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While I've tried to move away from the blogs, this one is really difficult. On the one hand we have a 15 year employee, and that is an important consideration. But we must look that he has had department control over an area that has cost the city a huge amount of money in litigation, plus some of his employees had to be let go (or retire). Now he is involved with a very controversial subject by pushing the planning department to make changes to a company that he has a part ownership with. My simple mind would ask why he didn't just recuse himself last year when all of this developed and hand it over to someone who would not have an interest? Something just is not right (and I do not dislike Mr Milk).

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Maybe i am old fashioned but if one of my neighboring properties needed a sea wall re-placement I would do all I could to help them. These lot's are usually left in better shape after their use I don't consider it a big deal.
Why can contracter's take 18 to 24 mo to build a house which in fact is a noisy dirty job and the seawall guy's get picked apart
Live and let live

You could not be more correct. Many people that complain either live on inland lots (where a contractor would not use an empty lot because they need water access), or they've already had their seawall repaired. We live on an island that has seawalls throughout and if we drive the contractors away to manufacturer elsewhere, we all pay a substantial increase when it comes to our own replacement.
We need to be sure contractors can not come back to the same area over and over, but to not allow them to use a lot for a few months to help us all control seawall replacement costs would be a travesty.
Hopefully we will all strive to be good neighbors and that means the contractors need to be sensitive to the neighborhood they are working in.

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I must be the most thick headed but I cannot understand why some emphasize the word "community", but if some are not of like mind, they are not part of the community. Is that how community is defined? Perhaps, the 17th century puritanical settlements are more in keeping with that view.

If you are not part of a consensus, some folks that oppose your position will cast you out......out of the community...

As for myself, its comes down to what do I want my local government to provide the community....

As an example, is pilates going to be the next class for the expansion of a community center requiring government sponsorship? Essentially, expansion of programs that address the wants of a few for the many?

So who are the many? A referendum will sort that out, for there are many reasons why some want and why some want not.

Now, that is what I call a community...diversity of mind.

You are "right on" with your statements. I know that 3 of the council members were elected with a platform of being for a referendum. Next August this issue could be put on a referendum (it is a primary election) at no cost to the City. Let's truly find out what the residents really want.
We need ID to identify Marco Island residents/owners so that programs and expenses can be charged to those that use the park and are not residents/owners on the island. The county gives a huge amount of money to the City of Naples for the use of their parks. All we do is send the county our money and get nothing in return (for parks).

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It is important to recognize that Marco Island is what it is because of the many attributes that have been brought here. While I would never want a Myrtle Beach or South Beach to be built on Marco Island, we have two cornerstones that have given us a gentle tourist industry and given much to our community.
Just as we have options available to change or amend our ordinances, we also can change or amend a PUD. The biggest question is what type of facility could be worked out on the East side of Collier and that is where I would be cautious so that we don't cause further discomfort to the neighbors behind the current wall. Once that issue is dealt with, the new design will give us a premier facility on the island that will keep the facility a profitable entity that will also work and donate to our community.
Mr. Medwedeff is working hard to please everyone on the island. If a one story parking structure is "dug" in and is slightly lower and fixes the "line of sight" issue, it is a win-win for everyone.
Please be open minded and let's all work with the Marriott by offering realistic suggestions that will help them while still helping the community.

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Did I miss something? When did the Marriott present anything to the City Council? I try to follow things closely and I have not seen a presentation nor looking up agenda's on the city website, I didn't see anything. The only thing I found was some sort of informational presentation to the planning board where the general manager stated that this was an idea they had presented to their home base and it wasn't even a funded project.

My point is that folks should hold back and fight for what they believe at the right time, else they be ignored from everyone being tired of listening when there is no issue before them.

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Maybe Mr Harris should run for city council......seems he has all the right answers.

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By order of the City Manager and Code Compliance -- It's called selective enforcement.

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I appreciate your insights and your common sense approach. My "compromise" statement was not meant as a pro or con statement as I also agree that the Marriott (Mass Mutual) has gotten much from Marco Island. I just didn't want misinformation stated (such as the bridge over Collier Blvd and a 4 story facility being built) to influence the debate when those statements are not accurate.

Hopefully our Planning Board and City Council will vet this issue thoroughly so that the residents of Marco are not squeezed further.

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How about we reduce the amount of commercially zoned property? Bear in mind, when Marco Island was originally laid out there were an additional 6000, yes 6000 single family homes' destined for development along San Marco Road. But this was stopped by the Army Corps of Engineers during the 70's under the direction of strong environmental sentiments.

Now I ask, should we not have reduced the size of commercial land zoned a commensurate amount to match the reduction of residences envisioned.

Now let's march forward to the present to the drumbeat of development of commercial property, i.e allow hotels or mixed use zoning in the Midtown District through recent passage of density transfer credit ordinance to increase density in the Midtown District.

Folks, pay attention, the city is willing to revise and pass ordinances that a mere 7 years earlier were in direct opposition to increase density. Just review the Glon property purchase to create Veterans Park and disposal of density transfer credits.

If this city had a real long term plan it would NOT renege on previous council decisions to not allow transfer of unused density credits.

On August 2nd, before the Planning Board, the folks will be hearing from another zoning change. The Marriott will unveil a plan to build a 4 story facility on the east side of Collier and essentially renege on an agreement set in the form of a PUD signed by all parties to prevent to limit such an expansion.

I wish the only major zoning issue was putt-putt, but this is just the beginning. The onslaught is unrelenting.

While most of what you have said is correct, the Marriott's presentation on August 2 does not include a 4 story facility on the East side of Collier. That was the plan they presented a couple of years ago and they learned that the community would not support that idea. I'm not promoting anything for the Marriott, but a certain article in a local paper was less than clear when explaining what they "old" plan was verses the "new" plan. If the Marriott can build or rebuild on their existing footprint on the West side of Collier and only want a 2 story enclosed parking facility on the East side that will not block the residents view behind this facility, it is worthwhile listening to. It is all called compromise, but we as citizens need to be informed and not led down a path by a few individuals with private agendas.

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For what it's worth, paying MICA 37 cents a day for such a beautiful facility with a park to use, and a fantastic beach access complete with chickee huts seems pretty inexpensive to me.

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in response to MarcoDefender:

It's good to have "the facts". Nonetheless, the only question that remains is... will MICA do it's job and evaluate the property on it's merits per the deed restrictions?

As we all recognize, the issue of submitting plans is moot. Do your job and evaluate the property. Make a ruling and lets move on. To have the court order fulfilled (destroy the mini-golf business) is completely wasteful, and not advantageous to ANYONE.

Will MICA do the right thing, now that the facts have been shared?????

MICA - Here's your chance to rebuild some goodwill, and show that you are a beneficial organization here on Marco. What say you?

I do not understand your question "Will MICA do the right thing, now that the facts have been shared?????".
The facts are that the Kramer's did not do "the right thing" by absolutely refusing to communicate with MICA. Why is that MICA's fault?
This whole mess would not even be here right now had they went in with their plans and discussed with MICA.
I am not against the Kramer's nor am I against the process. I am against what the Kramer's did by ignoring the process and causing such a problem.

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Mr Netherwood -- It seems that the Kramer's do not want to work anything out with MICA. As you can read above, MICA began contacting the Kramer's in early December (actually trying 4 times in the month of December alone). Since the Kramer's refuse to communicate, MICA did what they had to do and that was work the issue through the court system.

The issue is that we all know that living on Marco Island is great and part of the greatness is because we all had to adhere to the Deltona deed restrictions. If the Kramer's get away with this, Marco Island will end up being just another mediocre place as no one will pay attention to any rules in the future.

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Let's not forget that Fred Kramer specifically told his builder back in early December not to take the plans to MICA. Mr. Kramer was out to prove that he was bigger than any deed restrictions. The infamous law suit by MICA was just a last resort because the property owner refused to comply or respond. Mr. Kramer knows the legal system and he now faces dismantling the mini-course per the court order. If I were him, I'd start with some serious a33 kissing and apologize for an error in personal judgment, pay whatever fines, and hope this can be resolved before the place is torn down.
None of this had to happen and the place could have been open, running, and everyone happy, had the Kramer's just only followed the procedures that all have followed for years.

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I'm pretty sure that only 3 board members were missing or there would not have been a quorum.......

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in response to Pammyj614#273374:

Good letter Mr.Ciolino Agree completely.
All you have to do is drive by the golf course to see why it won the Chambers Beautification Award. It is a wonderful place for families to go. A few years ago I was diagnosed with MS, severely limiting my ability to walk long distances and enjoy much that Marco has to offer. The compact putt putt golf course provided for me a chance to participate and enjoy an outdoor activity. Shame on those that would deprive the Island of this beautiful family oriented entertainment. I guess going to a movie, drinking wine and beer is better for the community. Bah humbug. MICA wishes to have the property returned to its barren state providing zero value to "us", the people. MICA has outlived it's usefulness and needs to turn it over to those elected to serve "us".

Unfortunately you are missing the issue as most have..........
1. MICA has never asked for it to be torn down and put back in the original state. The judge ordered this.
2. Had the owner brought his plans in and got MICA's approval (which he had many opportunities to do), this would have never went to court and everything would be fine.

It is not wise to just go out on the island and build whatever you want, however you want and not to expect repercussions.

I personally like the course, but it appears that the owner would rather lose his investment rather than admit he made a mistake and try to resolve the situation.

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in response to condoseller:

It is a shame the minature golf course won't be available to families over the 4th of July weekend; be they residents or visitors. MICA had every opportunity to petition the court during construction. Why wait until the course is open and enjoyed by our neighbors and visitors? It feels ill timed and mean spirited. Since my family is visiting it would have been nice to suggest they enjoy the minature course here on Marco. Instead, they will travel to Naples where I'm sure they will also dine. Their time and money could have been spent on this side of the Jolley Bridge.

Apparently you have not followed this issue very closely. The Kramer's were notified by MICA many times prior to start of building their golf course and many times during the building of it that they needed to address the deed restrictions. The court action was only necessary when the Kramer's refused. The timing of the court order was strictly up to the judge.
I too would like to see the golf course remain open, but Mr. Kramer wanted to dig his feet in and fight MICA and he is on the losing end. It is most interesting since he made money by defending MICA for the very action he has decided to fight.

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It is a shame the minature golf course won't be available to families over the 4th of July weekend; be they residents or visitors. MICA had every opportunity to petition the court during construction. Why wait until the course is open and enjoyed by our neighbors and visitors? It feels ill timed and mean spirited. Since my family is visiting it would have been nice to suggest they enjoy the minature course here on Marco. Instead, they will travel to Naples where I'm sure they will also dine. Their time and money could have been spent on this side of the Jolley Bridge.

Apparently you have not followed this issue very closely. The Kramer's were notified by MICA many times prior to start of building their golf course and many times during the building of it that they needed to address the deed restrictions. The court action was only necessary when the Kramer's refused. The timing of the court order was strictly up to the judge.
I too would like to see the golf course remain open, but Mr. Kramer wanted to dig his feet in and fight MICA and he is on the losing end. It is most interesting since he made money by defending MICA for the very action he has decided to fight.

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MHS513&Ray, I told you this would happen. I have seen this before. There is always the link between Municipal and the Realtors. The Realtor is "on scene" during this process and ultimately the owner throws in the towel and leaves.

The lull and compassion of the Code Board was all a farse until the market picked back up and the run out of town can begin. Most people will sell as they do not want the fight or the expense to fight.

As for me, My home may be the very last Deltona standing after this process.

Was not the Code Supervisor the Ex-Police chiefs wife? Can someone answer that question?

Yes, Liz Carr is Thom Carr's wife and is Supervisor of Code Compliance.

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in response to LEHonig:

26yearsonmarco asked earlier for some figures on Smokehouse and some other bridges. I appreciate the help from city staff. I will try to use apples-to-apples figures and explain important differences. It's very difficult to compare the bridges.

Smokehouse Bay Bridges. Remember, it's really two bridges, one northbound, one southbound. Taken together, it's a 114 ft. span (228 feet in total), 104 ft. wide including 8 ft. sidewalks. To date, approximately $2 million has been spent on engineering and design. Only about $50,000 has been spent on permits, and most of these do not expire soon. We do not yet have contractors' bids (due in time to discuss at the July 15 City Council meeting). The engineering estimate is $7.3 million for constructing the bridge and roadway approaches, so $9.3 million in total, or $41,000 per foot. Utility work is separate (and presumably paid for by the utility, and I do not know that number).

East Winterberry Bridge. 120 ft. span, 65 ft. wide. Cost $4.965 million for the bridge and roadway approaches, or $41,000 per foot.

Jolley Bridge. 1,600 ft. span, 59 ft. wide and 55 ft. tall at highest point. Sidewalk only on one side. Cost $25.822 million for the bridge and roadway approaches, or $16,000 per foot.

Sorry, but you can not possibly compare the Smokehouse Bay Bridges to the Jolley Bridge. There is nothing comparable in their design other than they both go over water.

Back on October 19, 2009 at the City Council meeting when the T.Y. Lin Bridge was chosen, the pricing varied from $7.5 million for T.Y. Lin to $10.6 million for the Locknor 137 ft design. The lowest price for the bids was with the T.Y. Lin. This included Bridge/Roadway and Underground Utilities. Visit the City Website and view for yourselves.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Smokehouse Bridge - What is meeting design standards?:

Two problems with your conclusions.
1. The bridge has been on the agenda for a number of years. It has had a much more intense inspection by an engineering firm than what the State would do for an inspection. The State only looks at surface issues and sees nothing under water. The residents on Marco Island chose a design of a bridge to replace the existing two bridges and that design happened to be the least expensive. Putting a $500,000 or $600,000 Band-Aid on the bridge and still have to replace it in 3-4 years seems ridiculous, especially when we will be throwing away up to $2,000,000 already spent for design and permitting.
2. The seawalls all around the bridge are close to collapse, much like the seawall just a few hundred feet up the canal from the bridge (a total collapse into the canal). Can these seawalls be replaced without removing the bridge infrastructure? We can't seem to get a straight answer on that either.

If one of the seawall company barges bump the pilings during one of their low tide runs in the middle of the night, will we all be surprised and perhaps inconvenienced much worse than with a controlled rebuilding of the bridge?

Again, I'm not for spending a lot of money on projects that are considered only marginally important, but this will be done now or in a few years, even if we throw some fast cast at it temporarily and lose the money already spent.

......and I haven't even mentioned people's safety when they try to cross the bridge on foot or on bicycles.

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in response to 26yearsonmarco:

Don't you think Twenty (20) Inches is a little on the low side for a Bridge???????

According to City Website maximum clearance is 9.72Ft and minimum clearance is 9.05 Ft. New design is supposed to be approximately 13 Ft.

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

Let's not forget that the $12 million design was to attempt to get federal funding and had to be over $11 million to even apply for the grant. That being said, they included a pier for the Hittler Park, and walkway under the bridge to Veterans Park and a walkway from Hittler Park to the Lutheran Church and a number of extras that are definitely not needed without grant funding.
The problems that are faced:
1. What would have happened if TS Andrea would have direct hit us and knocked down one or both seawalls which support the bridge?
2. Do we just forget about the nearly $2 million already spent for design and permits which expire in July?

I don't want to see us spend any more money at this time either, but the bridge is an important evacuation route off of the island in case of emergency. Do we can second guess mother nature and have a bridge similar to the Marquam Bridge that fell in Oregon do to a bump by a tractor trailer or the 35W Bridge in Minneapolis in 2007?

In 2 years if the economy comes back at all, will contractors be this hungry and hold their pricing to today's level?

Hopefully many people speak up at the City Council meetings or at least email City Council to give them their perspective on this issue.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Sad note:

Will be missed by all of us who enjoyed his unique talents. RIP

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in response to WMissow:

Who was responsible for the bridge inspections during the original process? Is it anybody who is still working for the city? What company did the original construction? Let us make sure this does not happen again with the bridge on Collier when it comes down to it.

Not sure who did the original work, but we can all feel good to know that QE (Quality Enterprises) is on sight. I saw two of their trucks on the bridge this afternoon.

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in response to JDonMarco:

Not so Marco friend. There was a story about closing it on the Marco radio station local news a couple of days before it closed and I think I read it on Bill Mcmellen's e mail a few days before hand too.

While I did not hear the radio announcement, I did read Mr McMullan's Eye on Marco and it basically took me to the article in the local papers, which didn't say what was wrong, only that maintenance needed to be done and it was to be closed for 2-3 weeks.
I was aware it was closing, but I'd like to know why a new bridge has this many problems and needs to be closed for so long. There is something wrong with this picture.

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in response to happyhorowitz34145:

The repairs are due to the construction company that the city first hired to build the bridge.
Poor attempts of trying to bond hot top to concrete on the approach ramps, shoddy concrete work causing spawling to occur and expose rebar, concrete sidewalks settling or breakin apart, and erosion on the sides of the sidewalks due to poor planning and engineering.
All this at a cost to taxpayers at a cost of 100K plus.
The seawall at the base of the bridge is also being repaired due to poor work.
Also, Barfield Dr. in the original bid (according to the city website)was to never be closed to thru traffic dduring the repairs.

Thanks for the information. No wonder the City doesn't want to be transparent with this project. It would be nice if they explained what went wrong and how in the future they will correct their procedures so major construction projects will not be completed using these shoddy techniques.

Written on Barfield Bridge repair underway:

This is a new bridge. Why is there nothing explaining what type of repairs it needs and why it will take 3 weeks before it is open for traffic? City has kept this very quiet until the very day they closed the bridge.

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OK Larry -- What happened with your statement that since you were elected by the residents of Marco Island, you were totally qualified to make decisions for its people and didn't need any input from anyone? That type of arrogance is what got several of the people thrown off last time. Please remember, you are there to serve all of the electorate.
Glad to hear you are requesting input.

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Kids are a product of their environment. Obviously his grandparents and parents have influenced him in a way to care about the community around him. Congratulations to him and to his family for having raised someone who has made a difference.

Written on Some Marco Island councilors vexed about Capri fire district decision, plan full airing May 6:

Well, since Honig and Batte were the ones supporting Riviere with glowing high marks and such perfection, how the heck could this have possibly happened...................

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For a mere $0.356 per day, you can park at one of the nicest lots and enjoy the amenities of a great restaurant and restroom facilities anywhere. Should you desire to park at one of the county lots, you can get a free sticker at the library. What more do you want? MICA does a great service for more than 50% of the islanders. Sorry if you and/or your friend had trouble with his golf course. He didn't complain when he made money as an attorney working for MICA.

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in response to MrBreeze:

Attention all! Do not challenge August8 he is better than any of us.

Legend in his own mind.

A#@hole in the mind of most others.

Written on Eye in Sky: FHP issues 137 citations Friday to I-75 motorists:

in response to August8:

One more Marco whinner, the city is runith-over with these charactors !!!

Ok, let's see how this works. You are a local police officer, I don't like speeders, and I'm the whiner (you should use spellcheck). Guess you win.

Written on Eye in Sky: FHP issues 137 citations Friday to I-75 motorists:

Wonder if they are ticketing the Sheriff Dept. I usually follow their cars as they are the ones moving along at 8 - 15 mph over posted speed limits.

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in response to WizeOlMarco:

The solution is for the business owners to provide their own off-street parking by reorganizing their existing parking, buy another property for parking, or moving the business to a property large enough to support the level of business they want to operate. The City's role should be to enforce the existing laws, not rearrange the laws/rules and streetscape to match a business owner's desire. Along Bald Eagle including Old Marco are other commercial properties including vacant land for sale. There is no role for the City to fix this private business issue.

I would agree with you had our previous City Council not changed the dynamic so that parking was defined by square footage as opposed to seating. They (the Council) created the problem. The business owners utilize what was given to them.

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in response to OldMarcoMan:

,,, and yet the City can't control Flooding on 6th Street, curious?

yes and for some reason, my interest rate isn't 2.5% for the STRP that was forced down my throat. It would have been much easier to tolerate with a rate like that.

Written on Marco Island City Council takes on capital projects, code compliance and illegal immigration:

Comparing Smokehouse Bay bridge with Jolley Bridges is apples and oranges. Smokehouse Bay is actually 2 bridges that need to be built and not one. The new bridge will be higher than the original (the original bridge has a clearance on the Southbound side of 9.05 ft and 9.72 ft on the Northbound side). The new bridge will be 13 ft based on the meeting held 3 years ago. Much larger boats will be able to clear, especially without the obstruction in the middle of the waterway.

Written on Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement:

Hunter's plan must be working. They got rid of (lost?) another police officer, Stephen Mariani a couple of days ago. Doesn't that make 19 of the old guard in the last year?

Written on Marco Island City Council fleshes out community center capital project for Mackle Park:

Marco Island does need a new facility at Mackle Park. What they don't need is the grandiose project that was presented. Add to the issue that the residents are tired of City Council making decisions for the "good" of the people. The STRP is too fresh in many peoples minds and it has put a huge financial burden on so very many people. Add to that, there are many seawalls that need replacement and the homeowners will be paying for this important need. Lastly, we have a new $11,000,000 bridge that will be built shortly.
If you priortize the needs, the Mackle Park Taj Mahal will just have to wait. Of course the residents on Marco could prove me wrong and I will be happy to go with the majority.

PUT THIS UP AS A BINDING REFERENDUM - just as it was supposed to be and the people will have their voice heard!

Written on Guest Commentary: By Larry Honig - My city manger evaluation:

Honig's election is almost identical to another councilor elected a couple of years ago via bullet voting. Tell everyone what they want to hear and then all of a sudden he knows better than all citizens on the island. Unfortunately we have 1-1/2 more years of Mr Bullet Vote and 3-1/2 more years of Mr less than honest or transparent.

We also are stuck with a City Manager who is neither a professional at his job any more than he is a PHD. How disspointing that our new City Council chair is so naive as to think this man is an asset to our City.

Written on Gun resolution and city manager performance appraisal on the docket for future Marco Island City Council meetings :

in response to ajm3s:

There was a not only a heated discussion, but sadly there was a request by a council member to silence citizens clapping during public comment as a "point of order". Earlier, he includes in his rebuttal to the request for a resolution regarding the 2nd Amendment by stating:

"You guys are absolutely crazy" The discussion begins at time stamp 56:11, the quoted comment at 58:25:

Another sad day in America. Never ends, the quest to whittle away the 2nd amendment, and then asking the council chairman to silence the crowd during the community public forum: [time stamp: 1:10:00] or to counter "personal attacks" [1:23:00]

God, why is America so afraid of freedom and its expression?? And moreso, why are publicly elected officials to represent us wish to silence a crowd? Is it too unordered?

Thank you, Mr. Batte, council chair for allowing the folks to speak out, because in my estimation, the crowd was churning, but sometimes it was a direct response to comments by council members.

And for those charged with protecting the weakest in our society, I offer the following testimony to rebut Mr. Kiester's question:

"How many bullets does it take to kill 22 children?" Answer: Whatever it takes a mother to defend her children in an attack while on the phone to 911 requesting aid.

Folks, I know this is heated but the 2nd Amendment was to protect you against overwhelming power, including the most overwhelming, tyrannical power.

Those that experience the direct hand of tyrannical power. Mr. Victor Rios provides a perspective of those who experienced it firsthand [time stamp: 1:01:00]

Its not about guns, its about your right to protect yourself with overwhelming power. And if you believe the government can protect you, then by all means we should eliminate the 2nd Amendment and create gun-free zones.

The Newtown school tragedy occurred in a gun-free zone,vand there was no overwhelming power to counter a citizen with the intent to kill in a school.

Its about overwhelming power, and if we continue down the path of removing guns from society we shall be victims of overwhelming power from those with criminal intent since laws are meaningless to them.

Mr Keister seems to have forgotten who elected him. As an elected official you don't attack the public who has elected you. He certainly managed to fool many people over the years and he misjudged the last election and tried to endear himself to those that had run against him in the past, thinking they would be re-elected. Now he sits on the council as an anomaly who makes little sense and has very little support. He may want to think of offering his resignation and move on before he embarrasses himself further.

Written on New Marco Island city finance director gets down to details; council hears suits facing city :

in response to ajm3s:

The city attorney was clear in his remarks to the council with regard to seeking public information. He was clear that a council member can ask a question to city staff, and expounded by giving an example in seeking public records from the police chief with respect to an investigation. Go to time stamp 12:00

But Mr. Magel tried to use the charter to blunt Mr. Pettrica position both as a citizen and now a councilor.

Thank God we have good legal council and some councilors that will stand against intimidation in its many forms.

I stand with Mr. Pettrica, and he very much does not quibble with words.

I will NOT stand for Bull$$it, and gladly repent if I have made an error in my comments or analysis, but we need to call out crap when we see it, otherwise, we will start believing in perpetual motion machines as the new solution to energy conservation or that density transfer will not lead to more congestion on this island to impact residents.

God sometimes things like this just urine me off to no end!!! Sorry for the rant!

Thank you so much for consistantly giving us a voice of reason!

Written on New Marco Island city finance director gets down to details; council hears suits facing city :

in response to dc5799:

Magel+Arceri+Issler= Honig

Your equation is excellent except you missed Riviere in it......

Written on Marco Island City Council names committee volunteers, questions response to public record requests :

in response to OldMarcoMan:

Im confused, how did Trotter get appointed to a committee ?? I thought you had to be out of Government for a number of years before you could serve again??

The City Charter reads: "No former Council Member shall hold any COMPENSATED City position until four years after the expiration of the term for which the Council Member was elected".

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Mmmm..... Marco Island a coastal community, no building codes.. homeowner does what he wants to.. Hurricane comes in - total destruction.. Blame the building inspectors like in Punta Gorda for the devastation! Not the homeowner's responsibility to get licensed contractors to follow the standards.

Marco Island does not need building codes for cosmetic maintenance. Didn't the City Council just discuss colors for boat covers because the planning department wants to specify colors for people to purchase?
The man could have left his dilapidated decking in place and no one would have bothered him. Instead he upgraded, made it safer, and helped improve it.
We need to stop this "BIG GOVERNMENT" stuff now and quit harrassing the residents.

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I'm not supporting this big expense, but you do need to remember that the Smokehouse Bay Bridge is not one bridge but is acutually two bridges. Winterberry Bridge was over 4 million so if you multiply X 2 you will get to 8 million. We need a better gauge as to whether this has to be done at this time or can it be patched up and used for several more years.

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Paul: You do not get off that easy. You need to get involved and do your research. You need to study the budgets for Venice, Fl and Palm City, Fl

Your comments above demonstrate a total lack of knowledge and understanding of Civic issues and what it takes to run a City. I did not know that much about you before this LTE, but now I know enough to see that you have no idea about what it takes to serve our City.

Ed Issler

Gee Ed, to think your silent majority supported him and now you throw him in the dirt. Me thinks the others are correct in that you proved his point for him.

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Thank you for your insight Ed! Now I know the correct people to vote for are Amadeo Patricca, Ken Honecker, and Larry Sacher. You've gotten very little right so far, so I think going in the opposite direction is definately the right way.

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Mr. Recker,

Please do not insult the intelligence of the population of Marco with your attempt to convince those who do not know the facts.

Did you, in fact, pay your delinquent taxes on property in the Collier Tax Rolls: Sec 16 TWP 52 RGE 26 which was due in the amount of $4,315.04? If you did not pay these taxes, why not? When did you pay them?

It is difficult to support someone who fails to pay his taxes, when due, and expect that person to be prudent with the taxes we, the Citizens of Marco, pay on time.

Come on now. He knows the election is only a couple of weeks away. He paid $4,537.04 last Wednesday 10-10-2012. They were just very late. He doesn't want the voters to think he's a deadbeat taxing the rest of us on Marco, while not able to pay his in a timely fashion.

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I too saw this on the City Website. How nice the city spends our money by using staff, hardware, and software to support certain candidates. Of course Larry Magel must have given the City Manager his OK for this type of slap at the rest of Marco's residents. And this is the type of candidate Magel supports and wants you to re-elect. Check, read up on the incumbents, and then decide if they should be making financial decisions for you.