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Keep spending. Can someone tell me why we installed lights all around the walkway at Mackle Park? no one is walking around the lake at night, the park is closed dusk to dawn but that's when the lights are on. Do we really need to be paying for the lights to be on when the park is closed. How much did we pay for the lights and installation? Seems like a wast of money to me.

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

I have to disagree with you on this one Ed.
I think they may be remembered as two of the people who made some bad choices for this island.

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For the people who live near tract k and don't want the school there tell me why you bought property in the area when you must have known a school was a possibility in the future since the land is owned by the school board?.

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I hope the high school wont interfere with the dog park

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It failed a few times before we became a city.

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You don't need to be rude, I have two kids going to school on the Island and would not want the school releasing my info without my consent. I was just pointing out that anyone can find info on anyone online nowadays with just a few clicks of the mouse.
The kids, wife and job don't allow time for stalking I have better things to do with my spare time.

Written on Charter school officials find themselves on the defensive :

Today with computers all I need is a first and last name and I can find your address, age, police record and a lot more with just a few mouse clicks.

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My pool pump runs 5 hrs a day and I keep the house at 80 in the summer. My bills are the same as everyone I know. My house is half the size of yours so I find your electric bills hard to believe.
Can anyone with a 3 br home on the island confirm that they have electric bills about $100.00 per month?

Written on PHOTOS/Marco Council blog: Vice Chair "ballistic over" charter change:

Rony Joel is full of sh, Who has an average electric bill of $100.00 a month? A small 3 bedroom home on the Island runs $300.00 a month in the summer an a small unoccupied 2Br condo with the AC set at 85 runs $45.00 a month.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

It is not the amount of the refund it is the Principal of it. Refunding the money would have been the right thing to do and would have went a long way in letting the people on this Island know you cared about them.
You guys just don't get it do you?

Written on Least expensive Smokehouse Bay Bridge proposal may not be residents’ favorite :

Is this Island corrupt or what? $9,000,000.00 for a small bridge, please someone justify that figure for me.

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

We did not leave Vietnam until April 30 1975.

Written on Marco’s million dollar question morphs into more :

The sewer rates quoted above in this story must be wrong, I can't believe a $3,000.000 4,000 square foot condo pays $4.00 a month for sewer and a $250,000 1,500 square foot home pays $22.00.

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Mr. Issler,
Nixon won 49 of the 50 States in 1972, a landslide as you are fond of saying, how popular do you thing he was near the end of his term?

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

Years ago we owned a boxer and a girl in our town was bitten badly by one and the police came by with the girl to see if it was our dog, it was not our dog but why can't the Marco police do the same? All dogs need to be registered with the city right?

Written on UPDATE: Waiting and hoping: Young dog bite victim seeks help :

Smeg, where do I say I think my postings are anonymous?

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Parks are made for kids, why should I have to worry about how responsible a dog owner is? my kids are more important then your dog.

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I have two small children and it's impossible to walk around the park without encountering dogs, It's always a concern to me when passing people walking large dogs, the path is 6 foot wide so the dog and children pass within a foot or two of each other. I don't care how good the city's insurance is I don't want my child's face getting bit because of an irresponsible dog owner.
Every day there are more dogs walking around the park as word gets out that you can walk them there, I have never had a problem with our neighbors from Goodland and Isle of Capri using the park we pay to maintain but as we get into season many of them will be using the park for their dogs and all of Mackle park will be one big dog park and sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt.
Maybe the city can give the kids a one day a week dog free park. Or maybe we can get a fenced in walkway around the park for them to use.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Unite at the booths:

Ed, get over the election next time you may be in the minority and if you are I will not be bringing up the results from 2 years ago every time I post here.

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Nixon when on Laugh-in but look what happened to him.

Written on UPDATE: Marco Council story/blog: City approves tax rate of 1.6518 mils:

Ed, please check and see if those city's are still hiring and giving out raises. I bet most are laying off staff and freezing salaries.

Written on Editorial: In public is the only way to handle public business, Marco Island City Council :

How come I do not see the authors name with the above story?
Guess NDN forgot to add it.

Written on Marco businessman indicted on 3 more counts of mortgage fraud:

Rat, I thought the same thing, he never had a business he was a scam artist.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Lower millage rate to 1.59:

You are correct JWP.

Written on First candidate officially files for Marco Island City Council candidacy :

I'll vote for him as long as Issler doesn't support him.

Written on First candidate officially files for Marco Island City Council candidacy :

He makes to much sense to to be elected on this island.

Written on City Charter review: Raises for City Council, spending cap up for discussion :

Monte Lazarus if the cap is unconstitutional then I suggest we vote on City hood again with out the cap and see how that goes.

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

Seems to me we all got along just fine before we became a City. I wish we could vote on that again?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Rescind special assessment:

The way it works it if they pick it up more often it cost less, if you only have it picked up once a week it will cost more. It's like Marco water if we don't use it we have to pay more so please try not to conserve it.

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I got my proposed tax bill, the home value went down $100,000 but my Marco tax is $100.00 more the the year before, go figure.

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The statement that residents beach is for Marco Island residents only is not true, it is a pay beach, you need only show that you have a lease for a term of one month to join.

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You were lucky I had an irrigation line break underground and the only way I found out was when I saw my water bill which was twice as much as usual. Good news is the irrigation system was down for a month in the dry season and I realized I could get by just fine watering once a week in the dry season and that has more then made up for the high bill I received for the month I had the broken line.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Septic to cistern — Is it practical?:

Wayne why would you care if someone wants to convert their septic tank to a cistern? seems like this bothers you. I think it is a good idea and anything we can do to reduce our use of a precious resource is a good thing. I don't save money by recycle but I do it because it is good for our environment.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Forensic Audit personal comments:

Shadow, you are just wrong on your views about Keister.

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Yes Larry, cut the police or fire response time but keep Lisa Douglass at $100,000 a year.

Written on Utility rate increases, financial quandaries may halt Marco sewer project :

Mr Issler,
The STRP should have been put on hold 2 years ago when the housing market collapsed. As I said before when the STRP was started everyone had equity in their home and a $20,000 City lien was not as painful as it is today.
How many people in the Mackle park district do you think will opt to pay the STRP bill up front?, not many I'll bet. These are modest homes and the City will need Bonds to pay for the construction, hows the Bond market by the way?
The only thing that will fix this mess is if a Cat 5 hurricane hits the island and we start over.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Uncle Sam Jam jammed:

No shadow MICA offers a one month beach pass for renters, all you need to do is show that you have a lease for a month.
No need to be a resident to use the beach.
Go to their web site if you don't believe me

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The name residents beach is a joke since you do not have to be a resident to use it, just pay the yearly membership fee and your in.
This is a privet beach and a better name would be Marco Island Beach Club or any other name that does not imply that you need to be a resident of Marco to use it.

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Lely mom,

Your statement above makes it sounds like you are saying high schools should not be built in mostly white areas?, if you use that reasoning why have one in immokalee a predominantly Hispanic community? Shouldn't they be forced to travel further to school so they can have diversity?
You build schools were you live, what difference does it make who lives in that community or what race they are.

Written on Marco charter high school plans land locked?:

It's the long bus ride that I don't like and if a dog park improves the Island so would a high school. Send your kids to Lely if you want but don't make it sound like the people who want the high school are racists because that just is not true. Please tell me what cultures are going to school at Lely that are not going to school on Marco?
Schools are the best investment any community can make.

Written on Letter to the Editor: City Council - Learn From LCEC:

Ed your a joke, you post your crap and never respond to legitimate questions raised by others.
Please go back to the bridge article your posted on yesterday and try to respond to some of the questions, we need your help with the answers.

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Ed only you would defend this wasteful spending and as far as this council being elected by the majority so was Nixon and he resigned in disgrace.
Ed tell me what the chances are of me going to 5 different architects/builders and asking them to design a bridge and all of them telling me it will cost $20,000?
Who approved this $100,000 expenditure? I must have missed that meeting.

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Shadow, try calling Collier County Sheriff next time and see how they handle it.

Written on Forensic audit response: Price tag a shocker, no fraud, no surprise:


I remember Mr. Tucker admitting to the same offense Mr. Kiester was convicted of, so I guess he broke the law too.

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Is it just me or is this City crazy spending $100,000 for 5 bridge designs? are you telling me you can not approach companies who design and build bridges and ask them to submit a bid and show us some of there previous work and designs?
Did we pay 5 firms to submit designs for the other bridges we replaced?
Seems like we would have saved $100,000 if we just used the same design as the other bridges we replaced on the island.

Written on DOCS: Forensic audit clears city of fraud suspicions:

Montel, It's because the town idiot was not available.

Written on Marco hesitates on employer assisted housing partnership :

Is Douglas Carter running this program?

Written on Canine Cove to offer newest dog romp in Collier:

I can understand some people not wanting to pay for a dog park they will never use but I don't understand people complaining about having to pay for schools and kids parks because they don't use them. This is not the same thing, all of us were kids once and used these facilities. Schools and parks are a necessity not a luxury.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Raising taxes is not the only answer:

Ed said

"Utilities have been very poorly managed and have been run very inefficiently as they are playing with other people's money."

And how is that different then our City counsel?