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Written on Letter to the Editor: Politics is a dirty business:

Voters should question WHY this chairman would go to these extremes to "select" his own council!!

Legal? perhaps

Written on Marco City Council: Nine organizations receive cash from city:

in response to dc5799:

Why should we the taxpayers fund these organizations. Let them have fundraisers like the Canine Cove animal lovers did with no help from the City. And they have a forever park.

You make a good point, dc5799.

Also, why do "certain" city council members continue to support a proposed school that taxpayers will have to pay for, while it is looking more and more like a private high school for 60 students?

Jane told us there would be 250 students the first year, yet when she introduced the new principal she said "125 maximum, but 60-70 will be just fine".

SOOOOOO how many students and staff will be coming over the bridge every day and how many will be from Marco????? And WHY does the number change every month?

Written on GUEST COMMENTARY: MICA encourages citizens to investigate density credit transfers:

Bob Olson said it clearly at the January Planning Board Meeting. We should give serious consideration to the negative consequeces of adding/transferring density to our town center.

"Our open areas are limited". The Bald Eagle/ Collier Blvd area is challenging during season and per Bob, "traffic should not be increased anywhere in this town center area".

His suggestions were good ones re: "locating activity" in areas such as Fiddlers Creek, 951 or Moran's Barge.

MICA's annual surveys since 2002 have made it clear that residents do not want increased density!

Written on Eco-friendly Marco charter school site teeming with gopher tortoises POLL:

Thank you, 1Paradiselost!

Kelly sums it up:
"Environmentalists say they are scratching their heads regarding the school’s proposed eco-friendly curriculum focus on a site that likely involves disturbing protected species."

Written on Marco Island charter school leases land; still eyes Tract K:

I thought this new school would be "green" and have a "conservation" focus, but what DOES THEIR CHOICE OF LOCATIONS SAY ABOUT THEM?

MIA leaders say they will be teaching the kids conservation, however they will go to the extreme of "TEMPORARILY" removing gopher tortoises from the San Marco location until they can "PERMANENTLY" impact Bald Eagles on Tract K.

Written on Marco Island group seeks sanctuary on Tract K land:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Preserving green space and protecting the eagles (by law) is important!

FACT: Bald Eagles are protected by State and Federal laws; there is an "active nest" located in the middle of Tract K.


Fact: There are four properties included on the deed; two of these are school sites and TRACT K IS NOT LISTED AS ONE OF THESE!


Fact: City leaders "threaten" that a developer could buy this land and build 40 homes there; how could that many homes fit on 11 acres with easements, infrastructure needs and street/s cut to reach the back part of this land? It is zoned residential, so if homes are built, who would care?

Fact: No homes or schools can be built for several years after the eagles have not nested and they are there now with babies.


Written on Letter to the Editor: Empty-nesters say ‘yes’ to charter high school:

25yearsonmarco, when you told Mr Issler he was wrong, you said:
"The few families, not 100 kids! that you spew your false numbers out about that live off the island come to Marco to have get the best education from an A school. The families that you spew false numbers about that will still attend Lely, might be correct or less or more. You have no idea, but we know you are the authority on percentages. Do you have a hat that you pull these numbers out of with your rabbit?"

Ed's numbers are TOO LOW, according to Jane Watt! When you say Ed's numbers are "out of his hat", aren't you saying FEWER than 100 students come from off island?
Jane Watt says 30% of the middle school students come from off island, so Ed's numbers are too low. Out of the 364 students, 30% would equal 109 students, which is MORE than Mr Issler said.

So who is correct? Jane, Ed or you?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Some views and questions on the Charter School proposal:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Many of us do agree with Sue!

We are willing to listen, but we keep hearing different things, and the "latest version" WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON MARCO.

What started as a "small school to keep our children on the island" is now a proposed school for 500 or 600 and it seems MANY of our own students are NOT attending. Our children want to get off the island for their high school years.

So that leads us to understand MOST of these 600 students will be driving to and from our island every addition to the infrastructure costs, this will certainly have a MAJOR NEGATIVE IMPACT ON OUR ISLAND and is NOT something that most islanders want!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: A strip club or a school?:

Mr. and Mrs. Davis write:
"Most people want their children to receive a quality education, maximize their potential, and grow up with strong family and community roots."

Of course people want this for their children! This is already happening every day for our island parents and students (attending Lely or private schools).

We do not need a high school on our island for our students to succeed!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Some views and questions on the Charter School proposal:

in response to sailingby:

There would be a very negative impact on Lely High School if the Marco Island Academy (MIA) drew nearly a quarter of the students away from it. Schools receive financing based on a head count. A certain amount is allocated per student and it becomes the budget for the school. That would be devastating to Lely and it would be completely understandable if the School Board saw this MIA as too detrimental to approve.

If it is a great education the MIA parents seek with the academic rigor they propose then establish the academy within Lely High School to compliment the already outstanding programs offered there.

That might actually have a chance at success and would be an efficient and cost effective solution.

How true!!!! The idea of a school within a school is a win-win for all of us.

The tough economic times do not "let us take lightly" the negative impact on Lely. Why approve another high school when it has been proven it is not needed and will only cost all of us more money?

If Marco citizens are supporting public education with 48% of our taxes, we do have a say in how our money is being spent. I agree with those requesting our City to find out NOW (through a vote?) our opionion on this issue.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

in response to Ocram:


Choice---------------------------------“ My choice, not anyone else’s.”

14 miles-------------------------------“A distance which is longer for my kids to travel than for your kids to travel."

Bonus----------------------------------“Insignificant information added for Fluff.”

World Class---------------------------“So over used and not verifiable.”

Volunteer------------------------------“Anyone who asks a question.”

Community Support-----------------“Any group spoken to with or without their consent to be listed as such.”

Letter of Recommendation--------- “Friends writing nice things about friends.”

Infrastructure-------------------------“What infrastructure? Those costs don’t count, anyway.”

Separation of Church and State----“Let’s pretend that Law does not exist.”

Commandeer------------------------- “See Ms. Watt’s letter of recommendation: last line of paragraph 4. “……..overseeing the design of the school and commandeering her “army” of over 200 volunteers.”
Note: see definition of volunteer above.

255 out of 17,000---------------------“This constitutes Community Support?”

Community Vote---------------------“That which you do not want to have in case it does not go your way.
(a.k.a. Referendum}

No response to this!???
City leaders? Anyone?

Written on Black cat population is booming on Marco:

Wow!!! Your group has accomplished so much---most of us are not aware so many pets have been abandoned due to foreclosures and the poor economy. If several of my friends did not have allergies (to cats), I would adopt one of Phoebe's kittens!

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

in response to Ocram:

Does there appear in those documents inconsistancies including what you said and the personal references who are mostly from other people who are connected to the Acadamy. None of the references are from former employers or people who would be considered un-biased except one from a family lawyer. I would hope that the members of the CCSB are smart enough people to see this for themselves. Wouldn't you think?

Yes, it is the inconsistencies (and lack of any "real information") that people are questioning----and it seems no one is receiving satisfactory answers. I am sure the CCSB will be able to figure it out.

Written on Not in my backyard: Opposition to location may not prevent Marco Island’s proposed charter high school:

DWbadger wrote: "This is a polarizing issue due to the lack of transparency. Many questions have been asked with no answers".
Marco is still waiting for a logical explanation from the Academy on this question:
WHY did they say our Council and Planning Board members are their Volunteers (as stated in their formal application to become a school)?
In this article, Jane is quoted:
"The volunteer list, which isn’t required anyway, was a misnomer and included people who signed up to receive information".

Written on Guest Column: Marco VFW nets $10,000 from private donation:

What a wonderful story! Congrats to the local VFW and good wishes for many more donations. I agree:
"Their memory must not be lost to future generations"

Written on Guest Commentary: Are city leaders creating a conflict of interest?:

in response to 20_Days:


I went this morning to actually look at the deed and I have some questions regarding this post.

What you printed says "School Site" No.2. and further state what and where that particular site is.

It does not say "School Sites" meaning more than one, from my understanding of singular Site as compared to Sites being plural.

The section that is printed after "also" is in a different font and appears to have been added at a later time.

"Also" does not mean anything, but we are including this for some reason and not being specific. (They could have included a piece of property the size of the Park on the corner of Collier and Barfield. Would that too have been a site for a school?) Why did they NOT intentially, or specifically want to refer to it, what you are claiming, as School Site 3 as they did for School Sites 1 and 2? It does not state School site 3 for Tract K.

I think we need more than some layman, which is you or me, to determine the meaning of this legal document. I also do not "know" why the Mackles did what they did 40 years ago.

Pilar, you make good points. As people seem to disagree on what the deed says, "more than a layman" should interpret the deed. As you---or someone recently stated: it is a legal document and means more than what the Mackles did 40 years ago. So now the question---WHO could make this determination?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Wrong place for high school:

The Kahns are correct---Tract K is THE WRONG LOCATION!
It is too small and in a developed residential area with many seasonal residents, including Hideaway. There are few children (meaning they would ALL have to drive, bike, walk or carpool for class and then drive again for most sports0.
The same problems exist across from Town Center at the cemetary: traffic and safety are majorn concerns. The trailers would be unslighly and cars parked at Veterans Park will interfere with events like the Farmers Market and sewer installation.
MANY of our students refuse to stay on the island, so where are the students coming from?
MANY residents are against a school at ANY LOCATION; others would be agreeable if off the island. KEEP LOOKING FOR A PLACE OFF THE ISLAND IF A SCHOOL IS NEEDED (THAT IS A BIG IF!).

Written on Guest Commentary: Are city leaders creating a conflict of interest?:

Mr. Sacher is correct: each councilman and planning board rep should answer individually in our newspapers for all to see. IF they are volunteers, then let them recuse themselves; if they are NOT volunteers, let the school representative ANSWER WHY THEY WERE LISTED. SOMEONE IS NOT RIGHT...WHO IS IT???

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