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Written on Letter to the Editor: Animosity started with the opposition:

Wow,the hatred going on here! Maybe you could pick up that book called the Bible, and read from "John 13, 34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Written on Letter to the Editor: What’s happening with Tract K?:

Tract K was undeniably given as a gift by Deltona to Marco Island, for use as a school property. No amount of arguing can change that. As for a residential area being used for a school zone, where do you think Tommie Barfield and the Charter School are located? I have lived here 22 years as a full-time resident and when I purchased the lot for my home in 1999, I never dreamed the City would turn a peaceful water storage facility into a full-blown utility boot camp with barbed wire and constant noise behind my house, not to mention a staging area that was in existence 8 months across the street. Marco is changing, albeit, not for the better, but we do need a high school for our kids that does not require 2 hour bus trips.Have some compassion for the kids, it's a great thing that Deltona thought of them!

Written on Two half-pints delivered a quart-sized message to City Council:

The Marco Island Academy is really going to make life on this island exciting! My son is going into Charter School next year and the Academy should be up and running by the time he is ready for 9th grade. Good job, Jane, and all the volunteers!
Johnny Angel

Written on POLL: Deadline nears for voters to rename Veterans’ Memorial Park:

The Collier/Barfield Park should be named "the $275,000 no-name park!" Or, "Another useless expenditure Park"

Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

Finally, Jane Watt has succeeded in bringing us what we really need! The YMCA has a gym and other sports facilities, so it is the perfect marriage! My son is going into 6th grade next year, I have always dreaded the onset of 'life after Charter School', so hopefully the school will be up and running in a year or two. For those of you not supporting this because it will decrease your property value, I live right at Winterberry Park and when I bought my lot and house, there was a quiet water company plant behind me. Now it's a major staging area! If you don't want to live near the school, move to another area of the island while prices are low, I bet you'll find a lot of parents, like myself, who would welcome living near the high school, no bussing, comvenient, etc. Hurrah for Jane!

Written on 12-year-old charged with sexual battery, threatening witnesses:

Re: the gains and losses of Marco in 2009, somehow it was over-looked that we lost Bert Brewer to cancer. Bert had opened the Marco Fitness Club in 1981 and had been a resident/musician, playing with Mitch Peters at the Marco Beach Hotel for years before that. We all miss you, Bert! Our prayers are with you, Jann! Congratulations on your new son, Katy!
Sincerely, Johnny Angel

Written on Smokehouse Bay Bridge design by TY Lin, one of five firms presenting design plans on the bridge's re:

Why does the City figure that we need a walkway and a fishing pier on this bridge, when there are none on any of the other inland bridges on Marco? Who, other than tourists, would want to walk down from the Esplanade, and walk by the Lutheran Church and the back of Winn Dixie? To go to Veteran's Park, which is nothing but a large grass and asphalt field? Ridiculous and another blatant waste of our money!

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