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If only we could believe the fuzzy accounting by our city..............
One has to ask if they've ever heard of general ledger, since they can't keep track of any particular category.

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Sorry Mr Honig. You have chosen the path of "birds of a feather" and our city needs to change. You apparently are not the person to offer us that change. Your Harvard degree did not give you enough common sense to come before the people and explain what you have to offer. Instead you join two people with private agendas who do not care what the people of Marco have to say. We do not need another four years of the same. Actually Marco should look into term limits of just four years.

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Could it be that Magel is an a33hole? Probably too simple of an answer as I should have added hypocrite also.

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I wasn't going to comment, but this letter infuriates me. I only wish Magel's term was up as I would take to the streets to see that he was defeated. Why? Because of his hateful spewing against 3 particular candidates. I have no problem that he is for the incumbents, but he once again is working very hard to divide the island. Not only did he get elected strictly by having people bullet vote for him, he has now decided to act like this is his city and no one else's opinion matters. My suggestion would be to tell all of your friends and neighbors that if Magel is for someone, then vote for someone else. Let those that are being supported by Magel inform him that what he is doing is just plain wrong!

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The mayor is Magel, not you.....

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Don't forget......Mr Magel said that it doesn't matter what the voters said. If City Council decides that the 24 hour clinic is best for the City, they can still vote it in.

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It wasn't voted down. There was no second made for the motion to approve.

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Unfortunately this whole issue is because Mr Thomas demolished a house and dumped it on a lot so that he could "produce" rip rap. The ordinance only allowed for seawall panels that had been removed to be used for rip rap. Had the rules been followed, this issue would not have even went to the City Council who just dumps it back to the Planning Board (and the games go on and on).

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Abdounader should be the one that should be questioned as to whether he is fit to be the principal at this school. Mike has given more to the school than most even realize and was treated like crap. I'm surprised Abdounader was able to even make a decision. I'm sure he had to ask someone to help him with it.

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If Waldack and Gibson get reelected there is no hope for this Island. How can people who can't manage their own finances be expected to manage ours? Lets elect some people who want to hold the line on spending and possibly cut our taxes.

If you think it is only those two you need to look closer as there is a 3rd incumbant running whos personal finances are in no better shape. Check at and see for yourself with the foreclosure status of our elected officials who can vote tax increases for us.

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Our new mayor Mr Magel says that it is a non-binding referendum, but the City Council can still vote to fund and tax us even if it is turned down. He's made this statement several times. We tax ourselves to subsidize a hospital and then pay for their redi-med service on top of it. How crazy is this. I hope there is no one on Marco Island foolish enough to see this as being a positive for anyone.
Now that we seem to have a mayor in place, why do we have a city manager. Let's save almost $200,000 in salary and costs.

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If all was well at 2pm, why was there a truck pumping sewage at the lift station in front of the Town Center by Dunkin' Donuts at 4:30pm? We now have more lift stations than any municipality of a city of our size and we still haven't added the Estates yet. God help us when we have our next hurricane...............

At least we got the new Sewer plant built no matter what the cost.

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and Zillow keeps telling me that my property value decreased over the last 1-1/2 years. Not sure who has the correct information.

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Hopefully our illustrous City Council members can now question themselves as to the perfect rating they gave to "Doctor" Riviere for his performance last month. Probably this will be used for a nice raise and/or bonus for him.

When you brought him in to clean up City Hall, it was fine. You should never have kept him on in a position where he is in way over his head. It is not fair to the residents.

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Dear Editor: I respectfully disagree with this decision by our City Manager regarding Building Inspectors. The citizens living on Marco Island voted, long before Mr./Dr. Riviere was in his position, to become a City. Not one half a City, not 95% a City, but a City with it's own City services.
If the City Manager saw a problem with budgets and manpower, the fees could have been raised to cover the difference, no matter how much. Or, maybe a manpower reduction would have been appropriate, especially given the fact that there does not seem to be an issue of travel time, now that the tasks will be covered from Naples.
This is a VERY serious breach of the mandate that was given to City Leaders on what we define as a "City" !!!
I am very disappointed. I suggest we do the same with the City Manager position and let Mr. Moss conduct all City Manager day to day business for both Marco Island and Naples. We will call him a County Manager and pay him an incremental increase to cover the extra work. This will save much more money and would seem to not create much of a backlog.
The City Manager has chosen to rectify a financial issue by redefining the meaning of a City to all of it's residents. Is this even allowed by Charter ??
Ed Issler

Mr Issler,
While I agree with your post as it shows our City is out of control, it is hard to believe that you would be so vehement against this as you always say that our elected City Council who manages our City Manager speaks for all of the people and we should always agree to everything they do. All of a sudden they have made a bad decision and because you disagree, they are all wrong. Well, welcome to the real world with people not always happy with what our City does. I do agree that our City Manager has overstayed his welcome and should be let go with someone with City Government competency put in his place. Hopefully you are back into the fold and agree that everything done at City Hall is not right and just, with the only reasoning being that the voters have spoken.

Written on Prep football: Marco Charter School board says principal to decide Mike Vanderjagt's fate:

After Mike moved to Marco Island and got established, I wasn't sure what sort of an individual he was. While being aware of his one time issue, I kept my distance and watched Mike grow, both in his business and the community. Mike is younger than me and I'm glad to have gotten to know him a little, and I see how much he cares for the youth on this island. How disappointing that the principal decided to make a rush judgement against someone who has worked so hard for the shool and community. Mike will always be a winner in my book!

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I'll bet those at Hideaway Beach that complained about the Australian pines on Coconut Island wished those pines were never cut down now. Unfortunately, it is hard to justify using public money for that private beach. Open a road to the beach and you will have the support of the whole island.

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are you kidding...they have changed the signs 2 times...who ever heard of a speed limiot that is for 6 blocks...except a speed trap...and look at the geniuses that came up with this crap.

I couldn't have said it any better. Whenever our geniuses at City Hall put a plan together, everyone needs to watch their back.

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Every property owner who was effected by the, apparent, outright lack of consideration that Tucker exhibited during City Council meetings, or may have been effected by the irresponible dumping of asbestos at Veteran's park, or were put off by his admitted lie regarding such, should sign a petition to remove his name from our City Hall.

It is an insult to the people of Marco Island to have to see that man's name on the building in which he carried out some of these activities.

Yes, I hope there is a substantial change in which our councilors took part in the way that the naming of City Hall took place. A quick, sneaky, vote when few others were aware, is not in the manner our Council should act.

A quick, sneaky, vote indeed. Anyone who attended that meeting remembers how a number of our local "attorneys" showed up even though there was no agenda item and our then Council Chairman Rob Popoff silenced a citizen for speaking up for the people and question why this renaming should happen, and then Rob had the police chief remove this man from the meeting. Unfortunately this has shown how "typical" the city's cronyism actually is. While I do not like to speak ill of the dead, we should not have named a building after someone who lied to the Council and the city residents about photos and asbestos.

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Wouldn't it just be easier to allow everyone to have a sub meter for lawn irrigation. What is wrong with these people?

The problem with this is that commercial, condos, and hotels would have to pay more as their real usage rates would then show up.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Better yet, how can it possibly take 3 months to find the answer using 5 staffers and a County person to help? They then make it sound like they knew the answer all along. If all this is true, why didn't then just answer the question as to where is the money when the question was asked in January.
OK. They will review Riviere (and I can't imagine he deserves a good review). We have no open government and they make nothing easy and clear for the people. We have a Finance Director who is doing business the same old way as the past with no basic accounting principles in place.
Clean house and try again, even though it is a common theme at City Hall.

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BTW Could somebody post a list of local ordinances that Marco Island really does enforce. It seems we can pick and choose from the list as the wind blows on a particular day. Maybe you could post them on the Marco Island website daily. We could have "free for all days"! Friday is come one come all day. Make a mess and we'll clean up after you. We do, after all, have such deep pockets that we can afford to do that! Remember, tourist folks, our Island is your island as long as you buy a tee shirt at Alvin's.

You truly have hit the nail on the head! Our "Code Compliance" Department only enforces what ever they feel like enforcing, which generally is "problem" people on the island who have ticked someone off at City Hall. You can't have it both ways. Either enforce all of our ordinances, or don't bother to pretend to enforce only those that you feel like. If you ever watch a Code Enforcement Board meeting you will see that all they ever get on their agenda's are houses that need sewer connections or foreclosed homes that are sold so the fines can be mitigated to $10 per day from $250 per day.
Drive down the street and see how many cars are parked over night in the swales, cars with for sale signs in driveways, illegal signage up, lots overgrown with exotic weeds, etc, etc, etc.

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People don't want to pay the $8 to park in the County lot and the City never came up with the appropriate place for people to park. Sooooo, the swales are always going to be full. Check with the City Manager. It is what he wants.

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Gee, I need to let the county know that I don't have any kids so my portion of the school tax needs to be "0". That is the logic our city council uses when assigning the debt to people and institutions.

Written on Marco Chief takes fire-rescue boat out of service after vessel’s poor performance in powerboat explosion:

This new boat was brought up to council around 1-1/2 years ago. If he goes for the same thing he was looking at then, we are all in for major sticker shock. But, it's only money and we have the well that never goes empty...............

Written on Marco Island Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee: City parks in danger of being loved to death:

Gee,somehow the "Phase II" was missed by a lot of people at the property owners meeting last week. It seemed that there would be nothing more than a 1 story building period, and that was only being looked at for feasablility as our City Council has never said we were doing anything. Where will the funding come from? Why is everyone in the City afraid to put this up for a referendum? If they are comfortable that the people all want this at this time, then put it out there and the people will vote for it. Perhaps they are a little nervous with all the opposition along with the huge majority voting against this in the MICA survey.

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Just so you all know, the last election was not the "slate" you all mentioned. It was when Magel got voted in under the "bullet" vote by the Marco syndicate, Joe Batte got voted in by the majority of the people, and Charles Keister was re-elected. One can make their own assumptions, but the bullet voting worked for Mr Magel as he would have lost to Ted Forcht, who would have been re-elected, again which shows Marco wants a change from the "same ole" politics handed down by a small group of wealthy men who are control freaks.

Like it or not, the truth is we had a City Councilman who left last time who had lost property through foreclosure on Key Marco, and almost lost his own home. Then our current Council Chair lost his home and was forced to live in a small rented condo, our dentist/lawyer, who is in foreclosure on his personal property along with his business property, and finally our last hold out who is in foreclosure of a home given him by his mother. Remember that these people were put in place by that small group of wealthy men and are making all tax and budget decisions for us. I think the people want people in place that care about the whole island and not just the private agenda group.

That same group of weathy, private men controlling the island love to keep all of the voters divided as it keeps their men in place. I personally think Marco Island voters are much smarter now and will no longer tolerate being led lown a destructive path.

Finally, before someone thinks I have the "private agenda", if anyone runs on a negative attack agenda (whether from the syndicate controled group or the public), I will not vote or support them. The people I made reference to above don't deserve to lose because they have financial troubles, but they don't deserve to win because a sydicate is driving their bus.

Written on Marco Island City Council defers utility rate decisions hoping $4.2 million deficit can be explained:

It is important we help our Finance Department understand some accounting principles. Let's see, let's start with debits are on the left and credits are on the right. (Well, we need to start somewhere.....)

Written on Marco Island City Council defers utility rate decisions hoping $4.2 million deficit can be explained:

The City Manager has no credentials to be "City Manager". The City Council and past City Councils have no clue what the Finance Dept is doing, and it is obvious the Finance Dept has no clue as to what they are doing. Not a single STRP District can pay its debt, which is why there is no such thing as a "Cash Flow" statement. Have any of you accountants out there heard of "pooled" accounting? That is what our City does. I think that means dump everything in a slush fund and if we are lucky maybe we can afford to pay our bills.
It is time to wake up. A Utility that ended it's year with a -$4,000,000 and a City Council who wants to raise rates indefinately to pay off a debt that they can't define will certainly lead us into bankrupcy.
Stop this craziness. Get involved citizens. Let your voices be heard.

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It would also be nice to ask who uses the park. It is not only the people of Marco Island. On weekends there are plenty of East Naples families here using the facilities. I don't have an issue with that, except I pay the taxes and others reap the benefits. Marco Islanders should have a card for use and without this card there should be a fee. This way everyone pays their fair share.

The Level of Service Report states that both Mackle Park and Veterans Memorial Park were to have referendums for funding any future expansions. I guess it goes to show you all how important our opinions are. If everyone believes most islanders want a huge expansion, then they will vote for it. Why are they so afraid to ask?

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Don't live on that part of the island, but they do look chitty.

They should have single theme for the lights on the island like they do all the way down Collier Blvd.

Cant really see why they would put those massive lights up. As dumb as the speed limit being changed for 36 hours...that went over well

What is apparent is the apathy of the people on the island until it is much to late to do anything about it. Where were all the people when they put those very expensive light poles and lights down Collier every 50 feet instead of some reasonable distance. The Collier project cost us $38 million. Had we spaced those fancy lights a little further apart (which was suggested at the time), we'd have nice lights going in where needed on the island, such as on Bald Eagle in Old Marco. Now the City is so far in debt, you get what they can afford and for now it appears to be the Walmart variety of lights for you.

People need to follow the issues, read the City Council Agenda's and show up for meetings and let their voices be heard for all issues.

Good luck trying to throw out the $2500 lights and repurchase $5000 lights along with holding up a Contractor, who will be charging us while you argue your case.

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

Well, the police department might as well cost us money too. We have out of control continual spending from our City government, our public utility is costing us an arm and a leg and they still are hiding the true costs that everyone will be picking up.
I'm a pro-city person, but I think we're getting to the edge of the cliff and the City will not be sustainable with the leadership we have. We have three City Councilers who have either been forclosed on or are in foreclosure (check and they want to "lead" us in the right direction by showing us how to spend money.

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John, You just got out of the can, you need to find a new profession since you are not good at your chosen field and quitting drugs would help immensely. Good luck with both and I am not being sarcastic.

I assume you must mean he got out from when he was caught breaking into the BP station on Bald Eagle and Barfield and fell through the ceiling. He's a clumsy theif too..............

Written on Removal of equipment at Marco care center prompts an alert within Collier EMS :

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I agree Ed, but what about Tourists and others not familiar with whats what over there?
Instead of all the idiot stuff this Council/ and County Commission has spent money on we need to kick NCH out and find a Hospital who really wants to serve Marco to go in there.
With the Tax Base we have its criminal not to have a real Emergency Facility.

Well said! NCH treat us like second rate citizens. I hope the City explores other options.

Written on Growing pains: Beautification Committee deals with sprinklers, swales and cul de sacs:

As we have been told so many times, the swales are actually the City's property. People should quit watering their swales. If everyone's swale turns brown and dies, perhaps the City would sharpen up and allow shells to be used. Certainly when the STRP went through and we watch our water rates double and triple, and our reuse water being directed to the hotels and condos, why would we want to be charged for potable water just to water the City's swale. This whole irrigation issue has gotten out of hand along with the sewer rates.

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in response to condoseller:

Someone also had to order and authorize payment for the 30 mph signs and direct the police to enforce the newly posted limits. I'm afraid Dr. Rivière is not being truthful with residents or our City Council.

While I don't disagree with what you are saying, I'm afraid it was a "staff" member who did this and the City Manager is trying to protect him. Read between the lines as to what was said at the last City Council meeting. Mr Pinter did a little more than he was supposed to.

Also, I'm sure we will never hear the real "cost" for this mess. New signs, multiple man hours of labor, wear and tear on vehicles and it just goes on and on.

Written on Gibson: ‘People are dying ’ - Council discusses emergency needs on Marco:

in response to RealityChecker:

Gibson hasn't paid property taxes for years. He is a financial disaster. It is absurd that he has any say in the way we send our tax dollars. He is just a spend spend spend guy. It doesn't cost him anything. I am sure he would vote free drinks and cigarettes for everybody if he could.

I am surprised that the other freeloading council member hasn't jumped on this as well.

These two clowns owe the citizens of Marco Island tens of thousands of dollars. Why aren't we applying their pay checks to this debt?

You should investigate a bit. We are now up to three City Councilors in foreclosure and they can make all the decisions for us including nice bike paths, new facilities at Mackle Park and anything else they want, and all this with just one extra vote; and they will pay nothing. I'm almost ready to give up and just move on.

Written on Guest Commentary: MICA surveys; is anyone listening:

Unfortunately, there are certain Planning Board members that like to lead things in the direction of their own personal interests and not for the people of Marco Island. Are you listening Monte (and you aren't the only one)?
As far as Mr Issler being concerned with the number of surveys sent vs the number received, I'm happier to know what 2,000 people are thinking vs the City Councilmen who only listen to their small group.

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Both Ms. Bliss and Jerry Gibson patted each other on their backs about how Marco does not add surcharges to the utilities, really. Then I guess the past charge added to our electric bills for the underground wire project for Collier Blvd was just a mirage. And where did that money go?

Where did the money go? Some went to bury the single phase wiring at Veterans Park, and some more went for new lights at the Softball Park on Winterberry (I think that was only $160,000), and then some more went for some lighting at Mackle Park. It went right where everyone expected......everywhere but where it was supposed to.

Written on Marco council to weigh several tax rate options Monday:

Unfortunately this has been an ongoing shell game since Marco Island became a city. It just is a little more refined. The problem is that if they really show us taxpayers what they are doing with the money, it will show that they've co-mingled so many funds and paid for budgeted items with fund reserves that were assigned to other areas, that down the line, we'll be left with a deficet and no way to pay for it unless we tax everyone much higher and/or sell more bonds to pay for older bond covenants. We already have one bond fund where we pay interest only for 13 years (nothing on principle). Unfortunately no one can get detail information from the city because they don't want anyone to know about it......and we thought Harrison was playing games???
What a mess! And the City Council with their bobble heads just sit there and say yes, yes, yes, without asking the hard questions. I was for the city and not an anti city person, but now I really wonder.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I didn't mean to make it sound that this was a "must see" event on the island. Just asking folks to be aware that they have worked with people who have had trouble in their lives and I know this as I've had relatives who were able to restart their lives by not having to face hundreds of thousands of dollar fines, but were able to fix the problems, present themselves and ask for some help. Again, I'm just saying that it is not a bunch of ogres sitting on this board, but some compasionate people who want to help the city and some of the people who live in the city who may need a kick start to move forward again. I was not trying to offend anyone.

Written on Justice and mercy: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board deals with fallout of downturn:

in response to JohninMarco:

The only thing that this board is good for is keeping a group of old, angry people off the streets and giving them something to do. Next these fools will run for the city council where the will really create a mess!

Unfortunately you and most others are folks that have neither attended a Code Enforcement Board Meeting or watched it (it is televised). These folks donate their time and work hard to help people that want to help themselves. Liz Carr is also a great attribute with helping to clean up and move foreclosed homes as well as supervise the Code Compliance Group. Please either go or watch the next meeting and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Written on Talk of Marriott convention center on Marco Island remains alive - PHOTOS:

Let's be clear on one thing. Riviere was not on the Planning Board in June 2010. He was Temporary City Manager. If Planning Board members and/or City Council members are having discussions, one would have to question why we even have "sunshine" laws.

Written on Marco police car involved in wreck that shut down Collier Blvd.:

in response to bob3812:

Well, if the officer was responding to an emergency then he has every legal right to speed and I'm the accident happened to him prior to him activating his lights, especially if he was going to help a child that was drowning. I drive a motorcycle and unfortunately, I have plenty of elderly persons pull out without properly judgeing an oncomming vehicle's distance. If you check the law, you cannot interfere with oncomming traffic. So, the officer's mitigating circumstances responding to a call might have also contributed.....there is no fault, it's just an accident. The cops overall do a good job, from what I see, people have nothing better to do with their lives but complain. Do something positive for the community and stop wasting your energy on bing negative.

The only problem with your premise is that if the officer was responding to the child drowning and that happened down on S Collier he was heading North (the wrong direction). Secondly the timing doesn't match the drowning. Again, if he was actually responding to something, he should have had his emergency lights on. No one should be driving at a high rate of speed on Collier. We'll just have to await the investigation as no one has a right to second guess what happened.

Written on Vacant lot owner calls Marco's plan to charge her $12,000 fee 'unfair' - POLL:

I certainly sympathize with the vacant lot owners. Now they know how everyone felt when the STRP was jammed down our throats without an appropriate plan to pay for it. We go $250 million in debt, find out the due diligence was only partially done, and the pain just increases every year. Perhaps the only "fair" thing to do is to charge only the lot owners that are outside of an STRP district for the WasteWater assessment, since all lot owners inside of STRP districts had to pay for it. The water assessment could be held off for all lot owners until they sell or build. The powers that were in place a few years back told everyone that build out would occur by 2008 and that is why we now need to pay for the extra capacity that no one needs.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The browning of Marco Island:

You don't understand. The City needs you to use water and a lot of it. With your philosophy they will have to raise rates substantially before this new increase is in place. This oversized, overbuilt, water/wastewater facility needs a lot of water usage and like your letter says, doubling and tripling your water bill will only cause people to find ways to use less.
There is no "right" answer, but the best thing the City Council can do charge equally to each and every water/wastewater user on the island equally for debt service as the base charge and then charge equally for what you use.
Everyone on Marco Island needs to contact the City Council and let them know this is the only right way to deal with the staggering debt that they pushed on us. Class warfare just masks the problem and keeps the real problem from surfacing--and that is poor decisions by current and past City Councils and continuing to spend money we don't have.

Written on New Marco police chief to be announced Monday:

Congratulations Dave Baer.........

Written on Can the BAC make Marco Island's cul-de-sacs beautiful again?:

ajm3s has the correct idea. Join the Marco Island Homeowners group. They are over 1000 strong and growing everyday. We have an election coming up and this council along with past councils have totally ignored the single family homeowner. Look around and see the many problems. Overgrown lots, cars parked on streets, cars for sale, sidewalks blocked, people watering on wrong days and at all times of the day.....and the City does nothing about it. The City should not be violating it's own ordinances by not maintaining their properties (cul-de-sacs), and certainly those that have gone to the trouble to do so at their own expense should not have to put up with the work being ruined by the City (directly or indirectly).