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Written on Jackson Lab needs $130 million; fundraising in Collier traces back to 2007:

its like a pyramid group/ borrow more to wine and dine more.WAKE UP fiala and nemecek. this is a private enterprise. you both must be drinking too much wine at these fund raisers

Written on Jackson Labs topic of Marco Police Foundation luncheon:

fiala speak for yourself not for all on marco. No public money for private enterprise. Too Too much wine-ing and dine-ing going on.

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

Rah Rah lets keep the trimming going

Written on Letter to the Editor: CRA -- Another look:

superb article which i totally agree. sailingby why dont you just sail on by you have no idea of what your talking about. Our city government is just another Goldman Sacks

Written on City keeps the cash in $84,000 code refund request on Marco Island short sale:

"code enforcement members have compassion" HA! HA! HA! what a joke

Written on Guest Commentary: It’s time to help the mangroves:

You sound like a trouble maker mangroves are nothing but weeds

Written on Jackson genetic lab plans touted on Marco Island :

i believe marco city council are already genetic mutants along with ed issler and they need to be closer to their experiments gone wrong

Written on Marco council takes next step on (community-coined) ‘CRAP’:

i dont think the city council has any idea what this will do to the peoples insurance when their land becomes blighted This has been tried many times before. Councilman stop taking your free oil changes and start working for the people

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

This is just a bad dream NEVER to come true

Written on Islanders hope bank retains community-minded flavor :

like i said more than a year ago keith should have spent more time on remembering his banking customers than his community service on his banking time i felt screwed after he had forgotten a conversation we had 2 days after it took place i have no confidence in him or the so called councilers who back him.

Written on Updated POLL & BLOG: Marco City Council supports high school in the park:

this is the peoples land NOT the councilmen LET THIS BE KNOWN

Written on PHOTOS: Owner looks to resurrect dome home on Cape Romano:

nobody needs the hassle code enforcement brings these people who are suppose to help are just grown up bullies
good luck to your endeavor

Written on Marco to consider building a high school in the park:

mr. milk had better start looking for a new job we the people oppose this idea

Written on Will art proposal have businesses seeing red?:

oliverio if your loosing business move somewhere larger there is already to much traffic in that area. Next you will be asking for a rock band outside. lazarus you seem to be the only sane one there. thanks for voting NO.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Shame on all of you:

ed foster i could not agree with you more.

Written on Marco campus: Blue sky, green concepts :

Guaranteed failure.

Written on POLL: Some Collier teachers not happy about going to church for district meeting:

sharon hardy seems to be a trouble maker. one that would complain for just about any reason. if she is not happy she should leave the system. there are plenty of well qualified teachers waiting for a teaching position.

Written on Charter school proponents partner to open green campus, eco-friendly camp on Island:

I share the same realistic view as all the above. This will never happen.

Written on Bill Green: Tract K, a high school and Lely :


Written on Letter to the Editor: Do your research:

oh please stop its just another free handout

Written on Jazella Moore:

the people that fired him were probably put up to it by their wives who dont look half as good [ jealousy and envy] it had nothing to do with his performance

Written on Marco man charged with threatening teen ATV rider:

the punk kid got what he deserved he was trespassing i think the police got it wrong AGAIN

Written on School board hears about Lely, future Marco public high school:

Great job Jennifer Thanks for speaking for the far majority of people on Marco.

Written on Eagle i: Latest lecture focuses on the eyes:

mr dameron you ought to spend more time on banking buisness than marco events you could not remember a deal we made on a cd two days after we talked. more fun to entertain yourself.

Written on Video Update: Marco Island charter high school planned for 2011:

no tax dollars for a island high school. do you not hear the majority?

Written on Guest Commentary: You get out of it what you put in:

Yes Mary say it like it is

Written on VIDEOS: Marco officer back on patrol after battery investigation :

i think we should put carr recker and mariani in the back seat cuffed and pepper sprayed see if they like it seems to me these three have too much power with no sense

Written on Orion Bank CEO, branch manager share the state of the bank:

i just tried for over a half hour to get into online banking and was not let in. i called and was told they were performing service to the site. give me a break who performs updates in the middle of a banking day? seems to me something may be truely wrong. lets hope not.