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Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO SO True. who cares

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YES YES YES johnnycakes and konfuzius They are only trying to justify themselves They also know that you cannot even glide down the jolly bridge without going over the speed limit Just another sleazy way of making themselves known. Probably have a quota they have to meet.

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Tell your story to the 91 year old woman killed on her own street by one of your generation blowing through a Stop Sign at a high rate of speed.

26yearsonmarco wake up i dont think i can tell the poor women who lost her life. i am not talking about the idiots that drink and drive or speed or go through stop signs. i am talking normal law abiding people.

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You must be one of those 100 year old people on the road that if you see someone 1/4 mile away at a stop sign you wait. or one of those that moves along collier at 15mph Wake up there is no crime on marco The Keystone cops are there because people like you are backing out of their parking spots without looking ramming into other cars without even knowing Maybe back home is a better spot for you

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Marriot could care less about us islanders Last year their membership for marco locals to the Paradise club cost $75 and 10 drink coupons This year its $85 and 2 drinks Who do they really care about. Wont be stopping by anymore for their $15 pina coladas

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Has not any of these councilors opened their ears The people of marco love the island the way it is Stop pushing your own agenda. Stop spending our money Even if you built it i am sure it would only become a high school annex. and would take years to build leaving a lot of people without our mackel park.

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I think Trotter ought to get a reality check. He has probably never has been over to tigertail but yet is talking a loud echoing tram GET REAL BILL

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You seem to have made it 30 years without the expansion. You sir are only interested in filling your own pockets.

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WELL SAID BILL i agree with all your points WAKE UP CITY COUNCILMEN

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Why don't we report on the color socks he is wearing or what he ate for breakfast How pathetic You would love that wouldn't you August8

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I cant believe the lack of news when you have to put Hunter on front page because hes not feeling well Who really cares?

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optimist club HA HA HA more like mothers of marco in disguise I frequent the park frequently It is GREAT THE WAY IT IS

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I cannot believe Marco is in debt and we are giving 2% raises How s----- can these council members be?

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In my opinion if you fill the fat faces of collier government you will get what ever you want

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collier county government WHAT A JOKE

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aj i agree i have said this before. in my opinion who ever wines and dines these people (donna) They get their backing. Look at their past

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What is this world coming too? Port authority badge toters given the right to arrest someone for arguing? Besides if you look at spirit air and their hidden add ons its no wonder they were arguing The attendant must have gotten up on the wrong side of bed

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In my opinion all you have to do is wine and dine Fiola and you have her vote. And maybe you can lay out on a map where this so called path is. Also what it may cost the tax payers you might as well move the building to your golf course

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Let him abide by the condo rules. Let him move. Sounds to me he just wants attention

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So much crime on Marco that they have to bring up headlines from over a month ago I think the police dept has their priorities mixed up What i would like to know is how many recorded thefts to how many solved

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mr hunter PLEASE get a reality check Your on Marco Island STOP SPENDING

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This is to the councilors STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY!!!

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Cury maybe where your from they where impressed by having bigger runways and large corporate jets and a greater amount of air congestion We on the island do not want more air traffic and to listen to plane jockeys play with their bright yellow planes over the island all day and like marcoisland woman stated what a waste of the peoples money

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I don't recall ever voting on Lely HS, Baron HS, Gulfcoast HS, GGHS.

Why do we need to vote on this? That's why we voted the school board in place.

Get a life. Marco Academy is here. Celebrate it or leave.

marco academy is a home school set up in campers by a few people who do not feel like driving, Please do you think they will really be better off ? Much better life outside the box

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Great letter Mr recker take notice not many people stand behind you why not flow with the people instead of your own agenda and those of a few

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landofthefree you live in a dreamworld and watt i think your about to get a wake up when it comes to enviromental impact study on your selected site.

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YES for a sanctuary no to the s----- idea of a school And you klabbermouth start making some sense on your posts (which are every thirty seconds}

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donna have some more wine If jacksons so great wheres the private money or the takeover. Wake up people

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And after high school i am sure you would like to have a college built. spare me!

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islandeye i agree with you totally keep up your great posting i think most of the island agrees also with you its just that they probably dont have or need a computor to voice their opinion but if their is a referendum it will be a landslide against it.

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ialandeye we do see eye to eye

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klabermouth over and over you just keep showing that you are the uneducated village idiot of marco.

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Mr. Price just say no more. Take your co. somwhere else we are not going to support you and as you stated all your highly paid people.

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fiala you do not represent anyone but yourself. They must have really wined and dined you this time around. nonprofit what a joke.

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Again klabbermouth you make absolutly no sense your iq must be a lot lower You should run for city council. You would fit right in with the other village idiots their in city hall. spend spend spend

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klabermouth do you ever make any sense on your blogs {which is on every subject] you must think your a real mister know it all.

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klabbermouth open your eyes and not your mouth. of course the paper is biased unfortunatly. and the people i talk to are also against it You just may be the village idiot2

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as a pastor mcculley you should remain neutral. Let your parishoners decide. unless you think your halo might be falling off and being replaced with stars on your shoulders.

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gibson, recker and waldack find new jobs you do NOT represent the people of marco guaranteed you will not be voted in again

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i hope someday when all of this goes to investigation people will see what underhanded and open handed this fiasco really is. i cannot believe our money is going here

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just what we need more noisy planes sightseeing over the island wonder whose palm got filled on this job

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the boys club passing all of our money between them. this has got to stop. Fay thanks for watching out for our island. stop these arrogant spenders.

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watt will probably have to take out restraining orders on the whole island except for a few other lizards that go along with you. ve leden find a new job!

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great commentary larry i always have believed this group is very very sneaky

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islabdeye you said it like it is.

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life to short you are so right. They also probably handed the survey out at the middle school

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Totally agree with you Francis Freedomofspeech you probably want to set up a college on the space so your children don't have to travel so far