars are parked on the swales in Old Marco.

Written on Marco Island Academy dedicates new campus:

F Face, I guess you don't have kids going to school on Marco, if you did you would know we have many Hispanics in all grades on the Island. As far as Haitians in the schools down here I don't know what to tell you but I'll bet there are thousands of schools in this country that do not have Haitians in them and the kids still get an education and turn out OK. The school I went to had a large Jewish population and quite a few Asians, am I a hater as you say because we do not have many Asian or Jewish kids in school here on Marco?

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

"we’re a robust community with a history of very conservative fiscal management" You have to be kidding me, I have never seen a City with so many new vehicles as we have here on Marco. In the last few months I have noticed that every vehicle the City owns is new and that includes all the equipment to maintain the parks. Then we have the new rescue boat for $400,000 and the public's works Dept. just bought a new boat a couple months ago for $35,000. I grew up in a affluent community and the public works Dept. did not get new vehicles every two years, they worked them until they needed to be replaced and I don't see that happening here on Marco.

Written on Texting while driving ban passes Fla. House; back to Senate:

The law is still a joke since you can not be pulled over for texting, you need to be stopped for something else first.

Written on Marco Island City Manager Jim Riviere retiring :

Out of all the City managers we have had on this island he was the best. Good luck Mr. Riviere.

Written on Fla. Senate approves ban on texting while driving :

The law is a joke, from what I have read they can't pull you over for texting, you need to break some other law fist. The police should be able to pull you over and ticket you for texting period.

Written on Mongello's Restaurant closes in East Naples:

Wait and see the restaurants on Marco that are going to close now that season is over.

Written on Storage wars, parking battle leave Marco Island Planning Board in center of scrum:

I drive down bald eagle every night from old Marco and many times the cars parked on the swales are partly on the road and not all the way in the swale. it is a dangerous situation when you have cars parked on both sides of the road and not enough room for north south traffic to pass safely.

Written on Marco Island Christmas decorating contest finalists announced :

The shops of olde Marco are hard to find but worth it, cool little courtyard with shops and places to eat and drink. Great job with the lights.

Written on Marco Island city sign at foot of Jolley Bridge destroyed in crash, flag pole dented :

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Great cupcakes, got some last week for a birthday party.

Written on Portrait of the veteran as a young man – Marco Island artist depicts combat vets in series of paintings :

Malenda is a very talented artist, some of her paintings look like photos. If you are ever in old Marco check out her store.

Written on Cuban Missile Crisis: North Naples man recalls facing down Soviet ships 50 years ago :

Klaus, I hope you will not be disappointed when the great Mitt Romney defeats Barack Obama in 3 weeks. You seem more obsessed with Obama then Chris Matthews.